FMEA Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Ah, so he was actually face blind

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Many people were very busy this year. Three civil and military officials were busy seizing the remnants of Prince Rui and cleaning up the Qing dynasty. The Yulin Army was also very busy. During these extraordinary times, assassins have been appearing quite frequently at the palace. They have been busy trying to catch all these assassins everywhere, and protect the harem and the emperor who were at risk. Our Ultra Seme lord, the emperor, was also very busy. He was busy trying to prove that he was not homosexual and trying to erase all the misinterpretations by that certain someone and to work on their relationship.

After sending Xia Yuqing away yesterday, Feng Tingye’s complexion had not improved at all. It was so hard to explain clearly that he and Yan Ran were all just a misunderstanding. Who knew that later in the afternoon, a small eunuch would appear and suddenly throw everything into chaos. This just made it worse and worse! Although it was finally clear that the eunuch was actually a woman, that Ya Tou’s brain worked in strange ways. Who knows what rumors that person would come up with?

No! He must make sure to destroy all the possible rumours that are still in the middle of the works!

As soon as Feng Tingye set foot in Xie Fang palace hall, he became aware of the faint ominous aura that filled the air. He immediately stopped his foot from moving further and when he was about to silently retreat, the little eunuch who had been guarding by the door called out: ” Nu Cai pays respect to His Majesty. Your Majesty, Niang Niang has been waiting inside for you for a long time already. Niang Niang, His Majesty has arrived.”

Feng Tingye’s eyebrows trembled. Sure enough, it was true that what kind of master you are is equivalent to what kind of Nu Cai you’ll have. Just looking at that stupid foolish appearance of his, just from one glance you could tell that Xia Yuqing and him were of the same style.

Before Feng Tingye’s sigh was over, Xia Yuqing had came out from within the palace hall. Seeing him, her eyes brightened up at once. Then just like a small cannonball, she rushed over and grabbed onto his arm and smiled brightly: “Your Majesty, you finally came. Chen Qie has been waiting for you for a long time. Come in quickly, the food should be cold.”

Xia Yuqing’s movements were smooth and had occurred all in one go. Before Feng Tingye could react, his arm has already been firmly grasped. Coming back to awareness, the alarm bells in his head started to ring.

Something’s not right! This is Xia Yuqing’s first time acting so passionate towards him. To fawn over him for no particular reason, if it’s not adultery its stealing. . . It’s impossible to say for this woman. He had a chilling sensation that something was about to happen!

“Ai Fei, Zhen just remembered that there are still a few urgent matters that needs to be done in the study room..”

“No matter how urgent it is, it could wait for half an hour. Zhen’s health is of the utmost importance. Eat first, then you can go.” Xia Yuqing quickly interrupted Feng Tingye’s attempt to make an excuse. Using strong force to pull on his arm., the pain made him almost cry out.

“Ai…. Ai Fei. Zhen will come himself. If you continue to pull on Zhen’s arms, it’ll fall off.”

“….” Xia Yuqing looked at the conspicuous expression on his face, then did she finally discover that she had been using too much strength. Laughing out loud, she hurriedly released his hand.

Since it was impossible to leave now that he was halfway in, he cautiously stepped into the Xie Fang Palace hall. When he saw the dishes on the table, Feng Tingye immediately recalled something and stiffened. “The dishes today look amazing, but Ai Fei……”

“Chen Qie still hasn’t learned the art of cooking yet, how could I be able to make these delicious dishes.”

Without her noticing, he let out a sigh of relief and comforted her: “Nobody’s perfect. Even though Ai Fei hasn’t learned cooking , but Ai Fei has her own skills, don’t underestimate yourself.”

Hearing what Feng Tingye said, Xia Yuqing perked up and laughed: “You’re right. Although Chen Qie’s cooking skills aren’t up to par yet, but Chen Qie’s piano is quite good. When Your Majesty is feeling in the mood, Chen Qie will come play a song for you, okay?”

Feng Tingye’s face stiffened and he smiled dryly: “Yes, definitely.”

But within his heart he was complaining! As expected I’ve been hanging out with Yan Ran too much, I’ve even caught his loose mouth!

Seeing that Xia Yuqing’s excitement wasn’t declining, he immediately changed the topic. “That Lu Rui Ya Tou isn’t here today. It was all thanks to her being by Ai Fei’s side that Zhen was able to have that opportunity. Bringing this up, Zhen and Ai Fei should really thank her.”

Hearing what he said, Xia Yuqing for unknown reasons suddenly brightened then unobtrusively looked at the empty space behind Feng Tingye and laughed. “Lu Rui, that Ya Tou was originally granted by Your Majesty at the time Chen Qie entered the palace, it’s only natural for her to be considerate of her master and understand the people. When Chen Qie was passing the imperial garden two days ago, I encountered a palace maid planting flowers and found that her appearance was very similar to Lu Rui’s. Thus I wanted her to accompany Chen Qie, so right now Lu Rui is busy with her in the kitchen. Hey, speaking of the devil. Lu Rui, quick, bring Wen Nian over.”

Just when Xia Yuqing was speaking she had seen Lu Rui and a girl wearing a pink dress with a similar body shape as her bringing out the meals.

Hearing Xia Yuqing’s call, Lu Rui put down the plate in her hand and took that Ya Tou to greet them: “Nu Bi pays respect to the emperor.”

Xia Yuqing happily got up and walked towards Lu Rui. She reached out and grabbed her arm, smiling sweetly.“Your Majesty, quick look. Isn’t this Ya Tou really similar to Lu Rui?”

Feng Tingye watched as the two Ya Tou’s face change. After a short while he managed to force out a laugh. “What Ai Fei said was correct. Looking at this Ya Tou, the outline of her eyebrows do resemble Lu Rui’s…”

Before his sound even dissipated, someone already couldn’t hold back their laughter. Scrunching up his eyebrows, Feng Tingye immediately turned towards the sound. The palace maids hurriedly tried to restrain themselves, but it was obvious that choking back their laughter was extremely exhausting because one by one, all their faces became bright red. Their entire bodies trembling uncontrollably.

“So….. so this Nu Bi looks like this within Your Majesty’s eyes. This is…” Lu Rui glanced at the Ya Tou beside her, her face completely white and her eyes coldly staring at Feng Tingye. With a stomp of her feet, she rushed out Xie Fang palace hall.

The wind blew on the complaints of Lu Rui, and behind it was a cold, the bad foreboding became stronger and he turned to look at Xia Yuqing.

Hearing Lu Rui’s comment, his back shuddered. That bad foreboding became stronger and stronger. Turning his head to look at Xia Yuqing, he saw that she had her head hung down looking pensive as she muttered a sentence to herself.

“So what Xiang Er said was true. His Majesty really is unable to tell apart human faces… a severe case of prosopagnosia*.”
* = face blindness, disorder characterized by the inability to recognize faces


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