After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The Wife Hitting People Also Hurts 

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Zhao Jiu ate this meal with exceptional comfort. Not only did Song Youji serve him dishes and explain each dish’s name in detail, but he also gave him two servings of rice each time, as if afraid he would starve to death.

“If there’s anything you like to eat, you can tell me next time,” Song Youji said.

The bright light reflected a loving gaze in Song Youji’s eyes. Zhao Jiu swallowed the last bite of rice, held Song Youji’s hand, and wanted to help him get another bowl, “I’m full.”

“Are you really full?” Song Youji asked.

“I’m really full.” Eating more might lead to indigestion.

“Alright then.” Song Youji tried to retract his hand, but Zhao Jiu’s thumb lightly brushed the inside of his elbow, tickling him. He shivered, “If you’re full, you can go out for a walk to aid digestion.”

“I’m not going. I want to sit here and rest for a while.” Zhao Jiu’s gaze fell on Song Youji’s face, with a hint of inquiry in his eyes.

Song Youji had been urging him to eat, but he ate slowly and deliberately himself, sipping the soup in small sips and chewing slowly. Zhao Jiu had finished two bowls, and Song Youji’s bowl was still not empty.

“You eat so slowly, Youji,” Zhao Jiu said.

Suddenly being called so intimately, Song Youji was momentarily uncomfortable, but he had promised Zhao Jiu that he could call him that.

“I’ve always eaten slowly. They used to say the same thing back in school,” Song Youji’s face reddened a bit. Did Zhao Jiu dislike him for eating slowly?

“Oh, I think I’ve heard about it.”

Zhao Jiu rarely ate at the school cafeteria, but later, he happened to hear Song Youji’s friends teasing him for eating slowly. He was curious and joined them in going to the cafeteria.

Song Youji did eat slowly. His friends didn’t rush to leave after finishing their meals; they sat there waiting, teasing him. They said Song Youji, who could solve problems quickly, ate like a little turtle. Surrounded by a group of people, Song Youji didn’t argue. He continued to eat slowly, his eyes curved in a smile.

Zhao Jiu sat not far away, watching Song Youji smile. He wanted to laugh too, but it would be strange to sit alone and laugh. So, he packed his meal and took it home, thinking about Song Youji’s smile while eating.

That afternoon, Song Youji gave him a peach and asked if he wanted to have lunch together from now on.

It turned out he had noticed the new transfer student sitting in the corner and invited him out of concern. Unfortunately, at that time, Zhao Jiu had a strong sense of self-esteem and didn’t want others to think he had no friends, so he declined Song Youji’s peach and refused the invitation.

Now, thinking about it, he realized how many olive branches from Song Youji he had missed because he was too thin-skinned. If he had accepted back then, maybe he and Song Youji would have become friends long ago.

Observing Zhao Jiu’s expression from the corner of his eye, Song Youji noticed he was staring at him without shifting his gaze, with a hint of regret on his face.

Did he regret having dinner together? Song Youji’s heart sank. Eating slowly wasn’t his fault; eating too quickly could cause discomfort.

“Youji, has anyone ever told you that you look cute when you eat?” Zhao Jiu said softly.

Song Youji: “Cough—”

What’s going on?! Why suddenly say this?

Zhao Jiu handed him a tissue and continued, “Youji, my susceptible period seems to be approaching.”

Just by looking at Song Youji, he felt a warm sensation in his lower abdomen and had the impulse to kiss him.

For him, the susceptible period wasn’t a big deal; two pills could solve it before. But after having a meat dish, he seemed a bit unsatisfied…

Ahem. Zhao Jiu intentionally didn’t let him eat.

Blushing, Song Youji quickly finished the remaining rice in two or three bites, then pushed Zhao Jiu to the living room: Such an important and serious matter can’t be discussed at the dining table, right?!

“How did you handle your susceptible period before?” Song Youji asked nervously.

He shouldn’t need him right?

“I used to take medicine, but the situation is a bit special recently,” Zhao Jiu lowered his gaze, looking at the faintly visible Adam’s apple on Song Youji’s neck.

Song Youji thought he was talking about that strange illness. His ears reddened even more, “What should we do? Do you need to go to the hospital for a check-up?”

His shy appearance made Zhao Jiu want to laugh. If he said at this moment that he wanted to bed him, Song Youji would probably turn and leave in anger.

“I will go for a check-up,” Zhao Jiu said, leaning towards Song Youji, “Can I kiss you now?”

What’s the kiss for? Can a kiss cure illnesses?!

Song Youji covered his mouth, “No.”

“Just one.” Zhao Jiu, with his current thick-skinned level unmatched by anyone, lowered his head and quickly kissed Song Youji on the neck.

When Song Youji reacted, Zhao Jiu was already leaning on the sofa, his lips curved in a smile.

“Zhao Jiu, did you lie to me?!” Song Youji’s cheeks were burning. He kicked Zhao Jiu’s shin, “Shameless.”

So, Song Youji also knew how to scold people, and he looked cute while scolding.

Zhao Jiu pointed at his own lips, smiling, “You can kiss back.”

“You go wash the dishes!” Song Youji, embarrassed and angry, turned and went upstairs.

Watching Song Youji’s cheerful figure, Zhao Jiu was in a good mood. Old Head next to him was about to come and wash the dishes, but Zhao Jiu stopped him.

“This is a task given to me by my wife. Why are you getting involved?”

Old Head: …

Graceful exit.

Zhao Jiu tried to get up from the sofa, but suddenly felt a pain in his left shin.


Wives hitting people also hurt.


Before going to work, Song Youji received information from Song Jing. The data showed that a year ago, Capital Hospital recruited a group of volunteers for clinical trials, and Qiao He was one of them.

However, at that time, Qiao He registered as a Beta.

This result surprised Song Youji because Qiao Si clearly stated that his brother had already differentiated into an Omega.

“Hospitals conduct strict physical examinations on volunteers before experiments. There shouldn’t be any false reporting. I’ll send you the photos; you should get him to confirm whether he is his brother,” Song Jing said.

Ending the call, Zhao Jiu looked at him from the rearview mirror. “Are you and Big Brother looking for someone? I can help.”

Song Youji was still angry and refused to sit in the passenger seat.

“No need. Helping the association find an Omega’s relative, Big Brother already has some clues.”

“Is it the creamy pudding scent pheromone guy?” Zhao Jiu asked in a muffled voice.

Song Youji was reading the data provided by Song Jing. He couldn’t smell Qiao Si’s pheromones, but he had heard it had the scent of desserts. “Yes, it’s him.”

“Oh. You seem to care about him a lot,” Zhao Jiu said in a low voice.

“He’s young and lives alone in Area C. It’s not easy,” Song Youji casually replied.

In the data Song Jing provided, many details matched Qiao He’s brother, from age, living experience in Area C, to even the photo, which bore a striking resemblance to Qiao Si.

But why would the gender not match? Could Qiao Si have remembered it wrong?

The car stopped at the entrance of the association, and seeing that Song Youji was still studying the data, Zhao Jiu got out of the car to help him open the door.

“Thanks.” Song Youji only now realized they had arrived. “Sorry, I was too absorbed in looking at the data… um.”

Zhao Jiu imprinted his lips on Song Youji’s and took the opportunity to lightly bite the corner of his mouth. “I’ll pick you up after work.”

Author’s Note:

Colleague: Youji, what happened to your lips?

Song Youji (indifferent): Got bitten by a dog.

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