Transmigrated Into The High-Risk Profession Life As A Master Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Dignified <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Shen Gurong panicked for a moment, but quickly calmed himself. If there were truly a ghost cultivator, Shen Fengxue’s instinctual response wouldn’t be nonexistent. He walked calmly over, gently picked up Mu Zhe, and placed him on the bed. Mu Zhe’s face was covered in sweat, breathing … Read more

Transmigrated Into The High-Risk Profession Life As A Master Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Enthusiast as Fire <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Lou Bugui muttered quietly for a long time before slowly responding to Xi Guxing’s question, “Shiyi’s cultivation should not have fallen out of the Mahayana stage yet, but his sea of consciousness has been damaged too much. It’s inevitable that he will have Internal Demons. … Read more

PCTG Chapter 117

Chapter 117 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> The thick smoke and dust lingered for a long time. The leader of the Imperial Guards made a decisive decision, ordering the soldiers to encircle the entire platform and search all the way up. However, they couldn’t find Emperor Chao Yuan anywhere. They counted the scattered corpses along … Read more

The Tyrant’s Cannon Fodder Male Empress Chapter 1

Chapter 1 <Table of Contents>Next Chapter> [A/N] Eating Guide: ①【Cute Daily Life】【Heartwarming Humor】【Main Quests】as the main focus, leaning towards a diverse cast. ② Guidelines for raising the Long Aotian cub. ③ 18th-tier Cannon Fodder Whitewashing Quests, with a reward exchange system. ④ Cute daily life with a focus on plot, only considering the emotional line. … Read more

What was I Thinking when I Ditch the Second Male Protagonist Chapter 1

Chapter 1 <Table of Contents>Next Chapter> The birthday banquet of the Minister of Rites was expected to be grand. In the grand courtyard beyond the East Corner Gate, distinguished individuals were seated, creating a more impressive scene compared to the small courtyard at the west end of the hallway. Even in this smaller, separate courtyard, … Read more

Matryoshka Off-Limits Chapter 39 Part 2

Chapter 39.2 Big Factory <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> There were no other women present, which ignited a sense of frustration in him. So who exactly had beaten him up?! The main culprit innocently stood among the crowd, idly staring at the slogan on the wall, “Beautiful You and Me, Love Fills the World.” To … Read more

Midnight Ten Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Bounce Ball <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> With only ten minutes left until the one-hour boarding time limit, interest in the advertising screen’s jigsaw puzzle had waned. The three major forces had stopped participating, and even the sporadic challengers had given up. Countdown: 09:59. The three leaders finished their conversation and gathered their … Read more

The Regent’s Secret Chapter 72

Chapter 72 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Zhao Yuan was surrounded inside and outside the hall, they had already used their last resort. Jing Wang was the first to shout, “Old Five, offered a toast don’t reject it to drink a punishment toast!” Zhao Yuan just sneered, calmly saying, “Alright.” He turned around and stood … Read more

The Regent’s Secret Chapter 71

Chapter 71 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> The heat was like a steaming pot, causing the earth to bubble and boil. The capital had not been this hot for a long time. Not only were the common people suffering, but even the noble women in the deep palace were restless. The Cheng dynasty was newly … Read more

After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 89 Part 2

Chapter 89.2 Entering Zhuihun Palace <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> A long bridge made of crystal-clear ice stretched across the clouds. Two figures stood on the bridge. One had silver hair and wore black attire, tall and upright. The other person’s white dress fluttered, exuding a pure and ethereal beauty. They stood close together, their … Read more

I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 75 Part 2

Chapter 75.2 Chip Chip Chip~ <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Upon reaching the battlefield, Huo Caiyu realized something was amiss. The two conflicting parties in the battle were not the Di Dynasty and Jiao Kingdom, but rather two factions from the Jiao Kingdom. No wonder the old man confidently warned him not to come closer… … Read more