After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Regret

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Pei Jing had been at Yinghui Peak for a few days. He effortlessly blended in, portraying the image of a disliked boy who quietly entered from the backstage.

On this occasion, when he stepped into the realm, he didn’t encounter many challenges. It could be because his opponents were too inexperienced and he possessed great strength.

On a typical morning, the Elder stood before the school, imparting knowledge about herbs. He discussed the marvels of rare plants and the secrets of extraordinary potions.

Filled with boredom, Pei Jing lowered his head and rested it on the table. He passed the time by skillfully folding a thousand origami cranes with a single sheet of paper.

With a handful of miniature origami cranes, Pei Jing was startled when Elder Cao’s voice resonated slowly, “You have been a part of Yunxiao for five days now. During this time, you should have grasped the basics of the cultivation realm. Normally, according to Yinghui Peak’s customs, we would embark on a journey for practical training in the days to come. However, there are pressing matters within our peak that demand my presence. Hence, I have decided to alter the customary routine slightly.”

“Are we allowed to descend the mountain?” A group of disciples instantly perked up, their eyes gleaming with excitement.

Ignoring their joyful gazes, Elder Cao carried on, “The destination for this training is the Yunlan Mountain Range. It’s a place of significant distance but still within reach. I will assign a few Senior Brothers to ensure your safety and give you tasks to accomplish. You will be grouped into teams of five, and you must looked out for one another. In two weeks’ time, I will evaluate what you have gained.”

Pei Jing was startled and lifted his head. The Yunlan Mountain Range—finally, it wouldn’t be a mere triviality. This mountain range had stood for thousands of years, concealing formidable demonic beasts within its depths. However, as a training ground, they would probably only venture into the outskirts.

Elder Cao coughed, halting the clamor. As the crowd settled, Elder Cao swept his dusting cloth and began speaking slowly, “The world beyond the mountain might not be unknown to you, but this time, you shall descend with a completely transformed identity. Previously, you were ordinary folks, the feeble. However, now you are cultivators, disciples of Yunxiao. You are embarking on this descent with the duty to slay demons and uphold worldly order. Do you understand?”

The disciples echoed in unison, “We understand!”

Elder Cao instructed, “Pack your belongings. We’ll set off this afternoon.”

After comprehending the rules clearly, Pei Jing took the initiative to approach Chu Junyu. He warmly extended an invitation, saying, “How about the two of us teaming up?”

Seated in his place, Chu Junyu, wearing a blue and white robe with a white jade crown, gave him a cold glance.

Following Pei Jing, a surge of people rushed over, eagerly vying to recruit Chu Junyu, all speaking at once.

“Brother Chu, why not join us? We only need one more person to complete our team of five.”

“Brother Jun, look at us. Our team consists of four cultivators at the seventh level of Qi Gathering. If you join our team, we’ll become even stronger.”

The other brothers behind him enthusiastically shouted in agreement.

“Brother Chu, don’t pay attention to their baseless claims. So what if they are at the seventh level of Qi Gathering? Their combat skills are lacking, they will surely struggle against demonic beasts!”

“Brother! I was with you during the first round of Yunxiao selection. Do you still remember?”

“Brother, brother, brother…”

Swallowed up by the crowd, Pei Jing, who had swiftly moved away from the central area, felt his mouth twitch. What nonsense they were spouting, like a hen laying eggs.

Pushing through the crowd, Pei Jing emerged and stood in front of Chu Junyu. He turned around to face the others and declared, “Can you all evaporate? We’ve already said that Chu Junyu and I will be a team, and the two of us are sufficient!”

“Step aside, what concern is it of yours!” The others glared fiercely at him, unable to fathom why someone with connections was being so conceited.

In that moment, Chu Junyu stood up. The crowd’s eyes instantly brightened, paying no attention to Pei Jing as they eagerly awaited Chu Junyu’s decision. Ignoring everyone, Chu Junyu grabbed Pei Jing and started walking away.

Everyone: “…”

As he was being led away, Pei Jing couldn’t help but feel a mix of amusement and exasperation. His first reaction was to turn around and make a funny face at the bewildered crowd. Then, with a cheerful smile and a playful wave of his hand, he proudly said, “Do you know why he chose me?”

Amidst the crowd’s hostile glares, he smirked with a meaningful look. “Because I can handle all five of them on my own.”

Everyone: “…”

They were too enraged to say a word.

“If you can handle all five of them on your own, then you don’t need a teammate. So why don’t you give Chu Junyu to us!”

As they walked out of the academy, Pei Jing’s arrogance diminished. On their way back to Xiuya Courtyard, a smile played at the corners of his lips as he discreetly glanced at Chu Junyu.

The more he pondered, the more he felt that this boy had performed admirably today.

The path grew narrow, with dew clinging to the surrounding grass and trees.

Pei Jing remembered the stack of small origami cranes tucked in his sleeve.

He tightly gripped them in his hand, forming a fist, and then presented it to Chu Junyu, “How about I perform a magic trick for you?”

Chu Junyu glanced down at the hand for a moment, then turned away. “I don’t want it.”

Pei Jing spread open his five fingers and declared, “Even if you don’t want to watch, you still have to.”

In the instant his five fingers opened, a radiant burst of white light emanated from his palm.

The origami cranes folded from paper seemed to possess a life of their own, their wings gleaming with a silver radiance as they scattered into the air.

Amidst the misty mountain woods, where layers of faint sunlight filtered through, they transformed into flowing streams of light, creating mesmerizing illusions. The sight was incomparably beautiful.

Chu Junyu’s gaze remained cold and detached as he observed everything before him.

Pei Jing laughed and remarked, “Isn’t it captivating?”

Chu Junyu offered no response but extended his hand. His fingers were pale, lacking any trace of color, long and rigid.

Finally, one of the origami cranes landed gracefully on his fingertips.

Pei Jing chuckled and said, “Tell me the truth, deep down, have you actually come to regard me as a friend? Otherwise, why would you have chosen me today?”

Chu Junyu tilted his head slightly.

The boy had a habit of tying his hair with a grass rope. His eyes were slightly rounded, with large pupils that gave him a particularly warm and refreshing aura when he smiled. Each of his smiles was like a rainfall, pure and bright, just like the early morning.

“Am I right? Hehe, don’t be shy. It’s not embarrassing to be friends with me! I’ve always been popular in our village since I was young. I had a group of people chasing after me every day.” Though they were chasing me to give me a beating.

Chu Junyu smiled, and the origami crane resting on his fingertips instantly turned into tiny ash particles. Silver fragments floated in the air, suspended bit by bit.

He cast his eyes downward and said, “You will regret it.”

Pei Jing was momentarily stunned and asked, “Regret what?”

Chu Junyu smiled at him, and it appeared that his perpetually cold expression was merely a means to suppress something deep inside.

In that fleeting smile, Pei Jing once again felt the danger he had initially sensed when he first laid eyes on Chu Junyu.

The pale-colored eyes shattered like fragments of glass, concealing a tumultuous battle between ferocity and bloodlust beneath the cold facade.
Leaning closer, he said, “Regret drawing near to me, getting close to me”… even permitting my entrance.

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