FMEA Chapter 47

Chapter 47 A Lazy attitude is unacceptable!

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Cui Er’s entire body became stiff. Pretending to be calm, she replied “Martial arts master? Is Niang Niang speaking about His Majesty? The emperor was indeed charming and elegant. Nu Bi doesn’t understand martial arts, but I was also very stunned. ”

Xia Yuqing gave her a deep stare and smiled coldly. Standing up, she walked slowly over to Cui Er before she said: “You don’t understand martial arts?”

Beneath Xia Yuqing’s crystal clear chilly glare, Cui Er’s was somewhat overwhelmed. “Answering Niang Niang, this Nu Bi has always been waiting on Niang Niang, and I really do not understand martial arts.”

“Oh, that’s odd. Don’t know how to use martial arts? A weak, fragile woman facing an assassin didn’t even have a bit of fear and instead was able to seamlessly avoid a fatal injury and stall for time. This seriously has opened my eyes. Cui Er, how about you teach your Niang Niang, so I wouldn’t be a burden later on if something like this ever happens again.”

“Niang Niang… Nu Bi… Nu Bi just happened… It just happened that my feet slipped…”

“Cui Er.” Xia Yuqing lowered her shout and interrupted Cui Er’s excuse speaking in a gloomy manner. “Although I’m two, there are some things that are quite evident. I’m simple-minded but I’m not stupid. At that time when we were so close, what you said was true or false, did you think I wouldn’t see it?”

Cui Er’s whole body shook. Lifting her head up and looking at the harmless, innocent woman in front of her, this was her first time ever seeing this side of her so-called master. Who knew that the original docile appearance of the little kitten would have a day where it would change into a ferocious tiger and now she has unfortunately become a prey to this tiger’s mouth. At this time should she have her hands tied and wait for capture … or should she try to escape?

Just when Cui Er was feeling nervous from Xia Yuqing being overbearing, the atmosphere of the room had become stagnant. The return of Lu Rui broke the ambiguous atmosphere between the two just at the perfect moment.

“Niang Niang, your Dongpo pork shoulders have been stewed for a while. So, it’ll be ready in just a short moment”

“Really? Don’t move it then. It will be even more delicious if you stew it a bit more. First, help me order some other things to fill up my stomach a bit.”

Suddenly, Xia Yuqing had returned back to normal when she shouted back to the table, dropping her icy demeanour.

After hearing the news, Xia Yuqing changed back to her simple-minded self, going over to the table.

Lu Rui laughed: “I knew you would’ve been hungry, so that’s why I brought you a bowl of stewed chicken soup first to fill up your stomach a bit so you can still eat more later.”

“Lu Rui is the best.” Xia Yuqing happily took the chicken soup from the hands of Lu Rui and drank it.

Lu Rui’s face was a little white when she bowed. “Nu Bi suddenly remembered that the pharmacy had given some tonics for Niang Niang and I hadn’t brought it to the kitchen to be made yet. Nu Bi will go grab it now.”

“Cui Er …” Cui Er had only taken two steps forward when she heard Xia Yuqing whisper that. Pausing her feet, she clenched her fists and turned around. “Does Niang Niang have any other orders?”

“No, but it suddenly reminded me of the embroidered pouch that you made for me two days ago. Weren’t there a few stitches that were a bit off? You should go back and correct it.”

“Embroidered wrong?” Cui Er didn’t think Xia Yuqing would change the topic, so she was a bit distracted.

Xia Yuqing nonchalantly spooned up some soup and started blowing on it. “Yeah, it’s so obvious. Even an amateur like me can see it, how could an experienced person like you not be able to tell?”

Cui Er eyes brightened, her face somewhat clearing up. She bowed and laughed. “Nu Bi understands. It was Nu Bi’s negligence. This Nu Bi will definitely go correct it.”

“En, go on.” Xia Yuqing took a sip of the chicken soup and watched as Cui Er disappear around the corner before turning to take a glance at Lu Rui who was letting out a sigh of relief. She smiled and asked. “Did you hear everything? When did you come back?”

Lu Rui stared blankly at Xia Yuqing’s calm eyes. For the first time she discovered that the person that she serves was perhaps not be as simple and harmless as she seemed. She was not that easily bullied.

Looking at the stunned appearance of Lu Rui, Xia Yuqing felt a bit playful, waving her hands several times in front of her. “Has you soul returned yet? Why are you so blank? Are you immersing yourself in the beauty of your master?”

Lu Rui woke up and grabbed onto Xia Yuqing’s hand. “Niang Niang, just now this Nu Bi was scared to death. If Cui Er Jie Jie is really… Niang Niang, you know her secrets. What if she commits murder to silence you?

Xia Yuqing blinked: “She wouldn’t.”

“Niang Niang, how do you know?”

“If she really wants to make a move against me, she would have already done something. She wouldn’t have bothered to save me last night.”

Lu Rui’s mouth stretch into a straight line “Then what is Niang Niang planning to do with her?”

“What can I do? Besides, she won’t do anything to me. Even though we don’t know why she would follow me with her martial arts skills, but as long as she doesn’t want to hurt me, why should I make a move against her?”

“Niang Niang…” Lu Rui weakly moaned. “If that was the case, then why were you scaring her earlier?”

Hearing this, Xia Yuqing eyes brightened as she cupped her face and smiled. “Lu Rui, was I really impressive earlier, intimidating and arrogant? I seldom have the opportunity, so I had to use a master’s prestige and awe-inspiring attitude to scare you Ya Tous. Otherwise, wouldn’t you guys just climb over me?”


Niang Niang, your prestige has already reduced to nothing since the day you played the zither! Lu Rui rudely rolled her eyes. Retaking her words, no matter how she tried to change the culprit in front of her’s offensive nature, it has already settled and couldn’t be changed.

“Lu Rui, life is about the living. There’s so many things in life, if you couldn’t give up everything and clung onto it relentlessly, how could you enjoy life?” Xia Yuqing stepped on the edge of the table and made ‘the thinker’ pose. Her entire body was exuding the melancholy of a youngster.

“…” Lu Rui looked at Xia Yuqing, the vein on her head about to burst. Actually, Niang Niang, you’re just lazy. Too lazy to care, too lazy to think, too lazy so you’re always making it difficult for others, and even too lazy to even feel embarrassed for yourself. If you continue on like this, one day you will be so lazy, you’ll just sell yourself and even give money to others!

“Niang Niang, just now some people from court came to report. If you wait for a bit, His Majesty will come have lunch with Niang Niang.” Lu Rui put her emotions in order, sighed and told her the news she just heard from outside.

“Is His Majesty coming over? Shouldn’t he be investigating the assassin at this time or discuss political affairs with the three Da Ren? How could he have time to come over and have lunch with us?”

Cooked meal? ! Lu Rui’s mouth trembled. Niang Niang, if the emperor knew you were describing him like this, he would certainly be sad! She didn’t hear anything. She heard nothing at all.

“Forget it, just yesterday I also discovered something. Today if he wants to come over, it’ll be perfect timing to confirm it.” Xia Yuqing smiled like a sneaky kitten, from time to time she would let out a few cold strange laughs.

Lu Rui who heard this felt her body shudder, looked innocently up at the sky. Your Majesty, you need to make sure you seek more fortune and blessings. Having this kind of Niang Niang, even if you don’t want to admit it, you still have to!

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