Welcome again!!!

I am lazygirl or flamingred (either or). This site Lazy Girl Translations is created to host Chinese to English novel translation works.

I speak fluent Cantonese, but reading is only average because of lack of consistent use since I graduated from Chinese school. So disclaimer: Translations may not be 100% accurate. These releases are all my personal interpretations of the chapters and might not give the novels justice.

Also please note that I am a native English speaker, but NOT an English major, teacher, editor or anything of the sort. So the quality of the translations may be lacking. Comments regarding grammar and inconsistencies in translation would be much appreciated. I will do all that I can.

Feel free to re-translate my work as long as you give me credit. Just giving me a heads up for the use will be sufficient.

Regardless, please enjoy the translations!!!

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  1. Hi.. Glad to know you translated this novel.. can I re-translate to Indonesian on wattpad? Of course, by including your credit…

  2. Hello!! Can I translate the beautiful novel “Sick Beauty” into Spanish?

    My Wattpad user is StormSunder. Thanks in advance and for your effort.
    I will give the corresponding credits.

    Thank you, Storm♡.

  3. Hi, I’m completely in love with three of your translations, please authorize me to translate them into Portuguese, of course I’ll give proper credit. Thank you, thank you and thank you in advance.

    Susie Carvalho

  4. Hello, you will continue with the translation of Built a Territory in Ancient Times, you authorized me to translate it into Portuguese, but there was no further update, do I need to buy the chapters? if yes how do i do it? Thanks.

    Susie Carvalho

  5. Amazing job! Your translations are among the best I’ve read. Really enjoyed EDS:)
    Thanks for all your hard work!!

  6. Thank you so much for your hard work!O(≧▽≦)O I appreciate all the effort you put <3 I wish you all the best 🤍

  7. Hello! I really enjoy your work, that’s what I want to ask:
    Can I translate “The Whole World Is My Crematorium” into Spanish?
    Of course, I will include the corresponding credits.

  8. Hiii, I know you don’t have problem with translations, but I want to ask anyway, can I retranslate The obsessive shou into spanish on wattpad? my username is Fandekermit, and of course I will be putting all the respective credits.
    Also I love your translations, always give strength to finish my semesters <3

  9. Hi! I an an avid a fan of Built a territory in ancient times. If the translation is completed is it possible to pay a lump sum to get to read and finish it.

  10. Hi! I’d like to know if I could retranslate the novel “Im also waiting for the male protagonist to usurp the throne today” if no one has asked you yet with credits? Thanks in advance!

  11. hi i want to read “After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers” and Miss Mercenary but both r scheduled as TBD so is the chapters not updates yet since there in link in all the chapters of these both novel

    • hello links are pre-made for all chapters and discord has updates! You can sign up for a role to get notifications!

  12. Hello, was wondering when you would update ‘Great Collision of Yin and Yang’ TT
    I absolutely love that series and hope everything is ok <3

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