Miss Mercenary

Miss Mercenary (佣兵大小姐)
Author: Wo Fei Zhu Jue (作者:我非主角)
Translator: Lazy Girl T
Editor: Lazy Girl T
Schedule: TBD
Status: Paused

Author’s Summary:

Chonghua, a name that was frightening to both the black and white paths, “he” was the world’s top mercenary. His identity was a mystery. So far, no one knows whether “he” was a man or a woman.

Leng Yihan, an illegitimate daughter from the Leng family, was brought back to the Leng family at the age of eighteen. Two people whose identities were thousands of miles apart, who would have thought that they were the same person?

What? Ask her to study? Fine, she is only eighteen years old, so it’s okay! She had never seen what a school was like, so it would be good to go check it out. Now, she started her first studying life. She wanted to retire for half a year and enjoy this rare free time, but she found that everyone around her was not simple. Her brother-in-law with a mysterious identity was indifferent and bloodthirsty, her former companion was not as simple as he seemed, and even a group of wealthy children in her class should not be underestimated. The huge challenge stimulated the restless factor in her body, from then on, she fought with her wits and courage with the underworld and she was ambiguous with the beautiful men around her. Xi Moxuan, brother-in-law, indifferent, bloodthirsty, an iceberg face that has remained unchanged for thousands of years! 

Demonic man, cold-blooded to others, but tender to the heroine.

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