After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Don’t Like Someone Else

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Facing Sang Tong’s sudden confession, Song Youji was dumbfounded for half a minute. In front of him was Sang Tong’s sincere face full of expectations, but in his mind flashed the image of Zhao Jiu.

From Song Youji’s reaction, Sang Tong guessed his thoughts. With a light sigh, he leaned in and hugged Song Youji.

“W-wait…” Song Youji’s body stiffened, his hands flailing in the air in panic, trying to push him away but hesitating.

Sang Tong muffledly said, “Can’t friends hug each other?”

“…Of course.”

But describing their current ambiguous position as just a hug might not be entirely accurate.

“I know you only see me as a friend. I’m not asking you to like me. I just want to tell you my feelings and put an end to the one-sided crush I’ve had on you since high school.”

As Song Youji listened, his scalp tingled. He was about to speak, but Sang Tong interrupted him, “Let me finish. I’m afraid I won’t have a chance later.”

“At first, I did see you as just a friend, enjoying the feeling of being with you. I don’t know when it happened, but I wasn’t satisfied with just being your friend. I wanted to be with you, to become someone who could protect you. So, I wanted to become an Alpha or Beta, but things didn’t go as planned…” Sang Tong chuckled, calmly recounting the years of his inner struggles and pain. His tone was steady, as if he were narrating an indifferent story.

A storm surged in Song Youji’s heart. It was not only because of his friend’s deep confession but also because, as Sang Tong spoke these words, Song Youji was thinking about another person.

Is gender really that important?

Zhao Jiu had once said in a moment of emotion that if he were an Omega, it would be great. Song Youji also thought that once he differentiated into a Beta, Zhao Jiu might lose interest in him. However, Zhao Jiu still chased after him, wanting to take him back, his eyes filled with deep affection.

Song Youji sighed too. He reached up and touched Sang Tong’s back of the head, “Thank you for liking me. You’re a good friend to me, a beautiful memory from high school. The reason we can’t be together is not because of gender.”

“I know. I’m already grateful that we can continue to be friends.” Sang Tong turned over, kneeling on the sofa, looking down at him, “You like Zhao Jiu, right?”

Song Youji blushed suddenly, vehemently denying, “No…”

“You blush easily when you lie.” Sang Tong had returned to his usual self. He concealed the unwillingness and sadness in his eyes, teasing, “Actually, I lied to you. That night, I did meet Zhao Jiu. We had a fight, and he took you away from my arms.”

“He hit you?!” Song Youji exclaimed.

See, Song Youji still cares about him.

Sang Tong subtly felt a sense of satisfaction in his heart. He said, “I’m not that weak. He didn’t hurt me.”

In fact, at that time, with Song Youji in his arms, Zhao Jiu didn’t dare to use too much force. Instead, Sang Tong kicked him several times.

Song Youji let out a sigh of relief, “That’s good. Zhao Jiu has a stubborn temper. Don’t argue with him.”

“If I got hurt by him, would you avenge me?” Sang Tong asked a very childish question.

“Are you a kindergarten kid?” Song Youji grinned, seriously considering for a moment, and said, “Yes, Zhao Jiu was at fault first. I’m on your side.”

“Oh.” Sang Tong’s competitive spirit was greatly satisfied. In some ways, Zhao Jiu was still inferior to him.

Sang Tong asked, “What’s going on between you and Zhao Jiu?”

Song Youji tilted his head, avoiding Sang Tong’s gaze, indicating that he didn’t want to answer that question.

“If you don’t want to say, forget it. Let’s change the topic. Do you know that in high school, Zhao Jiu secretly kept the discarded drafts and test papers of yours?” 


Sang Tong continued, dispelling the gloom of the rejected confession. He meaningfully said, “That guy has been abnormal since high school…”

On the night they drank together, when Zhao Jiu wanted to take Song Youji away, Sang Tong refused. He scolded Zhao Jiu with the news of a fake marriage. Sang Tong knew Song Youji well, and he would never do such a thing.

It was the first time Sang Tong had seen fear on Zhao Jiu’s face. Zhao Jiu’s lips turned pale, and he said, “My father did that. If I were there, I would never let such a thing happen.”

But he wasn’t there. Zhao Tong deliberately chose a time when he couldn’t receive external information to do these things, not only hurting Song Youji but also stabbing him in the heart.

Sang Tong told him that Song Youji is a Beta.

Zhao Jiu, indifferent, said, “So what? What I want is Song Youji, the person.”

From that moment, Sang Tong knew he had lost thoroughly. He had avoided Song Youji for many years because of his Omega status, but Zhao Jiu had always focused on Song Youji, regardless of gender, only love.

Sang Tong told Song Youji many things that had happened over the years, until drowsiness overwhelmed him. Song Youji walked him to the bedroom, repeatedly reminding him of the precautions during the heat, as usual being “verbose.”

Before closing his eyes, Sang Tong couldn’t help but think with reluctance: What if Song Youji hadn’t been so good to him from the beginning, or if he hadn’t cared about his Omega identity? Would their relationship be different now?

But there are no ‘ifs’ in the world.

When Song Youji came out of Sang Tong’s house, the sky over Xiaoman City was filled with stars. His mood was unusually relaxed.

Although he was very happy with Sang Tong just now, he always felt that Sang Tong was deliberately keeping a distance. Now, they had truly untied the knot in their hearts.

Yawning, Song Youji felt that staying up for this night was well worth it.

He wondered what Zhao Jiu was doing and whether he would behave obediently in the association.

As he was thinking this, Zhao Jiu appeared in front of him the next second. Song Youji’s heart skipped a beat, and when he saw Zhao Jiu’s expression, surprise turned into worry.

“How did you find this place?”

“I came to find you.”

Zhao Jiu answered nonchalantly, and Song Youji was about to ask how long he had been waiting here when a shadow enveloped them. Zhao Jiu pulled him into his arms.

A rough kiss descended without any reservation. Zhao Jiu, one hand supporting the back of Song Youji’s head, the other holding his wrists, forcefully invaded his mouth. Song Youji was pressed against the wall, and Zhao Jiu’s kiss was possessive and dominating, almost suffocating. Song Youji kicked towards Zhao Jiu’s abdomen, and though he grunted, he didn’t stop.

“Don’t… don’t do it here, mm…” Song Youji said laboriously.

Fortunately, Zhao Jiu could still listen to reason. He forcefully carried Song Youji into the car, and their lips didn’t part during the process.

After locking the car doors, Song Youji realized he might have given the wrong suggestion.

In the confined space, Zhao Jiu became even more unrestrained. He pinched the hem of Song Youji’s clothes, his voice deep, asking, “Have you slept together?”

“What?” Song Youji didn’t react immediately.

With a calm expression on his face, but with a deep red in his eyes, Zhao Jiu bit the button on Song Youji’s collar and said, “I need to check.”

Song Youji finally noticed something was wrong. Despite being so close to Zhao Jiu, he couldn’t smell any pheromones. He leaned close to Zhao Jiu’s gland, still nothing.

“Zhao Jiu! What did you do!” Song Youji asked.

But Zhao Jiu couldn’t hear him anymore. He tore off Song Youji’s upper garment as if peeling an egg. After checking for any marks and finding none, he flipped Song Youji over, saying, “Need to check on this side too.”

Panicking, Song Youji raised his voice, “I haven’t done anything with Sang Tong!”

Zhao Jiu’s movements paused for a moment, becoming even more aggressive and anxious in tone, “Don’t mention other people’s names in front of me!”

He forced Song Youji’s head up and kissed him.

Song Youji tried to escape to the front seat but was pulled back by Zhao Jiu, whose face now had a trace of madness. He bit Song Youji’s gland, saying, “You are mine.”

Feeling the pain, Song Youji took advantage of the situation to reach into Zhao Jiu’s overcoat pocket and pulled out an empty tube. Through the label, Song Youji recognized it as a powerful suppressant provided for military camps.

One, two, three… a total of seven tubes!

A strong suppressant plus a sedative. This dosage was enough to kill an underage Alpha.

Song Youji’s heart tightened. He grabbed Zhao Jiu’s collar, raised his hand, and delivered a resounding slap to Zhao Jiu’s face.

“Are you crazy?! If you want to die, don’t die here!” Song Youji, angry, slapped him again.

After being slapped, Zhao Jiu regained some clarity. He stared at Song Youji, whose face was full of anger, his voice trembling, “I can change. Just don’t like anyone else…”

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Song Youji: … If you take your hand out, I might still believe you.

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