Honest Wife

Honest Wife (不说谎的妻子)
Author: Zhi Ning (作者:止宁)
Translator: Ciacia
Editor: Ciacia
Schedule: Every Sunday and Monday

Author Summary:

Part 1

The Alpha bigshot of the Federal Military, Huo Yan, took a liking to that obedient and submissive pretty little plaything.
No matter how Huo Yan treated him as less than human, he only lowered his snowy white neck, obediently kneeling on the ground, removing Huo Yan’s shoes and socks upon his late-night return, timely offering warm and palatable hangover soup.
What a convenient little plaything, Huo Yan thought.
Until one day, Huo Yan suddenly realized that he had the ability to hear others’ thoughts.
Upon returning home, the pretty Omega approached, gently and humbly kneeling as usual to remove his shoes and socks. However, Huo Yan heard a deeply annoyed sound from him, [“Tsk.”]


Huo Yan’s face turned ashen, he restrained himself, holding him to sleep. Although the Omega had a shy and delighted expression, that intensely repulsed voice in his heart struck his eardrums even more fiercely.
[“This frantic dog in heat!”]
Huo Yan: ?

Part Two

Huo Yan raised the chin of the pretty Omega with his polished shoes, his lips curling with disdain, “Are you willing to do anything for me?”
The seemingly harmless thistle flower nodded docilely, forming a stark contrast with the gritted-teeth thought.
The self-assured Huo Yan smiled.
He played with this wild and unmanageable pretty plaything between his fingers, like a cat toying with a mouse, planning to torture it to the brink before ruthlessly crushing this fake and deceptive plaything!
He was too impatient to witness the despair in his eyes.
Unexpectedly, when the thistle flower turned its head, it tore off a chunk of his flesh.

Part Three

The clown turned out to be himself (Huo Yan), a dog Gong self-biography.
Content tags: Fantasy, Aristocratic Family, Unique Affection, Arrogant beyong the sky.

One-sentence summary: “Don’t, don’t deceive me again.”
Concept: Body’s in the dark, heart’s moving towards the light.

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