After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Palace

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The whirlpool appeared out of nowhere, engulfing the sea’s surface with a dense black mist. As the ship sailed into the Sea of Reincarnation, it didn’t sink underwater but instead descended into a thick, viscous substance. Everything turned pitch black, devoid of any light. A sudden jolt struck their chests, causing a dull ache.

During the descent, the ship succumbed to the water pressure at a certain point, cracking apart and separating the people aboard.

The Blood Spider Mother and the other two paused, their expressions briefly freezing. They didn’t struggle any longer and let the water carry them downward.

With each passing moment, they drew closer to the seabed, where a faint barrier seemed to shimmer in and out of sight.

Finally, an underwater palace materialized before their eyes, its grand doors wide open, resembling a patient sea monster awaiting its unwitting prey.

In the distance, the palace revealed black walls adorned with golden tiles, and dragon-like creatures perched atop the eaves, their bodies contorted and menacing.

Inside the palace, four colossal pillars stood tall and unwavering.

Dim light emanated from the edge of the barrier, casting its glow into the palace. But it only illuminated the steps, creating elongated shadows that reached into the abyss of darkness.

Pei Jing felt a surge of nervousness upon catching sight of the palace.

The Execution Sword in his hand felt strange, as a freezing coldness traveled through its hilt, chilling him to the bone.

The trembling Execution Sword conveyed an odd sensation to him.

Pei Jing remained unsure whether it was good or bad.

He frowned, pondering the true nature of this palace.

The four of them landed on a thin, pure white barrier, barely perceptible, with darkness still shrouding the depths below.

The palace stood tall before them, engulfing all light, an eternal presence.

The Blood Spider Mother, her purple gown flowing to the ground, smiled—a grimace that showcased half her face corroded by poison. “At last, I get to lay my eyes on it.”

The twins narrowed their eyes. “Is this the fabled Huanyuan Palace?”

Pei Jing surveyed his surroundings and noticed the absence of surprise on anyone’s face.

Was he the only one unaware of this place’s true nature?

The Blood Spider Mother took the lead, her hand supporting the scar on her face. With a cold smirk, she pressed forward. “After all these years, I can finally break free from this burden.”

The twins, reaching back to touch the back of their heads, couldn’t help but release a bloodied grin. “You were always inferior to me. Haha, hahaha.” Their laughter grew louder, a mix of endless resentment and triumph. Bending their bodies, they moved forward in a contorted manner.

In contrast, the middle-aged cultivator seemed less eager, as if patiently waiting for Pei Jing and the others to proceed first.

Pei Jing paid close attention to the twins’ words and asked, “Huanyuan Palace, as the name suggests, is it a place where people’s wishes come true?”

Could something so good actually exist?

Chu Junyu smiled and calmly responded, “That’s just a name outsiders gave it. What do they offer in exchange when making a pact with the Celestial Demon?”

Pei Jing’s heart skipped a beat.

He asked again, “Does this place directly connect to the Nine Hidden Demon Realm?”

Chu Junyu questioned, “How do you envision the Nine Hidden Demon Realm?”

Pei Jing hesitated, as his imagination depicted the Nine Hidden Demon Realm as a hellish realm—complete with cities, blood rivers, and countless spirits—a place inhabited by those who opposed the righteous path. After pondering for a while, Pei Jing admitted, “Perhaps my assumptions were wrong.”

Chu Junyu smiled. “Perhaps, this is already the Nine Hidden Demon Realm.”


Chu Junyu offered no response. He held his hand and walked toward the palace.

Stepping inside the hall, they instantly felt the world turned upside down. There was no trace of spiritual energy in the air, only an eerie and oppressive force, its origin unknown. On the stone pillars flanking the palace doors, reliefs depicted the birth of the Celestial Demon Clan.

Pei Jing observed carefully.

Among the pillars near the entrance, one depicted a raging inferno with a faint figure emerging from the void. Another showcased a sword thrust into a lake, radiating blinding brilliance. The third pillar portrayed ten thousand hands struggling in darkness, attempting to escape. The fourth depicted the birth of a baby on a pool, surrounded by a multitude of demons.

Pei Jing thought, “That must be Ji Wuyou.”

The Blood Spider Mother and the twins entered one after another, disappearing into the darkness. Soon, complete silence enveloped the surroundings.

Pei Jing asked him, “Should we go in?”

Chu Junyu glanced at him and replied with a question, “If I ask you to wait here, will you listen?”

Unable to respond, Pei Jing laughed, “…haha.”

Chu Junyu looked up, his blood-red eyes glancing skyward, a fleeting expression of gloom and obscurity passing through.

With silver hair cascading over a black robe, emanating an icy and menacing aura, he blended seamlessly with the ambiance of the palace.

“If you encounter an Elder of the Celestial Demon Clan, refrain from acting rashly and wait for me to find you.”

Pei Jing nodded, “Alright.”

He furrowed his brow, “Will we be separated then?”

Chu Junyu paused, not answering.

Each relief on the pillars seemed to possess a faint golden glow.

In the darkness, those patterns appeared immensely sacred.

The birth of the Heavenly Dao, the blood-forged Execution Sword, the awakening of myriad demons, and the birth of a demonic child.

Taking a step forward, a cacophony of noise filled his ears, initially unnoticed by Pei Jing.

However, in the moment he paid no attention, a sudden buzzing sound pierced through his eardrums, causing blood to trickle from his ears.

Pei Jing: “……”

Was he going deaf? Slowly reaching to touch, Pei Jing discovered that it wasn’t just his ears. His eyes, nose, and mouth seemed to be bleeding as well.

Bleeding from all seven orifices?

In the darkness, Chu Junyu reached out his hand and drew something on his forehead, causing the oppressive influence to immediately diminish. Chu Junyu furrowed his brow and said, “You are not an evil person. This place rejects you.”

Pei Jing was taken aback.

Ahead of them was a door, a door of dark bloody color at the end of the path.

Pei Jing frowned and asked, “Is crossing that door the way to the Nine Hidden Demon Realm?”


“Huh? Then what is it? Ah!” He suddenly felt the excruciating pain piercing his ears intensify, and his sea of consciousness churned.

Chu Junyu reached out and covered his ears with his hands.

The pain in Pei Jing’s body also eased with his touch.

Subconsciously, Pei Jing grabbed hold of his sleeve.

Before the door, Chu Junyu stopped and unexpectedly kissed his forehead.

Pei Jing froze, sensing a foreboding feeling. Chu Junyu’s icy-cold hand gripped his wrist, breaking free from his grasp.

With his other hand, Chu Junyu gently pushed against his back, guiding him into the door.

Pei Jing turned around in astonishment.

However, all he saw was the red light shining on the face of the young man around the door. His silver hair was pale, and his eyes were blood-red.

Chu Junyu remained composed and calmly said, “Wait for me.”

Pei Jing’s eyes widened. He reached out his hand, wanting to grab hold of his clothes. But he was already being inexplicably pulled inward by the mysterious force behind the door. “Chu Junyu!”

But the silver-haired young man merely glanced at him, seemingly smiled, and then without any mercy, turned around and left.

Pei Jing muttered, “Damn it!”


Yu Qinglian finished her seclusion early this time.

It was because at a certain moment, all the bells on her wrist suddenly rang.

The sound was crisp and faintly echoed within the secret chamber.

Yu Qinglian abruptly opened her eyes, her expression becoming solemn. She descended from the stone platform and left the secret chamber.

The maid waiting outside the door stammered, “Mi-mi-miss, why did you come out so soon?”

Yu Qinglian’s expression in the dim light was serious as she said, “Don’t spread this outside.”

The maid was frightened and nodded stiffly.

Yu Qinglian walked through a hidden passage in the Yingzhou Palace.

Holding a lantern in her hand, she lifted her dress and walked out of the pitch-black corridor. Outside, there was a vast bamboo forest.

The green leaves resembled waves, and the tall and elegant bamboo stalks bathed in the moonlight, emitting a radiant white glow. A small stream meandered along the bamboo, resembling green silk flowing around jade, with a clear and enchanting sound. As she stepped barefoot onto this pure land, the golden bells on her wrist finally stopped ringing. It seemed that someone deep within the bamboo forest was calling out to her. Her crimson robes brushed against the lush grass, and Yu Qinglian saw the place where her mother used to kneel and worship while holding her when she was a child.

The forbidden area of the palace was also the heart of Yingzhou.

At the end of the stream was a lake, and on the lake, there was an illusion of a lotus flower. When she last saw it, it was still a small bud, but tonight, it took shape under the moonlight. Each petal was pure white and flawless, with a cold gleam. Yu Qinglian froze in place as she stood by the edge of the pond.

The forest became silent, and the vegetation was tranquil.

The radiance of the Transient Jade Lotus nurtured the heavens and the earth, intricately outlining the form of a person.

The garment was pale white, tinged with a hint of blue, just like the night sky.

With her black hair cascading down to her waist, the Goddess who awoke on the surface of the pond silently gazed, her blue and green eyes revealing the wisdom accumulated from observing generations for millions of years.

Yu Qinglian stared at the figure, her eyes resembling her own. She was so nervous that she almost lost her soul. “Goddess… Are you awake?”

The ancestral spirit that had been slumbering within the Yingzhou Imperial Palace for thousands of years awakened at this moment.

The Goddess of Yingzhou remained calm. Upon hearing Yu Qinglian’s words, she smiled and softly asked, without answering directly, “Are you the current Island Lord of Yingzhou?”

Yu Qinglian paused for a moment, then nodded.

The Goddess of Yingzhou spoke gently, “Good child, I haven’t awakened. This is only my soul that I left in Yingzhou thousands of years ago. In fact, I don’t even know where I am now.”

Yu Qinglian spoke in a daze, “Then, you…”

The Goddess of Yingzhou looked into a distant direction and softly said, “I will awaken for only one reason: if something happens to the true form of the Transient Jade Lotus. I slept outside the realm of the Celestial Demons precisely to seal them. Now, if the Transient Jade Lotus has been disturbed, it won’t be long before the Gates of the Nine Hidden Demon Realm open. My awakening and calling you here are meant to convey one thing.”

Yu Qinglian’s heart tightened as she said, “Ancestor, please tell me.”

The Goddess of Yingzhou spoke, “After my disappearance, this lotus will wither, leaving behind a single green pearl. I left it behind to prevent the events of today. You, being my descendant, can consume it and inherit one-third of my divine power. As the Island Lord of Yingzhou, you must rise during this chaotic time of the awakening of the Celestial Demons.”

Yu Qinglian’s eyed widened.

The Goddess of Yingzhou continued, “With one-third of my power, go to Canghua and seek out the descendant of the Sword Sovereign, the master of the Execution Sword. Thousands of years ago, we, a group of deities, could only perish together with the Lord of the Celestial Demons. After the waning of spiritual power over the millennia, you will be even more powerless.

“I know that the Heavenly Dao will rise again, but fortunately in this unfortunate situation, the Execution Sword is in our hands. And that disciple of Yunxiao is our last hope.”

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