After Being Abducted by the General Chapter 17

Chapter 17

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Yuan Li: “???”

The horses rushed straight towards the outskirts of Luoyang city.

Everyone in front of Chu Wang’s mansion was shocked by this sudden scene, staring in astonishment as Chu Hechao abducted Yuan Li and shot out liike arrows into the distance.

Yang Zhongfa was the first to snap out of it. He muttered, “My goodness, he just kidnapped someone directly. General, you really have some guts.”

“Hurry up!” Yang Zhongfa shook all over, raised his voice, and cracked his whip. “Follow me and catch up with the general!”

A group of armored soldiers shouted in response, spurred their horses, and galloped away, raising a cloud of dust.

Chu Wang and Madam Yang stood there dumbfounded for a while, then turned their heads and looked at each other. After a long pause, Chu Wang’s face turned livid. He slapped his thigh in anger, trembling all over. “B*stard! B*stard! Chu Hechao, this B*stard!”

Just after his elder brother’s death, he dared to abduct his sister-in-law in front of everyone. Even though Chu Wang knew that Chu Hechao had no ambitions to seize his brother’s wife, he couldn’t help but be furious.

What would others think if this matter spread?

Guo Lin and Lin Tian also exclaimed, “Young Master!”

They hurriedly brought out their horses from the mansion. Liu Jixin glanced around and quickly held onto Lin Tian. “Take us with you.”


Yuan Li went from being puzzled to expressionless.

The horse jolted, and Chu Hechao’s armor pressed against Yuan Li’s face, leaving a painful and deep mark. Yuan Li knew that he had been abducted by Chu Hechao.

What was Chu Hechao doing?

Has he gone mad?

Is he playing tricks on him out of boredom?

“General,” Yuan Li was trapped in front of Chu Hechao, sitting sideways on the horse. The position was very uncomfortable, his buttocks hurt, and he felt a constant sense of danger of slipping off. Yuan Li forced a smile and said, “Please put me down.”

The wind blew his words into fragments.

The next moment, a crimson cloak covered Yuan Li’s head. Chu Hechao’s voice came lazily through the layers of fabric, “Hmm? What did my sister-in-law say? Speak up.”

Yuan Li’s forehead throbbed, and he raised his voice, “Chu Hechao, put me down!”

Chu Hechao replied briskly, “No.”

Yuan Li, despite his good temper, couldn’t hold back anymore. He had no idea what Chu Hechao’s actions meant or what his purpose was.

Was he seeking revenge on him? Mocking him? Or putting on a show for others to see?

It couldn’t possibly be that he was taking him to the northern border of Youzhou, right?

Yuan Li sneered, raised his hand, and was about to tear off the cloak. Chu Hechao held his wrist, his touch cool as he said, “Sister-in-law, do you want everyone in Luoyang to know that I’ve abducted you?”

Without hesitation, Yuan Li ripped off the cloak covering his face. His usually smiling and handsome face now revealed a dangerous aura, reminiscent of the day of the massacre on the farm. He looked up at Chu Hechao, his eyes filled with suppressed blazing anger. “General Chu, do you think that by putting a cloak on me, no one else will know that you’ve abducted your own sister-in-law?”

His tone grew increasingly heavy.

Chu Hechao’s thin lips curved up. “That is precisely the result I wanted.”

Yuan Li’s anger froze, and he spoke sharply, “What do you mean?”

Chu Hechao smiled, his intentions unclear.

Yuan Li looked at his strong jawline, and his eyebrows gradually furrowed.

When Chu Hechao had tested him before, it was forgivable because of his soldiers, and Yuan Li didn’t get angry because of it. But at this moment, he knew he had to get angry and show his anger.

Chu Mingfeng was no longer present, and Chu Hechao dared to take him away in broad daylight, right in front of Chu Wang and Madam Yang. It was evident that Chu Wang and Madam Yang couldn’t suppress Chu Hechao either. If Yuan Li couldn’t restrain Chu Hechao, how could they continue to cooperate in the future? Would he still have any say in Chu Hechao’s army?

Yuan Li knew that if he wanted to suppress Chu Hechao with the identity of “sister-in-law,” he had to have credibility and authority in front of Chu Hechao. He needed to make Chu Hechao take his words seriously, treat him with respect, and regard him as an elder brother, instead of making such strange moves without saying a word to him.

And as a master of training unruly talents, Yuan Li had plenty of experience in establishing enough credibility.

Yuan Li didn’t say anything more. He directly broke free from Chu Hechao’s arm, swiftly turned around, and with his long legs, he straddled the horse, smoothly transitioning from a sideways position to sitting with his legs apart.

He patted the horse’s mane and thought to himself, “Sorry to trouble you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yuan Li immediately gathered his strength and unexpectedly launched an elbow strike backward, while his other hand swiftly aimed to snatch the reins from Chu Hechao’s hand.

However, his elbow was blocked by Chu Hechao’s palm, and Chu Hechao firmly held onto the reins, sneering above Yuan Li’s head.

Remaining extremely calm, Yuan Li swiftly followed up with the next attack, exchanging punches with Chu Hechao while on horseback.

Chu Hechao had experienced being thrown by Yuan Li in a shoulder throw before, so he knew not to underestimate him. He also knew that Yuan Li’s weakness lay in his strength and his skillful use of leverage to gain victory. Therefore, Chu Hechao took the opposite approach, using dominant and brute force to suppress Yuan Li’s resistance.

Compared to a general who had long fought on the battlefield, Yuan Li was naturally at a disadvantage in terms of strength. The limited space on the horse also hindered their movements. Yuan Li faced repeated defeats. However, he remained resolute and kept fighting back, pursing his lips without making a sound. Several times, he nearly broke free from the restraints and gained control of the reins. The restless warhorse beneath him nearly stumbled several times.

“Enough.” Chu Hechao abruptly grabbed Yuan Li’s hands, forcefully enclosing him in his embrace, with a hint of threat. “Sister-in-law, calm down.”

They had already left the outskirts of Luoyang City. Yang Zhongfa, who was following behind them, took advantage of their delay and caught up on horseback. As soon as he saw their posture, he was momentarily stunned and blurted out his thoughts, “Hey, General, are you bullying your sister-in-law?”

Chu Hechao didn’t dare to release Yuan Li. Although he spoke lightly, he was sweating from restraining him. Chu Hechao’s thick eyebrows furrowed with a touch of impatience as he glanced at Yang Zhongfa. “Cause some trouble for the people chasing us from behind and keep your distance too.”

Yang Zhongfa nodded understandingly and turned his horse around to leave.

Yuan Li remained silent, but while Chu Hechao and Yang Zhongfa were talking, he suddenly kicked Chu Hechao’s leg with all his strength.

Chu Hechao winced in pain, and with a swift movement of his legs, he firmly pressed Yuan Li’s ankles against the insides of his boots. He exerted even more force to restrain Yuan Li, leaving him no room for further movement.

The young man was completely enveloped by Chu Hechao, his youthful and energetic body compressed tightly. He seemed like a young leopard forced into a corner, exuding a beautiful and slender figure filled with resilient and lean strength. Chu Hechao’s breath became slightly faster, but his voice remained steady. “Sister-in-law, how about listening to me for a moment?”

Outside Luoyang City, the path was sparsely traveled, and the leaves rustled. The yellow sand was swirling, covering people’s faces with dust.

Yuan Li recognized this road; it led to the Tunji Camp. Chu Hechao’s troops and provisions were placed outside the camp.

Yuan Li was drenched in sweat from all the struggles, and his breathing became heavier. Infuriated yet amused, he asked, “You kidnapped me just to say a few words? Can’t you say those words in Chu Wang’s residence?”

Chu Hechao saw that he had stopped struggling and cautiously released his arms, saying calmly, “If I didn’t do this, how could I convince you reasonably to accompany me to Youzhou?”

“…” Yuan Li felt like he had misheard and repeated, “Accompany you to Youzhou?”

Chu Hechao was extremely patient. “Sister-in-law, could it be that you don’t want to go to Youzhou?”

Yuan Li: “…”

Even the well-mannered Yuan Li couldn’t help but curse in his mind.

Of course, he wanted to go!

If this had been a few days ago, when he had just learned that Chu Hechao was leaving and he was told this, Yuan Li would have gladly accompanied Chu Hechao. But now, he had changed his mindset, set his goals for the next two years, and made a series of plans to stay in Luoyang. At this moment, Chu Hechao was asking him to go to Youzhou together?

Are you f*cking kidding me?

Yuan Li clenched his fist, the knuckles making a cracking sound, and he took several deep breaths to calm himself.

Chu Hechao looked up at the sand and the gnarled old trees on the side of the road. His tone suddenly became respectful and formal. “Sister-in-law, little brother should apologize to you. I shouldn’t have directly taken you away like this, but with your great talents, it would be a waste of time to stay in Luoyang, wouldn’t it?”

Yuan Li replied coldly, “General, your words are amusing. The National Academy’s reputation is widespread, and there are countless talented individuals. How can it be considered a waste of time?”

“Sister-in-law, you must have also realized that significant events are about to unfold in the world,” Chu Hechao lowered his body, his cold armor approaching, and he whispered as if sharing a secret with Yuan Li, “Otherwise, you wouldn’t have sent troops to Ruyang one after another, causing the Yuan family in Ruyang to be on high alert.”

Yuan Li’s scalp tightened. Did Chu Hechao know?

He quickly relaxed again, slowly letting go of the tension.

Chu Hechao, despite not meddling in the affairs of the Chu Wang Residence, was a renowned general of Northern Zhou and naturally possessed keen insight.

By expressing his thoughts in this manner, Chu Hechao indirectly confirmed Yuan Li’s speculations.

Chu Hechao continued to flatter, “Sister-in-law, you have lofty ambitions and exceptional talents. You possess comprehensive knowledge of military matters and are adept at managing logistics with precision. In these aspects, you are already outstanding. Even learning from Ouyang Ting as a mentor still leaves room for improvement. But spending two or three years at the National Academy just to make connections with a group of inexperienced young scholars would be a waste of time, wouldn’t it?”

When Chu Hechao spoke, he had a way of making people feel at ease and his flattery brought a smile to one’s face. Yuan Li’s tone couldn’t help but soften as he patiently replied, “I haven’t received my official hat, nor have I reached the age to start serving as an official. Even if I were to accompany you to Youzhou at this time, those influential and powerful families would not regard me highly. Without a legitimate title, those people would not submit to my authority. Currently, staying at the National Academy to accumulate qualifications is the best choice. The professors at the National Academy have profound knowledge in various fields. Even if I were to stay for two or three years, I would only learn a fraction of what those professors know.”

Only scholars could become officials.

Those who held power and vied for dominance in turbulent times were also influential scholars and prominent families. In Northern Zhou, only those who passed the provincial examination were considered qualified to step onto the political stage.

Even Yuan Li, as a scholar from a humble background, would not be recognized without a legitimate provincial examination title.

They would think, “If you don’t even have a provincial examination title, how can we believe you are a filial person, a talented individual, or someone worth following?”

After Cao Cao’s rise to power from the eunuch background, he carried a stain from his origins. He went to great lengths to have Xu Shao evaluate him as “a capable minister in times of peace and a cunning hero in times of chaos.” Wasn’t he trying to obtain a legitimate provincial examination title, to establish his legitimacy?

If it were solely a matter of background, Yuan Li wouldn’t mind. However, if others did not recognize him, they would consider him unworthy of being followed. They wouldn’t come to him, thinking he lacked the qualifications to stand side by side with others in turbulent times.

In the long run, even if Yuan Li could recruit soldiers and manipulate Chu Hechao’s army through logistics, he would remain an anonymous figure. With an unorthodox background, he would be unable to establish his own core team.

Occasionally, Yuan Li also wondered, wouldn’t it be better to remain anonymous?

His goal was not just to establish a firm footing in chaotic times and help as many people as he could within his capabilities?

If that were the case, he didn’t need to waste time and go through countless hardships to pursue the orthodox path recognized by others in this era. He could quietly exert his influence from behind Chu Hechao, living incognito.


Yuan Li placed his hand on his chest.

His heart beat forcefully in his chest, one sound after another, clear and resounding.

Why did he feel so unwilling?

Yuan Li was somewhat perplexed.

Could it be that, aside from being an anonymous figure, he desired something more?

Chu Hechao discerned the meaning in his words and pondered, “Sister-in-law, do you wish to stay in Luoyang and pursue a provincial examination title?”

Yuan Li snapped out of his thoughts and nodded gently, “My teacher wants me to stay in Luoyang for two years, gain fame, and establish connections. After two years, he will recommend me for the provincial examination.”

“Once you reach adulthood, it is important to have a provincial examination title. Even in turbulent times, legitimacy matters,” Chu Hechao said calmly. “Ouyang Ting is indeed considering your best interests. If the world falls into chaos but Luoyang remains stable, it would be suitable for you to stay there. However, Sister-in-law, have you forgotten one thing?”

“Whether it’s your father, me, Yang Zhongfa, or any other general in the Northern Frontier,” Chu Hechao’s tone shifted, “we can all recommend you for the provincial examination and help you obtain a legitimate background.”

Yuan Li’s eyes widened in disbelief.

He immediately turned his head to look at Chu Hechao, unable to believe what he was hearing.


Chu Hechao continued, “Even if you are in the Northern Frontier, we can still ensure you gain official recognition from the court. Don’t forget, Yuzhou is the Chu Wang’s fief.”

He looked down at Yuan Li, a teasing smile on his face. “The officials in Yuzhou can be appointed or dismissed by either my father or me. It’s just a matter of obtaining a provincial examination title and submitting it to the court. As the legal wife of the eldest son of the Chu Clan, you can exercise the authority of a wife to manage Yuzhou until you reach adulthood. Once you come of age, I will appoint you as the Governor of Yuzhou. Sister-in-law, we are family. If you take care of matters behind the scenes and relieve me of worries, while I fight and kill enemies on the front lines, wouldn’t that be better than staying in Luoyang?”

Chu Hechao was willing to abide by Chu Mingfeng’s final wishes, except when it came to Yuan Li. He disagreed with Chu Mingfeng’s perspective on him.

Chu Mingfeng had limited contact with Yuan Li and did not fully understand his value.

But Chu Hechao saw it clearly. Whether it was the fascinating objects in the farmstead, the sand table, his own abilities, or the confidence he had in providing financial and logistical support for the 130,000-strong army, Yuan Li was an exceptionally talented individual.

Keeping such a talent in Luoyang for two years would indeed be a waste.

Yuan Li swallowed nervously.

…Yes, that’s right. I completely forgot that I am already part of the Chu Clan, with the legitimate right to govern Yuzhou. I forgot that both Chu Wang and Chu Hechao are the masters of Yuzhou, with complete control over the appointment and dismissal of officials!

The dense fog that clouded Yuan Li’s mind was suddenly dispelled by a mighty hand. It was like a sudden blow that completely woke him up.

Yes, why didn’t he think of that?

What was he really thinking about with all his previous deliberations?

Yuan Li rubbed his forehead forcefully, reluctantly raising a question, “Even if you say so, I can’t go to Yuzhou right now. I haven’t prepared anything yet…”

“Then prepare everything today,” General Chu’s decisive and swift military style was evident as he said, “Sister-in-law, your time in Luoyang is short, and I presume there is not much to arrange here. After receiving the troops and military funds at the Tunji Camp, we will pass through Ruyang County. Your foundation is in Ruyang County, so all the preparations should be there.”

He smirked, “I’m also curious to see what you have prepared for me, sister-in-law.”

Yuan Li couldn’t argue back and struggled to say, “If you abduct me publicly, Chu Wang and the Madam will surely send someone to pursue you—”

“I left a letter for my father,” Chu Hechao said calmly, “Chu Mingfeng was just buried not long ago, and this is the only way I can take you away. I can’t stay in Luoyang for long, so I will have to inconvenience you by ‘forcing you to suffer humiliation’ for a while.”

Yuan Li had no more reasons to refute.

After a while, Yuan Li lowered his head and laughed silently.

Though the situation had suddenly unfolded, Yuan Li calmly confronted his own heart. Did he really not want to go to Yuzhou?

Did he really not want to immediately go to that undeveloped land of Yuzhou, eager to make a difference and transform the barren and desolate region in the eyes of the Northern Zhou people into a prosperous and peaceful land, a confident granary capable of supplying soldiers with provisions?

To rule an entire province at the age of eighteen, to return to that familiar yet unfamiliar battlefield, did Yuan Li not desire it?

He did.

He wanted it very much.

If he desired it, why bother about the haste or thoroughness?

However, even if he desired it in his heart, he couldn’t easily agree to Chu Hechao’s request.

He needed to make Chu Hechao listen to him, to make Chu Hechao himself seek his favor, to become accustomed to treating him carefully, to understand that Yuan Li was a valuable talent and concessions were necessary for him.

Yuan Li remained silent and motionless.

Chu Hechao was initially confident, but as time passed, he grew uncertain. He lowered his head and could only see Yuan Li’s black hair and his fair and translucent ears.

“Sister-in-law?” Chu Hechao urged.

Yuan Li, like a tortoise that had been nudged forward a few steps, slowly said, “General, let’s forget about it. If you can abduct me today, what if I offend you in Yuzhou someday…”

His words abruptly stopped.

Chu Hechao felt somewhat irritated.

He couldn’t see Yuan Li’s expression clearly, so he bent down, his solid back casting a shadow as he peered inquisitively.

The young man’s face was half a step away, his lips tightly pursed, his eyelashes lowered, showing no signs of wavering.

Chu Hechao took a deep breath, leaning closer, his masculine presence enveloping Yuan Li.

Yuan Li heard Chu Hechao’s deep voice, and it seemed to him that there was a hint of gritted teeth in his ear as he said, “Sister-in-law, I beg you.”

The corners of Yuan Li’s eyes curved up, and he leisurely said, “Fine, I’ll agree to you, General!”

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