After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The Marshal Has Grown, No Room for Embarrassment 

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When Song Youji brought Tao Tao back to the association, he also accessed her medical records. Since Tao Tao had been considered dead, her household registration files were canceled, and there was no identity information for her. Therefore, her medical records only had a cold and clinical code.

Omega, gland damage, intermittent amnesia, manic-depressive disorder.

These four words succinctly summarized Tao Tao’s past few years.

Song Jing wanted to take her for an examination, but Tao Tao, who now only trusted Jia Chengan, clung tightly to his wrist, watching Song Jing warily when he approached.

Helplessly, Song Jing could only let Jia Chengan accompany him during the examination.

The basic principles of gland modification were similar, but turning an Alpha into an Omega was a much more complex surgery, and there was a possibility of inducing secondary differentiation with drugs. Whether recovery could be achieved remained unknown.

However, Tao Tao was different from ordinary Omegas; she didn’t have a fixed heat cycle. Only when exposed to a high concentration of Alpha pheromones would she enter a state similar to heat, accompanied by uncontrollable manic tendencies.

After a few days of observation, Song Jing determined that Tao Tao had not undergone secondary differentiation; that is, she had not fully become an Omega. She still retained some traits of an Alpha.

With observation and drug treatment, Tao Tao’s mental state stabilized a lot. She could now peacefully get along with others even when Jia Chengan wasn’t around, occasionally uttering some professional terms and speaking fluently.

After two days of coma, Yu Ran, upon learning that Aud had committed suicide, lost his appetite and mourned for a few days before gradually recovering.

The police took the opportunity to question Yu Ran about what happened after Aud took him away. After thinking for a long time, Yu Ran could only recall very little.

“Aud brought me when I was still conscious. The aircraft he used to take me away should be one that can fly and hide from detection. He took me to the north… or maybe the south, to a villa. I don’t remember it very clearly, but there was a mountain nearby. He kept asking for my forgiveness on the way, and he told me that he would treat me and the child well after he got out of prison. I kept arguing with him, not paying attention to the road signs… After arriving, he made a call to someone, asking when the surgery could begin.”

Yu Ran tapped his head, trying hard to remember. “We landed in the backyard of that villa. Someone came out of the house wearing a white protective suit. I couldn’t see his face clearly… Then Aud drugged me, and when I woke up, it was now.”

“No, wait. I think I woke up once. I vaguely felt like I was on an operating table, the surgical light was dazzling, and a man was performing surgery on me.”

The police said, “After you were brought back, we did perform surgery on you.”

“No, it was before that. Because when I woke up, I heard Aud crying. That man said indifferently, ‘Increase the dosage.’ He was probably talking about the dosage of anesthesia. After that, I completely passed out.”

In his pregnancy and having recently undergone surgery, Yu Ran’s energy was not as much as before. Just recalling made him feel exhausted. The police couldn’t get much information from him and asked him to provide details about the surroundings of the villa so they could find a matching location.

After sending the police away, Sang Tong came to Yu Ran’s hospital room and reminded him to rest.

Squinting, Yu Ran’s voice sounded tired. He touched the wound on his neck and said, “Dr. Sang, I think Aud took me away to have me modified into a Beta. But that person deceived him and implanted a bomb in my gland.”

He had heard about the NL organization but never thought that this group, which had disappeared years ago, would have any connection with the people around him.

“I know most of Aud’s friends. He’s busy with work in the hospital and doesn’t have time to get to know those strange people,” Yu Ran said, patting Sang Tong’s hand with a clear implication.

“I understand. You rest first. I’ll come see you tonight.”

After leaving Yu Ran’s room, Sang Tong called Song Youji: “Do you have time? Let’s meet, and bring Zhao Jiu.”

While the police were searching the villa, the members of the Three Summer Legion were also busy. They thoroughly investigated the suspicious population in Xiaoman City, tracked down several people related to the NL organization, some of whom had undergone modification, and others who were former members of the Three Summer Legion.

Most of them had already settled in Xiaoman City, had no criminal records, and had long since left the organization. After interrogation, they couldn’t provide any useful leads, so they were detained for a few days and then released.

However, they caught someone who had escaped from the capital, claiming to have seen Tao Tao. This person was over fifty years old, despite looking young, and his internal organs were severely damaged, showing obvious signs of gland modification. He didn’t have much time left.

“I knew one day you would come back to arrest me. Most people in the NL organization are just ordinary BOs trying to change their own fate. They were mostly deceived into undergoing surgery. But I’m different; I committed a crime. Three or four years ago, I was living in Area C, a poor Omega who could only sell myself. At that time, I got pregnant, didn’t know whose child it was, and couldn’t afford an abortion. The NL organization contacted me, told me they could give me money and help me undergo gland modification surgery, as long as I helped them with something…”

Outside the interrogation room, Song Youji looked at the weathered prisoner, as if seeing Qiao He from years ago.

“They asked me and another person to capture two Alphas. They were two young girls. They said gland modification had side effects, and with their current technology, they couldn’t overcome it. They needed a better doctor’s help, so they needed hostages! Only if the Alphas were also modified would the Empire try to solve this matter. D*mn it! They only told me after I had the surgery that there were side effects, and I wouldn’t live long. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have done it!”

The police said, “Keep a proper attitude and continue.”

“There’s nothing more to say. They modified those two Alphas, originally planning to use them as bargaining chips with the government. But those two girls were too skillful and ran away! They sent people to chase them, and one was caught, but the other one fell to her death. The plan was disrupted, and the dead girl was found. They took me and fled to Xiaoman City. The one they caught also escaped when we weren’t paying attention. They thought I was a burden and gave me some money before abandoning me here.”

“I’ve confessed everything I can, officer. I don’t have much time left. Can you find me a better prison cell to enjoy my old age?”

With everything that had happened, it was clear what had occurred with Tao Tao. Song Youji was infuriated, itching to go in and give the man a couple of punches.

“It’s a good thing Jia Chengan didn’t come; otherwise, he would be even angrier hearing this,” Song Youji said.

Zhao Jiu pulled him out of the police station, walking together under the sunlight. “Qiao He mentioned helping the NL organization abduct people in the capital, but to stay and take care of his brother, he didn’t leave with the NL organization. Later, after seeing the news, he thought Tao Tao was dead.”

“If it weren’t for Jia Chengan’s persistence, we might still not have discovered that the NL organization has resurfaced and has been conducting these heinous experiments.”

Song Youji said, “The top priority is to find the leader behind the NL organization.”

He shared Sang Tong’s call content with Zhao Jiu, and the two of them went to a nearby café to wait for Sang Tong’s arrival.

At lunchtime, Sang Tong hurriedly arrived, holding a set of documents.

Seeing them, he got straight to the point, saying, “There might be more than one person from the NL organization in the hospital.”

Initially, Sang Tong did not suspect anyone within the hospital, but after Yu Ran was taken away by Aud, and the police found no suspicious individuals after interrogating several knowledgeable people, Sang Tong began to suspect that someone within the hospital had leaked information.

However, he had no evidence, and his investigative abilities were not comparable to the police. The only advantage he had was that he had spent a long time in the hospital, knew his colleagues inside out, and could easily observe them.

“After the incident, I’ve been observing several people, including Mond, for a few days and found something suspicious. The little nurse who was checking on the patients was very nervous, worried about Yu Ran’s safety, and made quite a few mistakes at work. In contrast, Mond was too calm, as if he didn’t know about the incident at all,” Sang Tong explained.

“Of course, Mond is naturally a calm person, not fond of meddling in unrelated matters. What really made me suspicious of him was during the surgery that Dr. Song performed on Yu Ran. He was too composed, even though he knew the explosive wasn’t powerful, everyone in the operating room was extremely nervous. My hands were trembling, but he remained calm throughout, giving me the impression that he was just watching a play.”

Sang Tong pushed the dossier in front of them, “I checked with the hospital’s human resources department. Mond grew up in Xiaoman City, entered the municipal hospital for internship after graduating from university, and has been practicing medicine for over ten years. He has participated in four external study exchange experiences, one of which lasted for four months and was in the Yu Jin District. It coincides with the time of Tao Tao’s incident.”

Mond’s background was clean, a native of Xiaoman City. In the previous background checks, there were no issues. His visit to the Yu Jin District, adjacent to the capital, was standard for doctors to go for external study exchanges. If one didn’t think carefully, it would be challenging to connect these two events.

But these were just Sang Tong’s speculations. Based on his observations and this “coincidence,” he didn’t know if the police would believe him. So, he chose to contact Song Youji and Zhao Jiu.

“These indeed can’t be considered evidence, and questioning Mond with this might pose some procedural difficulties for the police.” Zhao Jiu took the dossier and raised an eyebrow. “But we can.”

The Three Summer Legion’s investigative process was different from the police.

Zhao Jiu immediately ordered to have Mond detained in the hospital, brought back to the police station for questioning.

At the same time, in the hospital room, Yu Ran was still asleep, and someone quietly entered his room.

Yu Ran opened his eyes in a daze and saw a person in a white coat in front of him. This person didn’t emit any Omega pheromones, unlike Sang Tong.

“Awake? I’m here to change your bandages.”

The man’s voice was gentle, but Yu Ran recognized him as the person who operated on him that day.

Yu Ran widened his eyes, seeing Mond with a smile on his face. His whole body cooled, and he tightly clenched his fists.

He wanted to call for help, but Mond covered his mouth with a smile. The smell on his hands instantly made Yu Ran’s consciousness blur.

“Your mission is completed. Keeping you here would be troublesome.”

Injecting poison into his IV, Mond put on a mask and prepared to leave, but he heard commotion downstairs.

He walked to the window and saw a few plainclothes individuals nervously talking at the entrance of the inpatient department. Despite being unfamiliar faces, Mond keenly noticed the handguns disguised as belts at their waists.

Realizing he had been exposed, Mond remained calm. He pressed the emergency button in Yu Ran’s room. Taking advantage of the chaos in the hallway, he descended through the fire escape and passed by the approaching police.

Yu Ran was saved, but Mond disappeared in the hospital.

Learning the news, Zhao Jiu was furious, almost flipping the director’s office table.

“If the police hadn’t interfered, we would have caught him long ago, and he wouldn’t have had time to escape.”

The director was innocent and stood nervously, “I received your orders and sent people to assist.”

“I didn’t need your help at all. Forget it, leave the pursuit of Mond to us. You better investigate these people within your organization!”

With a mole in the department, Zhao Jiu didn’t expect these people to help. He dispatched a small team to protect Song Youji, the two brothers, while he personally led a team to apprehend Mond.

Now that Mond’s identity was known, as long as they investigated his activities in Xiaoman City over the years, it wouldn’t be difficult to find his current hideout.


The Association was under the protection of the police and the Three Summer Legion. As a highly protected figure, three people followed Song Jing closely, making him somewhat helpless.

As a doctor, he never thought he would enjoy such treatment one day.

Song Jing complained to Song Youji, “Since that person has already exposed himself and is on the run, he won’t come back to catch me again.”

“Be cautious as if you’re sailing on thin ice.” Song Youji knew his big brother wasn’t used to this and comforted him, “Trust the efficiency of the Three Summer Legion. Once the NL organization is dealt with, you can go back.”

“What about you? Do you have plans to go back?” Song Jing appeared casual, but his eyes were full of concern for Song Youji.

Song Youji pulled his big brother into a side corridor and said, “Sister Jia said that once things settle here, she’ll transfer me back.”

“Do you want to go back?” Song Jing asked.

“… I want to go back and see Song Lan and Song Shan.”

“I’ll wait for you to go back together.”

“Big Brother…”

“Don’t get too excited. Listen to me slowly. Currently, with Tao Tao’s condition, it’s not conducive for her recovery to abruptly change her environment. So, I don’t plan to bring her back to the capital. I’ve discussed with my mentor, and this time, I’ll independently handle Tao Tao’s treatment. If it doesn’t work out, he’ll come over to assist me. So, I’ll probably stay in Xiaoman City for a while.”

“That’s good.”

Song Jing’s gaze fixed on his brother’s face, whispering, “Youji, before I came, Mother was already taken away by Yuna.”

It was like falling from reality into the void. Song Youji looked up, eyes full of astonishment.

“The investigation into that incident was conducted secretly. Yuna took Mother away, and it probably won’t be long before those people notice.”

Song Youji anxiously asked, “Will Song Lan and Song Shan be okay?!”

“With Yuna there, nothing will happen.” Song Jing expressed full trust in Yuna. “When you go back next time, Father’s matter might be revealed soon. Although it’s not exactly clearing his name, at least it can avoid the death penalty.”

Song Youji’s eyes showed a hint of sadness, and he asked in a trembling voice, “Mother, she…”

“Hudson’s people kidnapped her, took some… indecent photos. You know Mother’s temper. For her protection, Father took on all the blame. Mother wanted to reveal the truth to the public, but back then, the military and political departments were all under Hudson’s control. Father knew he couldn’t shake the Hudson family, so before being arrested, he asked Mother to keep silent about the matter. Otherwise, he would end his life in prison…”

“When my mother chose to leave with Yuna that evening, she told me the truth. She felt deeply sorry for you, didn’t expect your forgiveness, but hoped you could live your life the way you want in the future.”

The excessively cruel truth caught Song Youji off guard, and the pain in his chest spread instantly. He clenched his fists and sat down on the sofa.

Thinking about the fact that his beautiful and proud mother had once suffered such treatment, Song Youji’s head felt like it was splitting. Hatred and anger filled his entire chest. He wished he had a knife in his hand right now to stab into Hudson’s chest.

When Song Jing first learned about it, he had the same reaction. Facing his brother, who was equally full of hatred, he could only console him, “Don’t act impulsively, Youji. Yuna and Zhao Jiu already know about the various crimes committed by Hudson. They have gathered evidence, and it won’t be long before he faces the punishment he deserves.”

“Big brother, why our family? Father dedicated his whole life to the country, never competing or showing off. There’s no general in Keya who’s more low-key than Father. Just because he didn’t side with Hudson at that time, he should be treated like this?”

Song Jing was momentarily speechless. He had asked Yuna the same question when he first found out. Yuna took all the blame upon himself because he had just ascended the throne. The royal family wasn’t powerful enough to protect their true supporters, and they could only watch as villains gained power.

“It’s not our fault. We’re just doing what we should do. The one at fault is the heartless Hudson.” A hint of coldness flashed in Song Jing’s eyes. “He will pay for what he has done.”

Having said that, he sat down beside Song Youji, and the two brothers leaned back to back, silent, digesting the dreadful news that shouldn’t have fallen on them.


Early the next morning, after a night of busy work, Zhao Jiu finally sent back news. They had found the hideout of the NL organization in Xiaoman City and arrested all the core members on the spot. However, Mond was still on the run. Zhao Jiu suspected he might have hidden in the mountains and was currently conducting a mountain search.

This news delighted the people remaining at the Association. With the resolution of the NL organization’s matter, they had another significant achievement.

Moreover, Zhao Jiu handed over the original materials brought back from the NL organization’s hideout to Song Jing. With this information, Song Jing felt more confident about Tao Tao’s surgery and decided to go to the hospital immediately.

Song Youji was worried, so he had all of Nord’s people accompany him.

Nord felt a bit embarrassed, “The Marshal said he wants to protect both of you together.”

“I have nothing to worry about in the Association. The NL organization’s hideouts have been destroyed, and their people have been arrested. They can’t stir up trouble anymore.” Song Youji said, “Besides, I’m of no use to Mond. Big brother is the one you need to protect.”

Nord felt he made sense, so he left only two people at the Association, and the rest escorted Song Jing to the hospital.

After everyone left, the Association seemed a bit empty. Song Youji stayed in his office, checking the situation of the suppressant production and distribution in recent times.

A gust of wind passed, and the curtain moved slightly. When Song Youji raised his head again, he found that there was an additional person in the office.

“Mr. Song is indeed diligent. I’ve been here for five or six minutes, and you just noticed me.”

Song Youji was surprised, immediately reaching for the gun Zhao Jiu left for self-defense. But Mond was quicker; the tranquilizer needle had already pierced into him.

“Mr. Song, you really lack confidence in yourself. Your big brother is of no use to me, I’ve been waiting here for you for half a day.”

Before Song Youji lost consciousness, he heard Mond mockingly say.

When he woke up again, he was already lying on the operating table, facing the glaring surgical light.

“Mr. Song, you’re awake.” Mond had changed into surgical attire and prepared his tools. “Based on my observations these days, you and Zhao Jiu are deeply in love, right? Unfortunately, someone from Zhao Jiu’s family won’t accept a Beta, so I’m helping you.”

The effects of the anesthesia hadn’t worn off yet, and Song Youji struggled to speak, “Why are you capturing me? What do you want to do?”

“I’m going to transform you into an Omega. By then, you and Zhao Jiu will thank me.” Mond’s eyes curved, coldness in his gaze. “Mr. Song, do you know why I joined the NL organization?”

“My lover was an Omega, but I’m just a Beta. So, I watched helplessly as he married someone else. But that Alpha mistreated her, forced her to have several children even though he knew her health was poor. She almost died during the last childbirth. My relationship with her is similar to yours with Zhao Jiu.”

Mond seemed to consider Song Youji as a confidant. In his eyes, the entanglement and unrequited love between Song Youji and Zhao Jiu were all due to their genders.

“The first time I saw you and Zhao Jiu in the hospital, I thought, if I could transform you into an Omega, Zhao Jiu would surely thank me.” Mond continued, picking up a surgical knife. “And you will thank me too.”

“In order to be with my lover, I transformed her into a Beta. But I didn’t expect the aftermath of the gland transformation to be so severe for her. After the surgery, her body deteriorated rapidly, and her organs quickly failed… just last night, she died in my arms.”

“You’re the one who killed her.”

Song Youji’s blunt words stirred Mond’s nerves. A hint of fierceness flashed in his eyes.

“You don’t understand at all! Everyone who joined the NL organization has suffered from gender-related hardships. Only Alphas, in the whole world, only Alphas, towering above, oppressing other genders. Whenever they want, they can release pheromones at any time, forcing Omegas into heat! They stand at the top of the food chain, and they don’t care about people of other genders! Do you know my lover? After suffering from difficult childbirth, she got postpartum depression and pheromone disorder. Her Alpha didn’t want her anymore and divorced her. She had nowhere to go, so she came to me! He’s the one who killed my lover!”

Mond deliberately attracted the attention of Jia Chengan. He originally intended to rely on the strength of the capital’s doctors to perform restorative surgery on his lover. However, his lover didn’t survive until that time.

His lover’s death became the last straw that crushed him. He deliberately exposed the NL organization’s location, took a risk to return to the Association, and abducted Song Youji.

“In this world, there’s nothing worth lingering for me anymore. Before I die, I want to give the Marshal a big gift.” This time, he chose irreversible drugs to induce secondary differentiation. “I also want the lofty Alpha to taste the feeling of their loved ones gradually growing cold in their arms.”

As he spoke, the syringe filled with anesthesia was already against Song Youji’s neck. Just as he was about to push it further, gunshots rang out, hitting Mond’s arm.

Zhao Jiu descended from above, kicked over the surgical light, and wrestled with Mond.

“I’ll kill you, you b*stard!”

Zhao Jiu’s mind was filled with panic over not finding Song Youji and anger towards Mond. A few punches later, Mond’s face was disfigured.

Mond showed no intention of resisting, lying flat, letting Zhao Jiu beat him, and even smiling.

“Zhao Jiu, you can’t kill him!” The anesthesia was gradually losing its effect, and Song Youji flipped off the operating table, stopping Zhao Jiu before he killed Mond in a fit of rage. “Take him back; there’s still use for him.”

Mond convulsed on the ground. Quick-witted, Song Youji swiftly pulled out the hidden dagger from his trousers.

Mond opened his mouth, a hint of panic flashing in his eyes.

“Save what you have to say for the courtroom.”

Zhao Jiu tightly hugged Song Youji, his voice trembling, “You scared me…”

“I’m fine.” Song Youji smiled.

“You’re still laughing.” Zhao Jiu lowered his head, pretending to be angry, “If I had come a bit later, who knows what that guy might have done to you.”

“He wanted to transform me into an Omega, said it’s a gift for us. You’d definitely thank him.” Song Youji shamelessly informed.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Jiu’s eyes turned fierce. He kicked Mond’s leg. “I thank your ancestors eight generations back.”

Song Youji couldn’t help but laugh. “You said before, if I were an Omega…”

“I don’t care if you’re an Omega or Beta; I love Song Youji. I don’t want you to become a short-lived Omega.” Zhao Jiu touched his back, burying his head in his shoulder.

Song Youji was stunned for a moment and asked, “Did you just cry?”

“I didn’t.” Zhao Jiu stubbornly denied, but his slightly trembling shoulders betrayed him.

“I’m fine, really.” Song Youji hugged him back. “I’m standing here in one piece.”

“Youji…” Zhao Jiu choked up and repeated, “I love you because you’re Song Youji, regardless of whether you’re Beta or Omega.”

“I know.” Song Youji patted his head, softly saying, “Just like I like you because you’re Zhao Jiu, with no regard to whether you’re an Alpha or not.”

Zhao Jiu suddenly raised his head, his eyes moist. He asked, “What did you just say?!”

“I said I like you.”

A glimmer of surprise gathered in Zhao Jiu’s eyes, turning into joy. Shyly, he asked, “Youji, can I kiss you?”

“Sure, if you don’t mind an audience,” Song Youji replied.

Zhao Jiu kicked Mond aside. “There’s no BY. Fable messenger now.”

“I mean…”

Before Song Youji finished speaking, Zhao Jiu directly kissed him, prying open their lips, a mix of urgency and tender affection.

The caught-up Nord and others saw this scene and silently looked away.

The Marshal has grown up; no need to be embarrassed anymore.

Author’s Note:

Originally intended to give Zhao Jiu a knife [dog head], Zhao Jiu, thank your wife nicely.

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