Peach Blossom Decree

Peach Blossom Decree (桃花令)
Author: Shui Mang (作者:睡芒)
Translator: Ciacia
Editor: Ciacia
Schedule: Every Tuesday

Author Summary:

The year Lin Zikui passed the provincial level imperial examination, his father arranged a good marriage for him, and the girl’s family took her to the capital.

Three years later, Lin Zikui’s father passed away. When Lin Zikui went to the capital to take the imperial examination, he remembered the arranged marriage and took the marriage documents to find the person.

Contrary to his expectations, the girl was taller, more handsome, broader-shouldered, and even had larger feet than him.

Lin Zikui tactfully said, “If you’re unwilling, I won’t force you. We can cancel this marriage arrangement. I’ll tear up the marriage documents, and you can find someone else.”

The other person glanced at him and said, “I don’t feel forced.”

Lin Zikui hesitated before saying, “…Alright, then.”

On their wedding night, Lin Zikui realized something was wrong. “Hey? Wife, why are you a man?”

“I’ve always been a man.”

After saying that the “wife” rolled over and pinned him down.

Later, Lin Zikui passed the imperial examination. On the day of the palace exam, the young monarch sat on the dragon throne, with the all-powerful regent beside him.

Lin Zikui dared not look directly at the emperor, but the sound of the regent’s cough was very familiar. He couldn’t help but raise his head. Through his blurry vision, he saw someone he recognized, which terrified him. He couldn’t utter a word and eventually passed out on the spot.

The regent called for the court physician, saying, “When he wakes up, send him to my residence.”

PS: The protagonist is a highly myopic person from ancient times, so much so that they can only see people right in front of them, and even then, only as blurry outlines.

[It is said that historical figures like Li Bai, Emperor Yongzheng, Ji Xiaolan, Du Fu, Lu You, and Ouyang Xiu were all nearsighted.]

The story features a wolf in fox’s clothing, the regent gong & the timid scholar with small, squinting eyes shou.

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