After Being Abducted by the General Chapter 108

Chapter 108

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After the physician finished speaking, Chu Hechao’s trembling hands finally stopped shaking.

The panic in his eyes gradually subsided as he murmured, “As long as you’re okay, that’s all that matters.”

In ancient times, chickenpox was a common infectious disease that affected children. Unlike another contagious disease, smallpox, chickenpox was much less severe.

Once it was confirmed to be chickenpox, everyone felt relieved. However, chickenpox was contagious, so both Yuan Li and those who had been in contact with him in the past few days needed to be isolated.

The physician found a suitable courtyard for Yuan Li and Chu Hechao, along with their attendants, to stay.

Though the treatment for chickenpox had progressed, it was not entirely comprehensive at the time. Luckily, Yuan Li’s medical book, provided by the system, had a comprehensive and systematic method for treating chickenpox. With the book’s guidance, the physician was skilled and confident in treating Yuan Li. After making sure that Yuan Li was comfortable, the physician prepared the medicine and administered it to him.

After drinking the medicine, Yuan Li felt a bit drowsy. He tried to stay awake and said to Lin Tian, “Ask Zhao Ying to check if any orphans in the Liangliao Institution have contracted chickenpox.”

After the recent snow disaster, many homeless orphans had appeared. Those with good potential had been sent to the Liangliao Institution to be trained as intelligence agents. Not long ago, Yuan Li had visited the Liangliao Institution to inspect the training of these orphans.

He suspected that he might have been infected by one of the orphans in the Liangliao Institution.

Lin Tian agreed and then assured Yuan Li to rest.

After everyone left the room, the physician and Lin Tian gave detailed instructions, “In the coming days, the Governor’s chickenpox will worsen. He will lose his appetite and should stick to a light diet, drink plenty of water, rest more, and especially pay attention to cleanliness. He should be wiped and bathed daily and take medicine and apply ointment on time.”

The physician sighed, “Chickenpox in adults is much more severe and uncomfortable than in children. Please make sure the Governor doesn’t scratch the blisters.”

Although he was speaking to Lin Tian, Chu Hechao was listening attentively.

Finally, the physician said, “Those who have had contact with the Governor in the last few days may also have contracted chickenpox. Please, General, and everyone else, pay close attention to any discomfort and inform me immediately if you notice anything.”

Chu Hechao nodded and said, “Go back to Yuan Residence and check there as well.”

The physician bowed, “Yes.”

Once the physician had left, the atmosphere in the room became heavy with silence.

Lin Tian’s face turned pale, and he was sweating coldly. After a while, he suddenly knelt in front of Chu Hechao with a loud thud.

Two servants who usually served Yuan Li were also kneeling on the ground with trembling legs.

Chu Hechao’s long hair was still untied, and he stood calmly, his tall figure casting shadows over the servants.

The servants held their breath, trembling with fear, feeling as though death was right in front of them.

Kneeling on the ground, they could still see Chu Hechao’s shoes. They were worn the wrong way around, clearly indicating that the General had indeed slept in the same room as Yuan Li last night.

…Slept in the same room.

Chu Hechao lowered his head, calmly looking at the servants.

After a while, he said, “Lin Tian.”

Lin Tian’s heart trembled, and he crawled forward, “I’m here.”

“Handle this matter discreetly,” Chu Hechao said lightly, “The affairs between me and your lord cannot be known to others.”

Lin Tian lowered his head even further and replied firmly, “I understand.”

Chu Hechao turned and walked into the bedroom.

Yuan Li only woke up around noon.

He was not in good spirits and didn’t feel like eating. Chu Hechao sat by the bedside, holding him in his arms and feeding him spoonfuls of porridge.

Yuan Li was not a stubborn person. After reluctantly finishing one bowl, he said, “I don’t want to eat anymore.”

Chu Hechao didn’t insist and handed the bowl to Lin Tian.

Lin Tian served beside them, respectfully taking the bowl without daring to look at the intimacy between the lord and Chu Hechao.

Chu Hechao said, “Bring a basin of warm water, and you can leave now.”

People with chickenpox couldn’t bathe, but they needed to maintain cleanliness. Chu Hechao soaked the towel, wrung it dry, and gently wiped Yuan Li’s body.

Yuan Li’s fever had subsided slightly, but more blisters appeared on his body. He sighed, “It itches.”

“Don’t scratch, “Chu Hechao held his hand, “Don’t think I didn’t notice.”

Yuan Li reluctantly withdrew his hand, “Then apply more pressure when you wipe, it’s even itchier when it’s too gentle.”

“I can’t apply too much pressure,” Chu Hechao sighed, “Can’t be too light or too heavy, Yuan Le Jun, luckily you have a husband willing to patiently take care of you.”

After wiping him, Chu Hechao noticed how uncomfortable Yuan Li was, so he used his fingers to gently rub him. Yuan Li immediately sighed, “That’s soothing.”

After the front was done, Yuan Li turned over and lifted his shirt, inviting Chu Hechao to touch his back. Chu Hechao glanced at his back and clucked his tongue, “It looks ugly.”

“…,” Yuan Li felt exasperated, “Forget it, don’t touch.”

Chu Hechao laughed heartily, “I will touch it. I like it no matter how ugly it is.”

“Just eat light food for the next few days,” Chu Hechao lamented while scratching Yuan Li’s chin, showing a hint of regret, “You can’t eat your elder brother’s food anymore.”

Yuan Li said, “…Chu Hechao, are you even human?”

Chu Hechao playfully approached and kissed him without any disdain, “I’m not a human, then are you being kissed by a beast?”

Yuan Li wanted to say, “I’d rather be kissed by a beast,” but he felt that saying that would only make Chu Hechao more shameless. So he wisely changed his words, “Are you also at risk of getting chickenpox from me?”

“It’s fine,” Chu Hechao said nonchalantly, “It’s not a serious illness.”

Yuan Li thought about it and said, “That’s true.”

Since Chu Hechao had already kissed and hugged him, it was too late to avoid infection now.

He comfortably enjoyed his boyfriend’s care and said, “Did Lin Tian discover our relationship?”

Chu Hechao replied with a yes.

“That’s fine,” Yuan Li took it lightly, “If he knows, you don’t have to climb in through the window when you come over at night.”

Chu Hechao smiled, “Right.”

The next day, as the physician had predicted, the chickenpox on Yuan Li’s body continued to worsen. Apart from visible areas, the blisters appeared on his throat, thighs… It was itching terribly and the locations were so awkward that Yuan Li felt miserable.

When Chu Hechao applied the medicine at night, Yuan Li was too embarrassed to take off his pants. After Chu Hechao applied medicine to all the visible blisters and urged him several times, Yuan Li reluctantly took off his pants.

Chu Hechao finally saw Yuan Li wearing that pair of square-cut shorts. He admired the sight for a moment before playfully patting Yuan Li’s buttocks, “These pants need to come off too.”

Yuan Li blushed, and then he took off the square-cut shorts as well.

It was Chu Hechao who acted like a hooligan, but when he actually saw Yuan Li’s body, he instantly turned red, his eyes wavering, glancing at Yuan Li again and again. His mouth felt dry, and his heart pounded like a drum.

Yuan Li urged, “Hurry up.”

But the next moment, Chu Hechao inexplicably dashed out of the room.

Yuan Li saw him holding his nose, and when he turned back to look at the bed, there were a few drops of blood.

…This guy actually had a nosebleed.

Yuan Li was dumbfounded for a moment, feeling so irritated!

However, Yuan Li couldn’t help but find it funny. His embarrassment from earlier disappeared, and when Chu Hechao came back after stopping the nosebleed, Yuan Li asked with feigned innocence, “Brother, why did you suddenly run away?”

Chu Hechao’s peripheral vision unintentionally glanced at Yuan Li again, feeling an itch in his nose. He hurriedly turned his face away, coughing in a pretentious manner, “It’s too hot.”

Seeing him like this, Yuan Li wanted to tease him even more. He slowly moved his legs, which were exposed outside the thin blanket. Chu Hechao’s gaze followed and gradually deepened.

After a few moments, Yuan Li watched as Chu Hechao pitched a tent.

It was so big and impressive.

Yuan Li immediately became serious, “Come and apply the medicine. If you can’t do it, get someone else.”

Chu Hechao’s moment of passion was instantly replaced by anger. He coldly chuckled and walked to the bedside, “Who do you want to come?”

Before Yuan Li could react, Chu Hechao lifted the quilt, and his face turned dark as he applied the ointment to Yuan Li.

The moment his fingers touched Yuan Li, he buried his head in the pillow.

This small act of applying medicine made Chu Hechao feel more embarrassed than going to battle. Yuan Li tightened up every time his fingers brushed against his thighs. After applying the medicine, both of them were sweating.

The ointment needed to be applied twice a day, which was both sweet and painful for Chu Hechao, but Yuan Li became more composed as time passed.

As time went on, Yuan Li’s symptoms became more severe, and he even experienced diarrhea and low-grade fever. They eventually traced the source of Yuan Li’s chickenpox to a newly admitted orphan refugee at the Liangliao Institution.

Fortunately, they discovered it in time, and only a dozen children at the Liangliao Institution were infected, all of whom were around thirteen or fourteen years old and had milder symptoms than Yuan Li.

When Yuan Li came back from the latrine, he collapsed on the bed in a weak state. Chu Hechao embraced him, and Yuan Li choked, “It’s so uncomfortable.”

Chu Hechao patted his back and comforted him in a low voice.

“It’s itchy and uncomfortable,” Yuan Li buried himself in Chu Hechao’s chest, becoming more emotional as he spoke, “My stomach hurts too.”

Chu Hechao felt heartbroken and massaged Yuan Li’s belly, warning, “Don’t cause trouble for my wife again, do you hear me?”

After wiping Yuan Li’s tears away, he said, “Be good, hold on for a few more days, and you’ll be fine.”

Yuan Li sniffled, “Okay.”

Because of Yuan Li’s cry, Chu Hechao became even more careful when taking care of him, treating him like a fragile treasure. When Yuan Li’s chickenpox gradually disappeared, Chu Hechao appeared even more haggard than Yuan Li, having lost a lot of weight.

Fortunately, Chu Hechao had a strong physique, and he didn’t get infected with chickenpox from Yuan Li.

At the beginning of June, Yuan Li finally recovered his vigor.

This time, the illness frightened everyone, and they treated Yuan Li with even more caution than before. Once there was any sign of discomfort from Yuan Li, the people around him would be on high alert.

Yuan Li couldn’t help but feel helpless about this. In reality, he was much healthier than many people. After all, he exercised regularly. His physical fitness was not inferior to that of generals like He Lang and far exceeded Liu Jixin Guo Mao, and others.

However, precisely because he rarely fell ill and had good health, occasional illnesses left a lasting impression on people. Even though Yuan Li repeatedly assured everyone that he was fine, it didn’t stop them from showing their concern.

It wasn’t until the New Year came that these people gradually relaxed their vigilance and let Yuan Li rest.

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