After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 47

Chapter 47.1 Bell

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Ji Wuyou followed closely behind, his face turning pale as he kept his eyes on the ground. He feared something might reach out from the soil and grab his feet. He noticed a few bones peeking through the surface, which frightened him.

Yu Qinglian noticed this too and slowed down to wait for him.

Being more caring and gentle than the others, Yu Qinglian, a girl herself, could tell from their first encounter that Ji Wuyou had a difficult past. After considering for a moment, she took a bell off her wrist and handed it to him. “Here, take this.”

Ji Wuyou looked down, gazing at the plain yet radiant golden bell in the girl’s palm. He spoke softly, “I…”

Yu Qinglian explained, “Hold onto this bell, and you won’t be scared anymore. When I was young, I was afraid of the dark too. My mother got me this bell, which is believed to protect against disasters and misfortunes.”

“No, I can’t accept it,” Ji Wuyou hurriedly shook his head and whispered, “Sister Fushang, this is too valuable.”

Yu Qinglian chuckled and looked down. “It’s not valuable at all. It’s just something she bought by the roadside to fool me. You can find them everywhere in Yingzhou.”

Ji Wuyou held the golden bell in his hand, his eyes still a bit red from crying. The bell shimmered, reflecting tears. It was a small and delicate bell with a smooth texture. In this cold underground world, it glowed and carried the ups and downs of life. He tightly grasped it, bending his body, and quietly said, “Thank you.”

Yu Qinglian smiled and said, “These past days, I felt your mind was unsettled, or maybe you never had a clear mind to begin with. In the world of cultivation, there are countless people seeking fame, fortune, or immortality. They may have emotions or not, but they all have a clear path in their hearts. What about you? What did you want when you entered the world of cultivation?”

The deserted tomb was eerily silent. Ji Wuyou listened to her words, his head filled with confusion. He tightly held the bell, pressing it so hard that red marks appeared on his palm. He softly murmured, “I don’t know either. When I joined Yunxiao, I just wanted to have enough to eat.”

Yu Qinglian laughed and said, “That’s fine. You haven’t even experienced fasting cultivation yet, so eating and drinking are your top concerns. But now, now that you don’t have to worry about food, don’t you have any other wishes?”

Like a gentle and caring senior, she smiled and guided him to find his life’s path.

Other wishes. Ji Wuyou felt like a confused child being asked by a teacher, unsure of what to say. “I…”

Yu Qinglian said, “No need to rush. I don’t have to know the answer. It’s enough if you know it in your own heart. The path of cultivation is long and challenging, but having a clear initial goal might reduce the fear of the unknown.”

Her voice was tender. Ji Wuyou’s heart ached, and with tearful eyes, he lowered his head, recalling the voice of Shu Yan on the night of the inheritance ceremony.

“Out of the four people accompanying you, three of them don’t regard you highly, and one of them wishes to kill you. I am loyal to her, so I will kill those she hates and save those she loves. Your character must be forged with blood.”

“Come here, and I will give you a chance to exact revenge on those who look down on you.”


Why did he come here? Ultimately, it was the unrestrained greed within his heart, desiring to attain great power without effort.

He never intended to harm them, but deep down, he always wanted to prove himself to them.

Understanding honor and disgrace, he couldn’t help but yearn for the existence of light. From the moment he laid eyes on Zhang Yiming, feelings of inferiority and envy took root in his heart.

Sister Fushang was truly kind. However, this kindness also stemmed from Zhang Yiming. They were two individuals from completely different worlds, and whatever he lacked, Zhang Yiming possessed it all — exceptional appearance, an amiable personality, respected cultivation, and a confidant in life and death. At one point, this suppressed emotion almost twisted into hatred, but thankfully, he came to his senses. He shouldn’t hate and didn’t have the right to hate.

What is your wish?

My wish… now, it’s probably to surpass Zhang Yiming.

To surpass you.

One day, to stand proudly by your side, either as a rival or as a friend. No longer in this pitiful state that I despise about myself. On that day, would any of you truly look at me with sincerity?

In the boundless darkness, time stood still, and all was silent. In the center of the darkness stood a young man, dressed in snowy garments, with waist-length flowing hair. A shimmering light appeared at his fingertips, crystallizing into silver ice, mirroring his hair and his eyes. Within this empty world, resounded the earnest and bright desires of another young man’s heart.

Though his voice was young and tender, it seemed to have gained newfound vitality, shedding its insecurity and fear, brimming with vigor. “There will surely be such a day.”

Chu Junyu lowered his gaze, his pale eyes gleaming with a cold light.

Clad in white, he lacked the purity often associated with it, like snow tainted with a crimson, an eerie hue. This space was a prison, but he knew that he was not the only one confined within it.

Apart from him, there was the Heavenly Dao, transcending the cycle of the Five Elements.

From that point on, all he saw was Ji Wuyou’s inner world.

From childhood to adolescence and up to now, his journey led him to Zhonglian Village, where he encountered Yu Qinglian, who tried to guide and enlighten him.

Chu Junyu said, “Is it enough?”

Ji Wuyou’s mental activity finally ceased, and the entire space fell quiet.

Only he remained. Chu Junyu raised his gaze, fixing his eyes on a point in the empty air, and slowly smiled. “Are you trying to make me spare him? Show me his inner struggle, his transformation. Make me pity his childhood experiences, let me know that he still harbors goodness, and relieve me of the resentment I held towards him for what he did to me back then?”

The young man’s smile was ironic and icy, with a deep and intense crimson glimmer in his eyes. The hesitation between human and ghost had lingered for too long, and memories of past lives and present blurred, except for the excruciating torment on Wentian Peak, a pain he would never forget through countless lifetimes.

Since his rebirth, he had never felt anger, until this moment—raw, tangible, the metallic taste of blood surged up his throat.

Deeply buried and suppressed, madness poured out like a torrent, seeking to bury the world with its vengeful resentment, breaking through the surface.

“I should have died long ago. Struggling to survive on the foundation of hatred was never about a fresh start. Why do you think I would sympathize with Ji Wuyou? Every misfortune he encountered from the moment of his birth was orchestrated by my hand. I kill, and you save, endlessly repeating.”

Blood stained the corners of the young man’s lips, his determination turning into madness. “Either kill me, or watch as I personally torment and destroy the protagonist you care so much about. There are no other choices.”

Finally, a ripple appeared in the air, as if someone sighed, slow and drawn-out.

The focal point of Chu Junyu’s gaze also underwent a change. In the dark world, a tiny speck gradually condensed, outlining the form of a person in the air. It lacked a distinct shape but seemed to pierce through space and time, encompassing all things. Seemingly gentle, yet utterly merciless.

She spoke softly, “Don’t remain stubbornly oblivious.”

Chu Junyu replied, “Stubbornly oblivious has never been me.”

The rage in his heart dissipated as well. He lowered his head, using the back of his hand to wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth. The young man’s eyes grew as cold as an abyss. “I never belonged to this world in the first place. Your rules mean nothing to me.”

“To have one rebirth, erasing the past in one stroke. Could there be anything better?”

There was a hint of sinister cruelty in his voice.

After all, that elder was a prominent figure in their faction, with countless slave demons and monsters under his command. It didn’t take long for them, like crazed dogs, to track them down. They ran past a chaotic burial mound, and ahead of them was a river, its water a dark, bubbling black. It was clearly no ordinary place. She couldn’t dare to wade through that water. There were also houses by the river. She looked around and immediately spotted the most magnificent mansion at the end of the road. Following the rules of this eerie place, the bigger the house, the more formidable the ghost inside. Perhaps they could seek refuge from this persistent group of restless spirits.

“Let’s go inside.”

She was always quick and decisive in her actions. She grabbed Ji Wuyou and dashed towards the mansion. Ji Wuyou’s legs turned weak as soon as he saw the creepy lanterns and scattered paper cut outs in front of the house. He tugged at Yu Qinglian’s sleeve, attempting to stop her. “But… but I feel like the things inside are even scarier!”

Yu Qinglian tapped his head and said, “Why are you so foolish? Am I afraid of ghosts being powerful? I’m afraid of there being too many ghosts, wasting time dealing with them. I still need to find someone else.”

Ji Wuyou remained speechless, looking utterly scared.

Yu Qinglian reassured him, “With me here, what is there to fear? I won’t let anything happen to you.”

She said it like that, and Ji Wuyou nodded, feeling a little embarrassed.

Naturally, every part of the house where the ghosts resided felt eerie. As they pushed open the door, it creaked, and the wind blew, causing the lanterns shaped like heads hanging on both sides of the corridor to turn around. The ethereal eyeballs frightened Ji Wuyou to the core, and instinctively, he let out a cry and quickly covered his eyes.

Yu Qinglian burst into laughter but immediately hushed herself when she realized, crouching down and saying to Ji Wuyou, “Shh, although I’m not afraid of the ghosts in this mansion, it’s better to avoid trouble if we can.”

Ji Wuyou, of course, obeyed her and nodded obediently.

Several ghost servants carried crimson liquid and walked towards the front yard. To avoid them, Yu Qinglian pulled him and hid under the stone table in the courtyard. The ghost servants were undead slaves, devoid of seven souls and six spirits, moving forward with expressionless faces and no words. However, the two women leading them were different. They could be considered accomplished demon cultivators, with alluring appearances and blood-red mouths.

As they walked, they discussed among themselves.

“That little monk who inherited the lineage this year is quite handsome.”

“Tsk, tsk, indeed. That air of purity, it makes me want to tear off his clothes. And he covers half of his face with white silk. At first, I thought he must be ugly, but when I ripped off the silk, I was stunned. I haven’t seen such a handsome person in hundreds of years, especially those golden eyes of his.”

The other woman giggled, “You sinful thing, your mind is full of such filthy matters.”

“Old hag, how dare you say that about me? When the elder said he wanted to put him in the jar, it was you who begged to keep him around to play for a few days, wasn’t it?”

“I did ask to keep him, but not just for playing. This monk remains unfazed by honor or disgrace from beginning to end. It’s really boring. I want to see him break his precepts and show some change in expression.”

She paused and lifted a glass of wine with a sly smile. “This is a cup of fresh human heart’s blood. I wonder what expression he’ll have when he drinks it.”

The two demons exchanged glances and suppressed their laughter behind their hands. They emitted a peculiar scent as they strolled along the corridor.

Yu Qinglian, who was hiding under the stone table and overheard their conversation clearly, trembled all over. Ji Wuyou also sensed it and felt a shock in his heart. He knew they had a strong bond, and it was natural for her to be angered by the disrespect towards Master Wu Sheng. He whispered softly, “Sister Fushang… don’t be sad…” However, when he saw Yu Qinglian’s expression, he couldn’t utter those words. How could it be sadness? It was clearly stifled laughter, almost giving it away.

After the presence of the two demon and numerous ghost servants had completely vanished…

Yu Qinglian couldn’t help herself and burst into laughter, saying, “Wu Sheng is quite something, even with a bald head, he still manages to be so lovable. Those two female monsters wanted to see Wu Sheng’s expression change, and I want to see it too, haha.”

Ji Wuyou: “…”

Yu Qinglian dusted off the dirt from her dress and looked ahead. “He can really endure. Even when the white silk was torn off, he didn’t show any anger. Over so many years, I’ve only seen him reveal his eyes once. Tsk, I still need to help this fool, so he doesn’t dig his own grave.”

Ji Wuyou braced himself and said, “I’ll go with you.”

Yu Qinglian replied, “Sure.” But as she walked a few steps forward, she immediately sensed something and her gaze focused, her expression turning serious. Ji Wuyou carefully observed her and asked, “Wh-what’s wrong?” Yu Qinglian turned her head, wearing a rather strange expression on her face, and spoke to Ji Wuyou with rare seriousness, “You don’t need to come with me. The danger ahead is beyond what I imagined. Stay here and don’t go anywhere.”

Ji Wuyou looked at her expression, and his heart immediately leaped to his throat. He had witnessed her effortlessly toy with that group of ghosts, knowing her strength, and now she was saying that the path ahead was very dangerous.

In an instant, a chilling coldness seeped from his fingertips to the top of his scalp.

In this unfamiliar and terrifying place, Yu Qinglian was his only reliance.

“I, I’ll go with you.”

Yu Qinglian furrowed her brow and decisively shook her head, “You going with me will only add to my burden. It’s safer for you to stay here. Don’t worry, I gave you my bell. If you encounter danger, just ring the bell, and I’ll come back to rescue you immediately.”

Ji Wuyou was still afraid, but Yu Qinglian’s expression was so serious that he had to hold back his concerns. Gripping the bell tightly, he nodded earnestly, “Alright.”

He wanted to become someone like Zhang Yiming. What kind of person was Zhang Yiming? At the very least, he was never in a weak position, never a burden to others.

Yu Qinglian was still worried that he would be discovered by the chasing ghosts and demons. Ji Wuyou was currently only at the Qi Gathering Stage, with his spiritual power suppressed, easily becoming prey for any small ghost. She furrowed her brow and said, “Hide first.” Ji Wuyou nodded, asking, “Where should I hide?”

Every room in this mansion was filled with evil spirits, nowhere was safe. Staying in the backyard might be a bit safer. Yu Qinglian led Ji Wuyou to the backyard, where it was designed to resemble the mortal realm. There was a pile of firewood scattered around, and against the wall, there were three large jars, two of which were locked, while the middle one was empty.

Yu Qinglian walked over and examined it. The jar was quite large, capable of accommodating a person without any problem.

However, she still had to ask Ji Wuyou, “Do you want to hide in the jar?”

Ji Wuyou stiffened all over. He had encountered many strange things when he was young, and over time, his instinctual response to danger developed. The three large jars stood in the corner, eerie and sinister, resembling three giant mouths emanating a strong scent of blood.

But this was already a haunted mansion, and everything here was equally eerie. Moreover, even though his mindset was changing, his character remained unchanged throughout the ages.

For instance, he would never refuse.

Even if it was something he didn’t like, even if it was a difficult task, even if he knew it was a dangerous place.

Ji Wuyou whispered, “Alright.”

Initially, Yu Qinglian thought he might be unwilling and was considering finding another place. But now that she heard his response and was concerned about Ji Wuyou’s impatience, she didn’t pay much attention to it. “Alright then, you go hide in there first. I’ll come find you immediately, and if you encounter any danger, ring the bell.”

Ji Wuyou’s entire body felt cold, but he obediently nodded. He curled up and hid inside the jar in the center. The jar was empty, without any water. The walls had moss growing on them, slippery and damp, with a foul odor.

Yu Qinglian said, “Let me cover it for you first. Don’t make a sound no matter what you hear, wait for me to come.”

Ji Wuyou nodded. With his eyes open, he watched as the wooden planks gradually covered the jar, inch by inch, narrowing the space. In the confined and sealed space, his senses became infinitely heightened. He held his breath the entire time as he didn’t dare to breathe.

In the final glimpse, through a small gap, he saw the scene on the roof of the backyard.

A skinned figure, its limbs sprawled on the eaves, entirely red, was observing everything.

In an instant, his limbs turned icy cold. He was filled with terror, wanting to scream, but no sound escaped his lips.

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