FMEA Chapter 100 Part 2

Chapter 100 The misunderstanding and heartbeat   <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Feng Tingye’s face was black and blue. Just when he was about to start, he heard footsteps from outside. Xia Yuqing’s eyes brightened, she opened her mouth and shouted, “Save…”  Before the words came out, Feng Tingye’s hand quickly covered her mouth. Feng Tingye’s … Read more FMEA Chapter 100 Part 2

FMEA Chapter 99 Part 2

Chapter 99 Catching the cheating couple in the act  <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Shao Zitong froze and touched his chin carefully. The thief leader didn’t seem like anything special, but the old lady’s demeanor and expression wasn’t like an ordinary women who lived in the mountains. Instead, it seemed more like a noble lady … Read more FMEA Chapter 99 Part 2

FMEA Chapter 97 Part 2

Chapter 97 Bringing a child along when being a mistress?!  <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Looking at Wu Jun’s expression, Xia Yuqing raised an eyebrow: “Well… it’s not like there’s no way.” As the words came out, Wu Jun’s eyes lit up suddenly: “What method?” “As the saying goes, with the right attitude one’s wish … Read more FMEA Chapter 97 Part 2