After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Xiao Chen

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Pei Jing asked, “Are all the people in Tianyan City really bad?”

Chu Junyu laughed briefly and replied in a calm and distant voice, “Yes, they are.”

Pei Jing raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything.

Chu Junyu turned a page in his book, his silver hair shining in the moonlight. His expression was cool and unmatched as he said, “That place isn’t suitable for you. It’s best if you stay away.”

Pei Jing looked down, his hand gripping the Cloud Slayer Sword, furrowing his brow.

He had noticed the older generation’s increasingly strong feelings towards the younger generation. Chu Junyu, still youthful on Yinghui Peak, would often look at him with a gaze filled with scrutiny in his light-colored eyes.

“I think,”he young man in the snowy attire said, “You’re underestimating me.”

Chu Junyu listened to his words, lowering his gaze.

“I think you need to change how you see me. I’m not weak. It’s just that the monsters I’ve encountered recently have been particularly twisted. And, you have to believe…” The young man paused, finding his upcoming words somewhat amusing. He laughed softly before becoming serious again. “As the Chief Disciple of Yunxiao, the dream of countless female cultivators, and the former leader on the Wentian Rankings, it’s not just an empty reputation.”

Chu Junyu’s gaze fell upon his face, giving a perfunctory compliment. “Impressive.”

Pei Jing felt the urge to show something to Chu Junyu.

Except for his master, it was probably the first time he strongly desired to prove himself in front of someone.

Getting up, Pei Jing tilted his head and said, “Let’s wait and see, then.”

Dressed in white like snow, with dark eyebrows.

Chu Junyu met the young man’s eyes, filled with laughter and vitality.

Suddenly, he also smiled, shattering the moonlight with his smile.

The scrutinizing gaze in his eyes and the coldness in his heart miraculously started to melt away.

He used to dislike his former self, but this young man insisted on appearing in his world like a shining flame.

Diaries hidden in secret compartments, mud figurines hanging on the wall, and the pale green window curtains gliding over the smooth, cool floor.

The color of the world remained youthful frost.

He laughed lightly and said, “Let’s wait and see.”

Wait and see what? After making empty promises, Pei Jing had no idea what to do next as soon as he stepped out the door. How could he prove his strength to Chu Junyu? Save the world? Forget it, seeing how Chu Junyu seemed to desire nothing but the world’s destruction.

Pei Jing stood before Wuya Pavilion, looking back.

Amidst the play of light and shadows sat a young man with silver hair and dressed in black, aloof and indifferent. He seemed like an immortal who had wandered through countless years of the dark night.

After contemplating for a moment, he whispered, “Let me protect you this time.”

Ji Wuyou and the disciple named Mingyu displayed similar symptoms. During their time at Shangyang Peak, Pei Jing only knew that Ji Wuyou was constantly bullied, but the specifics of the bullying were unclear. He had witnessed Ji Wuyou being forced to imitate a dog’s bark once, but Pei Jing had given those bullies a good lesson afterward. It was likely those brats would never want to hear a dog’s bark again in their lives.

While Chu Junyu recuperated in the Wuya Pavilion, Pei Jing returned to Shangyang Peak to meet Xu Jing.

This disciple who was initially timid and easily frightened, forced by him to wear women’s clothing, had transformed upon entering Shangyang Peak. It was as if enlightenment had struck him, and he discovered his talent for gossip. Observing everything and listening from all directions, he had become the all-knowing figure of Shangyang Peak.

Even Pei Jing couldn’t help but marvel at his newfound strength. After all, Xu Jing was a man who could confidently discuss Pei Yuzhi’s penchant for breaking his romantic relationships.

Behind the mountain of Shangyang Peak, there was the Purple Bamboo Forest. Xu Jing emerged from a pit, carrying a bunch of bamboo shoots. His robe was covered in mud and leaves, and as soon as he raised his head, his gaze met Pei Jing’s, who had specially come to find him.

After a few seconds of bewilderment, Xu Jing couldn’t contain his joy and exclaimed, “Wow, Brother Zhang, you’re back? You came at the perfect time. Hurry, help me with these bamboo shoots. I got stuck in the hole and can’t get out.”

Pei Jing saw his disheveled appearance and took the bundle of purple bamboo shoots with a raised eyebrow. “Is this the mission you received at the Consulate Hall? Are you that desperate for money?”

Panting and covered in dirt, Xu Jing emerged from the pit, holding the precious purple bamboo shoots. He grinned, showing two prominent canine teeth. “No, it’s just that I had a craving and wanted to eat them. Some Senior Sisters from Shangyang Peak mentioned that the purple bamboo shoots here have a refreshing and sweet flavor. You can eat them raw or steam them. So, I came over.”

Truly worthy of being from Shangyang Peak.

“Do you want to try some?”

Pei Jing, who was only interested in sweet candies after fasting, shook his head and said, “You go ahead and eat. I came to ask you something.”

“Ah? What’s the matter?”

Pei Jing’s expression turned serious. “Have you noticed anything about Ji Wuyou?”

Xu Jing looked up at the sky, briefly shifted his gaze, and then remembered. “You mean that guy who looks dull and clueless, but unexpectedly entered the grand competition?”


“Why are you asking about him?”

“I suddenly find him intriguing.”

Xu Jing tugged at the corner of his mouth. “You saying that makes you sound like a pervert.”

Pei Jing suppressed his laughter. “Just tell me what you know about him.”

Xu Jing held his precious bundle of purple bamboo shoots and began explaining in detail. “I don’t usually pay much attention to him, but he’s really pitiful. Senior Sisters often mention him. Ji Wuyou, you see, he looks dumb and, well, he actually is quite foolish. He’s honest to a fault, doesn’t know how to refuse people. Many disciples at the Consulate Hall, regardless of whether they complete their tasks or not, hand them over to him. So, he’s busy like some sort of machine all day long. I rarely see him. Besides the Inner Peaks, where he’s not allowed to enter, he probably runs all over the seventy-two Outer Peaks of Yunxiao. For a disciple of Shangyang Peak to end up like that, there’s no one else like him.”

Xu Jing suddenly recalled the incident when Zhang Yiming spoke up for Ji Wuyou and frowned. “I think you don’t need to bother with him. He’s capable enough, and there aren’t many people who can bully him. It’s just that he’s timid. There’s no hope for him.”

Pei Jing smiled and ignored his advice. “Has he been to Zhongnan Peak?”

Zhongnan Peak was very remote, and it was unlikely that many disciples from Shangyang Peak would take on tasks there.

“Seems like he has. But are there so many recent events at Zhongnan Peak? I’m surprised you’re investigating it.”

“Why would Ji Wuyou go to Zhongnan Peak?”

“He’s timid and generally doesn’t take on tasks that require going that far. Most likely, he’s delivering something or completing a mission on someone else’s behalf.”

Exiting the Purple Bamboo Forest, they arrived at a half-mountain sparring platform in the back mountains. Bathed in bright sunlight, the platform was flattened and crowded with people. From a distance, Pei Jing recognized some familiar faces among those on the platform.

He turned to Xu Jing and asked, “What’s going on here?”

Xu Jing furrowed his brow and replied, “It’s simply disciples sparring with each other. It’s just that there are more people than usual today.” He lowered his voice. “Do you find someone on the platform particularly familiar?”

Pei Jing nodded. “A bit.”

Xu Jing had a puzzled expression and shook his head. “That’s Xiao Chen.”


“The poor guy you tricked into gardening for a year on Yinghui Peak.”


Pei Jing slowly turned his head and, against the sunlight, finally saw Xiao Chen on the sparring platform.

Spending so much time farming had indeed changed his appearance and temperament. He had grown taller, had a wheatish complexion, and his hair was neatly tied up. The once weak and delicate young master now appeared somewhat robust. Xu Jing was partially correct in saying that Pei Jing had tricked Xiao Chen three times: once with the gardening, another time in the Changtian Realm, and the third time with the act of betrayal.

This kid had a twisted mindset, and Pei Jing had deliberately punished him.

Pei Jing had thought that this kid would still be diligently gardening on Yinghui Peak, so he hadn’t expected to see him in the back mountains.

“How did he manage to enter Shangyang Peak?”

Xu Jing’s tone turned sour as he spoke about it. “He had some stroke of luck, I suppose. I heard he has already reached the Qi Gathering Stage’s perfection and can achieve Foundation Establishment within fifty years. With that level of strength and being recommended by Huang Fu Daoren, it’s only natural for him to enter the Shangyang Peak.”

Pei Jing raised an eyebrow.

Xu Jing continued, his tone filled with bitterness. “It’s truly a great opportunity. The further you progress in cultivation, the wider the gap between each stage becomes. There are people who have been stuck at the perfection of Qi Gathering Stage for hundreds of years, yet he effortlessly broke through.”

“So, he struck gold while gardening?”

Xu Jing shook his head. “Who knows? If he doesn’t want to talk about it, he won’t.”

Pei Jing wasn’t particularly impressed by the stroke of luck in breaking through to the Qi Gathering Stage’s perfection. At this critical moment, everything seemed suspicious. He pulled Xu Jing along, intending to join in the excitement.

The Purple Bamboo Forest swayed gently, and leaves fell onto the sparring platform. Amidst the sea of clouds, Xiao Chen stood alone, his eyes filled with arrogance, finally releasing the pent-up frustration he had been harboring for who knows how long.

“Is there no one left? I thought the disciples of the Shangyang Peak were formidable, but it seems they’re just so-so. So what if you entered the peak before me? Hah.”

In the grand competition of Yinghui Peak, he alone was left behind. Everyone in the courtyard pretended to be righteous while secretly mocking him! The expressions of astonishment, pity, and anticipation—they were etched into his memory, fueling a lifelong hatred.

Despite receiving guidance from the Peak Master and purging himself of impure thoughts, he was still a young man. It was only natural for him to feel anger when his heart was filled with resentment.

Xiao Chen raised his voice and exclaimed, “Is there no one else? You’ve been on Shangyang Peak for so long. Is the extent of your skills?”

Among the onlookers, aside from a few Senior Brothers and Sisters who were there to watch the spectacle, most of them were fellow disciples from the same period on Yinghui Peak. At this moment, they gritted their teeth in frustration. One of them spoke up, “Who do you think you’re pretending to be? Trying to imitate Zhang Yiming’s arrogance?”

Xiao Chen’s face darkened with an indescribable gloom.

The youth whom he had defeated felt a deep sense of humiliation, mixed with envy and anger. He gritted his teeth and said, “You’re just lucky! Why are you competing with us here? If you have the guts, go and seek revenge on Zhang Yiming! Back then, when Zhang Yiming personally came looking for you, you were nothing more than a coward on the grand stage of Yinghui Peak, too afraid to even fight back, huh.”

As soon as Xiao Chen heard Zhang Yiming’s name, he exploded, “Shut your mouth!”

The other youths were also displeased with his arrogance, deliberately provoking him by mentioning Zhang Yiming.

“Have you no shame? Why don’t you carry a sign that says ‘Only seeking for one defeat’?”

“Zhang Yiming aspires to the peak of Yinghui, yet you’re here on the back mountain trying to steal the limelight?”

“Hah, what a pretentious act!”

Pei Jing and Xu Jing, who initially intended to be bystanders, stood there silently, watching the scene unfold.

Xu Jing, with his baby bamboo shoot in his arms and leaves on his head, turned to Pei Jing and remarked, “Now you understand the impact you left on them that day, don’t you?”

“It wasn’t an impact, it was a shock to their system. Is Xiao Chen trying to imitate my coolness? Does he even understand how to pull it off? After all, I am genuinely cool.”

Xu Jing couldn’t help but acknowledge Pei Jing’s shamelessness. However, he was also one of the people targeted by Xiao Chen’s sarcastic remarks just now, so he chimed in, “Exactly, he’s just trying to imitate someone else, like a cheap imitation.”

“You’re the cheap imitation, a clueless imitator, an illiterate fool.”

Xu Jing, feeling annoyed, rubbed his nose and discreetly pulled Pei Jing, attempting to leave quietly. However, their conversation had attracted the attention of some people. One of the former disciples from Yinghui Peak turned his head and his eyes lit up as he exclaimed in surprise.

“Brother Zhang, you’re here too?!”

Pei Jing: ……

Xu Jing: ……

At that moment, Xu Jing wished he could cover his face with the bamboo shoot in his hand and disguise himself as a passing farmer.

Xiao Chen, who had long been driven to the edge by the crowd’s provocation, was the first to jump down from the stage. He pushed through the crowd, his gaze ablaze with determination, and through clenched teeth, he demanded, “Where is Zhang Yiming?”

Pei Jing had no intention of wasting time with Xiao Chen. He was the esteemed Yunxiao Sect Master and had no need to bully a little kid.

The crowd parted like flowing water, making way for them. Xu Jing clutched the purple bamboo shoot, wishing he could disappear into the ground. Pei Jing wore the attire of Shangyang Peak, with his blue and white robe and hair tied up neatly, his expression somewhat indescribable.

Xiao Chen was seething with hatred. He had long wanted to teach Zhang Yiming a lesson, but he was always defeated and repeatedly humiliated by him.

Now, things were different. He could finally release his pent-up frustration.

“Zhang Yiming, I’ve been waiting for you!”

Pei Jing: “… Do we really have any deep grudges between us?”

Xiao Chen practically shouted, “Don’t give me that nonsense about no deep grudges! It’s all because of you! You caused all the troubles I faced at Yinghui Peak! Are you scared now? It’s too late! Come up and face me in a duel. If you don’t, you’re nothing but a coward!”

Xu Jing tightly held the bamboo shoot, using his sleeve to shield himself from the splattering saliva. With a worried expression, he whispered to Pei Jing, “Don’t agree, don’t agree. You can’t defeat him. Take a step back, take a step back.”

Pei Jing really didn’t want to bother with this brat, but this brat had the audacity to almost spit in his face, and Xu Jing even suggested he should back down?

Back down!

Taking a step back, he had already done so countless times in front of Chu Junyu, even accepting him as a Big Brother.

“Now that we’ve arrived at the Outer Peaks, you still want to hold back?” Pei Jing smiled faintly.

“If I win, will you call me ‘father’?” Pei Jing teased, causing Chen Xu to surely break down—Pei Yuzhi, are you going mad with the idea of being a father?

This was actually a hurdle in Pei Jing’s heart. Thinking back to being called “little brother” by Chen Xu still made him cringe.

Xu Jing’s eyes widened. “He has already surpassed the Qi Gathering Stage! Are you crazy?”

Xiao Chen smirked triumphantly. “Defeat me first, then we’ll talk.”

Pei Jing laughed. Though there was no satisfaction in beating an inferior opponent, it was necessary to uphold the Yunxiao Sect’s tradition of respecting teachers and valuing principles. Otherwise, this kid would truly become unruly.

However, as he approached a little further, Pei Jing’s eyes turned cold.

Around Xiao Chen, there was a layer of heat emanating, a temperature that wasn’t normal for a human body. Ordinary people might not notice it, but Pei Jing clearly observed it. A faint reddish hue surrounded the young man, dry and scorching.

Pei Jing halted his steps and lazily smiled. “I agree to your challenge, but not today.”

Xiao Chen sneered. “Afraid, huh? Why waste time beating around the bush?”

Pei Jing remained composed. “I’m not as free as you. Today is the deadline for the Consulate Hall mission. Moreover, if you exhaust yourself in the challenge today, I’m afraid you’ll accuse me of an unfair victory. Let’s do it the day after tomorrow.”

Xiao Chen continued to sneer, “If you’re scared, you’re scared. But three days won’t change anything. Fine, I’ll wait for you here, three days from now at noon.”

He cast a vicious glance at Pei Jing, then turned and walked towards the Purple Bamboo Forest, under the gaze of the onlookers.

Xu Jing lamented bitterly. “What are you doing? Brother Chu isn’t here. Only he could possibly stop you.”

Several former disciples of Yinghui Peak didn’t know what to say. Xiao Chen was at the half-step Foundation Establishment stage, and they didn’t believe that Pei Jing could defeat him. Their earlier remarks were merely spoken in the heat of the moment. After a while, they finally reacted and spoke dejectedly.

“Well, Zhang Yiming, good luck.”

“Actually, it’s fine if you can’t win. He just got lucky.”

Pei Jing gave them a faint smile, then pulled Xu Jing along as they left in a different direction.

Xu Jing still couldn’t believe it. “Did you really agree?”

“Why are you panicking?”

Xu Jing couldn’t help but worry, “Shouldn’t you seek help from Brother Chu? With Xiao Chen’s vengeful nature, he might humiliate you in some way.”

“You’re overthinking. Just wait and watch the show.”

“What show am I going to watch?”

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