After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Been waiting for you for a long time

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The path on Wuwang Peak was dangerous, especially the narrow section covered in slippery slopes near a cliff. One could easily fall and get seriously hurt. There were thick cypress trees growing on the steep cliff, blocking the view and making it harder to walk.

Pei Jing lifted the branches with his hand and crawled through. He looked around and said, “When I came here before, the path wasn’t this difficult. How long has it been since someone came?”

Wu Sheng used his staff to check the path and smiled, “There aren’t many idle people around here, after all.”

Pei Jing quickly understood and looked at the group of nervous young people ahead. He laughed, realizing belatedly, “They must be quite idle.”

Most of the young people were at the Foundation Establishment Stage, just starting to learn sword control. Flying in the air was still a distant skill, as falling would be extremely dangerous.

They looked tense and careful, taking each step with caution. But the mountain path was tricky, and someone accidentally missed a turn, crashing into a cypress tree between the cliffs. They lost their footing and fell straight down.

The young person let out a desperate and terrified scream.

The people ahead turned back, eyes wide open, and shouted his name but didn’t know what to do.

Pei Jing was behind and shook his head with a smile, “Troublesome.”

He waved his sleeves, and the flower leaves solidified into a rope, transforming into a dragon that quickly rushed down, wrapping around the waist of the falling youth and pulling him up from the edge of danger. The young man returned to the path, but his legs felt weak, and he knelt down.

The rest of the onlookers were stunned, looking up in amazement at the two youths emerging from the clouds.

One wore a golden-white monk’s robe with a cloth covering his eyes. The other wore a gray-brown cold garment with a grass rope tying his hair. The former appeared kind and gentle, while the latter was carefree and bright.

The young men were shocked, with a name on the tip of their tongues, but they couldn’t believe it.

Wu Sheng, being a monk, stepped forward and extended his slender hand to help the young man sitting on the ground. He spoke softly, “Wuwang Peak was once a dangerous place, and it’s still haunted. You’re only at the Foundation Establishment Stage. It’s risky to stay here. Don’t go any further. Descend the mountain.”

The young man on the ground was terrified, his face smeared with tears and snot. “Thank you, thank you, kind person. Thank you for saving my life.”

The other young men stood still, stunned and unable to speak.

The sound of wind and clouds served as the background. After hesitating for a while, the leader gathered courage and asked, “Who are the two esteemed Seniors?” Although they had suspicions, they didn’t dare to conclude. People like that could bring unexpected encounters.

Pei Jing released her grip on the flower leaves, smiled, and said, “Stop thinking. We’re not the two people you’re thinking of.”

The young man stood awkwardly in place, “Uh.”

Wu Sheng shook his head but smiled without saying a word.

Pei Jing glanced up and down at them, her smile carrying a hint of teasing, “I guess you’re not disciples of Yunxiao. Why do you all have this appearance?”

Several young men instantly blushed, but the leader remained composed.

They stepped forward, bowed and explained their purpose and journey.

“We are disciples of Yunyin Sect in Yunzhong City. We have come to Wuwang Peak under the orders of our Sect Master to exterminate demons.”

Pei Jing became interested and lazily remarked, “Exterminate demons on Wuwang Peak? Are you kidding me? The demons on Wuwang Peak are not something you bunch of inexperienced youngsters can handle. I have to say, have you offended the Sect Master or something?”

The leader’s face turned red and pale, bowing his head, “Respected Senior, you’re not aware of the situation. Since the massacre by Pei Yuzhi, there are only a few demons left on the mountain. Most of them are corrupted flowers, plants, and beasts contaminated by demonic energy, causing trouble for the people at the foot of the mountain. They are not difficult to deal with.”

Pei Jing chuckled, “Is that so?”

The leading young man continued, “Yes, and when we ascend the mountain, we only hunt and capture at the periphery. We never set foot near, as instructed by our Sect Master during this training.”

Pei Jing nodded, “Sounds cautious. Even though the demons have been wiped out, who knows if the souls of those demonic cultivators have completely dissipated.”

Returning to her initial question, he asked, “But why do all of you dress like this?”

The leader of the young men scratched his head sheepishly and said, “It’s just a precaution. We’re afraid that the souls of the demonic cultivators who died might cause trouble. So we dressed up like Pei Yuzhi, hoping to scare them off.”

Pei Jing felt amused inside. It seemed that he and Wu Sheng had misunderstood.

Upon further thought, it made sense. If they were really imitating him, they would need at least one Golden Core cultivator, if not more.

The young men respectfully made way for them, allowing them to walk ahead. Pei Jing smiled as she glanced back at them. Seeing the stunned expressions on their faces, he turned back and shook his head, “None of you really look like me.”

Wu Sheng couldn’t help but feel helpless. “In your eyes, no one can resemble you.”

Pei Jing looked up at the sky and slowly spoke, “Actually, I don’t like wearing white clothes. I prefer black. It doesn’t show dirt and has a mysterious quality. But my master has an obsession with cleanliness. In his eyes, white represents elegance and purity, while black symbolizes sin and chaos. So when I was young, he forced me and everyone in Yunxiao to wear mourning clothes. Tsk.”

Wu Sheng laughed, “If Tianya Daoren heard you say that, you’d probably get another beating.”

Pei Jing also laughed, “Well, he’s not here, is he?”

Wuwang Peak was very tall. Surrounded by swirling clouds and with a cold temperature, the blood-red aura that used to hang over the peak year after year had also faded into the sky.

The mountain was dense with forests, and wild beasts lay dormant.

Only the northernmost part was desolate.

In the past, Shisi Province was the dwelling place of various sects, and even after a hundred years, they remained as mysterious as forbidden zones.

Several young men bid them farewell outside the forest.

Pei Jing and Wu Sheng proceeded further inside.

The entrance was located at the peak of the mountain. There was a slope leading up to it, with steps layered upon each other, and dried bloodstains could be seen in the crevices.

Pei Jing gazed ahead, lost in thought.

“When I first arrived here, I witnessed several demonic cultivators feasting on a woman. The entire sect seemed tainted, like a journey through a realm of bones and a human hell. When I found the Sect Master, he was crying and laughing like a madman, clearly suffering from mental instability. I thought I would have a difficult battle ahead, considering I would be confronting a Nascent Soul stage cultivator. I even thought about resorting to the treasure my ancestor had given me. But to my surprise, that lunatic was no match for me. I always thought he had gone astray, his spiritual energy in chaos. Now, I suspect there’s more to it.”

The legendary scene of slaughtering the mountain gate with a single sword, as described by outsiders, was, in reality, somewhat inexplicable to the person involved.

Wuwang Peak. Shisi Province. The mountain gate stood tall amidst moonlight and clouds. The young man who had once casually talked about killing people with a single sword had now returned.

Almost immediately, Pei Jing sensed the malice and fear emanating from all directions.

When Yin energy becomes too heavy, it breeds evil spirits. In the past, the sect consisted of cultivators, and over time, they could always rely on evil spirits to find ways to guide and appease souls.

At this moment, unbeknownst to them, countless pairs of eyes were hidden in the shadows.

Pei Jing chuckled and politely advised them, “Long time no see, but I think you can take a break. Those who couldn’t defeat me in life and became a bunch of lonely wandering spirits in death shouldn’t even bother. Save your energy and strive for a better reincarnation.”

“…” A group of lurking spirits felt too infuriated to speak.

Wu Sheng smiled and shook his head. Having known Pei Yuzhi for many years, he had long grown accustomed to his manner.

He gripped his staff and said to Pei Jing at the mountain gate, “You go ahead and investigate. I will commence soul purification here.”

Pei Jing nodded. “Hmm, be careful.”

Even after a heavy snowfall had covered and melted away, it couldn’t completely hide the traces of bloodshed. Passing through the mountain gate and climbing the suspended ladder, they arrived at the main hall of the sect.

The bloodstains here had not completely faded. Piles of white bones, belonging to both mortals and demonic cultivators, accumulated in one place. Cobwebs covered the area, and blood stained the walls and stone steps.

Following his memory, Pei Jing arrived at the place where the Sect Master resided, and his smile faded as he entered the hall.

This palace had acquired some additional elements. The first thing that caught the eye was the grotesque blood-red writings, still wet as if flowing like blood. The “Seventh Killing Song” was written on the screen behind the main seat. The style remained twisted and frenzied. Behind each character, it seemed as if an evil spirit resided.

“You truly have a shallow understanding, only capable of reciting this one poem.”

Pei Jing lazily smiled and continued forward.

Standing before the main seat, he drew his sword directly, swift as the wind, and with a crisp sound, he shattered the screen. Each character twisted momentarily, emitting groans. The ink seemed alive, flowing around but never spilling over the edges.

The screen crashed down with a thunderous roar.

Pei Jing caught sight of the scene behind it.

The remains of the deceased Sect Master were piled in a corner, and beside them was an opened secret passage.

Shu Yan had been here but had already left. So, who was inside now? Pei Jing raised an eyebrow and advanced with his sword, his figure disappearing into the darkness.

Unnoticed by him, the ink gradually seeped out from the fallen screen behind him.

The secret passage was devoid of light and any branching paths. As Pei Jing proceeded, he felt an intensifying chill, bone-piercing cold. Within his line of sight, a mass of red mist appeared before him, drifting from the end of the dark tunnel. The red mist seemed to possess the ability to corrode one’s senses, and after taking a single breath, Pei Jing felt the world spinning around him. Fortunately, his resolve was firm, and he quickly held his breath.

His vision became increasingly unclear.

At that moment, a familiar voice reached him from behind.

“How did you get in?”

Pei Jing turned around.

Amidst a shroud of bloody mist stood a young man, exuding an unmatched gracefulness.

Clad in a blue and white robe, with a pale blue hairband, stood Chu Junyu.

Pei Jing paused for a few seconds before smiling. “I knew it. I haven’t seen a trace of you these past few days, and it turns out you came here.”

Chu Junyu glanced at him and said, “Since you’re here, let’s go together.”

Pei Jing smiled and replied, “Sure, why not?”

As Chu Junyu took a few steps, he suddenly spoke again. “This place is where the former Sect Master fell into darkness. The mist here is poisonous. Don’t breathe or speak. I conducted an investigation in Yunzhong and obtained a few Tranquil Spiritual Pills. Take one now.”

He opened his hand, revealing a jade-green bead in his slender and pale palm.

The radiance seemed capable of dispersing the surrounding mist of blood.

Pei Jing teased, “When did you become so considerate?”

Chu Junyu paused at the remark, smiled gently, and responded with clarity, “Who knows what we might face ahead? It’s always better to have two people than one.”

Pei Jing found it amusing to observe his smile. So this was how Chu Junyu smiled.

Indeed, he was naturally good-looking. Shedding the aloofness that accompanied his demeanor, this gentle smile seemed to carry an air of romance.

Pei Jing suddenly lowered his head and smiled, picking up the bead with his fingertips, carefully examining it.

Then, in an instant, the bead shattered in his hand.


“You still don’t understand him well enough.”

Pei Jing brushed off the powder. “Unless Chu Junyu undergoes a sex change, he wouldn’t be so considerate and gentle. Seems like apart from being uneducated, your ability to mimic is also lacking.”

The young man across from him hesitated for a moment, then a twisted smile formed on his lips. His entire body began to transform, oozing blood from every part, bit by bit, until he turned into a complete blood person. Or rather, a “person” formed from condensed red ink.

Without any facial features, only limbs remained. The head caved in, resembling a giant mouth.

Pei Jing said, “If your true form isn’t here and you’re just leaving behind a pool of ink, do you really think you can deal with me? Come on, Brother, don’t mess with me.”

The blood person seemed provoked, grinding its teeth. Its voice was genderless, hoarse and unpleasant. “Even if I can’t kill you now, so what? This mist is toxic. The poison will invade your consciousness and drive you insane to death within the mist.”

Just touching it would be poisonous.

Truly sinister.

Pei Jing laughed. “Well, you’re really impatient. If you tell me it invades consciousness, I’ll just seal my consciousness, problem solved.”

The blood person spat out a mouthful of blood in frustration. “Seal your consciousness, and you’ll be stuck in this dark passage for the rest of your life. Forget about getting out.”

“I don’t even know if I’ll die or not. You go down and wait for me.”

He wasted so much time talking to him because he felt something was off after touching the mist. It was all just small talk. Now that he had gotten the information he needed, there was no point in keeping this chatterbox alive.

There was no need for a sword. Pei Jing possessed the ice spiritual root. A glacial blue light seeped from his fingertips, forming an icy spike that pierced through the blood person’s skull and came to a stop inside.

The blood person writhed in pain as the freezing ice quickly solidified.

He didn’t have a chance to escape and became an ugly blood-colored ice sculpture.

Sealing his consciousness in this dark and narrow passage was like turning himself into a blind person. It wasn’t the darkness that was terrifying, but rather—the question of whether the ghost of the former Sect Master was still present in this room or not.

If the ghost was still lingering, things would get interesting.

…As well as the identity of the person who entered ahead of him.

Pei Jing continued forward.

Only then did he understand the meaning behind the words of the blood person.

This path simply had no end.

Gradually, his worst fear came true.

The world became chaotic and devoid of light, engulfed in pitch-black darkness.

The low and hoarse voice of the Sect Master echoed from a distant place.

It seemed to be coming from the sky and the underground at the same time, ethereal and elusive. Each word carried a chilling and murderous intent, permeated with bone-piercing coldness.

His eerie laughter filled the air, bringing forth the oppressive aura of a Nascent Soul cultivator and an excruciating pain.

“I have been waiting for you for four hundred years, Pei Yuzhi. You have finally arrived.”


Pei Jing tugged at the corner of his mouth. With his consciousness sealed, he couldn’t see clearly. It was like fighting an unseen enemy, which was a severe disadvantage.

Just as Pei Jing pondered how to deal with the situation, he heard another person’s voice.

It came from a direction, cold and indifferent in tone.

The person chuckled.

“You think I’m here to scatter your soul?”

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