After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 37

Chapter 37: “I’m Jealous”

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Jia Chengan found the person he had been looking for and revealed a cruel truth related to Song Youji and the NL organization.

It turned out that back then, the NL organization not only transformed Omegas into Betas but also attempted to modify Alphas. However, the difficulty of altering Alphas was higher, and with fewer experimental samples, there were no successful cases. After the joint efforts of various countries to eliminate the NL organization, most of its members were captured, but a small number of extremists continued their experiments.

At that time, Tao Tao was still studying weapon manufacturing at the military academy. She was in the same year as Jia Chengan, specializing in manufacturing but had combat capabilities not inferior to their combat department. In a martial arts competition, Tao Tao defeated over sixty combat department classmates and won first place, with Jia Chengan coming in second, becoming her defeated rival.

The two became friends during that time, getting closer day by day.

Until one day during an outdoor assignment, Tao Tao and her roommate went missing. The police searched for three months, and in a desolate mountain in District C of the capital, they found her roommate’s body. The autopsy results indicated that the roommate had died from being bitten by a wild animal. Near the discovery site of the roommate’s body, they captured a mutated tiger-leopard that had escaped from the Yas planet. In the creature’s den, they found Tao Tao’s ID and blood-stained clothing fragments, confirmed by testing to contain Tao Tao’s blood.

Not finding Tao Tao’s remains, the police intended to dissect the mutant tiger-leopard to check for residues in its digestive tract. However, the Yas government claimed that the mutated tiger-leopard was a research priority for them and did not allow dissection. They promised compensation to the victim’s family, privately settling the matter.

Both families signed settlement papers, and the police couldn’t continue the investigation. The case was closed.

But Jia Chengan didn’t give up. He always felt that even if they encountered a wild animal, given Tao Tao’s combat skills, she wouldn’t necessarily lose, let alone end up with no bones left. So, he privately contacted the forensic pathologist responsible for the roommate’s autopsy, persuading him to reveal that there were traces of modification on the roommate’s gland. However, the roommate’s neck had been bitten into a bloody mess by a wild animal, making further confirmation impossible.

Jia Chengan kept this clue in mind. As he approached graduation, he gave up the opportunity to join the Three Summer Legion, starting to investigate the whereabouts of the NL organization. He firmly believed that Tao Tao had not died and might have been taken away by the NL organization.

The fact proved him right, but seeing the once spirited Alpha girl turned into this crazed state, Jia Chengan felt an unbearable pain.

He had once thought that shedding tears was the most useless expression, but now, besides shedding tears, it seemed like he couldn’t do anything else.

“I—I promised Tao Tao’s grandmother to bring her back. After her parents divorced and formed their own families, her grandmother also passed away a year ago…” Jia Chengan struggled to explain, already unable to speak through his tears.

Tao Tao, crouched quietly beside him, reached out to wipe away his tears, saying, “Don’t cry.”

Jia Chengan held her hand, crying even more intensely.

Meanwhile, Song Youji was discussing with the prison director about temporarily transferring Tao Tao to the hospital for treatment. Tao Tao’s sudden move from the capital to Xiaoman City was definitely not a coincidence. If her mental state improved, she might provide them with leads on the NL organization.

The prison director was in a dilemma. After all, Tao Tao was a high-risk prisoner. The recent escape of Aud had already stressed him out. Now, handing over another high-risk prisoner would risk his position.

Song Youji assured him, “We received orders from the capital to investigate this matter. The capital’s documents should arrive in the next two days. Moreover, Marshal Zhao Jiu of the Three Summer Legion is overseeing this. If any issues arise, I will take full responsibility and won’t let you be troubled.”

In terms of rank, the Marshal of the Three Summer Legion naturally outranked him. The prison director nodded, “As long as the association and the marshal jointly apply to the police station, once the procedures are in place, you can take the person away.”

After receiving confirmation, Song Youji contacted Zhao Jiu, who was involved in capturing Aud and was currently coordinating with the police in the hospital.

“Good evening, Youji. Missed me?” Zhao Jiu’s voice sounded relaxed.

From his tone, Song Youji judged that everything was fine on his end, and he felt relieved, “We want to take Tao Tao outside for treatment, and we need you and the association to submit an application to the prison for assurance.”

“Submitting the application is not a problem, but where do you plan to place her after bringing her out?” Zhao Jiu scanned the hospital room he was in. “Her condition is quite severe, and the city hospital doesn’t have suitable doctors.”

Upon hearing Zhao Jiu’s response, Song Youji was momentarily taken aback. He had just checked with Sang Tong, and Zhao Jiu was right—Tao Tao not only had mental issues, but her gland also needed examination. Xiaoman City lacked doctors specialized in this area.

The capital had one.

“Zhao Jiu, what do you think about bringing my big brother here?” Song Youji made this decision after careful consideration. Song Jing had previously mentioned that he was responsible for treating and researching Qiao He, with initial success. However, Qiao He preferred a shorter lifespan over recovering his Omega status, and Song Jing, with ideas but lacking the ability to execute them.

However, Song Jing had never performed an actual operation. Whether Tao Tao wanted to cooperate would depend on her own will. Song Youji planned to let her make a decision once her mental state improved.

Zhao Jiu said, “I think it’s a good idea. Nord and the others will depart tomorrow morning and can bring big brother along. But whether he can come is not something we can decide.”

Song Youji said, “My big brother has already agreed. I just contacted him.”

Zhao Jiu smirked mysteriously, “Just your big brother’s agreement isn’t enough.”

“What do you mean?”

“Experts of big brother’s level need approval from higher-ups to leave the capital for consultations elsewhere.”

Song Youji was puzzled, “Then why not directly apply to the hospital director? There have been precedents of inviting experts for tasks in the past.”

“His superiors are more than just the hospital director.”

Song Youji felt that Zhao Jiu was being cryptic, but based on what he knew, inviting his big brother to help required the association to apply to the hospital. This was a routine matter for both the association and the hospital, and it wasn’t as serious as Zhao Jiu made it sound.

In the telegraph room, “Stop being mysterious here. I’ll confirm with my big brother.”

If it weren’t for the distance over the phone, Song Youji really wanted to give Zhao Jiu a punch.

He hated people who spoke in riddles the most.

While Song Youji was calling his big brother, Zhao Jiu was not idle. He found an empty room and contacted Yuna.

“Why are you dealing with things again? You always seem busy every time I see you,” Zhao Jiu said.

Yuna’s tone was flat, “Do you think everyone has as much free time as you? Leaving a mess behind and not caring, these two days, Norde and Newman have been almost driven crazy.”

“I’m on vacation, and it’s for my lifelong event. Besides, I’m helping you catch someone now. Even during my vacation, I have to complete a mission. I’m really diligent.”

Yuna raised an eyebrow, inferring something from Song Youji’s tone and expression. “Have you figured out your feelings for Song Youji?”

“… Yuna, you b*stard. You’ve already figured it out.”

“Oh, Marshal Zhao can blush too.”

Yuna had a mocking expression as if he had encountered something novel. Zhao Jiu countered, “Yes, I like Song Youji. I’ve already confessed to him, and I’m pursuing him. I’m braver than you, dealing with secret crushes in this era.”

Yuna, in a light and playful tone, bypassed this topic, “Why did you find me?”

“We want to bring Song Jing to Xiaoman City to assist in our operation.” Zhao Jiu’s statement successfully prompted a frown from Yuna.

“No, it’s too dangerous.”

“Why is it dangerous? Song Youji and I are here, and I face gunfire every day without feeling it’s dangerous.” Zhao Jiu’s gaze slightly darkened, saying, “I know what you’re worried about. After all, Song Jing is an adult. He has the right to make decisions for himself, and he doesn’t need your excessive protection.”

While the two were talking, the application to the capital hospital had already arrived. The hospital director, having received warnings from Yuna, needed his approval for any significant matters related to Song Jing.

“Your Majesty, times have changed. Song Jing is not a weak doctor without any strength. He’s an Alpha, and he’s also General Song’s son. Youji has learned combat, and he surely has as well.” Zhao Jiu urged him, “He needs experience. Your protective measures are like hiding treasures in a golden house. You should ask for his opinion. If Song Jing knows…”

“Alright, shut up.” Yuna furrowed his brows and pressed 【Agree】.

“That’s more like it. We’ll take good care of big brother.”

Zhao Jiu nodded approvingly.

Yuna sighed silently, then changed the subject, “By the way, there’s progress in that matter from years ago. I’ve found out who’s threatening General Song.”

“Minister Hudson?” Zhao Jiu showed no surprise.

Yuna nodded, “The evidence provided by Yang Zhengying, the one you brought back, has some use. Hudson sent people to assassinate him, but I saved him.”

If Yang Zhengying hadn’t been mentioned, Zhao Jiu almost forgot that he knew this person. “What bad luck. If he had known he would be assassinated, maybe he wouldn’t have come back with me.”

“Although his evidence is somewhat useful, to truly bring down Hudson, we need the assistance of General Song.” Yuna frowned, clearly indicating that General Song was not willing to cooperate.

The two had long anticipated such a result, and Zhao Jiu’s tone was cold, “Before General Song’s betrayal, Mrs. Song had disappeared for a brief period of two days. Since then, her mental state has not been very good… The truth of the matter is not difficult to investigate, but it involves Youji’s parents. I think it’s better not to act rashly.”

Yuna shared the same thoughts, “Let’s discuss this again after resolving the matters with the NL organization when you come back.”

With a slightly heavy atmosphere, the conversation ended. On Song Youji’s end, he received a reply from Song Jing and excitedly informed Zhao Jiu.

Why play mysterious and act like it’s some profound mystery? Didn’t his brother just agree to come over?

Listening to Song Youji’s cheerful voice, Zhao Jiu couldn’t help but smile. Softly, he said, “Youji, I miss you so much.”

“Can you not be so cheesy?” Song Youji touched his slightly heated ears and chuckled.

Rarely serious, Zhao Jiu asked, “After everything is settled, can we talk? Like, really talk?”

“Sure.” Song Youji felt a bit uneasy with his unusual behavior, and a subtle sense of unease had lingered since Aud’s escape.

The defense level of the Alpha prison was extremely high, making it nearly impossible for a regular doctor like Aud to break through. However, he not only had advanced weapons but also chose to escape the day they conducted medical examinations in the neighboring Omega prison. There must have been someone pushing him from behind.

The police had investigated Aud’s background. Before the domestic violence incident, his life was impeccable—good family background, outstanding resume, simple interpersonal relationships, and no suspicious history.

Yu Ran was also surprised by Aud’s escape. Knowing Aud’s personality, he was a bully in his own territory, but he wouldn’t commit such blatant crimes. Moreover, with the charges stacked against him, he could end up imprisoned for life.

Aud wasn’t foolish enough to do such a thing.

Song Youji’s concern was soon confirmed. Yu Ran, who had been recuperating and pregnant in the hospital, had been transferred to the association’s apartment due to Aud’s familiarity with the hospital’s layout. Three police officers provided close protection.

As a doctor, Sang Tong volunteered to accompany them. After all, Yu Ran’s situation was somewhat related to him.

The news of Yu Ran’s transfer was known to only a very small number of people. They also spread misinformation that Yu Ran was still in the hospital. If Aud went to the hospital, he would be apprehended by the police waiting there.

But no one expected Aud to directly approach the association. Furthermore, he carried weapons, and the tear gas and smoke grenades caught the few guards off guard. By the time they reacted, Yu Ran had already been taken away by Aud.

There’s a mole! Sang Tong watched helplessly as Aud took Yu Ran away in front of him, with only one thought in his mind.

Whether in the hospital or the prison, there must be an insider for Aud.

Considering that Aud had worked in the hospital before, having good relations with some people there, Yu Ran’s transfer information was not disclosed even to the hospital staff. How did Aud get the information?!

In the hospital, the deputy director of the police bureau, who accompanied Zhao Jiu, broke into a cold sweat upon learning of Yu Ran’s abduction.

Zhao Jiu, with a gloomy expression, looked at him and said coldly, “Deputy Director, it seems like the Xiaoman City Police Department is not clean.”

“The three in charge of protecting Yu Ran are fresh graduates. They have absolutely no contact with Aud! The people in the police bureau who knew about this plan can be counted on two hands…” The deputy director was anxious, and the people who knew about the plan were his trusted subordinates, trained by him. He couldn’t believe that there could be a traitor among them. “Before the escape incident, they didn’t even know this person, and why would they risk their lives for an escaped prisoner!”

The deputy director struggled with his words, and with his personality vouched that there was no mole in the police bureau.

“Your vouch is not worth much.” Zhao Jiu’s gaze darkened, a trace of coldness flashing through his eyes. “Regardless of whether there may be a mole in the police bureau, people from the hospital might also have problems.”

In the hospital, where only a few knew about the incident, Sang Tong naturally became the prime suspect. Zhao Jiu didn’t directly interrogate him but had him restrained. They would discuss it further when Song Youji and the others returned.

As Zhao Jiu expected, upon learning of the situation, Song Youji’s first reaction was to believe in Sang Tong. “Impossible! Sang Tong takes care of Yu Ran because he was the one who initially examined him. Yu Ran trusts him, and Sang Tong has always had a bad relationship with Aud. I can’t think of any reason for Sang Tong to help him.”

Song Youji’s unconditional trust in Sang Tong made Zhao Jiu somewhat uncomfortable. He lowered his eyes and said, “Not just Sang Tong, but people related to the police and this matter will be investigated one by one.”

“Yeah, I know.” Song Youji seemed a bit awkward, saying, “I don’t think you’re targeting Sang Tong. It’s just that, from my understanding of Sang Tong, I know he wouldn’t do such a thing.”

This answer made Zhao Jiu’s expression even more desolate. He laughed self-deprecatingly, “Yes, you understand him well. If something happens to me, would you trust me unconditionally?”

Song Youji: “Huh?”

What is this? Zhao Jiu wouldn’t do this now…?

“I’m jealous.” Zhao Jiu said bluntly.

In the end, their relationship was still that of a pursuer and the pursued. Every day without a definite response from Song Youji was a day he couldn’t be at ease, causing him to worry that Song Youji might develop feelings for someone else.

“Now is not the time for jealousy.” Song Youji said seriously.

“I know.” Zhao Jiu clenched his fist and fell silent for a while before saying, “But I can’t help it. I don’t want you to meet him after everything is over.”

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A little note about Z9, even if you’re someone’s spouse, you’d still be uneasy because you can’t mark your spouse.

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