Father, Mother Escaped Again Character Guide

This character list will be updated as the translation continues. *Spoiler Warning*

Last update: May 12, 2021

Xia Yuqing – main character

Ye Kingdom
Feng Tingye – emperor of Ye Kingdom
He Wenzhong – One of the Da Ren’s who are close friends with Feng Tingye; bear like general
Leng Ruofeng – One of the Da Ren’s who are close friends with Feng Tingye; iceberg prime minister who usually doesn’t show much emotion
Shao Zitang – One of the Da Ren’s who are close friends with Feng Tingye; a short (before) general who gets lost often
Xiao Anzi – close eunuch of Feng Tingye
Xiao Shunzi – close eunuch of Feng Tingye (fan of Xia Yuqing)

Liu Yixiang – cousin of Feng Tingye
Lu Rui – Xia Yuqing’s Maid who is good at cooking
Li Yuan – Xia Yuqing’s Maid (originally from Xue)
Cui Er – Xia Yuqing’s Maid (fighter)
Ying Er – Xia Yuqing’s Maid
Zhang Sunshi – Feng Tingye’s mom; empress dowager
Meixi – Zhang sunshi’s close maid

Duke Lu – High official back when Feng Tingye’s father was emperor
Huo Feiyan – Duke’s granddaughter who was prophesized to bring the country prosperity if married into royal family

Dudu (Feng Suixue) – Xia Yuqing’s Eldest son
Dundun – Xia Yuqing’s Eldest daughter

Xia Enqing – Shao Zitong’s cousin who works at the medical insititution

Prince Rui – Feng Tingye’s relative
Jiang Feizao – songstress brought to palace by Prince Rui

Xia Kingdom
Xia Haotian – Xia Emperor (Xia Yuqing’s father)
Xia Mingyuan – eldest prince
Xia Yuze – Xia Mingyuan’s first born son (twin)
Xia Yuhan – Xia Mingyuan’s second born son (twin)
Xia Mingxi – second prince
Xia Muyun – third princess
Xia Mingxuan – fourth prince
Xia Mingqi – fifth prince (An Wang)
An Wang Consort – fifth prince’s wife; Xiang Ye’s daughter

Royal Concubine Tuoba Ruojia – Imperial concubine; Fourth prince’s mother

Su Yan – official of the Justice Department (Xia Muyun’s senior uncle in sect)
Rui Hai – Chief Eunuch; Emperor’s aide

Ying Ge – maid at Xia Mingxi’s mansion

Shu Kingdom
Yun Zhongli – The emperor of Shu (Yun Xi’s father)
Yun Shan – Eldest Princess (Yun Xi’s aunt)/ Fourth Princess
Yun Yuliu – Fifth Prince (Yun Xi’s fifth uncle)
Yun Xi (Xiao Long Bao) – Crown princess
Ji Lu – Old general of the previous generation (dead before story)
Ji Miaoyan – eldest son of the Ji family (General Ji)

He Fang (Yan Tingfang) – Yun Xi’s childhood friend (spy)
Ruixia – He Fang’s maid (spy)

Lan Yingran – Grand Scribe of Kingdom of Shu
Lan Yingyao – Lan Yingran’s sister; Fifth Royal Uncle’s wife
Wei Yan – richest merchant in Shu Kingdom
Jiang Zhaorou – spy sent to Ye who worked with Prince Rui; Xia Yuqing calls her Jiang Feizao (soap)
Xizeyan – subordinate under Eldest Princess
Sheng Xi – member of Eldest Princess harem

Jin Lao – famous alchemist
Yuying – Adopted granddaughter of Jin Lao
Yuxue – Adopted granddaughter of Jin Lao

Xue Kingdom
Yin Jie – Ninth Prince
Yin Ming – Fifth Prince
Yin Xiang – eldest/ only son of the ruler of Guanlong nobles
Ye Jiuniang – Ying Chun Yuan (brothel)’s owner

Xu Lao (Xu Zhengfeng) – well renown mechanism master
Su Wuduan – Xia Yuqing’s senior brother in mechanism arts; bit of a player
Yun Zhongyue – Xia Yuqing’s second senior brother
Hua Nongying – Xia Yuqing’s third senior brother
Ye Shuyan – alias as Cui Er’s cousin
Ye Sheng – Subordinate working in the Assassin House
Hu You – Subordinate working in the Assassin House