After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 105

Chapter 105 This Life and Past Life (Part 2)

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Pei Yuzhi walked towards Celestial Pavilion, his clothes fluttering in the breeze, giving off an air of elegance and grace.

Chen Xu followed behind him and muttered, “When did you ever care about saving face? But if this matter reaches Feng Jin, he will be really angry.”

Pei Yuzhi laughed softly and said, “He thinks he’s at a loss for being associated with me?”

“No, no, no, it’s definitely you who will lose. You’ll lose big time,” Chen Xu rolled his eyes and said, “I’m really curious about the kind of person you’ll end up liking in the future.” Deep down, he cursed, “It would be best if the person you like doesn’t like you back. That would be quite amusing.”

At that time, he did nothing but move a chair to the entrance of Tianqian Peak and sat there, eating sunflower seeds and watching the show all day long.

Pei Yuzhi looked up at the bright moon, a faint and mysterious smile appeared on his calm and delicate face. “Actually, I was also very curious.”

It wasn’t just him who was curious. Many people in the cultivation world were curious as well.

This Yunxiao gem among rocks, known for its aloofness and reluctance to speak or smile, would eventually spend the rest of his life with someone.

However, Chen Xu, who knew him well, had a vision. “You’ll probably be curious for a lifetime.” Pei Yuzhi, an arrogant and wicked person, would bring misfortune to whoever he married.

Pei Yuzhi didn’t care and smiled.

They entered the Celestial Pavilion, where countless books and poems filled the air.

Chen Xu said, “Didn’t you come here last time to ask about returning to basics? It didn’t lead to anything, so why are you asking again?”

Pei Yuzhi: “Just gathering information about the enemy.”

Chen Xu: “??”

Pei Yuzhi sat down, emanating a relaxed and refined aura like a privileged young master in the mortal realm. “I’m just joking.”

His tone didn’t sound like a joke at all. He pointed at a piece of paper and carefully read it. His eyes, as dark as an ancient pool, showed a hint of deep meaning. “Perhaps, it’s time for me to visit the Institute of Celestial Ascension.”

Chen Xu instinctively asked, “Why go there? Are you looking for trouble?”

Pei Yuzhi tilted his head, his eyes cold and seemingly watery, and said seriously, “Is it that you can’t stand to see me doing well?”

He indeed later visited the Institute of Celestial Ascension. In autumn, the institute was adorned with colorful maple leaves, forming a golden path. The founder of Yunxiao appeared as a frail young boy, but his eyes, colored in blue, gray, and white, revealed a profound and experienced gaze.

His voice was pleasing to the ears, somewhere between youth and adolescence. “You’re probably the most time-consuming troublemaker I’ve ever encountered.”

Pei Yuzhi looked puzzled. “Maybe I should break through the Nascent Soul first?”

The founder of Yunxiao nodded and then said, “When you failed to break through the Nascent Soul, both your master and I at the Institute of Celestial Ascension knew about it.

“For cultivators, the Nascent Soul is the fundamental turning point. Even after breaking through the Golden Core stage, I dared not easily offer guidance. Initially, I hoped you wouldn’t be too hasty, so I had you cultivate the Sword Intent. But perhaps it had the opposite effect. Now that your master has returned to Yunxiao, you can temporarily set aside matters over there. In the days to come, explore the mortal realm and wait for the opportune moment of enlightenment.”

Pei Yuzhi nodded. “Understood.”

The autumn wind was slightly dry, while the afternoon light had a coolness to it.

Pei Jing followed behind the young Pei Yuzhi, furrowing his brows in thought. “So, in this lifetime, he wasn’t infused with demonic aura by the Heavenly Dao?”

Traveling across the land, from north to south.

The true turning point for him to break through the Nascent Soul came at the Shijia Temple.

He had traveled to many places, slaying demons and ghosts along the way. Countless souls fell to his sword, yet his garments remained as white as snow.

Wu Sheng had also broken through the Initial Lotus Stage at that time, exuding a more transparent and clear temperament.

Meeting with a good friend, they greeted each other with smiles on their lips.

The sound of wooden fish echoed softly, and wisps of green smoke wafted from the top of the pagoda.

Pei Yuzhi took off the disguise of a straw hat and stood in front of the temple gate, looking around with a smile. “This truly is a pure land of Buddhism. As soon as I arrived, I haven’t seen a single living being.”

Wu Sheng chuckled and shook his head, his gaze still clear despite the white silk separating them. “It’s been hundreds of years, but the killing intent emanating from you has only grown stronger.”

Pei Yuzhi shook off the leaves on his clothes and casually replied, “Nothing much, just dealt with a demon’s lair and got a bit of the scent of blood.”

Wu Sheng teased, “Seems like you’ve been to many places. Did you happen to encounter the other three?”

“Encountered them, yes, but the encounters weren’t exactly friendly. I caught the eye of an old witch in Yingzhou. She wanted to become my Dao companion. It’s difficult to bear the favor of a beauty, so I had to seek refuge with Yu Qinglian. Who would have thought that the witch turned out to be one of Yu Qinglian’s aunts? After seeing me by Yu Qinglian’s side, she was angry all night and, perhaps due to her anger clouding her judgment, she started thinking about matchmaking Yu Qinglian and me, insisting that we stay together. She even mentioned that the union of Yunxiao and Yingzhou and the everlasting bond between the Qin and Jin dynasties would be realized in our generation. What a mess! It seems troubles that handsome people face are always inexplicable.”

Wu Sheng couldn’t help but suppress his laughter.

Recalling the chaotic journey in Yingzhou, the snow-clad sword cultivator’s brows furrowed with a hint of distress. “At that time, I was surprised, but Yu Qinglian was probably even more distraught. When almost the entire Yingzhou came to know about the impending marriage, and her innocence was at stake, we finally managed to deceive our Elders and escape. It was a close call. The marriage contract was almost delivered to the Institute of Celestial Ascension. Yingzhou is truly terrifying, the women there are like wolves. I will never go there again.”

After listening, Wu Sheng said, “I’m afraid Qinglian suffered even more.”

Pei Yuzhi burst into laughter. “Don’t say that. If you don’t believe me, ask all the female cultivators in the world who suffered more.”

Wu Sheng sighed, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“I also visited Fengqiu Mountain once. It happened to be during the Hundred Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix event. The legends were true. The fragrance of maple blossoms filled the air, and the reflection of the Southern Mountains danced on the sparkling waters. The scene of thousands of birds gathering, with the fiery red maple leaves, was truly beautiful. However, I don’t know if autumn is their mating season, but I saw quite a few birds engaging in rather promiscuous behavior along the way up the mountain.

“It’s truly a decline in morals and customs. I guess it’s because Feng Jin has come into power, and the people are living in misery and decadence, resorting to primal love and romance to numb themselves.”

Wu Sheng, being a monastic, felt both helpless and amused hearing him speak like this. “Alright, that’s enough. Didn’t you encounter Feng Jin on the mountain?”

“I did. Guess what he was doing?”

Wu Sheng became interested. “What?”

“He was selecting concubines.”

Wu Sheng was taken aback.

“Countless beauties in various poses were kneeling in the entire hall. The Elders were worried that he couldn’t make a good choice, so they asked him to take all of them into the palace. I watched from a distance, and Feng Jin’s expression was quite a spectacle. He was smiling, but it looked even more unpleasant than crying.”

Wu Sheng sighed and said, “Considering his temperament, it’s indeed a dilemma for him.”

“Yes, ‘one lifetime, one partner, choosing beauty over kingdom.’ With his damn romantic ideals, he’s truly in a bind.” 

They exchanged a glance and burst into laughter together.

Wu Sheng: “Seeing him in such a pitiful state, I don’t think he would welcome you.”

Pei Yuzhi: “I never thought about being welcomed by him. His welcome would be a disaster.”

Wu Sheng: “What about the Ghost Realm?”

Pei Yuzhi coughed. “I couldn’t enter the Ghost Realm. Before going there, I prepared a gift for Ji Wuduan, a random painting of a beautiful woman that I bought on the mortal realm. Since he loves music, chess, calligraphy, poetry, and wine, I thought he would appreciate it. But unexpectedly, there was a malevolent ghost attached to the painting. I heard it almost frightened Ji Wuduan out of his wits. Can you imagine it? Ji Wuduan ordered the Ten Elders to block my entry into the city. Those who didn’t know would think I was going to slaughter the city in the Ghost Realm.”

Pausing for a moment, Pei Yuzhi reached a conclusion. “He’s truly despicable.”

Wu Sheng: “……”

“When will you reflect upon yourself?”

The evening bell rang at Shijia Temple.

After sharing their experiences along the way, Pei Yuzhi felt a bit tired. He picked up a falling leaf, paused for a moment, and smiled. “Wu Sheng, I think I’m about to break through to Nascent Soul stage. It should happen in the next few days.”

Wu Sheng also smiled and said, “Congratulations.”

Pei Yuzhi looked up, with a smile in his eyes, as he watched the evening sun and the rosy clouds resting on the branches. “So, the next time the Wentian Rankings are announced, I will be the first.”

Wu Sheng was curious and said, “I’ll be waiting for that.”

Pei Jing sat on a tree, looking down.

Looking at Wu Sheng, looking at Pei Yuzhi.

Reflecting on this completely different journey, observing the young man in white, as pure as snow, with a cold temperament.

Lowering his head, he softly called out his name in his heart, “Pei Yuzhi, Pei Yuzhi…” one word at a time, and finally said, “…Chu Junyu.”

How did you become Chu Junyu? Radiance once washed away by blood, and now there is no more brilliance in your eyes.

Pei Yuzhi returned to Yunxiao

Snow fell gently from the sky, marking the arrival of the first snowfall of the year. Accompanied by thunder and night rain, the weather became mysteriously eerie, casting a deep sense of oppression. Pei Jing felt a sense of unease, her heart racing, and she even anticipated something bad.

A faint scent of blood emanated from Tianqian Peak, mingling with the fragrance of grass and trees, creating a chilling and cold atmosphere.

The returning young man in white suddenly looked up, his eyes gleaming like swords and knives, piercing through the darkness, directly towards the direction of the main hall.

He ascended step by step, his hand trembling as he held his sword.

It wasn’t until he stood in front of the main hall of Tianqian Peak and saw the winding trails of blood on the stone steps.

Flowing down layer by layer, mixed with the rainwater.

With a flash of lightning and the serpentine flicker of electricity, the face of the young man turned deathly pale in an instant.

Inside the main hall, Tianya Daoren’s Nascent Soul had dissipated, leaving a large wound in his dantian, from which blood continuously flowed. Not far from him, a bewildered young man sat collapsed, his hands and the corners of his mouth stained with blood, but his gaze was vacant.

In Tianya Daoren’s eyes, there was a profound sorrow. Yunxiao Sect Master, the dignified and ethereal figure, now wore a deeper anguish beneath his anger, feeling his life slipping away inch by inch. His voice trembled, “You… you have finally awakened after all…”

Ji Wuyou’s head throbbed with intense pain as he took a step back. “No, it’s not me, it’s not me!”

Tianya Daoren’s aura grew weaker, and he smiled bitterly, “I thought you couldn’t break through Foundation Establishment due to blocked meridians, so I wanted to help you clear them. I never expected you carried the bloodline of a Celestial Demon. Human cultivation techniques are completely ineffective for you.”

Ji Wuyou continued to retreat. “No, it’s not me.”

Tianya Daoren coughed up a trace of blood and spoke intermittently, “You are destined to cultivate the path with blood, born to be evil. Back then, I should have stopped Yuzhi… It’s my fault, my fault…”

Ji Wuyou had nowhere to retreat, so he crouched down, holding his head in agony, and shouted, “Aaaaah—! Shut up! Don’t say it anymore!”

With a cold and disgusted gaze, Tianya Daoren, caught off guard, suffered the backlash of the demonic power in Ji Wuyou’s body, causing his Nascent Soul to instantly tear apart. After the intense pain, he realized that the son of the Celestial Demon had indeed awakened.

This was a calamity, and the thought of his disciple, who was still unaware of everything outside, weighed heavily on Tianya Daoren. His chest ached, blood trickling from the corner of his lips, his gaze filled with pity, “Back then, your Master went against the opposition of all the Elders to accept you as a disciple, but today you commit such an act. Outsiders say you will become his disgrace. Now, I’m afraid you will become his inner demon.”

Supporting himself with his fingers on the ground, he slowly stood up, his voluminous robe stained with blood, emanating the pressure of a Nascent Soul cultivator, enveloping the entire palace. The fury in Tianya Daoren’s chest gradually turned icy, as he spoke each word with determination, “Even if I die today, I will take you down with me! Your Master should not have such a monstrous disciple like you!”

Ji Wuyou’s fingers trembled, and the rain outside was particularly heavy, chilling his face to the bone.

The young man’s eyes were bloodshot, his expression bewildered and stiff. For a long time, his features contorted into a somewhat innocent yet sinister expression.

He murmured to himself, growing more and more agitated, “You want to kill me? How can I let you kill me? I will become stronger! I will make all those who look down on me kneel before me like dogs!”

His voice trembled, “You’re right, Master hasn’t returned yet. Master hasn’t come back yet…”

He suddenly raised his head, with purplish-black veins appearing in the whites of his eyes, and laughed like a lunatic. “He still knows nothing. When I kill you, he won’t know. Now that your Nascent Soul is gone, you’re nothing but a useless person. I’ll kill you and bury you, and no one will know. Hahaha, no one will know!”

Anger surged on Tianya Daoren’s aged face as he moved forward, using the last of his spiritual power to wield his sword directly at Ji Wuyou.

“Stubborn and unyielding, Ji Wuyou, you—”

However, his words were halted.

A tremendous dark-green light erupted from the mad Ji Wuyou’s body, transforming into a gaping mouth that devoured everything, shattering his sword into pieces.

At the same time, Tianya Daoren felt a sudden darkness before his eyes, accompanied by intense pain in his chest.

When he lowered his head, he saw a hand piercing through his chest, extracting his heart.

Ji Wuyou gripped the heart, completely devoid of reason. “It’s because you insisted on coming. You wanted to invade my dantian, to destroy my dantian—it’s because you insisted on coming!”

Tianya Daoren listened to his hoarse and desperate roar, his eyebrows turning white. He stood there in astonishment, overwhelmed by shock, anger, grief, and resentment, until all emotions faded away.

Blood flowed incessantly, and in his final moments, the Yunxiao Sect Master could only worry…

His Yuzhi, his proud and vibrant disciple… perhaps faced an insurmountable obstacle.

Tianya Daoren died completely.

Ji Wuyou also fell to the ground, consumed by thoughts of killing, a growing hunger in his belly. ʜɪꜱ ᴛʀᴇᴍʙʟɪɴɢ ꜰɪɴɢᴇʀꜱ ᴄʀᴀᴅʟᴇᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ. ᴛʜᴇɴ, ᴅᴇᴠᴏɪᴅ ᴏꜰ ʀᴇᴀꜱᴏɴ, ʜᴇ ᴛᴏᴏᴋ ᴀ ʙɪᴛᴇ. ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ꜱᴘʟᴀᴛᴛᴇʀᴇᴅ ɪɴ ʜɪꜱ ᴍᴏᴜᴛʜ, but he felt a sense of relief and satisfaction that surged through his entire being. The barrier that had always eluded him, the Foundation Establishment Stage, shattered at that moment.

Ji Wuyou’s panic was quickly overshadowed by ecstatic joy.

At that moment, he heard a voice he would never again fear or be terrified by in his lifetime.

Amidst the snowy night, with a sinister aura and swirling dark clouds above, the person behind him spoke with a hoarse voice, devoid of the usual detachment and coldness, each word cutting like a rusty sword.

“Ji Wuyou.”

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