After Being Abducted by the General Chapter 38

Chapter 38

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Chu Hechao’s face turned a mix of green and red in an instant.

Realizing what he had done, he quickly let go as if the matter burned his hands and took several steps back before abruptly turning around and running away.

However, in his haste, he stumbled and slipped on the ground, falling directly into the water.

A tremendous splash erupted.

Yuan Li’s eyebrows twitched, and in the next moment, Chu Hechao had already climbed out of the water. With a darkened face, he didn’t pause for a moment and swiftly ran to the opposite bank, his fleeing figure resembling an escapee.

He Lang, who witnessed the entire scene, was dumbfounded, his jaw almost dropping into the river. “Wha-what, what’s wrong with the General…”

But in an instant, he shivered and began to worry about himself.

Would he be silenced for witnessing the General’s embarrassing moment?

Yuan Li’s half burning anger was still there, but the other half was rendered speechless by Chu Hechao’s embarrassing display. His mouth twitched a couple of times, and deliberately raising his voice when Chu Hechao reached the shore, he called out, “Chu Hechao–“

The man, who had already climbed onto the bank, slipped again and nearly fell into the river, but he didn’t turn his head back and swiftly ran away, disappearing without a trace.

After that escape, he was nowhere to be seen for the rest of the day.

It wasn’t until evening that Chu Hechao, wearing wrinkled clothes and carrying a deer on his back, appeared in front of Yuan Li’s tent.

He stood outside for a while, standing even straighter than the sentinels on guard. It was only when the sentinels kept glancing at him that Chu Hechao spoke, “Go and tell the people inside that I’ve come to seek an audience.”

The soldier entered the tent and soon came back out, saying, “General, the young master refuses to see you.”

Chu Hechao took a deep breath, his brows and eyes still composed and icy, as if he had completely regained his calmness. He spoke again, “Tell him I’ve come to ask for forgiveness.”

The soldier rushed into the tent, and this time, the person inside finally allowed Chu Hechao to enter.

But instead, Chu Hechao hesitated and wavered, even feeling an impulse to turn around and run away. It seemed like the person inside the tent knew exactly what he was thinking, and a voice, neither cold nor warm, came through as if the anger had not dissipated, “General, are you planning to stand outside to seek forgiveness?”

Chu Hechao remained silent.

He took a step and walked inside, not looking at Yuan Li. Instead, he stared straight ahead and said concisely, “I acted recklessly this morning.”

“Is that how you seek forgiveness?” Yuan Li said coldly.

Yuan Li’s anger had subsided considerably by now, and he wasn’t very angry anymore.

In fact, Chu Hechao had only bumped into his waist. They were all men, and there was no talk of taking advantage of each other. Moreover, Yuan Li, who had seen the world from the future, had witnessed many instances of mutual assistance among brothers and friends.

But even if he wasn’t angry, Yuan Li still had to vent his frustration about himself in the morning.

If Chu Hechao hadn’t pulled him into the water, if he hadn’t yanked him back, would such an awkward situation have occurred? Would he still feel uncomfortable thinking about it now?

Thinking of this, Yuan Li was irritated and had an itching sensation in his teeth.

Chu Mingfeng was absolutely right. Chu Hechao is indeed extremely difficult to discipline.

No matter how you try to teach him, he’s as stubborn as a bone.

Upon hearing this, Chu Hechao had no choice but to lift his eyelids and look at Yuan Li. The general stood in the dim candlelight, his jawline sharply defined and firm. When he saw Yuan Li’s serious expression, his jaw tightened even more, and he apologized in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

Yuan Li remained expressionless, sitting upright and watching him. He truly had an air of being stern like an elder sister-in-law, “And then?”

Chu Hechao’s throat bobbed, “I was wrong.”

“Chu Hechao,” Yuan Li seemed disappointed, “count how many times, from the moment I’ve known you until now, have you actually said ‘I was wrong’?”

Chu Hechao was taken aback and remained silent.

Yuan Li continued, “And how many times have you genuinely understood what you did wrong and sincerely apologized to me?”

Chu Hechao actually dared to answer, slowly saying, “The time when I gave you the seal of the Governor of Youzhou.”

“…” Yuan Li didn’t expect him to have the audacity to reply and it actually amused him. He seized upon the loophole, “So, the other times were not genuine apologies to me?”

Chu Hechao belatedly realized that he misspoke. He pressed his lips tightly together and denied, “No, that’s not true.”

Yuan Li chuckled, “Well then, tell me, where did you go wrong today?”

Chu Hechao stood at a distance from Yuan Li at least two tables separating them. His voice was low and tense, “First, I shouldn’t have pulled you into the river.”

Indeed, Yuan Li nodded in hidden satisfaction.

“Second, I shouldn’t have pulled you in front of me to shield myself,” Chu Hechao continued.

Yuan Li felt comfortable and at ease in his heart. He asked, “And what else?”

Chu Hechao recalled his experience in the river earlier in the day, his expression growing colder, and said, “Third, I shouldn’t have felt too comfortable.”

Yuan Li: “…?”

Yuan Li: “What did you say? Say it again.”

Chu Hechao gave Yuan Li a slightly strange look, as if he was wondering if water had entered Yuan Li’s ears during the day. “I said I shouldn’t have felt too comfortable when I touched you—”

“Shut up!” Yuan Li’s anger surged up in an instant.

D*mn it, if you want to apologize, just apologize. What does this statement mean? Is this an apology? I think you’re provoking me!

Comfortable my ass.

Yuan Li’s face darkened, and he stood up abruptly, striding towards Chu Hechao. With fiery eyes, he stared at him for a while before delivering a powerful kick.

Chu Hechao grunted in pain.

He endured the beating from Yuan Li without retaliating. After Yuan Li worked up a sweat, he opened the tent and said, “General, please leave.”

Chu Hechao wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and glanced at Yuan Li. With his handsome face and tall stature, he exuded a unique and irresistible wildness even when performing such actions. He didn’t say anything and obediently walked out of Yuan Li’s tent.

On that same evening, Yuan Li had his belongings packed and departed from the camp with his trusted subordinates, heading towards Jixian ahead of the main army.

The next day, when Chu Hechao came to apologize again, all he saw was an empty tent.

Meanwhile, in Ruyang County,

Due to Yuan Li’s military achievements in suppressing the rebellion, Emperor Jianyuan admired his bravery and filial piety at such a young age. With the intention of motivating other heroes and creating a young hero to celebrate the continued prosperity of Northern Zhou, the emperor directly granted Yuan Song the title of Marquis Guannei.

The Marquis Guannei was one of the marquis ranks and was generally given as a reward to military commanders with meritorious achievements. It was bestowed to a designated number of households and the authority to collect taxes accordingly. *Although being granted the title of Marquis Guannei was mostly honorary, it meant that all the tax revenue in Ruyang County now belonged to Yuan Song. While he didn’t have a fief, he had practically gained control over Ruyang County.

When the eunuch from the imperial court came to deliver the edict, Yuan Song remained in a daze for a long time. He couldn’t believe it, and his mind was filled with disbelief: “My son, a marquis?”

“My son earned me a marquis title?”

Yuan Song felt like he was in a dream, floating on air. His heart surged with indescribable emotions.

Coming from a humble background, he could only become an official because his teacher recommended him for the imperial examination. Despite serving as a county magistrate for twenty to thirty years, Yuan Song remained a small and insignificant official. Due to his lack of a prestigious background, he never had the opportunity to advance in his career.

That’s why he had even higher hopes for his son, Yuan Li to fulfill his aspirations.

But he never expected this, not in his wildest dreams!

He never expected that Yuan Li would accomplish such great deeds!

Approaching his middle age, who could have imagined that he would be granted a marquisate solely based on his son’s merits?

The eunuch from the imperial court, Zhao, smiled warmly and approached Yuan Song with a friendly tone. “Lord Ruyang, you are truly blessed.”

Madam Chen, who was standing beside them, had tears in her eyes as she gently called out to her husband, still lost in his thoughts. “Husband, why don’t you thank Zhao Gonggong?”

Yuan Song suddenly snapped out of his daze, his face turning red with excitement. His words became somewhat incoherent as he quickly said, “Zhao Gonggong, please come in. Come into the mansion and have a cup of hot tea.”

Zhao Gonggong politely declined with a smile, “The Emperor is still waiting for this humble servant to return to the palace, so I won’t drink your tea.”

Although he refused the tea, Zhao Gonggong didn’t leave immediately. He stood there without moving.

Yuan Song understood his intention and promptly ordered someone to bring money and treasures.

Steward Lin personally prepared the reward money and rushed over, panting, delivering the silver coins to Zhao Gonggong’s hand.

As Zhao Gonggong felt the money bag, he knew that it held a substantial amount. He was satisfied with the sincerity shown by the Yuan family and didn’t mind speaking a few good words for them. With a hidden meaning, he said, “The Emperor is very fond of your son. As far as I know, Lord Yuan not received his coming-of-age ceremony yet?”

Yuan Song’s heart skipped a beat, but he smiled and replied, “Yes, my son still has two more years until his coming-of-age ceremony.”

Zhao Gonggong said meaningfully, “I will inform the Emperor about this matter. Perhaps, Lord Yuan’s blessings are profound, and the Emperor might personally give him a courtesy name.”

Yuan Song’s face lit up with joy, and he quickly bowed, saying, “Thank you for your kind intentions, Zhao Gonggong!”

Zhao Gonggong was satisfied with his understanding and didn’t want to make any promises. He warned, “Ah, this matter hasn’t been confirmed yet. Lord Ruyang, please don’t mention it to anyone else.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Yuan Song said as he had another box of money and treasures delivered, “Thank you for your hard work, Zhao Gonggong.”

As they continued their conversation, Zhao Gonggong expressed his willingness to depart soon and bid farewell to Yuan Song, leaving the Ruyang Mansion with a satisfied smile.

When Zhao Gonggong left, the entire Yuan residence was filled with joy.

Yuan Song’s two concubines and their sons stood by, showing expressions of delight. If it were Yuan Li who had received the noble title, they might not be as happy. But since it was their husband who had received the title, it became a great cause for celebration throughout the mansion.

Yuan Song’s sons looked around, already planning how to boast about their father’s enfeoffment to others.

Madam Chen had already moistened a handkerchief and couldn’t contain her smile. “Husband, now others should address you as Lord Ruyang or Marquis Ruyang. From now on, Ruyang County will be completely under our control. The Wei and Wang families will probably be too scared to flaunt their power in front of us. Who can compare to us now?”

Yuan Song laughed heartily, stroking his beard and nodding. “You’re right. But my dear, we mustn’t let this go to our heads. Our son sacrificed his achievements for me, surely hoping that I can protect Ruyang County and secure his path in the future. Now that I have received the noble title, I can be bolder in my actions. I can expand the farmland and military units under my command, and I will provide our son with sufficient food and trustworthy subordinates. I mustn’t let him face difficulties without any support.”

The smile on Madam Chen’s face deepened, and she whispered, “You’re absolutely right, husband.”

The other concubines and sons couldn’t help but show some jealousy upon hearing these words.

But Yuan Song and Madam Chen paid no attention to it. They exchanged a few whispered words, and Madam Chen couldn’t help but ask eagerly, “Husband, what about the matter of the Emperor giving him a courtesy name? Do you think our son will be blessed with such fortune?”

Upon hearing this, Yuan Song couldn’t help but sigh and waved his hand, his heart burdened with heaviness. “It’s better not to have such fortune.”

Madam Chen hesitated and asked, “Husband, what do you mean by that?”

Yuan Song shook his head and instructed Madam Chen to prepare a celebration banquet while he returned alone to his study.

Yuan Song was not particularly sensitive to the major events happening in the world; in fact, he was a bit slow in that regard. Therefore, before leaving, Yuan Li specifically analyzed the current state of affairs for Yuan Song, allowing him to understand that the world would soon be in chaos.

The Northern Zhou Dynasty had lasted for three hundred years and was now facing its moment of survival or destruction. Yuan Song had considered himself a Northern Zhou person since birth, and he had never imagined that one day the Northern Zhou Dynasty would cease to exist.

But even if he felt anxious and uncertain about the future, Yuan Song knew that being bestowed with a courtesy name by the emperor at this critical juncture was a double-edged sword.

If the Northern Zhou court was not overthrown, then being given a courtesy name by the emperor would naturally be a great honor. However, if the Northern Zhou Dynasty really fell, wouldn’t the next ruler also implicate his son, and consequently the entire Yuan family?

Such a double-edged sword was too dangerous. Yuan Song would rather forgo this additional honor than jeopardize Yuan Li, who represented the hope for the rise of the entire Yuan family.

In that case, he could only take a step ahead and have his son obtain his courtesy name and personal name in advance, even if it meant angering Zhao Gonggong.

Yuan Song picked up his pen and wrote a letter, detailing every aspect of the matter, instructing Yuan Li to prepare for obtaining his courtesy name and personal name a year in advance. He would find a perfect excuse for Yuan Li to obtain his name early, even if Yuan Li was stationed at the border, as it would not affect the ceremony.

Once a man obtained his personal name, it symbolized the beginning of possessing the authority to govern, serve the country, and participate in rituals.

After finishing the letter, Yuan Song called for someone to deliver it to the northern border, solemnly instructing, “This letter must not be lost. If any accidents occur on the way, destroy the letter directly!”

The trusted aide immediately responded, “Yes!”

Yuan Song nodded and let the person leave. That night, wearing a straw raincoat, Yuan Song visited the patriarch of the Yuan family.

The patriarch was Yuan Song’s grandfather’s younger brother, and he had cherished Yuan Li greatly ever since he noticed his intelligence and cleverness from a young age. However, he had grown old and had been confined to his bed for the past seven or eight years. His greatest wish in life was to see the Yuan family flourish under his care.

Yuan Song took off his straw raincoat and sat by the bedside, telling the patriarch about Yuan Li’s achievements and his own enfeoffment as a marquis within the borders.

The patriarch was overjoyed, his eyes shining brightly. In an instant, his face was filled with a youthful vigor, as if he had become decades younger. He repeatedly tapped the bed and exclaimed, “Excellent, excellent!”

Yuan Song expressed concern for the patriarch’s health and, finally lowering his voice, revealed his plan to have Yuan Li obtain his personal name in advance.

After listening, the patriarch understood what Yuan Song was thinking.

There was a moment of silence, and then the patriarch, mustering his strength, sat up with Yuan Song’s assistance. Leaning against the bedpost, the patriarch sighed, but his tone was filled with contentment. “I’ve endured for so long. I never expected that one day, even with my old bones, I could contribute to the Yuan family.”

Yuan Song felt guilty and said, “Grand Uncle…”

The patriarch firmly held Yuan Song’s hand, his clouded and aging eyes filled with resolute determination. “Don’t worry, I’ve already lived long enough with this old body. To see you enfeoffed and to know that Yuan Li has a bright future, I am content. Yan Zhong, you’ve made a good decision, a very good one. The world is in chaos now, and they emphasize the importance of obtaining a personal name before entering officialdom. It’s better to obtain it one year earlier than one year later… When you’ve made your decision, just inform me. I will make it my dying wish to witness Yuan Li’s early conferment of the personal name. If an old man in the family wishes to see his descendant obtain the personal name in advance, it wouldn’t raise any idle talk. Everyone would only praise him for filial piety. Yan Zhong, this is the best I can do for you.”

Yuan Song’s eyes welled up with tears. “This is enough.”

After saying that, he stood up and knelt on the ground, firmly kowtowing to the patriarch three times.

The patriarch accepted it calmly.

Because they both understood that in order for a wish to become a dying wish, death had to be the price paid.

The patriarch was sacrificing his own life to provide Yuan Li with the opportunity to obtain the personal name one year earlier.

After Yuan Song left, the patriarch’s son entered the room and stood silently by the bedside, choking back tears.

The patriarch coughed twice and said, “You’re all grown-ups. Why are you crying?”

His son’s voice hoarse, he said, “Father, I want you to live a few more years.”

“I am merely a burden as long as I’m alive,” the patriarch’s aged voice slowly spoke, “When I die, your path will be wider. Tomorrow, send your eldest and second sons to Yuan Song’s place. Let Yuan Song bring them to Yuan Li’s side, so they can work and achieve together with him. While Yuan Li is stationed at the border, it’s best to have family supporting him.”

The son hesitated and said, “Eldest son Yuan Lou is steady in character and can go. But what about second son Yuan Dan? He’s a bit too mischievous, isn’t he?”

“He is intelligent and talented. As long as Yuan Li is willing to value him, he will surely achieve something,” the patriarch said. “Who knows, these two brothers might even leave their names in history.”

The son felt it was absolutely impossible and found it somewhat amusing. He thought his father had grown old and was saying whatever came to mind. Shaking his head, he felt embarrassed and anxious, “Father, you’re overestimating them. Even if Yuan Li has a bright future, it doesn’t mean that the next generation of children will all have the same potential. It’s enough to have a Yuan Li. Not to mention leaving their names in history? Father, throughout the dynasties, millions of people have lived, and only a few have left their names in history!”

“You still don’t understand,” the patriarch said.

He closed his eyes and sighed, seemingly half-asleep. “Three hundred years ago, the generals who followed the Founding Emperor to conquer the world were renowned throughout the land. Among these generals, many were the Founding Emperor’s own family, the backbone of his achievements. Was it because the Founding Emperor truly possessed the aura of a true dragon, so even the heavens provided him with naturally talented warriors to use at his side? It wasn’t like that.”

The patriarch’s voice gradually weakened. “It’s because the Founding Emperor brought them along, that they had the opportunity to learn and achieve merit. It’s because the Founding Emperor became the emperor that they were praised as great generals throughout the ages, and their names were recorded in history.”

The son was shocked and pale. “Father, how can you compare Lou Er and Dan Er to the generals by the Founding Emperor’s side!”

The patriarch took a deep breath and tremblingly threw the walnut he had been playing with near the pillow at his son. “How the h*ll did I end up with a foolish son like you!”


Yuan Li and his entourage hurried back to Jixian, riding fast horses and pushing themselves hard. In less than ten days, they returned to Jixian.

Yuan Li left ahead, not entirely due to Chu Hechao’s provocation, but more importantly because he received a letter informing him that Zhang Mi had been waiting for him in Jixian for a long time.

When he returned to Jixian in the afternoon, Yuan Li sent someone to call for Zhang Mi while he quickly took a bath and changed into clean clothes.

After he came out, Zhang Mi had just arrived at the residence of Chu Wang.

But Zhang Mi was not alone; he had brought a horse merchant named “Zhong Ji” with him.

Because they were unsure if Yuan Li would be willing to meet Zhong Ji, the two of them were waiting outside.

“Zhong Ji?” Yuan Li sipped his tea, raised an eyebrow, and looked at Zhan Shaoning sitting below him. “Zhan Shaoning, if I remember correctly, this person is a horse merchant from Yanzhou and has some connections with the Yanzhou Governor, Che Kangbo.”

It had been a long time since they last met, and Zhan Shaoning had become much more confident. The uneasiness on his face had disappeared, replaced by a composed and steady demeanor. His eyes sparkled with brightness, and he seemed to have everything under control, regaining some of his past cheerfulness.

He smiled and said, “That’s correct. Most of Che Kangbo’s horses are provided by this horse merchant.”

Yuan Li pondered for a moment and put down his teacup. “It seems that Yanzhou has been restless recently.”

Guo Lin whispered a few words into Yuan Li’s ear.

Yuan Li sighed, “So he’s a poor soul seeking revenge for his wife and daughter.”

A few days ago, Zhong Ji received a new batch of horses, including several pure white ones. Because his daughter insisted on seeing the white horses, Zhong Ji took his beloved wife and daughter to fetch the horses. However, they encountered bandits on the way back, who robbed them of the horses and mercilessly killed his wife and daughter. Zhong Ji pleaded with Che Kangbo to eliminate the bandits, but Che Kangbo was afraid to confront the ferocious bandits and dismissed Zhong Ji with a few words.

With nowhere else to turn, Zhong Ji was filled with sorrow and despair. He sought help from many people but to no avail. It was at this time that Zhang Mi informed him of Yuan Li’s reputation for benevolence and righteousness. Like a drowning man clutching at a straw, Zhong Ji finally found Yuan Li, who was renowned for his benevolence and righteousness.

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