The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby Preview

Chapter 10: Settling down





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After the person leading Shao Qing spoke the same dialogue about how promoting her rank would result in a better residence and more benefits, he departed.

Shao Qing started exploring all over the place, sizing up the house she would only be living in for a short amount of time. She quickly finished her walk around and placed Xiao Baozi onto the bed to allow him to play by himself for a bit.

Xiao Baozi poured out a pile of crystals and began to count. Shad Qing had sewed him a pouch which he used to carry the crystals for snacks.

Right when Shao Qing began to rearrange the house, a tall and graceful man came over. Wearing a pair of glasses, he appeared quite scholarly and refined.


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