After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 39

Chapter 39 The village that was buried alive

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Even though his voice was barely audible, Chu Junyu could still make out his words. He remained composed and responded calmly, “I don’t have a son as foolish as you.”

Pei Jing burst into laughter and playfully shouted, “Get lost!”

With Chu Junyu’s support, he managed to leave Wuwang Peak.

Stepping down from the stairs, the majestic palace behind him crumbled instantly, causing a tremendous tremor that shook the land. Pei Jing turned around and witnessed the Sect Master’s grand hall collapse into fine powder, blending with the crimson hue of blood and moonlight. Ashes gently descended from the sky, pale and reminiscent of a snowfall.

After a brief moment of confusion, Pei Jing’s face lit up with a smile, and he glanced back repeatedly. “This is quite interesting.”

He tugged at Chu Junyu’s sleeve and urged him, “Quick, turn around and have a look.”

Chu Junyu halted his steps and followed his instructions, catching sight of a vast expanse of white dust scattered in the air.

Just like in the old days.

The sword that conquered the world.

Wu Sheng had waited for him outside the mountain gate for a long time. When he saw him coming out with Chu Junyu, he asked in confusion, “Why are you both coming out together?” Pei Jing didn’t want to dwell on it and replied, “Let’s discuss it later after we leave the mountain.”

After returning to Zhuangyuan Village, Pei Jing spent the night recuperating, healing the injuries in his mind and lower abdomen. After several internal cycles, he let out a sigh of relief and opened his eyes. He turned his head to look at the Cloud Slayer Sword beside him, his eyes filled with a hint of confusion. Ever since descending from Wuwang Peak, he had been burdened with numerous questions. However, there was no one else who could answer them, so he had to rely on his own speculations.

There was a secret passage that even his divine awareness couldn’t penetrate, yet Chu Junyu moved through it effortlessly. It seemed like Chu Junyu knew some very private matters about himself.

Pei Jing gently caressed the Cloud Slayer Sword and whispered, “…Who are you really? And what is your purpose in Yunxiao?”

Leaving someone with an enigmatic identity in Yunxiao could be a potential threat to other disciples. After spending a year together, Pei Jing had gained some understanding of Chu Junyu. As the temporary Sect Master, it was time to seek the truth through interrogation.

Even if one were to claim that he came seeking revenge, there was no evidence of him causing harm to others.

It was even more improbable for him to come for training and learning. When considering Chu Junyu’s behavior over the past year, most of his time was spent alone, intentionally avoiding contact with others. The only person he interacted with more frequently was Pei Jing himself. Although it was Pei Jing who approached him first, Chu Junyu seemed to treat him with special significance right from the start.

Pei Jing’s expression became somewhat strange.

For Zhuangyuan Village, the triennial Night of Wishes was a grand occasion. There were many preparations to be made—chickens, ducks, cows, sheep, fruits, and sweet treats. Firecrackers resounded in several households, and bright red lanterns adorned the surroundings. Observing the scene, Pei Jing felt as if they were celebrating the New Year. Prior to the Night of Wishes, the teahouse at the entrance of Zhuangyuan Village was always filled with people, gathering information about the eligible children in each family. Pei Jing sat down with A’ru and joined a few others at a table. A’ru remained obediently silent, enjoying the candied fruits handed to her by Pei Jing.

Yu Qinglian stared at the young girl for a long time with a furrowed brow. “Her original eyes must have been beautiful.”

Pei Jing didn’t mind A’ru being present and said, “Her eyes had problems because they were invaded by demonic energy. I’m currently trying to find a way to remove the demonic energy from her.”

Yu Qinglian nodded and didn’t say much. Instead, she shifted the topic, “We need to figure out a way to infiltrate the village’s Night of Wishes.”

Pei Jing: “There’s no need to think of a way. Everyone will be wearing masks, so no one will know who you are. In my opinion, our top priority is to figure out what to do once we expose the demon during the Night of Wishes.”

Yu Qinglian: “Kill it.”

Pei Jing: “Putting aside how difficult that creature may be to deal with, you’ll have to face this group of crazed villagers first.”

Yu Qinglian glanced towards the distance where people were happily conversing, their faces glowing with excitement.

“We should lure the demon out or knock them all unconscious first.”

Pei Jing: “Sounds good. You take care of it.”

As they were conversing, the elderly woman who had previously brought Pei Jing to the Zhuangyuan Temple approached with a smile, “Ah, why are you all sitting here?” She was holding a basket covered with a red cloth, seemingly in high spirits as she warmly welcomed the outsiders. She took out several dyed red eggs from the basket, handing one to each person. “Don’t consider yourselves as outsiders. I steamed these this morning, they’re fresh!”

Pei Jing took the egg with a smile and said, “You seem to be in a good mood, Grandma.” The elderly woman’s eyes crinkled as she smiled, “Indeed. My grandson will also participate in the Night of Wishes tomorrow. I just did a few divinations over there, and they all turned out to be auspicious.”

Pei Jing replied, “If everything is auspicious, then that’s great. Judging from your appearance, your grandson must be blessed.”

However, being blessed didn’t mean he wouldn’t be chosen as a short-lived ghost.

Seeing that there was an empty seat among the five of them, the elderly woman sat next to A’ru and said with a smile, “A’ru actually agreed to go out with strangers. It seems this child really likes you all.” She had developed a fondness for these young boys, with their good looks and good personalities, and couldn’t help but say a few more words, “Even outsiders can participate in the night of prayer if they want to. If you want to see it, you can sneak in secretly.”

Among the five of them, Chu Junyu was as elusive as a dragon, A’ru ate her food obediently, Wu Sheng didn’t speak easily, and Ji Wuyou was still in extreme anxiety. So, only Pei Jing and Yu Qinglian remained to chat with the elderly woman.

Pei Jing became interested when he heard the elderly woman subtly praising how intelligent her son was. He pointed to himself and said, “Grandma, how about me?”

The elderly woman was confused by the interruption and asked, “What do you mean?”

Pei Jing grinned, revealing his white teeth, “I’m asking about myself. Do you think I have the fortune of being chosen by the God of Literature?”

Yu Qinglian sneered. The elderly woman found him amusing and laughed for a while before shaking her head, “I dare not claim to understand the intentions of the God, but after observing for so many years, I have learned some patterns. Young Master, you appear intelligent, but, ah, you won’t be chosen.”

Yu Qinglian gloated, “I suggest you have some self-awareness.”

Pei Jing ignored her and laughed, “Grandma, don’t play tricks on me. Since I was young, people have said that I possess extraordinary talent like the God of Literature. Why wouldn’t it work?”

The elderly woman continued shaking her head, “It just won’t work.”

Pei Jing said, “Alright then, tell me what kind of person the God of Literature chooses, so I can see for myself.” He gestured around and added, “Among all of us here, is there anyone who could possibly be chosen by the God of Literature?”

Yu Qinglian: “Why embarrass yourself like this?”

Wu Sheng: “I don’t need to be included in the count.”

However, the elderly woman carefully examined each person and eventually settled her gaze on Ji Wuyou, who had been bowing his head the entire time. She pointed at him and smiled, “Among all of you, I think this boy has the highest possibility.”

Ji Wuyou, who was called out, suddenly lifted his head.

The chubby boy’s eyes widened in astonishment.

The attention of the three others shifted to his slightly dumbfounded face.

Ji Wuyou, who was completely out of it, felt uneasy under their gaze and scratched his head. “…Me, me?”

The elderly woman chuckled, “Oh, how adorable. It’s you, indeed.”

Pei Jing was momentarily stunned, but then he chuckled with a belated reaction, “Indeed, it’s a bit unexpected.”

Yu Qinglian was also taken aback.

The elderly woman explained, “You’ve all seen the God of Literature at Zhuangyuan Temple, right? The few of you seem to be from wealthy families, never having experienced hardships. But this chubby boy is different. He carries many worries, and from his appearance, he seems to be an honest person with innate wisdom.”

The three of them exchanged glances, silently acknowledging that, in terms of innate wisdom, they, the renowned Five Champions of the World, were actually inferior to this unassuming boy.

Ji Wuyou hurriedly waved his hands, “No, no, please don’t praise me.”

The elderly woman smiled, “I’m just speaking the truth. Why is it that you, good child, are so endearing?”


After the others had gone ahead, Pei Jing and Yu Qinglian walked at the back, discussing their plan. After all, their original intention was to follow the Seventh Killing Song to this place.

Yu Qinglian asked, “Did you gather any information while at Wuwang Peak?” Pei Jing replied, “I didn’t find out much, but Chu Junyu told me a lot.”

He lowered his head, gazing at the ground beneath his feet, and said, “In fact, on this land, there used to be a village. It didn’t have Zhuangyuan Temple or the protection of the God of Literature, but it produced many talented scholars. Then, around five hundred years ago, there was an earthquake, a massive landslide that buried the entire village.”

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