The Regent’s Secret

The Regent’s Secret (摄政王的秘密)
Author: Yu She (作者:天夏游龙)
Translator: Sonata123
Editor: Lazy Girl T
Schedule: TBD

Author Summary:

When he was young, Li Yi was the emperor’s grandson, while the heir of the King of Southern Yunnan, entered the capital as a hostage. Li Yi protected him sincerely, but was almost killed. 

Ten years later, the country was ruined and his enemies were dead, but the regent of the new dynasty always made Li Yi feel deja vu… 

This is a story of a stand-in who is the real master, a white moonlight, childhood sweetheart, chasing his wife in the crematorium, trying to pick up the pieces and start anew. 

Gentle, delicate and brimming with talent shou and dictatorial, domineering, black belly gong 1×1

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