After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 35

Chapter 35: You can check the goods first.

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Song Youji admired his frankness, considering his military background. Song Youji speculated that he probably had some secret mission, so he said, “If there’s a need for help, you can apply to your superior department. Our association can provide assistance.”

“No, I’m acting in a personal capacity.” Jia Chengan said.

His honesty stunned the three, even Song Youji didn’t know how to respond. Acting in a personal capacity, needing the help of the association… It was hard not to associate him with illegal activities. Yet, Jia Chengan had an upright and sincere appearance, as if what he was doing was a significant task for the country and the people.

After a silent exchange of glances, it was Song Youji who spoke, “Can you tell us what you’re doing?”

Jia Chengan wrinkled his brows in distress and said, “The recruitment information mentioned that you would go to the Omega prison to examine and register prisoners. The person I want to see is inside.”

“Our recruitment is officially approved by the government. Once you are hired, you need to work in the association for at least five years. It’s not that you can leave after visiting the prison.” Song Youji said with a serious tone.

“I know. I will work hard. If you give me this opportunity.” Jia Chengan’s expression was very serious.

Now, this matter was not something that Song Youji and the others could decide. After asking him a few more questions, Song Youji asked him to wait for a notification and let him go. After all the interviews were finished, he called Jia Suiyu and explained the situation. Jia Suiyu immediately held a video conference.

Not only Jia Suiyu, but also several vice presidents from the headquarters, as well as the director and deputy directors of the Labor and Social Bureau, and a few people in police uniforms attended the meeting.

Song Youji didn’t expect such a grand lineup. When he saw the people from the capital, his heart tightened. His hands under the table unconsciously curled up, and he was in an extremely tense state.

Jia Suiyu said, “Jia Chengan is my cousin. After graduating from the military academy, he had already passed the selection of the Three Summer Legion. However, due to an accident where his good friend died, Chengan was greatly affected. He gave up the opportunity to join the Three Summer Legion and left the capital.”

“I don’t know the specific details of what happened, only that it’s related to the NL organization. In recent years, Chengan has been investigating this matter. However, because the NL organization has disappeared from the domestic scene, the police’s pursuit of the NL organization is not as intense as before. A year ago, after exchanging intelligence with the capital police, Chengan has not appeared again.”

Jia Suiyu knocked on the table, and those around her visibly tensed.

“At 9:24 last night, the police received the latest information from Qiao He. During the last transfer of the NL organization, they revealed that they would go to Xiaoman City.”

At this point, the situation was already clear. Jia Chengan submitted his resume a week ago, indicating that he had received information from the NL organization long ago. As for why he didn’t cooperate with the police, the reasons were probably known only to him.

“Now, mobilizing police forces to Xiaoman City will only alert the enemy. Moreover, based on the current situation, Chengan should know more information than we do. After considering various factors, it is decided that you will cooperate with Jia Chengan, find the NL organization’s base, and report to us promptly if there is any situation.”

Tan Yi couldn’t believe it, “But there are only three of us?”

“We will arrange personnel to secretly go to Xiaoman City for support as soon as possible. Before that, you just need to cooperate with Jia Chengan and stabilize his emotions. Also, Marshal Zhao Jiu of the Three Summer Legion is there; he can help you.”

After Jia Suiyu finished speaking, Song Youji felt that all eyes were focused on him, making him uneasy and tense.

“Alright, that’s all for today. The meeting is adjourned. Youji, stay behind; I have something to tell you.”

After everyone left, Jia Suiyu transformed from a decisive leader to an understanding elder sister. She asked Song Youji, “Are you adapting over there?”

“Everything is fine.” After a meeting, Song Youji’s face was pale, and his palms were sweaty.

“Did you see Zhao Jiu?”

“… Yes.”

Jia Suiyu’s tone was slightly mocking, “He moves quite fast. He came to me the day after you left, asking about your whereabouts. He looked like he lost his soul, and I told him I didn’t know. He almost knelt down to beg me. Youji, do you blame me for telling him about your whereabouts?”

With his head down, Song Youji’s nails dug into his flesh. He shook his head, “Even if you didn’t tell him, he would have found out in other ways.”

“To be honest, as long as I don’t want him to know, he absolutely won’t find out.” Jia Suiyu said confidently, a hint of a smile on her lips. “I just feel that since you two like each other, there’s no need to miss out because of other people’s mistakes. I’ve watched Zhao Jiu grow up. His relationship with his father has always been bad. Sometimes I even suspect that Zhao Tong never treated him as a son but as a tool to continue the glory of the Zhao family… I’m not saying these things to pity Zhao Jiu, after all, that kid’s character is sometimes indeed terrible. But he genuinely likes you.”

“The days after he got engaged to you were the happiest I’ve seen him.”

“Also, Youji, I treat you like a younger brother. So, there are some things I want to make clear to you. Evading is only temporary; there are things you will eventually have to face. You can’t stay in Xiaoman City forever. When the situation there stabilizes, headquarters will need you. I’m getting old. I’ve been working in the association for so many years, and it’s time for me to retire and enjoy family happiness.”

Hearing her last words, Song Youji couldn’t help but laugh, “Sister Jia, you’re thinking about retiring at such a young age. Your current state can handle another hundred years without a problem.”

“That won’t do, a hundred years is too long. My daughter is still waiting for me to go back and travel with her.” Jia Suiyu’s eyes were filled with an unyielding tenderness. 

“Sister Jia, you have a child? I’ve never heard about it…”

Jia Suiyu said, “She’s only eleven years old. After the divorce, she followed her father. I’ve been busy with association work for these years and haven’t seen her much. I have to go back and spend time with her before she forgets me.”

“Youji, consider carefully what I told you. Even if you really don’t intend to be with Zhao Jiu, you have to return to the capital. This is your home, where your family and friends are.”

“Thank you, Sister Jia. I’ll think about it seriously.”

After bidding farewell to Jia Suiyu, Song Youji leaned back in his chair and sighed heavily.

Jia Suiyu was right. He couldn’t hide in Xiaoman City forever. After coming here, he had only contacted his family twice. Knowing that both Song Lan and Song Shan had enrolled in the capital’s university, he should have celebrated with them. Now, he could only say a few words of blessing over video, watching Song Shan wipe away tears off-camera, the taste in Song Youji’s heart was also uncomfortable.

But if he were to go back, Song Youji didn’t know in what capacity he could return. Just thinking about the people from the capital made his heart palpitate. After going back, could he really face the overwhelming criticisms and accusations calmly?

Song Youji was at a loss. After spending the whole afternoon in the meeting room, he realized it was almost five o’clock when Zhao Jiu’s call came.

“Youji, are you really going to leave me here?” Zhao Jiu had been impatient all afternoon. He had planned that if Song Youji really rejected him, he would take some drastic measures to force Song Youji to come back.

“I’m sorry; I forgot!” Song Youji rushed out of the meeting room, saying as he ran, “Wait for me a bit; I’ll be there soon.”

He had simply forgotten.

Zhao Jiu felt a bit more comfortable in his heart. He laid down, letting Mond set up the needle. “I’ll wait for you. Be careful on the way.”

Song Youji hurriedly arrived at the hospital, where Zhao Jiu was still on an intravenous drip. His face was extremely pale, and he looked as weak as if he had just come down from the operating room, which startled Song Youji.

He quickly asked Mond, “What’s going on? Why is he like this? Wasn’t he much better this morning?”

Mond, who witnessed Zhao Jiu’s transformation from lively to the current state, was more puzzled than Song Youji. He said, “Uh, Marshal hasn’t eaten much all day, so his body might be weak.”

“Ah, I see.” Song Youji felt relieved and asked Zhao Jiu, “Why didn’t you eat?”

Zhao Jiu reached out in the air, trying to grab Song Youji’s hand but missed. Looking a bit disappointed, he tilted his head and said, “Can’t eat without seeing you. No appetite.”

“…Then you’ll have to go hungry.” Song Youji found a seat far from the hospital bed and waited for him to finish the drip.

Seeing Song Youji sitting far away, Zhao Jiu, disappointed by his failed plan, gritted his teeth and said, “Youji, you can leave. I can stay in the hospital by myself tonight. After all, I’ve been here for a day.”

Alright, playing the injured card is addictive, huh?

Song Youji didn’t indulge him, pretending to get up as if he was leaving. “Then I’m leaving.”

“Wait!” Zhao Jiu suddenly sat up and reached for the needle tube.

Mond, beside him, screamed, “Don’t pull it out! Don’t pull it out!”

This scream startled Song Youji, and together they managed to restrain Zhao Jiu, avoiding a hospital room accident.

Achieving his goal, Zhao Jiu held Song Youji’s hand shamelessly, smiling, “I knew you couldn’t bear to leave me.”

“…” Song Youji really wanted to slap Zhao Jiu.

By the time they returned from the hospital, it was already past eight. Before leaving, Song Youji apologized to Mond profusely, but fortunately, Mond didn’t mind.

In the co-driver’s seat, Zhao Jiu, not behaving properly, stared at Song Youji and asked, “Youji, can I borrow a blanket to sleep at the door again tonight?”

“No.” Song Youji replied decisively.

Zhao Jiu’s gaze dimmed momentarily but quickly brightened, “Can I go to the association with you tomorrow morning?”

“Quiet, I’m driving.”

Song Youji was still thinking about how to tell Zhao Jiu about the NL organization. He was afraid that after Zhao Jiu knew about it, he would have a more legitimate reason to stay and be even more reckless.

Seeing him frowning, Zhao Jiu also felt uneasy. That day, he heard Song Youji and others mention interviewing an Alpha graduate from the military academy. There was only one person he knew who participated in the Three Summer Legion selection but eventually gave up—Jia Chengan, Jia Suiyu’s cousin.

Feeling a subtle sense of crisis, Zhao Jiu didn’t want Song Youji to be bothered by Alphas other than him.

Arriving at the apartment, Song Youji parked the car. He was wondering why Zhao Jiu had been so quiet on the way when suddenly Zhao Jiu leaned over and kissed him firmly on the lips.

After the kiss, Zhao Jiu retreated, sitting in his seat as if he were the one who had been forcibly kissed, and asked, “Who were you thinking about just now?”

Song Youji wiped his mouth, and his ears turned slightly pink. “Zhao Jiu, if you keep doing this…”

“So, you were thinking about me.” Zhao Jiu grinned, leaning over to give him another kiss on the cheek. “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”


Well, he’ll just treat it as being bitten by a dog.

Following him upstairs, Song Youji discovered that Zhao Jiu stopped at the door, staring at him with expectant eyes.

“Come in; I need to talk to you about something.” Song Youji said.

“If you’re going to send me back, then I won’t go in.”

Song Youji sighed silently, beckoning him, “It’s a serious matter. It’s about the NL organization. Come in and talk.”

After recounting everything that happened today to Zhao Jiu, Song Youji asked him, “Can we trust Jia Chengan? Although Jia Suiyu wants us to cooperate with him, we don’t know him well, and we haven’t been involved in this level of mission. I’m worried that we might make things worse.”

“Jia Chengan is a military academy graduate and has undergone rigorous training. Besides, he is considered a member of the royal family. His determination to catch the NL organization is firm. He is much more trustworthy than the local police in Xiaoman City.”

Song Youji asked, “Oh? He’s from the royal family too?”

Then so is Jia Suiyu?!

“Your association president is the ex-wife of the Second Prince. The news of their divorce caused quite a stir within the royal family, although it’s unknown to the public.” It was funny to think about. The reason for their divorce was that Jia Suiyu was dissatisfied with being a pampered empress in the royal family. She wanted to build her own career, and later, taking over the Omega Rescue Association proved her capabilities.

The Second Prince was different; an Alpha who stayed at home every day, took care of the children, cried for his wife for no reason, and agreed with Jia Suiyu to remarry, or he threatened to jump into the river. During the time right after their divorce, Yuna frequently went to comfort his second brother.

Learning these royal secrets for the first time, Song Youji found it both absurd and amusing. He couldn’t help but chuckle and asked Zhao Jiu, “How did you know about all this?”

“My aunt is the wife of Yuna’s royal uncle”

In Song Youji’s memory, Yuna’s royal uncle’s wife was from the Hudson family.

“She died in childbirth ten years ago. Her husband remarried within six months after her death.” Zhao Jiu said, resting his head on Song Youji’s shoulder. “Both being Omega, Sister Jia has the freedom to manage her marriage and career. My aunt, on the other hand, became a tool for the Zhao family to form alliances. She died just to give birth to a child for the royal family. My aunt was the best person to me in the family.”

Bringing up such a heavy topic, Zhao Jiu’s emotions visibly became a bit low. Song Youji lifted his hand, patting him on the shoulder, but he couldn’t find any comforting words to say. “If your aunt were still here, she probably wouldn’t want you to marry for an alliance.”

“If it were another person for the alliance, I would never let the old man have his way.” Zhao Jiu raised his head, his lips pressing against Song Youji’s jaw. “But when I found out it was you, I felt that forming an alliance with the Song family was the best decision the old man has ever made in his life.”

During a moment of absent-mindedness, Song Youji found himself pushed down onto the carpet by Zhao Jiu.

Zhao Jiu held his fingers and lightly bit the tips, saying, “Youji, I won’t let the engagement be canceled. I want to pursue you.”

“Before you agree, you can check the goods first.”

Author’s note:

Zhao Jiu: The secret technique of Song Youji’s flying pants~

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