After Being Abducted by the General Chapter 84

Chapter 84

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One acre of land is not much, and when Yang Zhongfa blinked, there wasn’t much left.

He glanced at the field and saw the General and Lord Yuan standing close together. Lord Yuan was blocked by half of his body, revealing only a smiling face.

Upon closer inspection, Lord Yuan hardly bent over, standing beside the General and handing him seedlings. Meanwhile, his General, diligent and hardworking, had done most of the work.

Yang Zhongfa sighed in amazement.

Truly extraordinary.

But he also felt deeply moved. The General had really changed a lot in this past year, gaining much humanity.

As the sun began to set, the group returned for dinner.

Although they were in the countryside, Guo Mao’s mansion was not simple and exuded natural charm. The dining hall even had a bear head hanging on the wall. They enjoyed a hearty meal, and Guo Mao was an entertaining speaker. He could let loose and make everyone laugh heartily. He even engaged in a drinking contest with Yang Zhongfa.

There were many vacant rooms in the mansion, more than enough for Yuan Li and his entourage to stay.

Upon hearing this, Yang Zhongfa slammed the table and exclaimed to Guo Mao, “You don’t know, our General and Lord Yuan are sticklers for rules. Last time when we visited the great scholar Cui Xuan, we had a shortage of rooms, so the two gentlemen had to squeeze into one room and didn’t sleep well.”

Guo Mao burst into laughter. “No need to worry here. My knowledge is far from comparable to Master Cui’s, but there are definitely enough rooms.”

Chu Hechao’s eyebrows twitched, and he looked up at Yuan Li. Their eyes met briefly and quickly averted.

At night, it started raining outside.

The drizzle masked some of the sounds. When Yuan Li was lying on the bed, he heard a slight creak as someone entered the room.

Chu Hechao secured the latch and quietly walked to Yuan Li’s bedside, taking off his shoes.

Yuan Li was a bit nervous and asked in a low voice, “You weren’t seen, right?”

Chu Hechao replied that he wasn’t, clicking his tongue. “Look at you, talking as if we’re having a secret affair.”

Yuan Li thought to himself, isn’t that what we’re doing?

Chu Hechao had gotten wet in the rain and had a large wet patch on his back. Yuan Li said, “Take off your wet clothes quickly, don’t catch a cold.”

“It’s fine, I’m not cold.”

Although he said so, Chu Hechao still took off his wet clothes and draped them over the back of a chair to dry. He then climbed onto Yuan Li’s bed, wearing only a pair of pants.

His upper body revealed strong and attractive muscles, broad shoulders and a narrow waist. The sun-weathered honey-colored skin was covered in scars.

Yuan Li reached out and touched the arrow wound on Chu Hechao’s chest. Chu Hechao immediately grabbed his hand, his lips curling as he lowered his voice, “Where are you touching?”

Yuan Li asked in return, pretending to be puzzled, “Can’t I touch?”

Chu Hechao made a hissing sound, feeling itchy, and released Yuan Li’s hand. “Touch. You can touch your man as you please.”

Then, with a wicked look, he added, “You can also touch down there.”

“I’ve noticed,” Yuan Li sighed and said, “Your mind is filled with yellow straw.”

Chu Hechao didn’t understand the meaning of this remark. He sneered and looked at Yuan Li like he was a fool. “Then you tell me, what straw isn’t yellow?”

Yuan Li: “…”

Chu Hechao cupped Yuan Li’s face and gave him a kiss. “Can’t come up with an answer, huh?”

Yuan Li pushed his face away. “Just shut up.”

Chu Hechao sealed his lips with another kiss. After a while, he withdrew, his voice hoarse as he negotiated with Yuan Li, “Isn’t it about time you kissed me? I’ve been vegetarian for nearly half a month.”

Yuan Li thought for a moment and felt it was about time too, so he slipped under the covers.

Chu Hechao didn’t expect him to be so straightforward and decisive, freezing in place.

By the time Yuan Li had barely made contact and hadn’t started the kiss, Chu Hechao was already extremely excited. Suddenly, his face turned black, astonished and disbelieving.

Then anger followed.

How could this be possible?

Yuan Li poked his head out from under the covers. His face was a bit dirty, and he wiped it with a handkerchief. He hadn’t expected things to turn out like this. But looking at Chu Hechao’s ever-changing expression, Yuan Li kindly reassured him, “It’s okay, we’ll do it next time.”

Next time my *ss.

Chu Hechao covered him with the blanket, his face looking unpleasant and his eyes as if he could devour someone. “Don’t speak.”

Yuan Li furrowed his brow, about to get angry with Chu Hechao, but then he realized that Chu Hechao had managed to recover.

Looking at the confident and domineering figure, Yuan Li sighed and resigned himself to his fate.

Outside the blanket, Chu Hechao leaned against the head of the bed, his whole body tense.

His mind went momentarily blank, and a floating sensation erupted from the top of his head. Who knew how much effort it took for him to avoid embarrassing himself in front of Yuan Li again.

The rain outside grew heavier, making a patter against the bamboo forest.

The bamboo forest was fearless, standing tall with an upright posture, rejuvenated after being nourished by the spring rain.

Chu Hechao had lived for twenty-seven years, but it was the first time he had experienced this kind of feeling.

Under the blanket, the young man let out a muffled groan as their teeth clashed.

He clenched his teeth, becoming even more excited.

At a critical moment, footsteps were heard outside the door.

“Lord Yuan?” It was Yang Zhongfa’s voice, and both Yuan Li and Chu Hechao froze instantly.

Yuan Li poked his head out from under the blanket and cleared his throat. “What’s the matter?”

He glanced at Chu Hechao.

The man’s eyes were filled with restlessness, his breathing heavy, his face showing concealed tension, and he couldn’t bear it as he reached out to touch the back of Yuan Li’s head.

Restless sparks filled the air.

Yuan Li soothingly held onto his arm.

Yang Zhongfa approached the door and spoke loudly, “I didn’t see the General in his room. Do you know where he went, Lord Yuan?”

Yuan Li’s heart was pounding fast. He moistened his dry lips and nervously replied, “I don’t know.”

The old General muttered a few words outside, while inside the room, the two were lying on the bed, the sound of their chest cavities beating becoming louder with each heartbeat.

It was so loud that Yuan Li even wondered if the sounds could be heard through the walls by Yang Zhongfa outside.

Chu Hechao pinched Yuan Li’s ear, mouthing the words, “Ask him why he’s looking for me.”

Yuan Li asked, and Yang Zhongfa responded, “No problem. It’s just that my room is leaking, so I wanted to stay with the General for one night, but he wasn’t in his room. Well, if I can’t find the General, then forget it, I’ll just squeeze in with the guards.”

Yang Zhongfa seemed to have had a few drinks, and his words became plentiful and rambling. “By the way, Lord Yuan, are you free now? Let’s have a few drinks together.”

Listening to it all, Chu Hechao’s temples throbbed.

Chu Hechao’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he couldn’t bear it any longer as he whispered, “Tell him to get lost!”

The man’s urgency made Yuan Li a bit irritated too. He spoke a bit faster, saying, “Mr. Yang, I’m feeling a bit tired. I won’t accompany you for a drink.”

Yang Zhongfa agreed, his voice gradually fading away, still muttering to himself, “Strange, where’s the General? He went somewhere in this heavy rain…”

“Lord Yuan, you’re already tired so early, hiccup…”

The voice disappeared.

Large beads of sweat dripped down from Chu Hechao’s forehead, falling onto Yuan Li’s hair.

A stifling heat lingered in the room.

Mud walls and wooden doors easily leaked sound, so they had to be extremely careful. Fortunately, it was raining outside, which concealed many traces.

After they finished, Yuan Li popped his head out from under the blanket. The corners of his eyes were red, his cheeks puffed up, and his face was covered in sweat from being under the blanket, with his hair dampened.

He looked pitiful yet adorable. With annoyance and anger, he glared at Chu Hechao before getting out of bed to rinse his mouth.

Chu Hechao was almost aroused again by being glared at. He fastened his belt and followed Yuan Li to watch him rinse his mouth. Looking at the things on the ground, the contented man smacked his lips and sighed, “These are all the future generation.”

Yuan Li was speechless and almost choked on the water.

Chu Hechao handed him a handkerchief with a satisfied smile. “Take your time.”

When the two returned to bed again, they carried the dampness of the spring rain.

Yuan Li’s throat was sore. “I don’t want to kiss you next time.”

Chu Hechao protested, “I care for you, and you should care for me too.”

After saying that, Chu Hechao kissed Yuan Li, and also kissed ‘him’ back.

Yuan Li’s face instantly turned red.

Soon, Yuan Li felt like a fish just pulled out of the water, his face sticky with sweat, and his legs weak.

Chu Hechao wiped the sweat from his face. “Feeling good?”

It took Yuan Li a while before nodding.

Chu Hechao chuckled. “Tell me, will you kiss me next time?”

Yuan Li obediently nodded, but then furrowed his brow. “But compared to you, I’m clearly at a disadvantage.”

Chu Hechao raised an eyebrow, feeling delighted by the underlying meaning in his words. He encouraged, “Then you should hold on a little longer.”

Yuan Li said, “I’m still young. I’ll get better in the future.”

When it was mentioned, Chu Hechao furrowed his brow, thinking about the eight-year age difference between him and Yuan Li.

Eight years… He was almost thirty, while Yuan Li had just reached adulthood.

In the future, this eight-year age difference would become even more prominent.

He suddenly felt uncomfortable in his heart. Chu Hechao got out of bed and rinsed his mouth alone. When he came back, he leaned against the edge of the bed, his brows deep in thought, contemplating something. After a while, his expression twisted, and he muttered under his breath, “Beast.”

Yuan Li was taken aback. “Who are you cursing?”

“Chao Mingfeng,” Chu Hechao’s eyes were filled with annoyance. He snorted coldly, “He’s several years older than me. How did he have the face to marry you back then?”

At that time, Yuan Li hadn’t even reached adulthood.

It was simply worse than a beast.

Chu Hechao wanted to drag Chao Mingfeng over and beat him up, but Chao Mingfeng had already passed away.

He wiped his face, a moment of sadness flashing across his resolute expression.

Yuan Li contemplated for a while, unsure whether to explain the truth to Chu Hechao at this moment. However, considering that they were currently in someone else’s house, he had a premonition that if he revealed the truth to Chu Hechao, it wouldn’t be as simple as just kissing…

Anticipating what would happen after revealing the truth, Yuan Li decided to remain silent for now.

But since he didn’t say anything, Chu Hechao became dissatisfied again. He coldly watched Yuan Li and said, “What’s wrong? Are you upset because I cursed him?”

This was clearly aimed at his attitude towards his ex-husband.

In his heart, Yuan Li felt that Chao Mingfeng was truly wronged. “He’s your brother.”

Chu Hechao’s face darkened. “So, in your heart, I’m inferior to him?”

Yuan Li turned over and didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

However, the man forcibly turned him around and said in a deep voice, “Speak.”

Yuan Li frowned and looked into Chu Hechao’s eyes. “I have never said such things or thought about them. Chu Ciye, don’t overthink it.”

“Then tell me,” Chu Hechao caressed his ear and tentatively asked, “Have you done with him what we did today?”

Yuan Li replied seriously, “No. I have only been with you, not with anyone else.”

Chu Hechao asked again, “And what about kissing?”

Yuan Li felt a little embarrassed and his face stiffened. “Truly, it’s only been with you.”

“I haven’t done anything with your brother,” Yuan Li repeated for the last time. “Don’t say such things in the future.”

Chu Hechao thought about how Yuan Li had previously said he was in love with Chao Mingfeng and wanted to remain a widow for him, but he didn’t say it out loud. “Alright, I won’t say it anymore.”

After Yuan Li fell asleep, Chu Hechao held him in his arms and spent the night thinking about his wife and his past with other men.

In the end, he could only convince himself.

The person belongs to themselves, and that is what matters most.

There was no other way. Chu Hechao had never expected to like someone so much.

To call out in pain, indulge, please, and even yield.

And now, knowing that Yuan Li still had someone else on his mind, he could only pretend not to know.

Chu Hechao sighed, closed his eyes, and went to sleep.

The drizzle continued until noon the next day, turning the road into a muddy mess. When they returned to Ji County Manor, both the people and horses were covered in mud.

Yuan Dan, who had come to see the commotion, was startled. “Le Jun, did you roll around in the mud?”

Yuan Li: “…”

He looked down at himself and felt that he indeed resembled someone who had just rolled out of a mud puddle. He couldn’t help but laugh, and as he laughed, he almost bent over with amusement.

Chu Hechao’s mouth twitched as he grabbed him, helpless. “Why does everything make you so happy?”

This sentence amused Yuan Li, who had his head rubbed and couldn’t figure it out.

With so many people, it was troublesome for everyone to bathe individually, so they decided to bathe in groups of two or three. Buckets of hot water were brought in, washing away the mud, and no one complained about each other.

The steam filled the bathroom, creating a blurry atmosphere. People stood or soaked in the tub, talking and laughing, creating a lively atmosphere.

Yuan Li was also inside. Since they were all men, no one thought much of it. Chu Hechao didn’t stop him either. Having been a general in the Northern Frontier for more than a decade, he had taken baths with others countless times. Even though Yuan Li was his wife, Yuan Li was still a man, so there was nothing wrong with it.

Chu Hechao pulled Yuan Li to the two tubs in the corner. After rinsing away the dirt, Chu Hechao said to Yuan Li, “Give me a back rub.”

Yuan Li took a towel and stood behind him.

Water droplets fell as Yuan Li rubbed Chu Hechao’s back from his shoulders down. Chu Hechao’s muscles were strong and beautiful, resembling a graceful dragon when they flexed, firm and courageous, exuding masculinity. Yuan Li glanced at him several times, feeling an itch in his throat. He coughed and said, “Your back isn’t dirty.”

Chu Hechao laughed and turned around, taking the towel from Yuan Li’s hand eagerly. “Then let me rub your back.”


Yuan Li turned around and let him rub his back.

Chu Hechao’s expression changed as soon as he started. “Gently.”

With a strong grip, the man acknowledged and, halfway through, Yuan Li couldn’t bear it and tried to escape but was pulled back. After finishing his back, Chu Hechao wasn’t satisfied yet and proceeded to rub the other parts of Yuan Li’s body.

While rubbing, he took advantage of this excuse to act openly.

When the group finally finished bathing, Yuan Li’s neck and arms were all red, having been rubbed by the man.

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