After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Emerging from the Abyss of Ten Thousand Ghosts

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Pei Jing held onto Chu Junyu’s neck and looked up, his eyes shining brightly in the darkness. “Chu Junyu, I really like you.”

Chu Junyu wrapped his arms around Pei Jing’s waist and laughed. “I know.”

Pei Jing also smiled, his tear-streaked face drying in the wind. “After we escaped, let’s join forces and fight against the Heavenly Dao. Will you come back with me to Yunxiao?”

Chu Junyu remained silent, observing him.

Pei Jing tried to persuade him, “Our master and ancestor are still alive, Yunxiao hasn’t fallen, and the Four Champions are still alive. Everything is familiar to you, and they are people you know. Then, you can return to them as my beloved. Let’s treat our past life as a nightmare. Can you do that?”

Chu Junyu let out a laugh, his gaze deep and heavy, his intentions unclear.

He looked down, a cold glint passing through his dark, blood-colored eyes.

It couldn’t be done.

The past couldn’t turn into a nightmare, and the friends of this life didn’t make him nostalgic. Because what belonged to him had long been buried in that snowstorm, leaving no trace behind.

Could it be done?

No, it couldn’t. He answered the question in an extremely cold manner.

However, he remained expressionless, gently placing Pei Jing down. In this illusion, Chu Junyu felt unbelievably gentle.

Afraid of Pei Jing’s sadness and further provocation, Chu Junyu bent down, his chilly voice tinged with a hint of tenderness. “We’ll discuss these matters after we get out of here, alright?”

Pei Jing blinked, obediently nodding.

The two of them moved forward, the stench of blood slowly fading away. Even the howls of the evil spirits gradually ceased. The path beneath their feet was initially muddy, as if stepping on corpses, blood seeping and trickling. But the further they went, the path grew harder.

Then, a cool and clear breeze blew, barely perceptible.

Chu Junyu said, “The Abyss of Ten Thousand Ghosts has a path that leads to the Sea of Reincarnation.”

Pei Jing was startled.

The Abyss of Ten Thousand Ghosts lay beneath Wentian Peak, while the Sea of Reincarnation resided within the inner city of Tianyan City. Even if he flew on his sword, it would take three days and three nights. Covering millions of miles.

He asked in astonishment, “From Canghua to Tianyan City?”

Chu Junyu nodded and said, “The extreme evil in the Abyss of Ten Thousand Demons probably originates from the Sea of Reincarnation.”

Pei Jing asked, “So, when we exit this illusion, we’ll be on the Sea of Reincarnation?”


“That’s great! We can directly charge into the Nine Hidden Demon Realm then.”

He stopped Chu Junyu from destroying the Transient Jade Lotus to open the gates of the Nine Hidden Demon Realm, delaying his killing spree. In truth, he felt a bit guilty about it.

Chu Junyu smiled.

Pei Jing wanted to talk to him and mentioned the events that had occurred earlier, “As soon as I entered the Mirror of Sin, I saw the Heavenly Dao, a madwoman hidden in clouds and white light. Her words were all jumbled, confusing and ambiguous. Despite clearly being angry and having one’s authority undermined, she insisted on speaking in grandiose terms, claiming to create demonic beings to save all beings… She’s quite something.”

When the Heavenly Dao was mentioned, a cold smile played on Chu Junyu’s lips.

Pei Jing said, “I just found out that the Heavenly Dao created Ji Wuyou to sever the Heavenly Ladder. Severing the Heavenly Ladder means cutting off the source of spiritual power in this world and completely eradicating cultivators. Without cultivation resources being introduced or consumed, her pursuit of ‘balance’ is better described as her own supreme authority.

“I’ve encountered the Goddess of Yingzhou, who told me that the Heavenly Dao is heartless. But I feel that the madwoman no longer deserves to be called Heavenly Dao. She’s more like a bug in this world.”

When Chu Junyu heard the word “bug,” he paused briefly and then casually said, “She’s just a lunatic.”

Pei Jing initially wanted to explain the term “bug” subconsciously, but then suddenly realized that there was no need to explain it at all.

Chu Junyu understood him to an unbelievable extent.

The feeling was so strange.

Pei Jing reminisced for a moment and then burst into laughter for no reason.

However, he quickly reacted, “Wait, if you understand me so well, does that mean you witnessed many of my embarrassing moments in the past?”

Chu Junyu casually pondered, and it wasn’t a pleasant memory that came to mind. He barely tugged at the corner of his lips and said, “No, I did witness you attracting quite a bit of attention.”

During the grand competition at Yinghui Peak, you went on stage holding a sign, only seeking for one defeat. For a year at Shangyang Peak, you made everyone grind their teeth in frustration with your strength. Everywhere you went, you were arrogantly and wildly captivating, simultaneously infuriating and amusing.

Pei Jing felt somewhat embarrassed, thinking he should feel awkward, but he simply couldn’t muster up the embarrassment.

He could only say, “Ah, really? Well, I guess it’s alright. I’ve been quite low-key in the Outer Peaks.”

“How do you define ‘low-key’ when you can take on five opponents at once?”

Pei Jing: “……”

It reminded him of that time when they formed a team to go to the Yunlan Mountain Range. Chu Junyu had pulled him aside, turned back, and said those words specifically to provoke the group.

However, it was true that he could take on five opponents at once. Not just five, he could handle five hundred or even five thousand.

Chu Junyu smiled and calmly said, “You even told me that you were highly popular in your village and sought after in the previous academy you attended.”

Pei Jing remained speechless. Yes, at that time, in order to become Chu Junyu’s unilaterally recognized “Blood Brother,” Pei Jing had created a persona for himself as a handsome and well-liked young man from the mountains.

Chu Junyu half-smiled and said, “Were you highly sought after at the Institute of Celestial Ascension?”

Pei Jing: “……”

He couldn’t deceive Chu Junyu at all.

Who was he kidding? He was practically chased and beaten by everyone at the Institute of Celestial Ascension.

Pei Jing said, “Alright, you don’t have to mention——”

The last word got stuck in his throat, and he halted his steps.

He stood rooted to the spot, scalp tingling, gazing ahead.

Near the exit of the illusion realm, which was also the exit of the Abyss of Ten Thousand Ghosts, a faint glimmer of weak light emerged. It was dim, but in this pitch-black hell, it still revealed a glimpse of ghastliness.

At the exit, there stood a mountain of serpents. It was colorful and densely packed. A single glance made Pei Jing’s legs almost give way, and his eyes nearly bulge out.

However, Pei Jing’s current state of mind was quite complicated. Under normal circumstances, he would have turned around and bid farewell, or at the very least, he would have closed his eyes and passed through.

But the thought of Chu Junyu being by his side…

The thought that Chu Junyu once shared the same fear as him.

This fear now spawned a lingering ache in his heart.

Pei Jing’s immediate reaction was to pull Chu Junyu, who was walking ahead of him, behind him and forcefully suppress his fear as he said, “Close your eyes, don’t be afraid. I’ll lead you through.”

As Chu Junyu felt his hand being held and pulled back, he paused for a moment. Upon hearing those words, he finally couldn’t contain his laughter in the darkness.

He stood behind Pei Jing, raising his arm, and the wide black sleeve fluttered with a faint, cool fragrance, dispersing the scent of blood.

An icy cold hand covered Pei Jing’s eyes.

Pei Jing’s body stiffened.

Chu Junyu whispered in his ear, “Take three steps to the left.”

Pei Jing: “……”

They walked out of the Abyss of Ten Thousand Ghosts, out of the hellish realm, and out of the illusion.

When he opened his eyes again, all he saw was a vast expanse of an immortal sea. It had a deep blue, almost black color, stretching endlessly, devoid of life and filled with a heavy sense of lifelessness. Its name was “Sea of Reincarnation.”

They were standing on a hidden reef.

Pei Jing felt the damp, salty breeze brushing against his face, feeling a bit dazed. Seeing light suddenly emerge from the endless darkness always felt surreal.

Perhaps he should really be grateful to Chu Junyu.

If it weren’t for him accompanying him inside, if it weren’t for his gentleness and patience, Pei Jing believed that he wouldn’t have been able to walk out of the illusion realm with such ease as he did now.

Having witnessed cruel and despairing memories—finally understanding the meaning behind the words of the Goddess of Yingzhou, the lack of benevolence—he developed a deep hatred towards the Heavenly Dao. To execute the Heavens and punish the Dao became his most urgent and genuine desire.


The seawater crashed against the rocks, splashing onto his robes, chilling him to the bone.

Pei Jing softly said, “Wuhen…”

Free from resentment.

How could there be no resentment when you know about his past?

The woman standing in the shimmering white light, her voice gentle yet chilling.

Pei Jing tightly gripped the Cloud Slayer Sword.

Just as he suddenly awakened and felt his entire body stiffen, a voice of astonishment echoed from not far away.

“You’re still alive?”

Pei Jing looked ahead.

He saw a boat, and on the boat were Blood Spider Mother and the other two, their expressions complex as they gazed at them.

After emerging from the Mirror of Sin Hell, the Blood Spider Mother and the others had waited for a long time but didn’t see the green-clad young girl and Pei Jing.

They thought they were weak and cowardly, lost in the Mirror of Sin Hell and killed.

The three of them sneered in their hearts, leaving first and finding a boat. They followed the river downstream, passing through the Mountain of Blades, Boiling Oil Pots and the Eighteenth Level of Hell, exiting the forest, and merging with the sea along that river. This was probably the Sea of Reincarnation—the place they had to pass through to reach the inner city and exchange goods with the Elder of the inner city.

At this point, everyone was unwilling to cause any more trouble. On the same boat, they all harbored their own ulterior motives and didn’t make a move. Upon seeing Pei Jing and Chu Junyu, the three of them maintained a cold and stern expression for a long time. The Blood Spider Mother’s mind churned with thoughts, her eyes narrowing slightly as she asked, “Are you also heading to the inner city?”

The Blood Spider Mother’s words snapped Pei Jing back to reality. His heart calmed, suppressing his emotions—

After all, now it was crucial to eradicate the Demon Clan.

He smiled and said, “Yes, Auntie, could you give us a ride?”

Blood Spider Mother: “……”


Whether she liked it or not, in the end, Pei Jing still pulled Chu Junyu onto the boat.

The lone boat drifted on the sea, silently flowing in one direction—the inner city of Tianyan City.

Qin Qianhuan descended from Ji Wuyou’s shoulder, transforming into the appearance of a young girl. She wore a pale yellow dress with a sky-blue belt, and her skirt was covered with scattered flower patterns on a thin veil. She wore a mask on her face, with beautiful almond-shaped eyes and crimson lips. Her long hair cascaded down to her waist, and she had a string of black, white, red, and green beads on her wrist.

The most un-Buddha-like Buddha walked through the remote village, exuding an enchanting allure that sent shivers down people’s spines.

Ji Wuyou concealed his face under his hood, unwilling to listen to anything she had to say.

Qin Qianhuan glanced around and smiled. “Is this where you grew up?”

Ji Wuyou remained silent.

As twilight settled and smoke rose from the chimneys, the village came alive with playful children, barking dogs, crowing roosters, and shepherds returning with their flutes. The earthly hustle and bustle were tranquil and beautiful.

Qin Qianhuan’s face, hidden behind her mask, must have been smiling as she said, “It’s quite interesting. Guess how many people still remember you now? How about we play a game?”

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