After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 118 Part 3

Chapter 118.3 The Celestial Demon’s Return (2)

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Chu Junyu: “I could have killed all of you long ago. I kept you alive until now because I wanted to see what surprises you fools from the Demon Clan would bring me.”

The silver-haired young man in the black robe spoke with a tone as indifferent as the light surrounding him.

Each word entered the Elder’s ears like needles, stirring his mind and drawing blood. The piercing pain subverted everything with its crimson intensity.

Chu Junyu exuded an aloof and indifferent temperament. He lowered his gaze and smiled faintly, but his smile was cold and bloodthirsty.

“You didn’t disappoint me either.”

The Elder now looked at Chu Junyu as if he were a madman, a stranger. A profound fear welled up within him.

Chu Junyu shattered his Nascent Soul, his slender fingers pressing against his forehead.

A faint memory emerged.

They silently gazed at each other.

After a long while, Chu Junyu laughed soundlessly.


A rainy night.

Tianya Daoren remembered the words of the senior at the Institute of Celestial Ascension. He didn’t dare to truly harm Ji Wuyou, even though he was infuriated to the point of losing his sanity. For now, he planned to destroy Ji Wuyou’s spiritual roots and then imprison him in Yunxiao’s Zuowang Peak, where sinners were punished.

With a wave of his sleeve, Tianya Daoren unsheathed the Changhong Sword, which had not been revealed to the world for centuries. Its sword intent commanded the submission of all the beasts in the wilderness.

The oppressive aura of the Nascent Soul master alone made Ji Wuyou extremely uncomfortable. His face turned deathly pale. Now, seeing Tianya Daoren draw his sword, his mind went blank. The icy rainwater streamed down his face, and he felt his helplessness and insignificance. The same kind of humble anger that he had experienced in Zhonglian Village and Xuanyun Peak surged inside him again. Why? Why was it so difficult for him to merely live? So difficult!

Ji Wuyou’s eyes turned a bloody purple color. Without hesitation, he yearned to seek Qin Qianhuan. He tremblingly reached out his hand, but there was still a distance of two meters between them. Qin Qianhuan stood there quietly, seemingly smiling but not smiling, as he looked at Ji Wuyou.

Ji Wuyou gritted his teeth, immobilized under the oppressive aura. He crawled in the muddy ground, reaching out to grasp Qin Qianhuan’s dress, his voice pleading in agony, “Save me… I beg you… save me…”

Qin Qianhuan leaned down, emitting a faint scent of sandalwood.

The rain washed the brilliance of the relic on her wrist.

Her bright yellow dress shimmered like apricot blossoms, and at this moment, her red lips curved into a smile. “Quite interesting.”

She hadn’t forgotten how resistant and disgusted Ji Wuyou was towards her before.

But now, he clung to her dress like a dog, begging for his life.

The indulgence and haughtiness ingrained in her as a young lady, how could she let him off easily?

Qin Qianhuan said, “I’ll save you, but what will you give me in return?”

Ji Wuyou naturally feared her. “Once I inherit the power, I’ll give you anything you want. Save me… I beg you… save me…”

Qin Qianhuan raised her finger, pondered for a moment, and smiled. “Alright, I’ll save you. When you awaken, help me destroy the Hall of Rebirth in Shijia Temple.”

Ji Wuyou’s consciousness was unclear, and he couldn’t even clearly hear the words “Hall of Rebirth.” He mumbled, “I promise you, I promise you… save me…”

Tianya Daoren, suspended in the air, only saw Ji Wuyou prostrate on the ground, his hand raised in a pleading gesture as if speaking to someone. His heart sank, and without any hesitation, he swung his sword even more resolutely. His sword pierced through the air like a rainbow, carrying immense sword intent, intending to pierce through Ji Wuyou’s physical body and directly strike his dantian. However, halfway through, someone calmly caught the sword in mid-air.

Tianya Daoren’s eyes widened in astonishment.

In the pitch-black night, amidst the dark rain, a figure gradually emerged from the void. Dressed in apricot-yellow garments, she had the appearance of a young girl. She extended her hand, and in the air materialized… an emblem of Buddha!

The emblem of Buddha, crimson in color, blocked all of his attacks.

Tianya Daoren’s eyes contracted, but he first took notice of the mask on her temple.

As one of the few formidable experts of his time, he naturally possessed extensive knowledge and information.

This included the events that took place in Tianyan City. Upon seeing the mask, he couldn’t contain his anger any longer. “The Thousand-Faced Woman?!!! Ji Wuyou, you’ve actually colluded with such a wicked person!”

Qin Qianhuan smiled faintly. “The renowned Yunxiao Sect Master can’t keep his composure?”

Her face constantly changed, alternating between an old person and a child, between men and women, all laughing coldly.

With countless voices, she said, “What kind of wicked person am I?”

Tianya Daoren’s guard was now fully raised.

He didn’t know if the Thousand-Faced Woman was currently at her peak, but today he would undoubtedly engage in a battle with her.

To Qin Qianhuan, killing was as mundane and casual as plucking a flower by the roadside.

She laughed and said, “Your disciple has shattered two of my faces in a row. With someone protecting him, I couldn’t retaliate. Shouldn’t I hold you accountable?”

She removed the relic from her wrist, and a dense array of Sanskrit characters appeared beneath her feet. Originally golden, they were now stained a vivid crimson.

Raindrops fell to the ground, causing a mist to rise. Behind her emerged a woman in a long, red garment, with floor-length hair. The ponderous woman resembled a monstrous figure, lifting her face which lacked any discernible features.

Scattered all over were a multitude of distorted faces pressed closely together. They appeared repulsive and malevolent, sending shivers down one’s spine.

Within the Hall of Rebirth, where compassion once resided, now stood the Thousand-Faced Buddha—a harmonious display of ten thousand smiling faces, orderly arranged. No one could have imagined it would transform into its current state.

Qin Qianhuan stood in the shadow of the red-clothed monster, smiling playfully. “According to seniority, you should address me respectfully. So, this doesn’t count as disrespecting the elderly.”

The monster behind her, its feet planted firmly on the ground, caused the mountains and rivers to tremble.

In truth, everyone in the village had already been awakened, but no one dared to open their eyes.

Tianya Daoren’s expression grew solemn.

The red-clothed monster was covered entirely in faces, each one contorted in fear, moaning, whimpering, and screaming—a symbol of extreme malevolence in the mortal realm.

Malice assailed him, and Tianya Daoren felt a piercing pain in his sea of consciousness.

The red-clothed monster’s hair scattered in all directions, resembling serpents. Each face on its head opened wide mouths, lunging towards Tianya Daoren, seeking to devour him.

He raised his Changhong Sword and swung it, only to feel the sword intent feeble and insignificant—before the ancient gods and buddhas, it was utterly powerless.

It merely managed to sever a small strand of the red-clothed monster’s hair.

In the distance, Qin Qianhuan closed her eyes and reached out, catching a falling strand of hair beside her ear, wearing a faint, cold smile.

“I am not that foolish Queen Mother of the West. I have spent so long nurturing myself by the side of the son of the Demon Lord. I am now at the peak of my power and no longer in Yunxiao. How could you possibly be my match? Die!”

The hair in her hand shattered into pieces.

The red-clothed monster instantly flew into a rage, resembling a ferocious beast, its colossal form pouncing at Tianya Daoren—despite being a powerful cultivator in the late stage of Nascent Soul, he seemed helpless. His robes fluttered in the wind as Tianya Daoren remained silent, lifting his head, his white hair and beard billowing. All he could see was this three-meter-tall woman with a multitude of faces, a manifestation of the deepest and most despairing malice of humanity, mingled with the cold rain of the night. Having lived for so many years, Tianya Daoren was not easily frightened or thrown off balance. But gripping his sword, he was prepared to unleash the power of his Nascent Soul.

However, with a thud.

From an unknown source, a faint sound of a Buddhist staff striking the ground echoed. Though subtle, layers of sacred golden light spread across the earth, soothing all trembling beings under the influence of evil. The red-clothed monster froze in place, then tilted its head back and let out a mighty roar, taking a step back.

Qin Qianhuan also staggered backward, but her gaze remained icy and unwavering.

She looked ahead.

Breaking through the darkness of the dense mountains and enduring the torment of heavy rain, a monk approached, wielding a golden Buddhist staff. He radiated a divine aura, like a beam of light from heaven and earth.

Qin Qianhuan gradually regained her composure and spoke two words through her gritted teeth, “Lamp-lighting Buddha.”

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