I am currently recruiting volunteer editors at the moment to help with the editing of Father, Mother escaped again and The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby!

Applicants agree to all terms and conditions of membership.


  • Native in English.
  • Excellent writer
  • Have an excellent grasp of English grammar.
  • Understanding of what “style” is
  • Highly proficient in the technical side of the English language
  • Rephrases sentences so that they read better and “flow” better
  • Meticulous eye for detail
  • Fixes grammar, spelling mistakes, terminology and etc.
  • At least an hour of free time each week to edit
  • Confidentiality or risk of the project termination

Responses will only be made if you are accepted.

Is it your first language? Include the highest level of English you have taken, where you took it, and your grade.
Erik very madly threatened after getting home to punish the rongdoings of Rachel, he gave in finally saying out loud: “Ok ok I give up. I will do it, if you want me too. Why are you always so pushy?" Hearing what has been said, shouts of hurray were shouted by Tiffany.