I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today

I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today (朕今天也在等男主篡位)
Author: Gui You La Zhu (作者:鬼酉蠟燭)
Translator: ginevre
Editor: ginevre
Schedule: Completed

Author Summary:

After transmigrating into a novel, Little Hamster suddenly becomes a tyrant villain.

The only way he can escape is by faking his death once the male protagonist usurps the throne.

Judging from the plot, the male protagonist has already developed a rebellious heart. The Emperor Hamster is delighted and decides to accelerate matters by simply appointing the male protagonist as Regent.

The male protagonist is given all the political affairs to handle, while the Emperor focuses on being a salted fish. When the Regent seizes the throne, the Emperor will finally be free!

However, the Regent seems to have eaten the wrong medicine. He unexpectedly remains loyal and dedicated, with his faithfulness increasing over time.

Emperor: Something’s not right with the script.

It isn’t until the promised rebellion strikes that the Emperor understands his true feelings.

The Regent walks in holding a sword stained with blood, his gaze cold and fierce. In front of the Emperor, he suddenly drops his sword, kneels down and pays his respects with great loyalty and enthusiasm, “The rebels have all been executed! As long as this minister lives, Your Majesty will always be safe and sound!”

The Emperor anxiously hints, “Beloved Minister, you’ve been the Regent for so long, don’t you want to switch positions?”

The Regent’s gaze is piercing, and his voice is restrained and suppressed, “I am loyal to Your Majesty day and night. If Your Majesty insists, then I would like to sleep on the dragon bed.”

The Emperor is overjoyed to hear this. “Then sleep! Come sleep tonight!”

After spending the night on the dragon bed, the Regent will finally become the Emperor the next day.

The next day, however, the Emperor holds his sore buttocks and laments with regret, “That’s not what I meant!”

The Regent holds him in his arms and replies hoarsely, “It’s too late, Your Majesty.”