After Being Abducted by the General Chapter 113

Chapter 113

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“You didn’t hear wrong,” Chu Hechao also said lightly, “Before my mourning period ended, Le Jun and I were already married.”

Yang Zhongfa had known about their relationship, but he was no less shocked than the others.

They were already married?!

Why didn’t the general tell him earlier?

In the midst of his shock, he also felt a tinge of melancholy. He didn’t know whether he should feel sad or happy. He was sad because the two of them were not able to come to a decisive resolution so easily, but he was relieved for the general at the same time.

Seeing Yuan Li’s sincere and open expression, he felt more reassured that Yuan Li’s desire to be with the general was even stronger than he had imagined.

This brought some comfort to his heart.

Liu Jixin reluctantly regained his senses and subconsciously tried to advise, “My lord, this…”

Yuan Li interrupted him, firmly stating, “My mind is made up.”

Guo Mao took a deep breath.

His goal had always been to become Yuan Li’s most intimate and favored adviser, and he was adept at reading people’s intentions. Yuan Li’s words had already shown his determination. Their lord was always stubborn, and once he made up his mind, no one could persuade him to change it. 

Since it is so, it is better to follow their hearts and think about how to handle this matter for the Lord, and take the opportunity to express their loyalty. 

Guo Mao pulled Liu Jixin’s sleeve and whispered, “This is actually a good thing between the Lord and General.” 

Liu Jixin was taken aback. How could this be considered a good thing? 

Guo Mao explained, “Haven’t you always worried that one day there will be hidden conflicts and animosity between the Lord and the Great General? Now, with this situation, we can be more at ease in our hearts, and General’s subordinates can also be more at ease. Being ‘husband and wife’ in one body, we don’t need to be concerned about them anymore.” 

Liu Jixin furrowed his brow and began to ponder deeply. Like Guo Mao, he also understood Yuan Li’s personality very well and knew that Yuan Li had made up his mind. Just like storing supplies after the snow disaster, he would never change his mind because of others’ persuasion. Moreover, Yuanli had proven time and time again that he was always right. 

After the snow disaster, the admiration from his subordinates for Yuan Li had reached its peak. They firmly believed that everything the Lord did must be right. If the Lord did something they couldn’t understand, it must be because they hadn’t fully grasped its meaning. 

Liu Jixin calmed down and weighed the pros and cons of Yuanli being with Chu Hechao. The cons were evident, but there were also many advantages.

What Guo Mao said was just one aspect of it. Indeed, the relationship of being in-laws was not as reassuring as that of a real husband and wife. Most importantly… Liu Jixin firmly believed that Yuan Li was the one destined by fate, and Chu Hechao was a powerful individual. If Chu Hechao also had ambitious aspirations, their path would become much more difficult. However, with Chu Hechao’s support, Yuan Li would be greatly strengthened, and success in their grand plans would be halfway achieved.

Looking at it this way, it was indeed a good thing…

Liu Jixin’s eyes flickered with hesitation.

However, just accepting it like this felt a bit unwilling. Incest between in-laws was even more harmful to their lord, as Yuan Li had always been known as a virtuous and kind scholar. Chu Hechao, on the other hand, had a fearsome reputation, and if this matter were exposed, he would be in a better situation compared to their lord.

Some were deep in thought, some were shocked, and for a moment, no one spoke in the study.

Yang Zhongfa, worried and anxious, asked, “Then what about your descendants? General, Chu Wang only has one son left, you!”

The spirits of Yuan Li’s subordinates were lifted. That’s right.

What about their descendants?

The Chu family only had Chu Hechao as their sole heir, and their lord needed descendants to stabilize the people’s hearts.

This was also their greatest concern.

Yuan Li pursed his lips and subconsciously tightened his grip on Chu Hechao’s hand. Chu Hechao gently patted the back of his hand and looked at Yang Zhongfa, “If I can resolve this matter, will you stop opposing us?”

Yang Zhongfa took a deep breath and nodded slowly, “If you and Prince Yuan can avoid being disgraced and scorned, and if you can leave descendants… I… I will no longer object.”

After saying this, Yang Zhongfa slumped into the chair as if he had lost strength.

With a bitter smile, he thought, “Madam Yang, I’ve done my best.”

You asked me to persuade the general to marry, and I tried my best. Now, the general has fallen for someone he shouldn’t, and I also tried to advise him. But the general still refuses to change… I, I can’t bear to continue persuading him.

He silently wished that if Yuan Li was serious and could truly be loving with Chu Hechao for a lifetime, then he would be willing to die even if it meant apologizing to the Chu family after death.

Chu Hechao smiled and casually said, “Descendants? We can adopt.”

Yang Zhongfa instinctively asked, “Adopt whose descendants?”

“After my mourning period ends, my younger sister will marry Yuan Dan,” Chu Hechao explained concisely, “Their descendants will have both the blood of our Chu family and the Yuan family. Isn’t that a win-win situation?”

Everyone suddenly understood.

They had already forgotten about the Chu family’s young lady.

Yuan Li was momentarily taken aback, but then he smiled. He discreetly tapped Chu Hechao’s hand with his finger.

So, when you married your sister to Yuan Shan, you already thought about adopting their descendants.

Chu Hechao caught his mischievous finger and pinched it.

This statement completely resolved the last issue. There seemed to be no reason to stop them anymore. Zhao Ying thought for a moment and asked respectfully, “My lord, by telling us about this matter, do you wish for us to find a way to make the world accept it?”

Yuan Li’s expression became solemn. “Yes.”

“No, it’s not possible!” Guo Mao, Liu Jixin, and Yang Zhongfa exclaimed, standing up in unison. “This matter must be kept hidden, it must not be spread!”

“This matter cannot be concealed from the world. General and I are meant to be together, openly and uprightly. Why should we fear others knowing?” Yuan Li was completely composed. “It is Heaven’s will.”

Heaven’s will?

Without fully recovering from the shock, Wu Kai was struck by another bolt of surprise, leaving his face pale.

How could there be Heaven’s will in this?

Chu Hechao couldn’t help rubbing his forehead with his hand.

He glanced at Yuan Li with the corner of his eye, wondering what else his wife could come up with.

Yuan Li calmly continued, “As you all know, I have some supernatural abilities. I can predict sudden rainstorms and calculate events months in advance, like the snow disaster. Heaven’s will has told me that General and I are destined to walk hand in hand. Only when we are united can we bring peace to the world. If we are separated, the world will be torn apart, and war and chaos will arise.”

Everyone gasped, looking at each other. They all recalled the miracles Yuan Li had performed in the past.

…So, my lord and the general being together is actually Heaven’s will?

They had personally witnessed Yuan Li’s extraordinary abilities, and at this moment, they didn’t dare to doubt. They accepted this statement.

Yang Zhongfa muttered, “So that’s how it is, so that’s how it is…”

If it was indeed Heaven’s will, then no one could bear the consequences of separating the two of them.

Liu Jixin calmed down slowly. “Since this is Heaven’s will, it’s only natural to let the world know. But now is not the time to let the world know about this matter. My lord, we need to plan for this carefully.”

“Exactly,” Yuan Li agreed with a nod. “That’s why I need your advice. It’s difficult to hide my relationship with the general from my close aides, so I decided to tell you directly, to avoid you finding out later without being prepared and only making guesses.”

By doing this, they could be prepared in advance. Yuan Li believed in the intelligence of his group of advisers; they would surely come up with a comprehensive plan.

Everyone began to ponder and contemplate.

Chu Hechao spoke calmly, “As long as we have enough status and power, who would dare to speak out against us?”

Everyone couldn’t help but look at him.

“Throughout history, the royal family and powerful aristocratic families have all faced similar situations,” Chu Hechao turned to look at Yuan Li, exuding a confident aura. He smiled and said, “As long as we have enough military power, no one will dare to question the relationship between you and me.”

Chu Hechao was a general, and he understood better than anyone the convenience of having an army and military power. In troubled times, military power was paramount, and with their territory and military, they could flatten any dissenting voices if they arose.

This was the method Chu Hechao thought of, a way for them to be together openly and without fear.

A method that was forceful and domineering, strong enough to become a hegemony.

As Yuan Li looked at Chu Hechao’s resolute and sharp expression, he felt a sudden surge of excitement in his heart. A long-lost ambitious desire awakened within him, causing his scalp to tingle and his body shudder with anticipation.

Suppressing his excitement, Yuan Li smiled and said, “Having the strength to silence others is just one aspect. The best method would be to subtly make the world accept our relationship.”

Liu Jixin couldn’t help but sigh deeply. “If you want to do it subtly, it will be difficult.”

“It’s not that difficult,” Chu Hechao leaned back on the chair, tapping the armrest with one hand and gently stroking Yuan Li’s hand with the other, contemplating, “When we got married, it was me who proposed, me who made the wedding toast, and me who entered the bridal chamber. We have the reality of being husband and wife, having performed the rites. As long as we slowly spread this news and make the world believe that we are rightfully married… When more people believe it, what others say will naturally turn into slanderous ‘rumors.'”

“You’re right, General,” Yuan Li agreed, his smile evident. “We still need to conceal it for now. When the time is right, we can announce it to the world.”

Everyone understood and came up with several methods to help conceal Yuan Li and Chu Hechao’s relationship before eventually leaving the study.

As they stepped outside and looked at the blazing sun, they suddenly realized what they had come to know in that short hour.

But it was too late now, and they could only try their best to control the consequences and turn it into a favorable situation.

Liu Jixin looked up and couldn’t help but chuckle, “Brother Guo, your back is already soaked.”

Guo Mao turned to look at his back; indeed, his clothes were already half-drenched. He sighed and pointed to Wang Er and Wu Kai nearby, “These two are soaked in cold sweat as well.”

Wang Er and Wu Kai forced a bitter smile and whispered, “We were really scared.”

Liu Jixin cleared his throat and said, “To be honest, my clothes could probably wring out a basin of water too.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

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