After Being Abducted by the General Chapter 22

Chapter 22

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Ma Renyi has been killed!

Yuan Li showed a hint of a smile and immediately turned to look at Chu Hechao. “General.”

Chu Hechao’s eyes flashed with astonishment, and he couldn’t help but raise his lips. He sent someone to deliver the news of Ma Renyi’s death to Wu Kai. Then he leaned down, raised his whip, and raised his voice. “Ma Renyi has been killed! Follow me to claim his head!”

The hundred cavalrymen responded with determination, “Yes!”

The cavalry swiftly charged forward, trampling the White Rice Gang under their hooves and cutting down several of them. They continuously shouted, “Ma Renyi is dead!” “Surrender now or face death!” Their fierce tone and the bravery with which they killed terrified the White Rice Gang, who dropped their weapons and turned to flee.

Yuan Li pulled out an arrow from behind him and was about to join the charge when the system suddenly became active.

[Encyclopedia System activated.]

[Mission: Suppress the rebellion in Youzhou.]

[Reward: Potatoes.]


Yuan Li’s eyes brightened.

Unlike soap and refined sugar, which were tools for making money, potatoes were a staple food. They had a high yield, were resistant to hunger, and could be prepared in various ways, making them a truly beneficial resource. With potatoes in hand, there was no need to worry about insufficient food.

Yuan Li clenched his fist, his gaze focused on the mission in the task bar, “Suppress the rebellion in Youzhou,” feeling confident of success.

In the forefront,

Wu Kai received the news and began shouting with his cavalry, “Ma Renyi is dead!” “We have won!” These words left many White Rice Gang who were resisting them stunned and bewildered.

The leader is dead?

Is this true? If their leader is dead, what should they do?

From all directions, the cries of “Ma Renyi is dead” echoed, causing confusion and fear among the White Rice Gang.

After losing their leader, a belated sense of fear surged through the minds of the disorganized mob, as if they had instantly transformed from executioners to oppressed commoners. Some people started to flee, and the rest scattered like birds and beasts.

However, there were still some who stubbornly resisted, trying to rally others to join the fight.

“Don’t run! Let’s fight back together!”

“We have more people, we’re not afraid of these cavalry! They’re all treacherous dogs of the court. How can we surrender to them?”

But the rebellious peasants who followed them did not understand the bigger picture. They only wanted to have a full meal, which was why they joined Ma Renyi’s rebellion. They didn’t understand that they should put their lives on the line to overthrow the Northern Zhou Dynasty. They didn’t understand why they couldn’t run when the cavalry was right in front of them.

As a result, more and more people started to flee.

As Chu Hechao had guessed, once the leader was captured, the White Rice Gang fell into chaos.

Amidst the panic, Chu Hechao, like a sharp spear, was the first to charge towards Ma Renyi’s corpse. Ma Renyi’s subordinates and loyal followers were still considered elite, and they remained fiercely loyal to him. Even though Ma Renyi’s death came too suddenly, they gritted their teeth and protected his body, surrounding it with raised swords, confronting Chu Hechao.

Chu Hechao’s expression was devoid of emotion as he advanced like an unstoppable force, unfazed by the speed, and raised his whip once again.

When he approached these people, Chu Hechao swiftly drew his ring-pommel saber and fiercely slashed outward, killing four five individuals in an instant, blood gushing out. In the brief clash, these people were like ants trying to shake a tree, unable to stop Chu Hechao’s horse hooves from advancing. Chu Hechao’s eyes didn’t even blink as he held the reins, lowered his body, charged forward, and with precise timing, severed Ma Renyi’s head. Then, with a fluid motion, he snatched a long spear from an enemy’s hand, and effortlessly lifted Ma Renyi’s severed head high into the air.

“Ma Renyi is dead, surrender and you won’t be killed.” Chu Hechao held the spear in one hand and tugged on his horse, circling around the corpse, looking down at the crowd from a superior position.

Behind him, the charging cavalry cleverly shouted at the top of their lungs, “Drop your weapons, surrender and you won’t be killed!”

“Surrender and you won’t be killed!”

The cries echoed and grew louder. Upon hearing these words, the White Rice Gang looked bewildered. They turned their gaze towards the direction of the sound and saw Ma Renyi’s severed head being held up high.

It was unclear who was the first to drop their weapons, but eventually more and more of the White Rice Gang threw down their arms and knelt on the ground in surrender.

The battle in Beixincheng County quickly came to an end. The surrendered individuals had their weapons confiscated and were bound. Those who chose to resist were surrounded and killed by the cavalry.

The cavalry’s method of killing was direct and brutal. If someone attempted to escape, they would be struck from behind, causing them to fall in agony, and then trampled to death by a horse’s hoof.

The screams of the slain were piercing and chilling.

Yuan Li silently watched the scene unfold from the sidelines.

He knew that Chu Hechao had done this deliberately to intimidate the surrendered White Rice Gang, preventing any further thoughts of rebellion.

Meanwhile, the cavalry was decapitating the deceased and crafting a mound of heads in front of the surrendered White Rice Gang. As they looked at the pile of heads, many of the surviving White Rice Gang fainted on the spot or trembled in fear, clutching their heads.

Were they suffering? They were suffering greatly.

However, the remaining people in Beixincheng County who were still alive were even worse off.

A heavy weight pressed upon Yuan Li’s heart.

He looked at the White Rice Gang, the busy cavalry, and then turned his gaze to the people of Beixincheng County, whose population had been decimated by calamity, leaving only a fraction remaining.

This was the chaos of an era.

Only those who witnessed it with their own eyes would truly understand how cruel such times could be.

Yuan Li suddenly had a question in his mind.

Did those scholars really do the right thing?

Did they ever consider the lives of the lowly common people?

No, they certainly didn’t.

Because even I, in their eyes, am nothing more than a small pebble on the roadside.

They can trample on it at will, and they might even find it uncomfortable to have this pebble under their feet, hindering their path.

If I could have the status and position of those scholars, if I could have power, if I could command and use a large army of rebels, I wouldn’t do things the same way.

If I could…

Yuan Li suddenly woke up from his thoughts, sweat forming on his nose.

The familiar sound of his heart pounding vigorously echoed once again.

But this time, Yuan Li seemed to understand what he was thinking.

If I could command the rebel army, I wouldn’t let their butcher’s knives target ordinary people.

If I could make those scholars lower their proud heads, make them see the diverse lives of the lower class, make them feel fear and obedience…

If I could…

If I could climb up step by step.

“Sister-in-law, what are you thinking?” Chu Hechao’s voice suddenly rang out.

Yuan Li suddenly looked up and met his inquiring gaze.

“I was thinking about how to arrange the White Rice Gang and the people of Beixincheng County,” Yuan Li smiled without changing his expression, “General, what do you think about taking them to Jixian?”

Chu Hechao casually replied, “You can arrange everything.”

After the White Rice Gang in Beixincheng County were captured, Chu Hechao led his troops, including Wu Kai, to the east to support Han Jin. They joined forces with Han Jin’s hundred cavalry and killed over two thousand of the scattered White Rice Gang. Afterwards, they set up an ambush on the route that the remaining White Rice Gang would take on their return journey from the west.

As expected, Yang Zhongfa led the White Rice Gang on a large detour. When they had gone far enough, he and his men disappeared without a trace. The White Rice Gang who were sent to pursue them had no choice but to turn back to the city, only to be ambushed by Chu Hechao’s forces and more than a thousand of them were killed.

By the time everything was settled, it was already dark.

Chu Hechao interrogated the confidants of Ma Renyi while Yuan Li was counting the number of prisoners captured in this battle.

They had achieved a complete victory in this operation, killing over four thousand enemies and capturing thirteen thousand prisoners. Although some of the White Rice Gang managed to escape, they were no longer a threat.

Five hundred cavalry achieving such results could be considered a resounding victory. It was not surprising considering they were facing a ragtag group of people.

They also suffered casualties, with twenty-six cavalrymen killed, fifty-four injured, and thirty-four horses injured.

These cavalrymen were the elite of the army, the brave cavalry from the northern frontier. Each one of them had gone through countless battles, and compared to the number of deaths among the White Rice Gang, this figure was already quite low. However, Yang Zhongfa and the others still felt heartbroken.

And the arrow shot by Yuan Li that killed Ma Renyi was the crucial factor in this victory, directly securing their triumph. It could be said to be invaluable.

After hearing about this, Yang Zhongfa and Yuan Congyun rushed to see Ma Renyi’s severed head, and after they finished looking at it, they excitedly approached Yuan Li.

“Young Master Yuan, we heard that you shot Ma Renyi right in the forehead with an arrow?” Yuan Congyun asked with excitement.

Rubbing his hands together, Yang Zhongfa eagerly asked, “We also saw Ma Renyi’s head, it was truly a fatal shot! Young Master Yuan, you have such skill? Did you learn it from that veteran in Bingzhou? It must have taken a lot of practice, how many years have you been training? Do you have any tips?”

Yuan Li was about to reply when he caught a glimpse of Chu Hechao walking over. After a moment of contemplation, he decided to smile and remain silent in response to Yang Zhongfa and Yuan Congyun.

They were about to reach Jixian, and Yuan Li wanted to have absolute control over the discourse regarding Youzhou. It was crucial for Chu Hechao to trust him completely. This was a perfect opportunity, and if Yuan Li avoided answering, it would surely raise Chu Hechao’s suspicions. If Chu Hechao openly questioned him, there would be no need for Yuan Li to go the extra mile to establish his credibility. If Chu Hechao continued to probe, Yuan Li could take advantage of the situation to display his authority and assertiveness.

Seeing Yuan Li’s silence, Yuan Congyun and Yang Zhongfa wanted to ask again, but Chu Hechao approached, wiping the blood off his hands.

As the blood on his black gloves was wiped away one by one, Chu Hechao’s peripheral vision seemed to glance at Yuan Li, and he casually said, “Ma Renyi’s confidants revealed that there are two more groups like them in Youzhou, totaling over forty thousand people. Once we return to the northern frontier, I will send people to deal with the chaos in Youzhou.”

Yang Zhongfa and Yuan Congyun remained silent because they knew the general’s words were not meant for them.

Yuan Li thought about the task assigned by the system. He was about to gladly agree but immediately became cautious.

The task given to him by the system was to “suppress the uprising in Youzhou,” but if he didn’t actively participate and let Chu Hechao handle it alone, could it still be considered completing the task?

Yuan Li was uncertain, and he didn’t want to gamble on the possibility of failure with the “Potato”. So he decisively spoke up and requested, “General, if you are going to campaign against the uprising, please allow me to accompany you.”

Chu Hechao glanced deeply at him and nodded in agreement, “You killed Ma Renyi. I will remember your military merit.”

Yuan Li smiled, “Thank you, General.”

Chu Hechao’s peripheral vision glanced at the people around them. Yang Zhongfa was perceptive and quickly pulled Yuan Congyun away.

Once they were gone, Chu Hechao’s expression suddenly softened. He clasped his hands and slightly bowed, “Thank you, sister-in-law, for your help.”

His words were extremely sincere, and his attitude was excellent. Yuan Li helped Chu Hechao up, “No need to be so polite, General.”

The night grew darker.

The brother and sister-in-law walked side by side in the middle of Beixincheng County. The corpses on the road had been thrown in front of the county magistrate’s office, waiting to be cremated. The blood had not been cleaned, blending with the darkness of the night.

Torch Lights were lit all around, and thick smoke covered the sky.

Chu Hechao casually chatted, “Sister-in-law, your archery skills are truly remarkable. Even with my 130,000 soldiers from the northern frontier, I couldn’t find anyone as formidable as you.”

Here it comes! He was indeed starting to probe!

Yuan Li modestly replied, “If others were as diligent as me for ten years, they could achieve the same level.”

From his previous life to the present, Yuan Li had approached his actions with strong planning. He wasn’t naturally talented; since arriving in this world, he had been striving to acquire more skills. Riding horses, practicing archery, raising horses… It was through his past efforts and sweat that he was able to end Ma Renyi’s life with a single arrow today.

Chu Hechao patiently said, “Even with diligence, one still needs various talents.”

He was truly easy to talk to today. First, he subtly flattered Yuan Li, then praised his excellent character. Yuan Li felt a bit uncomfortable with all the praise and became even more curious about what Chu Hechao would do next.

In the end, Chu Hechao extended an invitation, “I’ve always been talking about having my sister-in-law teach me swimming, but we never had the chance. There happens to be a river here in Beixincheng County. How about you accompany me and give me a lesson?”

Yuan Li blinked and looked at the darkening night, “General, now?”

Swimming at this late hour, aren’t you afraid of drowning?

Chu Hechao nodded, “Yes, right now. It’s also a good opportunity to wash away the smell of blood.”

Yuan Li sighed, “Then let’s do as the General says.”

The riverbank was pitch black.

Chu Hechao neatly placed his weapons and clothes aside, only wearing a pair of pants as he went into the water alone.

Yuan Li didn’t want to get into the water at night. He lazily squatted by the shore and gave instructions, “General, keep your feet straight and together, then open them outward. Open your hands as well, palms facing outward.”

Chu Hechao followed the instructions one by one, but he couldn’t get it right a single time. Yuan Li finally felt helpless watching him, so he reluctantly took off his outer robe and got into the water, personally teaching Chu Hechao.

He held Chu Hechao’s sturdy waist with both hands, “General, I’ll support you. Try doing it according to what I say?”

Chu Hechao, with a good temper, said, “Alright, thank you, sister-in-law.”

He was about to begin, but the next moment, Yuan Li felt a force pulling him into the water. After entering the water, he was quickly pulled back out, and a large palm covered his mouth and nose. Chu Hechao covered Yuan Li’s mouth and nose, taking big strides through the water and leading him to a concealed spot behind the bamboo and vegetation, pressing Yuan Li against a stone.

“Sister-in-law,” Chu Hechao spoke in a low voice, his imposing figure enveloping Yuan Li and creating a heavy sense of oppression. “There’s something I don’t understand in my heart, and I’d like to ask you about it.”

Yuan Li’s face was covered in the dampness of Chu Hechao’s palm, his expression changing from one to another, cold with hints of anger as he glared at Chu Hechao.

At this moment, Yuan Li was grateful that he had learned various theatrical expressions from Steward Lin, it allowed him to conceal any flaws and not reveal his underlying desire for Chu Hechao to challenge him.

“If you take control of the rear, you will hold the lives of 130,000 soldiers, including mine,” Chu Hechao stepped back slightly, scrutinizing Yuan Li’s expression inch by inch. “You are just the son of a small county magistrate, but you have learned a lot and excel in everything. Your archery skills are remarkable, and you have a deep understanding of warfare. You can create sand tables, soaps, and farming tools that I have never seen before. You have a way to obtain warhorses and black armor. In my eyes, sister-in-law, you are truly unfathomable.”

After he finished speaking, Chu Hechao slowly released his hand covering Yuan Li’s lips and sincerely whispered, “We are family, sister-in-law. If you have any secrets, you can share them with me, and I will certainly lend you a hand. For example… sister-in-law, what exactly do you aim for?”

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