FMEA Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Throughout my life, for this generation we will be a pair

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“I said, Qing Jiejie, you have been hiding at Gu Mu’s side for several days. When will you be able to move back to your palace? If this continues any longer, Biao Ge will come and arrest someone. Liu Wan…..” In the Palace of Cining, the mahjong’s crisp sound echoed for a long time.

Xia Yuqing yawned and answered nonchalantly: “Mu Hou hasn’t even said a thing, what are you rushing for? On a daily basis you would rush over to my place with no urgent matters, do I chase you out? Or better yet… don’t you want this benefit?”

Liu Yixiang choked. Immediately she zipped her mouth and silently shut up.

After solving one person, Xia Yuqing turned her head and looked in a pitiful manner at Zhang Sunshi: “Mu Hou, could it be that you think I’m bothersome, and you want to chase me away?”

Since the day of Feng Tingye’s confession, Xia Yuqing had changed her target and began playing an ostrich. When a BL world suddenly turned towards a BG direction, when a character who thought they were a supporting character suddenly became the protagonist…… F**k, the stress is too much!

“Chi, Ai Jia likes having you over, so how would I ever think you’re bothersome?” Zhang Sunshi successful intercepted the Liu Wan within Liu Yi Xiang’s hand, beaming with joy. “This person is old and afraid of loneliness. Before the palace was deserted and cold, although there was Xiang Er who would come to the palace to chat sometimes, after a while it still became a bit boring. But now it’s perfect. With Qing Er you here, the palace is always bustling with so much noise and excitement. Speaking of last time, Ai Jia had asked Mei Xi to pick up the zither but somehow it had disappeared without a trace. Otherwise, I would have definitely made Qing Er play a song for Ai Jia to cure her of the boredom. Ai Jia thinks about Qing Er’s soundd constantly.”

Hearing that Zhang Sunshi mention Xia Yuqing’s playing of the zither again, Liu Yi Xiang couldn’t hold back her shudder. Within her heart she was secretly rejoicing. It was lucky that she had come over early the next day and had seen that zither. Without delay she made it vanish, otherwise who knew what trouble it would cause!

Xia Yuqing couldn’t make out the struggle within Liu Yi Xiang, her eyes sparkling: “Tai Hou, since you would like to listen to Chen Qie play the zither so much, how about….”

“Cough…. Gu Mu, Yi Tiao” Liu Yixiang lightly coughed and rushed to cut off Xia Yuqing’s words.

Sure enough, the attention of Zhang Sunshi was shifted as she exclaimed: “Oh, Ai Jia has Hu*.”
* Hu = completed a winning hand in Mahjong

From head to toe, both Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang stiffened. They both spontaneously looked at the hand in front of Zhang Sunshi, it was actually…. Shi San Yao!
* Shi San Yao = A Big Hand in Mahjong

Facts have proved that we must not underestimate the IQ of people from the ancient times. When an era of scarce resources suddenly has a modern game appear, the ancients who have been bored for so long would inevitably erupt with unprecedented potential and would put in extra work.

“This is how many times now? Gu Mu, you aren’t collaborating with Meixi Gugu, right?” Liu Yixiang unwilling pushed out her tiles as she complained.

Remembering Lu Rui’s past history, this time when they were still missing one extra hand, the three decisively excluded Lu Rui out of the game and instead allowed Zhang Sunshi’s maid, Meixi Gugu to accompany them. This time, the wheel of fortune was turning the other way but why couldn’t it turn towards the body of the teacher, Xia Yuqing? Sh*t… this sucks!

“If you agree to bet, you must accept your loss. If you push your responsibilities on others, then that is not the virtuous conduct every woman should have.”

At a loss of words, Liu Yixiang instead turned her finger at Xia Yuqing: “Qing Jiejie, have you had a fall out with my imperial cousin lately?”

“No, ah…” When Xia Yuqing finished talking, she saw a few people cast an unbelieving look at the same time. Coughing to cover up, she said: “In fact, there’s nothing. It’s just I accidentally found out that… he wasn’t able to identify people. Knowing that I had investigated him, after that he’s a bit…. ”

“Angry? I’ve told you a long time ago, my imperial cousin’s face blindness has reached a point where people and gods get angry. Do you know? At four years old when I would enter the palace I was very naughty. I loved wearing the imperial maids clothes in the palace and play hide and seek. The result of this was running into my emperor cousin. After changing my clothes, he actually didn’t even recognize me! He thought that I was a bully targeting other palace maids… and directly pushed me into the cold, freezing river. If it wasn’t for the people discovering me early, my life would have been gone.”

“…” Cherish life, stay away from face blindness!

“Ting Er’s sickness of being unable to recognize people started from when he was in the womb. Since you have mentioned it, Ai Jia recalls Ting Er’s joke when he was a child. That time he was only four years old and accompanying his father to mingle with others and investigate the citizens. Inadvertently he became lost on the road. Later on he was finally found by the guards and his father the emperor had personally picked him up, but because they were clothed differently, he was unable to recognize them. Ting Er didn’t recognize anyone, so for a moment he had thought he had been kidnapped by a child trafficker. No matter what he would not allow his father to come close to him. His father was unable to do anything, so he went and changed into his robe to eventually take the child back.”

“…” Only recognizing the clothing and not recognizing the people! So the talk about the Ultra Seme Lord having a face blindness to any living creature isn’t all talk! This man can’t even recognize his own father, then in this world which few can he still recognize?

“I, Yan Ran, and the others all grew up with my imperial cousin. I bet right now he still can’t figure out what my face looks like.” Liu Yi snorted out apparently having a grudge due to this.

Xia Yuqing silently listened to the complaints of the two people and suddenly blurted out: “His Majesty couldn’t even distinguish your faces. Then how can he recognize the civil and military officials in the court?”

Zhang Sunshi paused for a moment and turned to look at Xia Yuqing. Deeply, she smiled and said: “What Qing Er actually wants to ask is… if Ting Er isn’t able to recognize the faces of all the civil and military officials, then how could he sit on this throne, right?”

“Yes…” Xia Yuqing’s tilted her head to think about it for a moment, thinking that it sounded similar to what she wanted to find out, she nodded.

Zhang Sunshi looked at Xia Yuqing’s simple curiosity and then she pushed down the flash of coldness within her eyes. She smiled slightly, but Liu Yixiang who was beside her opened up her mouth first. “Qing Jiejie, you don’t know?! The previous emperor had olny married my Gu Mu his entire life and only gave birth to my imperial cousin. If the position of emperor wasn’t given to him then wouldn’t we be giving those royal relatives a change to take advantage of this? ”

Xia Yuqing’s eyes widened, not daring to look at the Zhang Sunshi. In this kind of feudal society, there was still unexpectedly such a monogamous emperor. A respectable Mr. Perfect, please receive this one’s worship!

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