After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 39

Chapter 39 “What Letter?” 

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Zhao Jiu nestled into Song Youji’s palm, and Song Youji sat on the sofa, reaching out to lightly poke his lips, “Does it hurt a lot?”

“Sss—” Zhao Jiu winced in pain, or maybe he was pretending.

“I’ll apply some medicine for you; this small wound should be better by tomorrow.” Song Youji said.

“I won’t put on medicine.” Zhao Jiu grabbed his wrist, gazing at him affectionately, “Just accompany me for a while.”

Song Youji sat down cross-legged, thinking Zhao Jiu would say something flirtatious, but unexpectedly, he seemed particularly serious this time.

“I think what happened to Yu Ran and Tao Tao is like bait released by the NL organization.”

Song Youji sat upright, asking, “What do you mean?”

“The NL organization is not under my jurisdiction, but I’ve heard some things about them. Their leader is a very cunning person. Although he is in prison, he knows everything about the outside world and is extremely good at manipulating people’s minds. He can easily grasp a person’s most vulnerable point. Among the prison guards in charge of him, one was persuaded to defect, assisting the prisoners in escaping, but fortunately, it was discovered in time and suppressed. After that incident, that leader was executed as quickly as possible.”

These things weren’t something an ordinary person like Song Youji would know. Although he didn’t witness it, just from Zhao Jiu’s brief words, he could imagine the terror of the NL organization leader.

Zhao Jiu rested his head in Song Youji’s palm, continuing, “The NL organization has a strong cohesion. During arrest operations, many of them choose to sacrifice themselves to cover the core members. According to the Eagle Wing Team’s intelligence, at least two members of the research team escaped during that operation.”

“And then? Did they get caught?” Song Youji asked.

Zhao Jiu shook his head, “They disappeared, and a few years ago, they appeared once in Area C. But when we got the information, they had already evacuated, leaving only an abandoned base.”

“After decades of the Equal Rights Movement, the status of Beta and Omega has greatly improved. The theory they used for brainwashing probably won’t fool many people elsewhere, so they chose Area C.” Mentioning Area C, Song Youji also found it strange. From the time he had memories, Area C had always been considered the most dilapidated by the people of the capital, yet it was closer to the capital, yet less economically developed than Xiaoman City.

“The military and political departments once conducted biological experiments in Area C. That was many years ago, considered a joint secret between the royal family and the military. The Hudson family uses this as a threat to maintain their dominance in the government.” Zhao Jiu said.

Song Youji laughed, “Are you not afraid that I will leak such a top-secret thing?”

“There are no secrets between lovers.” Zhao Jiu said with a serious tone, “This matter has been hidden for long enough. After Yuna takes over, he has always wanted to make this public, both to give the people of Area C an explanation and to bring down the Hudsons.”

Saying this, Zhao Jiu’s tone suddenly became low, “Youji, the mistakes made by the Hudson family are not just this one. They are also involved in your father’s matter.”

Song Youji’s heart suddenly trembled, “Why do you say that?”

“According to our investigation, General Song received an anonymous letter three days before attempting to steal the map. At that time, he was stationed on the Kos route and theoretically should not have been involved with the actions of the Three Summer Legion. However, on the second day of receiving the letter, he returned to the capital and made contact with the legion that same afternoon.”

“It was because of his sudden contact with us that raised my suspicion, allowing us to discover his theft plan in time. Thinking back, he might have been trying to warn us at that time.”

Bitterness flooded Song Youji’s heart, and unconsciously, he used his fingers to trace Zhao Jiu’s eyebrows. His voice was trembling, “And then?”

“The Hudson family has been in a covert struggle with the royal family for many years. Although your father is in the military-political department, he doesn’t lean towards either side. Yuna, who had just taken over, appreciated him for this, but the Hudson family might not tolerate him. At that time, almost everyone in the military-political department was a lackey of the Hudsons, even my father had a good relationship with the Hudsons…” Zhao Jiu’s eyes flickered as he recalled his aunt.

After his aunt’s death, the people from the Hudson family married someone to the royal uncle as a concubine, covering up the traces of her existence. He couldn’t bear this anger. His father continued to get along with the Hudsons as if nothing happened.

“At that time, I entered the Three Summer Legion shortly before achieving significant merit. The old marshal was critically injured and unconscious, near death. Looking at the entire Three Summer Legion, those with higher seniority were not as powerful as me, and those more powerful than me were almost non-existent. It was a certainty that I would take over the Three Summer Legion, and the military-political department knew that I would be Yuna’s right-hand man.”

“The Hudsons’ plan was to kill two birds with one stone. If your father succeeded, they could get rid of me and the Three Summer Legion. Even if he failed, they could get rid of your father, severing Yuna’s intention to use your father.”

“Youji, he failed.” Zhao Jiu looked at the numb Song Youji, turned around and sat on the sofa, tenderly embracing him, “Youji, what I’m going to say next may not sound pleasant, but you must know this.”

“Your mother was kidnapped, and we suspect that the Hudsons used your mother to threaten your father.”

Song Youji’s brain went blank.

He remembered his father’s matter, which happened when he was in college. One day, he was called home by his elder brother’s phone call, and he saw his mother covered in injuries, kneeling in tears in front of his father. His younger siblings were hiding at the staircase, his elder brother standing behind his mother, wearing a grave expression.

Shortly after he came home, the police and prosecutors forcibly entered, taking his father away amid his mother’s pleading. 

Later, everything was exposed, and General Song’s betrayal was widely reported. His elder brother dropped out of medical school, his younger siblings were forced to transfer schools.

Song Youji never dared to believe that his once loyal and patriotic father could do such a thing. But everyone in the family remained silent about it. The only person who might know the truth, his mother, became apathetic.

This situation continued for three years. His elder brother and he found jobs, his younger siblings’ studies got back on track, and his mother’s mental state slightly improved.

Then came the marriage alliance with the Zhao family.

Song Youji’s heart felt like it had been gouged open. He gasped for breath, unable to believe it, and asked in a raised voice, “If my father was being threatened, why didn’t he reveal it in the military court?!”

“Because that would affect your mother’s reputation.”

“Is reputation more important than his life?! Even if my mother had to choose, she would definitely choose my father!” Song Youji’s tone escalated, extreme anger making him forget how deeply his parents loved each other.

“For the sake of saving him, she even abandoned her own biological son! Would she still care about her reputation? If he really died, she might follow him.”

Song Youji was choked with anger, and Zhao Jiu hugged him tightly, gently patting his back.

At this point, only this married couple knew what had happened between them. General Song obstinately refused to speak, and to clear his name, only Cheng Yuan herself could do it.

“I originally planned to tell you after resolving the matter. But Yuna and I are outsiders after all. What we say might not be accepted by your mother, so I thought it would be better for you and your brother to talk to her in person.”

He guessed that Song Youji would find it hard to accept, but seeing Song Youji’s sorrowful and tearful appearance, Zhao Jiu couldn’t help but feel heartache.

He released his own pheromones, but it had no soothing effect on Song Youji, a Beta. Song Youji remained silent, lowering his head as if he had lost his soul, only an empty shell remaining.

“Youji, don’t be like this. Say something to me, okay?” Zhao Jiu was anxiously concerned, but apart from hugging Song Youji, he couldn’t do anything.

After a while, Song Youji whispered, “I’m fine. After my elder brother comes, I will explain this matter to him. Mother certainly would want Father to live well.”

Actually, before he differentiated, his elder brother had already given him a heads-up.

But at that time, they only guessed that someone might have used their family to threaten their father to do such a thing. They didn’t expect their mother to be aware of this.

Knowing the reason why their father was imprisoned, she did not speak out for him, but instead wanted Song Youji to help father get a chance to survive.

Song Youji found it absurd. Even though he understood Cheng Yuan also had her difficulties, he couldn’t muster any sympathy for her.

In the end, the one most pitiful was himself.

Sorrowful to the extreme, Song Youji couldn’t cry.

He gently pushed away Zhao Jiu, saying, “I’ll go back to sleep. You should rest early too.”

Before he could stand up, Zhao Jiu tightly held onto him again, “Youji, if you want to cry, just let it out.”

“I don’t want to cry, I’m fine,” Song Youji’s tone was very calm. “Big brother had told me about this before, I know what’s going on.” 

Zhao Ji stared at his face for a while, and said firmly, “You’re lying.” 

“Youji, don’t pretend in front of me, okay? Keeping it all inside will make you sick.” 

“I’m fine,” Song Youji repeated.

Zhao Jiu refused to let him go, holding him and rolling onto the carpet, “I want to sleep with you tonight.”

Song Youji didn’t resist, nor did he speak again, allowing Zhao Jiu to hold him. His hands also gripped Zhao Jiu’s scapula, gradually exerting force.

Feeling him tremble, Zhao Jiu pressed his forehead against his and whispered, “I love you, Youji. I will always, always, always put you first. Please believe me, be yourself in front of me, okay?”

With a gentle tone, the most fragile nerve in Song Youji snapped, and he burst into tears.

“She never treated me as her child…” 

Song Youji gritted his teeth, unable to finish his sentence before breaking down. His soft sobs escalated into loud cries, as if trying to pour out all the grievances he had suffered over the years.

Zhao Jiu held him, as if embracing a sensitive and fragile ice sculpture. He wiped away Song Youji’s tears, whispered in his ear, and did his best to provide a sense of security, letting Song Youji know he wasn’t alone.

Even so, Zhao Jiu’s heart trembled with each of Song Youji’s cries. His heart also ached along with Song Youji’s pain.

Fortunately, in the boundless and lengthy night, the two could still embrace tightly.


On the day the Three Summer Legion arrived in Xiaoman City, the police also discovered traces of Yu Ran.

To be precise, Aud brought him back voluntarily.

Covered in bloodstains, he left the unconscious Yu Ran at the entrance of Xiaoman City Hospital. Facing the dark muzzles of the police, he knelt in sorrow.

“I was deceived. Yu Ran’s gland contains a miniature bomb buried inside. Please save him.”

After saying this, without waiting for the police to respond, he took his own life.

As soon as Song Jing set foot in Xiaoman City, he was taken to the hospital to perform surgery on Yu Ran.

Initially, Song Youji vehemently opposed Song Jing entering the operating room. Aud didn’t clarify the bomb’s model or power. If the bomb accidentally exploded, not only Yu Ran but even Song Jing wouldn’t survive.

He didn’t want Song Jing to encounter such a dangerous situation as soon as he arrived.

However, Song Youji couldn’t resist Song Jing’s insistence. Song Jing insisted on taking action, and he, who had been in the hospital for so long, had undergone multiple surgeries. Taking a bomb out of a gland was a new challenge for him.

“You brought me here to help with the treatment, right? Now there’s no doctor in Xiaoman City capable of performing this surgery except me.”

“I didn’t ask you to come and die!” Song Youji said.

“Rest assured; you must believe in your big brother’s skills.” Already changed into surgical attire, with the assistance of Sang Tong and Mond, along with three volunteered nurses, Song Jing entered the operating room.

Song Youji couldn’t stop him, leaning against the wall outside the operating room with regret written all over his face.

He shouldn’t have called Song Jing over!

Zhao Jiu approached, putting his hands against the wall, shielding Song Youji’s head, “Scan results are out. It’s a low-powered miniature bomb with a detonation method based on heavy pressure, requiring over 30 kilograms. The probability of the bomb exploding during surgery is very low.”

“But not zero,” Song Youji said in a heavy tone.

“Youji, I increasingly think that Yu Ran is a bait, with the purpose of luring your big brother.”

“They want to take advantage of my big brother?” Song Youji sprang up, looking anxious.

“Not necessarily; calm down first.” Glancing around, Zhao Jiu lowered his voice, “Instead of targeting your big brother, it’s more like they’re looking for the Empire’s top doctor. Although your big brother dropped out of the Military Medical College, his grades were consistently at the top. After entering the Capital Hospital, he performed countless surgeries. In terms of pheromone syndrome, apart from your big brother’s school teachers, no one can match him.”

“My big brother has only graduated for four years.”

“But he started participating in surgeries since first year, from assistant to the main surgeon. He has nearly ten years of experience.”

Hearing this, Song Youji became alert, “What do they want my big brother to do?”

“Testing.” Zhao Jiu uttered two words, “I mentioned before that there are side effects of gland modification. For those who were among the first to undergo gland modification, their side effects should have manifested by now.”

“Some people don’t want to die, naturally, they need to find a way to solve the side effects. So, they need an outstanding doctor in this field. Yu Ran’s situation is a test of your big brother’s abilities.”

Zhao Jiu’s words made Song Youji shiver. He felt more anxious, “So, if we bring my big brother here, won’t we be falling into their trap?”

“NL organization hasn’t researched a solution to the side effects for so many years. Relying on your big brother alone, it’s impossible to achieve it in a short time. So, I’m thinking, testing the doctor’s abilities is just one part of their plan.”

“Anyway, we can’t let my big brother be in danger.”

“Don’t worry; I’ve arranged for people to protect your big brother.” Zhao Jiu lowered his eyes, full of tenderness. “After all, your big brother still needs to attend our wedding.”

“Shut up.”

After waiting for four hours, the surgery ended. Song Jing came out, drenched all over, and the others accompanying him were also soaked as if they had been in water. However, their faces carried a relieved expression.

“Youji, come here.” Song Jing beckoned to him, and Song Youji immediately went over, serving as Song Jing’s human crutch.

“This surgery was more complicated than I imagined, but after completing it, your big brother can brag for a lifetime.” Song Jing jokingly said, pretending to be nonchalant.

Song Youji pretended to be angry, “Do you know how dangerous it was just now?!”

“Of course, I know.” Song Jing smiled, lowering his head and whispering in his ear, “During the surgery, I checked. Yu Ran hadn’t undergone gland modification, but the bomb’s principle of activation is similar to gland modification. Shh, don’t spread it around. Let’s discuss some matters when we get back.”

After saying that, Song Jing relaxed, hanging on Song Youji’s body. After Sang Tong and the others bid farewell, they also went back to rest.

Now they had to wait for Yu Ran to wake up and see if they could get any clues from him.

Song Jing rested on the way back in the car, feeling much better when he returned to the association. He also wanted to check on Tao Tao’s condition.

“Go get a good night’s sleep first.” Song Youji pressed him back.

“I can’t sleep; I’m quite excited right now.” Song Jing, contrary to his usual self, looked at the backseat and teased, “I was wondering why the Marshal disappeared as soon as he returned to the capital. It turns out he came to find our Youji.”

Zhao Jiu, who lost the co-pilot position due to the arrival of his big brother, dared not be angry and spoke with a smile, “Big brother, I hope you’re well. I heard you got a promotion at the hospital.”

“The news travels fast.” Song Jing raised the corner of his mouth, “The hospital director wanted to promote me, but I declined.”

Song Youji asked, “Why?”

“My qualifications are not enough. Besides, I feel the director is taking care of me too much, and it’s uncomfortable.”

“How can it be? You’re a talent from the Military Hospital; it’s normal for them to care more about you.”

Song Jing shook his head, “It’s not about that. I can’t put my finger on it; I just feel something’s not right.”

Knowing everything, Zhao Jiu smiled without saying a word, saying, “Big brother, with your experience, it’s not an exaggeration for the director to offer you a promotion.”


These flattering words actually came from Zhao Jiu.

What a surprise.

“I came this time not only for Tao Tao but also for both of you.” Song Jing shifted the topic. The two in the front and back seats immediately straightened up, attentive. “As you know, our family situation is a bit complicated. Father and Mother can’t handle it, and only I, as the big brother, can manage it.”

Song Youji wanted to interrupt him, “Big brother, let’s talk about this after dealing with the current situation.”

“No, some things are better to be clarified.” Looking through the rearview mirror, Song Jing looked at Zhao Jiu, “If Youji likes you, I won’t oppose you being together. However, I won’t let Youji enter a family like yours. Your father’s bias against Beta, against Youji, is well-known throughout the Empire. Although our Song family has declined, we shouldn’t stoop so low in someone else’s family, bowing and kneeling.”

“I know, I won’t let Youji suffer.” Zhao Jiu exhaled, feeling a bit nervous.

“You won’t, but your father will.” Song Jing sighed, “This matter is hard to determine right from wrong, and it’s complicated, but Youji is innocent. Our mother made a mistake, but it shouldn’t be vented on Youji.”

Zhao Jiu understood his meaning and nodded firmly, “I will handle these matters properly.”

“Hey, can you two look at me first?” Song Youji gripped the steering wheel tightly, took a deep breath, “We’re not even together yet; don’t make it sound like we’re discussing marriage.”

Suddenly, Song Jing laughed, a somewhat sarcastic smile. “So, you haven’t pursued him yet.”

“I’m working on it.” Zhao Jiu said with suppressed breath.

Last night, Song Youji opened up to him, perhaps indicating that Youji had accepted him, but he was still stubborn and hadn’t admitted it.

“Alright, after so many years, it doesn’t matter for a day or two.”

As soon as Song Jing said this, the two in the car fell silent.

“Speaking of which, Zhao Jiu, when did you realize you liked Youji? Clearly, you treated him as an enemy before.” After spending a long time with Yuna, Song Jing felt like he had acquired some kind of perverse taste. Looking at Zhao Jiu squirming in the back seat, he coughed lightly and continued, “I remember those letters you wrote to Youji. They were full of provocation; I was scared when I saw them…”

Song Youji tilted his head, puzzled, “What letters?”

However, Zhao Jiu, in the back seat, turned from the base of his neck to his ears, turning completely red like a tomato.

Author’s note:

Zhao Jiu: Experiencing the feeling of having my dark history exposed one by one by my rival, big brother, and good friend.


The main text is concluding!

Regarding the part about the big brother, to avoid anyone saying it’s far-fetched, let me explain first (raising the pot cover). I do have someone around me who started participating in surgeries from the first year and graduated with a resume that couldn’t fit on several pages. In reality, it’s possible, and in the novel, it can be a bit more impressive (hands on hips).

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