After Being Abducted by the General Chapter 65

Chapter 65

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“What does ‘rubbing*’ mean?”
* slang of saying pleasuring oneself

In the darkness, Chu Hechao asked.

His voice was hoarse but calm, and his tone didn’t sound like someone engaged in that kind of activity.

Yuan Li became even more uncertain. Could he have really been mistaken earlier?

“Rubbing means…” Yuan Li tried to find the right words for a while but eventually gave up. “It’s nothing.”

However, not understanding it made Yuan Li feel uncomfortable. He moved his feet and walked towards Chu Hechao.

He accidentally kicked the wooden basin, causing half of the water to splash out.

Chu Hechao was enveloped in the darkness, and in such a color, it could hide all filthy thoughts. He seemed a bit indulgent as well. He calmly leaned against the back of the chair, allowing the fire to burn within him, his hand resting on his thigh without moving, just supporting himself like that.

When he heard the sound of water, he opened his eyes sharply and warned, “Don’t come any closer.”

So fierce.

Yuan Li’s lips twitched, he thought inwardly.

Did Chu Hechao really become aroused because of him?

But if he wasn’t aroused, why did he extinguish the fire and prevent Yuan Li from approaching?

Yuan Li lightened his footsteps and carefully avoided any obstacles as he slowly approached Chu Hechao based on his memories.

The sound of dripping water from the basin became the best cover.

Chu Hechao didn’t notice his approach. He was enjoying the atmosphere, and the cage of chains in his heart opened a tiny crack.

From morning till night, whenever Yuan Li came to mind, his head was filled with various noisy voices. There were Chu Mingfeng’s dying instructions, his parents’ scolding and reprimanding, and the whispering of his subordinates… These voices sneered, was disappointed, and hated him. But now, they were all suppressed one by one.

Chu Hechao tilted his head back, revealing a side of him that was stubborn and savage, like a bandit. His face was expressionless, even somewhat cold. However, his mind was filled with various hidden and impure thoughts.

For example, he had already told Yuan Li not to come closer, but Yuan Li insisted on approaching. So, he no longer restrained himself and pressed the young sister-in-law against the table, opening his legs and questioning why Yuan Li didn’t listen to him.

For example, Chu Hechao was pressing down on Yuan Li, burying his head and thrusting without making a sound. The pitiful and helpless young sister-in-law could only endure his demands and rough movements, crying with red eyes and covered in sweat.

In his mind, he defied him, teased him, made him cry, and did all sorts of things.

Chu Hechao’s thoughts became more and more excessive, using all kinds of wickedness on the imagined Yuan Li, exposing all the wicked and fiery instincts in him regarding this aspect. The tendencies that had been suppressed for over two months, once the idea of indulgence arose, it pounded against Chu Hechao’s temples, causing pain.

But while he viciously made Yuan Li cry and beg for mercy in his mind, in reality, he remained firmly seated in the chair, his eyes closed even in the darkness.

Even in the darkness, he refused to glance in Yuan Li’s direction.

He exerted all his strength to protect his fragile sanity.

However, as if deliberately opposing him, a hand suddenly reached out from the darkness and touched Chu Hechao’s arm.

Chu Hechao was pulled back to reality and abruptly opened his eyes.

There was warmth approaching, and Yuan Li’s voice came, “Chu Hechao?”

Finally, he had located the person. Yuan Li felt relieved. He lowered his head and carefully examined Chu Hechao. However, even with widened eyes, all he could see in the darkness was the silhouette of Chu Hechao, unable to determine whether he was aroused or not. Yuan Li had no choice but to take a further step and conceal his true intentions, as if it was just an accident. “I came here to find a candle to light it… Why did you extinguish the candle? Do you have a flint on you?”

He quickly reached out and felt Chu Hechao’s arm, moving downward until he reached the hand placed on his thigh.

Ah, he really wasn’t engaged in that activity.

Yuan Li felt somewhat embarrassed.

But since they had already reached this point, why not simply confirm his suspicion of “Chu Hechao being homosexual”? Yuan Li was about to pretend to accidentally brush past it when his hand was suddenly grabbed by Chu Hechao.

Chu Hechao’s palm was burning hot, and he exerted considerable force. His tone was icy as he asked, “What are you doing?”

Yuan Li’s hand was in pain from being grabbed tightly. He tried to pull his hand back, thinking it would be difficult, but unexpectedly, Chu Hechao instantly let go of his hand, as if throwing away a hot potato upon realizing his intention.

The man spoke in a deep voice, warning once again, “One last time, Yuan Li, stay away from me.”

This time, Yuan Li sensed a faint danger in his tone.

It felt as if he was standing on the edge of a cliff, and if he did anything to provoke him again, he might explode on the spot.

Chu Hechao had told Yuan Li more than once to “stay away from me,” and he hadn’t taken it seriously before, but now he frowned.

He had a strange feeling, a sense of discomfort from hearing that phrase repeatedly.

Yuan Li remained silent.

As Yuan Li fell into silence, Chu Hechao’s forehead twitched, and he clenched his teeth to suppress the desire to speak.

Finally, the young man spoke, devoid of any particular emotion, “Do you really want me to stay away from you?”

Chu Hechao wanted to say “yes,” but the word got stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t bring himself to say it.

“If you say yes,” Yuan Li said, “then I’ll stay away from you from now on.”

Chu Hechao’s heart sank suddenly, and his brows furrowed without his notice.

The words kept spinning in his throat, unable to come out.

Yuan Li was waiting for his response.

The man’s breathing grew heavier, and suddenly he stood up and walked toward the door.

He impatiently kicked away any obstacles he encountered along the way, causing a few loud noises as he opened the door and ran away.

The silvery moonlight spilled in from outside the door as Yuan Li followed its glow and walked to the door, seeing the empty bamboo forest outside.

After observing for a while, Yuan Li closed the door and lit a candle, feeling his way around. After wiping the sweat off his body with some water, he cleaned the floor and went to bed.

Not long after, Chu Hechao returned. His face was wet, and a large patch on his collar was damp. When he came back, his expression was already back to normal, as if nothing had happened. After washing up, he laid down beside Yuan Li.

Yuan Li tightly wrapped himself in the blanket and turned his back to face the wall, ignoring him.

He felt a tangible gaze on his back, but Yuan Li didn’t want to acknowledge it and huddled deeper into the blanket.

After a while, the man couldn’t help but want to speak, “You…”

But he held back.

They slept through the night.

In the following days, Yuan Li continued to ignore Chu Hechao, perfectly fulfilling Chu Hechao’s request to “stay away from him.” Aside from enjoying the secluded life at the Cui family, Yuan Li spent the rest of his time pursuing Cui Yan.

To win over Cui Yan, Yuan Li put in a lot of effort. He not only presented many mathematical problems from future generations but also promised to find like-minded people to study mathematics with him. He painted many grand visions for Cui Yan, fueling his ambitions.

Yuan Li asked Cui Yan if he wanted to leave a name in history, if he wanted to become renowned like his father, with thousands of students. When Cui Yan wavered, Yuan Li encouraged him to apply mathematics in other fields, such as weapons or construction… His words ignited Cui Yan’s passion.

There’s not a man who doesn’t aspire to achieve great deeds. Yuan Li earnestly persuaded Cui Yan, with such talent, would he really spend his entire life hidden in the mountains, silently passing away without leaving a trace in this world?

To be honest, Cui Yan was moved. However, at the same time, he was hesitant, unable to leave his wife and children behind and go to Ji County alone.

When Lady Meng learned of this, she smiled and said, “Then let’s pack our belongings and go live in Ji County with you?”

Cui Yan shook his head and sighed, “But Father won’t leave Mangshan.”

Cui Xuan had three sons, but his eldest and second sons were not by his side, only Cui Yan could accompany his father and fulfill his filial duties.

Although his Father agreed to go down the mountain and accompany Yuan Li to Ji County for his coronation, Cui Yan understood that after the ceremony, Father would definitely return to Mangshan and not stay in Ji County for long. Living alone in the wilderness was too lonely for him, and as their children, they couldn’t be so unfilial, that was the reason why Cui Yan couldn’t make up his mind.

Lady Meng also realized this and pondered for a moment. “You’re right, Father won’t leave here. Husband, if you want to go, rest assured, I will take the children and accompany Father to live in Mangshan. Changping County is not far from Ji County. If you miss us, please come back and visit us often.”

Upon hearing this, a weight lifted off Cui Yan’s heart, and he couldn’t help but hold his wife’s hand with gratitude. “Thank you, madam.”

Lady Meng scolded him with a glance. “We are husband and wife, no need for thanks.”

With the major concern resolved, Cui Yan packed his belongings that day. The next day, the father and son followed Yuan Li’s group and set off on the journey back to Ji County.

Considering Cui Xuan’s health, they traveled much slower on the way back and arrived in Ji County two days later.

Yuan Li and Cui Yan helped Cui Xuan down from the carriage and smiled as they led them into the estate. Before long, Yuan Li saw the figures of Yuan Lou and Yuan Dan rushing towards them.

Seeing the hurried appearance of the two brothers from a distance, Yuan Li’s heart trembled.

A sense of unease swept over him.

He hurriedly walked over, and as he approached, Yuan Li could clearly see the haggard faces and swollen eyes of the two brothers. His heart sank, and he pretended not to understand as he asked, “Why do you both look like this?”

As soon as Yuan Lou and Yuan Dan saw Yuan Li, they couldn’t help but feel a pang in their hearts, and tears streamed down their faces as they choked out, “Yuan’er, a letter came from Ruyang a few days ago, saying that Grandfather caught a cold in winter and couldn’t make it through the new year… He passed away on the first day of the first lunar month!”

As expected.

Yuan Li’s breath hitched, freezing in place.

Yuan Li had long known about the patriarch’s impending passing and had prepared for this day to come.

When the day actually arrived, he still felt a sudden and unexpected sadness. But what was even more ridiculous was that Yuan Li had to feign shock and sorrow upon hearing the news, and he had to act heartbroken upon learning that the patriarch’s dying wish was for him to be crowned early.

It was all an act, but a necessary act.

To smoothly advance his early coronation, to shape an image of filial piety and deep affection, such a performance was indispensable.

For several consecutive days, Yuan Li expended his emotions to face everyone, including Yuan Lou, Yuan Dan, Liu Jixin, and other subordinates.

He wouldn’t let anyone else know about this matter.

During the days of preparing for the coronation, he could only breathe a sigh of relief in front of Chu Hechao.

Because of the patriarch’s passing, the frost between them had also thawed to some extent. Chu Hechao no longer avoided Yuan Li and took over the trivial matters from his hands, settling Cui Xuan and his son. The two of them returned to their previous way of getting along, assisting each other like collaborators or close relatives. But in the details, it seemed there were countless differences.

In the study.

Chu Hechao handed a cup of tea to Yuan Li. “The preparations for the coronation ceremony are ready. You don’t need to see anyone in the next few days. Just stay in your room and rest.”

Yuan Li sat in the chair, closing his eyes to relax. He looked exhausted, with dark circles under his eyes and swollen eyes. He wearily opened his eyes and took the cup of tea. “Alright.”

Chu Hechao frowned as he watched him and took the teacup away from Yuan Li’s hand when he was about to drink it. He poured out the strong tea and filled it with plain water, softly reprimanding, “Drink it and then go to sleep.”

Yuan Li couldn’t help but smile and cry at the same time. He finished drinking the water to soothe his throat. As he looked at the willow tree outside the window, where green leaves were growing on the branches, he stared absentmindedly for a while before whispering, “General, the coronation is in five days, right?”

Chu Hechao also looked toward the window. “Yes.”

Five days…

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