After Being Abducted by the General Chapter 42

Chapter 42

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From the second day onwards, Wu Kai and Wang Er began training the cavalry using the methods taught by Yuan Li.

There were many things to be trained daily, but not a single person complained or felt tired because what Yuan Li provided them was really good.

Each person had a horse, each person had a set of clothes, and the daily two meals turned into three meals, where they could eat to their heart’s content. They also received an egg every day and a meat meal every three days. Such treatment was not even enjoyed by the junior and middle-ranking military officers!

In just a few days, the soldiers were already deeply grateful to Yuan Li.

Some soldiers came from impoverished families and wanted to save the eggs to bring home for their families to eat. However, when Yuan Li discovered this situation, he ordered that everyone must eat the eggs on the same day, prohibiting any hoarding or hiding of eggs.

He provided the eggs in order to improve their physical condition, replenish their protein, and make them stronger and more powerful, thus forming a strong cavalry force. If they took the things home to feed others, wouldn’t Yuan Li be wasting money?

He also ordered that if anyone repeatedly made mistakes, they would be directly expelled from his cavalry camp.

As soon as this statement was made, no one dared to hide the eggs anymore.

Once they adapted to immediate combat, Yuan Li had them train in the morning and dispatched them in batches in the afternoon to start eliminating nearby bandits as practice.

Zhong Ji also knew that this matter couldn’t be rushed. When he saw Yuan Li taking action, he could only patiently wait.

After the autumn harvest, tax revenues from various regions were sent to Ji County.

Because Chu Hechao and Yuan Li were both stationed in Youzhou and had recently suppressed the White Rice Gang as a deterrent, the local officials didn’t dare to make any moves this time. They obediently sent the tax revenues over.

After Yuan Li finished reviewing the account books, he showed a satisfied smile, but then sighed.

Liu Jixin found it amusing and said, “Lord, your smile and sigh have left me a bit confused.”

“I’m smiling because I’m pleased with the harvest and tax revenues this time. No one dared to conceal or under report them,” Yuan Li lamented regretfully, then winked at him. “I’m sighing because they were too honest this time, and I can’t find a reason to dismiss them.”

Liu Jixin chuckled. “Lord, you are truly demanding.”

While the two were joking, a servant rushed in from outside. “Young Master, the General has captured a tiger and two starving wolves. They are currently in the training ground!”

A tiger and starving wolves?

Yuan Li and Liu Jixin exchanged a glance, then stood up and walked out.

In the training ground, two large iron cages were placed in the center. Chu Hechao’s personal guards were stationed around the cages, while soldiers gathered around to watch.

As Yuan Li approached, the guards stepped aside, allowing him to get closer to the two cages.

In the left cage was a magnificent tiger with vibrant stripes and a robust physique, while the right cage contained two gray-black wolves with eyes gleaming green.

One of the wolves among the two had a leg injury and was being protected by the other wolf. The other wolf was crouched down and constantly baring its teeth to threaten the tiger through the iron cage.

The tiger also bared its teeth, and saliva dripped down its yellowed fangs as it roared angrily at the two wolves.

The roar was deafening.

There was about a three-meter distance between the tiger and the two wolves, it was as if they could break through the cage and collide in the next second.

Yuan Li watched with great interest for a while, then crouched down in front of the wolves’ cage, carefully observing the injured wolf’s leg. After just a few glances, the other wolf, which had been quarreling with the tiger, suddenly turned its head towards Yuan Li and let out a roar. Its throat trembled, seemingly warning Yuan Li not to have any ideas about harming its brother.

“You’re so fierce,” Yuan Li responded, pretending to be startled. “Alright, alright, I won’t look at your brother.”

He stood up and took a step back, then turned to the guarding soldier and asked, “General, where did you get this tiger and the wolves?”

“When the General and I were patrolling, we heard a tiger’s roar in the mountains. Concerned that the creature would come down and attack people, the General led us into the mountains to catch the tiger,” the soldier explained. “When we arrived, this big creature was already fighting with these two wolves.”

Yuan Li nodded and asked, “So you brought them all back?”

The soldier nodded.

Yuan Li couldn’t help but laugh and cry. Before he could ask further, he saw Chu Hechao and his entourage striding towards them.

It seemed that they recognized that he was the one who had put them in the cage. As Chu Hechao approached, the tiger and wolves inside the cage became more agitated. They stopped growling and, in perfect synchrony, turned their heads towards Chu Hechao, baring their teeth and restlessly pacing back and forth. They repeatedly slammed into the iron cage, making attacking gestures.

Chu Hechao walked up to the cage, glanced at them indifferently, and with a faint smile, he said to Yuan Li, “Have you ever tasted tiger meat or wolf meat?”

Yuan Li saw through his intention and his mouth twitched. “I haven’t.”

Wow, it was the first time he had seen someone childish enough to intimidate ferocious beasts.

Chu Hechao raised his eyebrows, and the corners of his thin lips curved deeper. He drawled, “Then maybe we can give it a try today. Roasted tiger meat and wolf meat have a unique flavor. As the weather gets colder, tiger fur and wolf fur can also be used as cloaks. What do you think, brother-in-law?”

“I think,” Yuan Li said tactfully, “that they might, probably, possibly not understand your threat.”

Chu Hechao’s smile froze, and he turned to look. The tiger and the two wolves were already standing upright beside him, their bodies pressed against the cage. Their claws reached out, attempting to scratch Chu Hechao, and their throats trembled continuously, with saliva dripping onto their necks.

They looked as if they wanted to bite Chu Hechao from behind.

“Animals that don’t understand human language,” Chu Hechao sneered at them, then turned to the soldier and said, “Go and bring some meat bones.”

Yuan Li asked, “General, do you like wild beasts?”

Coincidentally, he also liked them, but had rarely had the opportunity to interact with them. Yuan Li enthusiastically pointed at the two cages and asked, “Do you prefer the wolves or the tiger?”

However, an unexpected incident occurred when he pointed at the tiger. His hand was too close to the cage, and the tiger suddenly lunged through the gap in the iron bars, its head bursting out and biting Yuan Li’s hand!

In the nick of time, Yuan Li reacted swiftly and pulled his hand back into his sleeve at the last second, leaving the tiger only with his empty sleeve in its jaws.

Lin Tian and the others were shocked and rushed over, exclaiming, “Lord!”

Chu Hechao’s face drastically changed. He grabbed Yuan Li and pulled him back, attempting to free his hand from the tiger’s powerful grip. The tiger tugged at the sleeve with tremendous force, tearing it into two pieces. The immense strength propelled Yuan Li backward, causing him to stagger two steps, but Chu Hechao managed to hold him and prevent him from falling.

Yuan Li’s chest thumped rapidly as he stared blankly at the tiger. The tiger gazed coldly back at him, chewing the torn sleeve in its mouth.

Chu Hechao thought Yuan Li was petrified and turned pale. He retreated several steps, clutching Yuan Li and repeatedly tapping his face, saying, “Yuan Li? Yuan Li?”

Yuan Li’s eyes gradually brightened as he murmured, “Exciting…”

Hearing what he said, Chu Hechao almost thought his ears were playing tricks on him. When he finally realized, his face turned dark, and he grabbed Yuan Li’s chin with his gloved hand, squeezing his face and turning it toward the tiger. “What did you say? Exciting?”

His tone grew increasingly louder.

Only then did Yuan Li realize what he had said, and a sense of embarrassment quickly washed over his face. He had always maintained a mature and composed image, but now it was almost shattered. Yuan Li forced himself to stay calm and said, “I misspoke.”

Chu Hechao released his grip on Yuan Li’s face, but his expression did not improve. No one knew how intensely his heart was pounding at that moment.

Chu Hechao didn’t believe a word of Yuan Li’s defense. Having gone through the age of eighteen or nineteen himself, he naturally understood how mischievous and daring young boys of that age could be.

Yuan Li, despite his composure, was only eighteen years old. Even though he had almost had his hand bitten off by a tiger, he could casually say it was “exciting,” showing no awareness of the terrifying situation.

Chu Hechao ordered his trusted men to restrain the tiger while Lin Tian went to fetch his cloak. He pulled Yuan Li briskly and approached the tiger.

The tiger was bound all over, its roars becoming increasingly terrifying. Three strong men had to exert their full strength to keep it under control.

Seizing the opportunity when the tiger opened its mouth wide to roar, Chu Hechao directly stuffed a piece of wood into its mouth, silencing its roars. While its jaws were still unable to close, Chu Hechao forcefully pulled Yuan Li’s hand to touch the tiger’s sharp teeth.

As they got closer, Yuan Li distinctly smelled the pungent odor from the tiger’s mouth. With his keen eyesight, he could even see bits of red meat stuck between the tiger’s teeth. Holding his breath, Yuan Li instinctively pulled his hand back.

“Don’t move!” Chu Hechao angrily reprimanded him, then sneered, “Didn’t you find it exciting? Why are you hiding?”

Yuan Li was completely enclosed within Chu Hechao’s arms, as if leaning against the strong embrace of a man. He wasn’t afraid; he just found the tiger’s breath too suffocating, making it hard to breathe.

But, all things considered, Yuan Li had never touched a tiger’s tooth in his two lifetimes, so he was quite looking forward to it.

On the side, Wu Kai and the others were on the verge of having their hearts stop.

Wu Kai was about to step forward to intervene but was stopped by Liu Jixin, who stared intently at Chu Hechao and Yuan Li, his voice trembling with tension. “General, you know what’s best.”

As an advisor, Liu Jixin naturally couldn’t allow Yuan Li to be put in danger once again. However, the scene just now was too frightening, and Liu Jixin also faintly heard Yuan Li’s words. General Chu and his Lord were family, and there was no way the General would harm his Lord. Him being seven or eight years older than the Lord, he was in the best position to advise him.

Chu Hechao firmly guided Yuan Li’s hand to touch the tiger’s fangs.

It felt sticky and he ended up touching the saliva. The opportunity was rare, and Yuan Li couldn’t care less about the smell. He quickly touched it a few more times, also taking the chance to measure the length of the tiger’s fangs, estimating them to be around eight to nine centimeters long.


Yuan Li was amazed. If these teeth were to come together, they could instantly pierce through his wrist.

Chu Hechao hadn’t expected him to be so daring, and the veins on his forehead bulged.

Yuan Li wanted to touch it again, but Chu Hechao suddenly pulled his hand back. In the next moment, the tiger’s teeth shattered the wood and spat out wood chips.

The wood chips, along with saliva, sprayed all over Yuan Li’s face.

Yuan Li closed his eyes, “…”

Chu Hechao sneered in his ear, his voice piercing into his brain. “Is it still exciting and fun?”

Yuan Li’s face turned pale. “No, it’s not.”

Chu Hechao lifted him up, and Lin Tian brought the cloak. Chu Hechao waved his hand and draped the cloak over Yuan Li’s body, covering his tattered sleeves.

The cloak looked very familiar, and Yuan Li looked at it again and again. Chu Hechao noticed his actions and sneered, “What? Too cold to wear it? Your clothes are torn, but you don’t want to wear my cloak?”

To be honest, Chu Hechao’s current appearance was somewhat frightening, as if he could erupt in anger at any moment. Yuan Li couldn’t quite understand why he was so furious.

He couldn’t help but ask, “General, I’m not injured, so why are you so angry?”

“Angry?” Chu Hechao forced a smile, his stern face carrying a cold, mocking smile. “Who said I’m angry? Am I supposed to be angry with you?”

Yuan Li replied, “You are angry right now.”

Chu Hechao took a deep breath and said firmly, “No.”

But his next words were, “What do you mean you’re not injured, Yuan Li? Are you trying to infuriate me?!”

Yuan Li felt somewhat guilty and didn’t argue.

He indeed hadn’t taken the incident just now to heart, even though he had almost lost his hand. The concept of “regret” was too distant for Yuan Li; he had never experienced such an emotion.

Since his previous life, he had lacked this emotion, but it had shaped Yuan Li’s character to be resolute and unwavering.

Chu Hechao held the upper hand, and he reprimanded Yuan Li for the entire afternoon, continuing until only a trace of golden twilight remained in the western sky. Yuan Li’s ears were buzzing from listening, and he had a throbbing headache.

It wasn’t until they finished their meal that Chu Hechao finally stopped and said stiffly, “Eat.”

Yuan Li discreetly breathed a sigh of relief, but he had every reason to suspect whether he had previously lectured Chu Hechao too much, and now Chu Hechao had found an opportunity to repay him for it.

But he didn’t dare to say it.

Because he also knew that the words he had said were indeed provocative.

The two of them sat on opposite sides, and the only sound at the dining table was the clattering of bowls and chopsticks.

Late autumn was the season of fat fish, and a dish of boiled fish was served for dinner. It looked decent, but once the fish meat entered the mouth, it tasted overwhelmingly fishy. Yuan Li didn’t particularly like eating fish; he often got fish bones stuck in his mouth, so he kept his distance from this dish.

The fish wasn’t cooked well, but the fish soup appeared creamy and rich. Yuan Li scooped two spoonfuls of soup and sipped it slowly.

As soon as he tasted it, his expression contorted. The fish soup was even more fishy than the fish meat, to the point of being nauseating.

Yuan Li quickly spat out the fish soup and hurriedly took bites of several other dishes to get rid of the fishy taste. But because he ate too hastily, he ended up biting his tongue.

His expression instantly twisted in pain, and he could taste the blood in his mouth.

Chu Hechao noticed his unusual expression, put down his chopsticks, and walked over. “What’s wrong?”

Yuan Li took his time to compose himself before mumbling, “It’s nothing, I bit my tongue.”

Chu Hechao furrowed his brow and said in a deep voice, “Let me see.”

Yuan Li guessed that he had bitten through his tongue but didn’t know if the wound was big. He stuck out his tongue towards Chu Hechao.

Traces of blood intertwined on the vivid tip of his tongue, and there was a small cut on the right side, with blood still oozing out.

As Chu Hechao looked at it, he suddenly remembered the little red flowers that could be seen everywhere by the river. With a gust of wind or a rain shower, they would release a red sap, gently flowing down the grass.

His Adam’s apple rolled, and he scolded in a low voice, “How could you be so careless?”

Yuan Li frowned and closed his mouth.

Chu Hechao raised an eyebrow, exuding a slightly rugged and handsome wildness. “What’s wrong? Are you still angry when I scolded you?”

“No,” Yuan Li turned his face away. “My mouth hurts.”

Chu Hechao brought a cup of water for Yuan Li to rinse his mouth. Yuan Li rinsed his mouth with two cups of water before the fishy taste disappeared. Chu Hechao was about to call for a doctor, but Yuan Li stopped him, saying, “Who hasn’t bitten their tongue before? This minor injury doesn’t require calling a doctor.”

Having been through countless battles and enduring numerous injuries, Chu Hechao also didn’t pay much attention to such a minor injury. After listening to Yuan Li’s words, he didn’t insist on calling for medical help. He simply asked Yuan Li to come and show him the wound after finishing their meal.

After dinner, Yuan Li went back to his room to rest.

In the evening, a servant informed Chu Hechao that a bath had been prepared with a pool of water in the Chu residence, inviting him to come and soak.

The bathing chamber in the Chu Residence had a large pool, extravagantly and exquisitely constructed. However, because it was wasteful to burn enough firewood to fill the pool during autumn and winter, Chu Hechao rarely used it. Upon hearing the servant’s words, he asked, “Where did the firewood come from?”

The servant replied, “Young Master Yuan sent his guards to confiscate the firewood from the bandits in the mountains.”

Chu Hechao pondered for a moment and suddenly asked, “Did he go already?”

The servant knew who the “he” referred to and said, “Young Master Yuan didn’t say, but he has already bathed.”

Chu Hechao’s interest waned instantly, but he didn’t want to waste the firewood. When he headed to the bathing chamber, he instructed the servant to call Yang Zhongfa and a few of his subordinates to join him in the pool.

Yang Zhongfa, Han Jin, and He Lang arrived quickly. Without a word, they took off their clothes and jumped into the pool, expressing their pleasure with sighs of relief. “General, I’ve been telling you to use this pool a long time ago, but you were too lazy to do so. You, as the third generation of the Chu family and an esteemed elder, end up living so modestly. It’s not even as good as any random wealthy landlord. Look now, isn’t it comfortable to bathe in this full pool of water?”

Chu Hechao couldn’t be bothered to give them a glance.

Suddenly, Yang Zhongfa pinched his nose and plunged into the water, only to choke and quickly resurfaced, coughing several times.

He Lang burst into laughter. “Lord Yang, what are you doing? Don’t drink our bathwater when you’re thirsty.”

Yang Zhongfa glared at him and said, “I just remembered something Young Master Yuan once said and was trying to swim!”

Yang Zhongfa finished recounting every word that Yuan Li had said to them. After listening, the other two found it quite reasonable and followed Yang Zhongfa’s lead in swimming.

Chu Hechao watched them splashing around in the pool, offering instructions from above. “Start by lifting your legs together, then spread them apart and kick outward. Swipe your palms from the inside out.”

Yang Zhongfa was surprised. “General, you’ve actually learned how to swim?”

Chu Hechao, who didn’t really know how to swim but had been taught by Yuan Li all night, nodded without changing his expression. “Mmm.”

The three quickly praised Chu Hechao and continued their water practice. As they practiced, they started engaging in indecent conversations.

He Lang couldn’t help but say to Chu Hechao, “General, I heard that Young Master Yuan gave you two beautiful women from the Yu family, but you don’t like them?”

Chu Hechao nodded indifferently.

He Lang continued, “A few days ago, I saw those two beauties at the mansion. They are so stunningly beautiful and speak with such soft voices. If you don’t like them, what kind of women do you like, General?”

Chu Hechao detected a hint of admiration in He Lang’s expression and asked, “Are you interested in them?”

He Lang blushed and directly said, “I want to marry the eldest sister as my wife. General, I ask for your support.”

Chu Hechao was about to agree but then remembered what he had said to Yuan Li. He waved his hand and said, “I’ve already discussed this with Young Master Yuan to allow him to handle these two women. If you want them, go and ask him.”

He Lang disappointedly said, “Alright.”

Yang Zhongfa smirked and hooked his arm around He Lang’s shoulder. “Not bad, kid. It’s been only two years since you’ve achieved official status, and you already know you want to marry. Unlike our General, who’s probably never even experienced the taste of a woman.”

He was indirectly criticizing and urging Chu Hechao to quickly fulfill his marital duties. After speaking, he turned to Chu Hechao and said, “General, have you never been intimate with a woman?”

Chu Hechao was taken aback, and an image of crimson lips and a bleeding tongue involuntarily flashed through his mind.

Once he realized what he was thinking, his face darkened, and he suddenly raised his hand and gave himself two resounding slaps. He then turned around, put on his clothes, and left the bathing room in large strides.

The three remaining in the pool exchanged glances, unsure of what had just happened.

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