After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 6 Part 2

Chapter 6.2 Entering the mundane world

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Pei Jing calmly responded, “And how do you know that I can’t surpass him?”

That person appeared as if he had heard the most absurd joke, his eyes filled with derision. “Fine, I’ll be waiting for your name on the Trial of Challenging the Heavens.”

Pei Jing’s smile turned slightly sardonic as he replied, “Alright then, I’ll see you as the first on the Trial.”


Everyone was taken aback by his audacious words. They now confirmed that he was a madman.

The round-eyed youth was emotionally astute and quickly changed the topic, saying, “Hey, hey, let’s not wander off. We haven’t finished explaining the origin of Senior Brother Pei’s title.”

The other two realized their oversight and hurriedly echoed, “Yes, yes, we’re also curious about the history behind the One Sword Soaring through the Frost of Wuwang Peak.”

Many people in the Consulate Hall were intrigued, holding their breath as it instantly grew quiet. Only the clear voice of the youth began to narrate, suffused with boundless admiration, “This incident took place four hundred years ago.”

Four hundred years ago, a deadly plague ravaged the country, leaving a trail of famine and corpses. Pei Yuzhi, a wandering traveler, unintentionally stumbled upon the scene of this human tragedy. Shocked and bewildered, he decided to investigate the cause behind the devastation. To his surprise, it was none other than the Wuwang Peak.

Yunzhong in Shisi Province situated atop Wuwang Peak was once a renowned sect admired by all. Little did anyone suspect that the Supreme Elder, revered for his mastery in the Nascent Soul Stage, succumbed to the malevolent influence of his inner demons during his tribulation, transforming into a monstrous being that fed on human flesh.

Even with the combined strength of the entire sect, they were powerless against the formidable Elder. After a brutal battle, the entire Wuwang Peak fell into madness and darkness, turning into a sect of demonic cultivators who aided the Elder in his merciless pillaging and destruction, ultimately leading to the tragedy that befell the place.

The ordinary citizens residing beneath Wuwang Peak still vividly remembered that fateful day.

Amidst the desolate and sinister atmosphere that shrouded the once prosperous Shisi Province, a white-clad youth emerged before the entrance of the sect’s main hall. Exuding an aura of righteousness, he dispelled the oppressive gloom. In the face of the trembling inquiries of the demonic cultivators, he calmly gripped an icy-blue long sword, a subtle smile gracing his lips as he declared, “Ah, I have come to deliver justice.”

To deliver justice.

With a single person and one sword, he vanquished the demonic cultivators. On that fateful day, Yunzhong was engulfed in a river of blood, and the remnants of death filled the air. Throughout the night, piercing cries and mournful howls echoed relentlessly. Amidst the chaos and destruction, the white-clad youth resheathed his sword and slowly made his way down the layered steps.

In that very moment, the sky unexpectedly showered down shimmering white snowflakes.

After the howling winds subsided, a vast expanse of pure white covered the entirety of the once-infamous Shisi Province, concealing the dark and bloody sins that tainted the land.

Adorned in silver armor, he emanated an aura of purity and holiness.

The long-suffering residents of Yunzhong, who had endured years of oppression, gathered at the foot of the mountain.

Their gaze was fixed upon the young man, whose sword bore the marks of battle, as he emerged from the swirling flurry of snowflakes.

The sky took on a somber shade of gray, while the entrance to the hall stood stained with crimson. Against this backdrop, the young man, with his black hair and white attire, exuded an extraordinary grace. A snowflake rested upon his brow, refusing to melt. He seemed almost otherworldly.

Overwhelmed by emotions, tears welled up in the eyes of the Yunzhong residents as they knelt down in unison.

With a single swing of his sword, the world was plunged into oblivion, and the vastness of the heavens and earth revealed its desolation.

Thus, the reputation of this sword, known as “One Sword Soaring through the Frost of Wuwang Peak” began to spread far and wide.

Pei Jing stood nearby, quietly listening to the tales and legends surrounding his name.

Some of the crucial details had slipped his memory, but the world recounted them in vivid detail, embellishing his story as if he were a godly figure descending from the heavens.

If Chen Xu were to hear about this, he would undoubtedly die of anger.

By the time Chen Xu arrived to meet him, most of the people in the Consulate Hall had already departed.

Contrary to Pei Jing’s expectations, Chen Xu didn’t bear the signs of a beaten and bruised face. Apart from a slightly displeased expression, he appeared unharmed. Pei Jing circled around him for a while, then came to a conclusion. “Last time when Elder Lao targetted me, he beat me so severely that I couldn’t face anyone for days. But, you don’t even have a single scratch on your hands.”

Chen Xu’s fist was poised to strike.

Pei Jing burst into laughter, skillfully evading the blow, and inquired, “So, how did he make things difficult for you?”

Chen Xu glared at him viciously. “Why would Elder Lao bother me? It’s all because of your deeds, and Elder Lao knows it too well. Just wait and see, brat.”

“So, I had to wait for so long, and you were just hiding and reading?”

Chen Xu’s expression turned fierce as he retorted, “Nonsense! It’s because I covered for you and sneaked you in that the Elder punished me by making me copy an entire rulebook! If you dare to mess around like that again, I’ll take care of myself before anyone else.”

Pei Jing couldn’t help but let out a laugh, quickly covering his mouth. He stood up, put his arm around Chen Xu’s shoulder, and pushed him outside. “Why make such a fuss? There aren’t many people in the Consulate Hall right now, and hardly anyone knows you. Otherwise, your reputation would be ruined.” Chen Xu sneered, “Since when does Pei Yuzhi care about reputation?”

“Alright then, I don’t care about reputation, but it seems like you do.”

As they left the Consulate Hall, bathed in the moonlight, Pei Jing realized it was already evening. Amused by the situation, he thought to himself that the book Chen Xu had to copy must be quite thick. But of course, he didn’t dare tease him.

Pei Jing had spent the entire afternoon in the Consulate Hall. It wasn’t unproductive. Ever since receiving guidance in the Celestial Pavilion, he had been contemplating ways to immerse himself in the mundane world. The three young disciples from earlier had provided him with new perspectives to consider.

While traveling on the path to the Tianqian Peak, Pei Jing suddenly halted, startling Chen Xu.

Chen Xu, currently fearing that he might pull some trick again, felt mentally drained. “Ancestor, I beg you. Let’s go back.”

Pei Jing pretended, “Oh well, now that you mentioned the ancestor, it’s a bit embarrassing.”

Chen Xu, resenting his lack of power to defeat Pei Jing. “What are you planning to do now?!”

Pei Jing suddenly became serious, the carefree smile fading from his face, and his eyes regained their sharpness. “I’ve come up with a brilliant idea. It’s about integrating into the mundane world.”

Chen Xu remained cautious. “Go ahead, enlighten me.”

“Master wants that I awaken the seven emotions and six desires, and experience the mortal world. Just as the senior in the Celestial Pavilion mentioned, wherever there are people, there exists the mortal world. What do you think if I start anew?”

“What do you mean by ‘start anew’?”

“It’s about reentering the cultivation world, hiding my true cultivation level as an Outer Peak disciple. By letting go of the identity of a prodigy, maybe I can understand things that I previously overlooked.”

Chen Xu knew that Pei Jing was serious, not just joking around.

Pei Jing smiled with serenity, his wide sleeves fluttering like a gentle breeze, emanating an ethereal aura. “What do you think?”

Chen Xu rarely concerned himself with Pei Jing’s matters. They grew up together, and he understood Pei Jing well. Once he made a decision, he wouldn’t easily change it.

After a brief silence, Chen Xu said, “You can give it a try. Just maintain some boundaries as an Outer Peak disciple.”

Pei Jing clapped his hands and laughed. “Certainly. After all, I can now be considered half the master of Yunxiao Sect.”

Chen Xu raised an eyebrow. “You actually remember your identity.”

Pei Jing joined the Outer Peaks not only to return to basics, but also with other intentions.

The first one was the protagonist. According to the plot, the protagonist would accidentally enter Yunxiao and become an Outer Peak disciple within a year. The various bullying and disrespect he experiences on the Outer Peak will serve as a significant trigger for Ji Wuyou’s descent into darkness.

Now, he had infiltrated the Outer Peaks to secretly protect Ji Wuyou, ensuring that those mindless pawns didn’t find any opportunity to exploit and suppress any signs of Ji Wuyou’s transformation into darkness.

The second reason was Chu Junyu. Pei Jing didn’t understand the source of the intimidating darkness that lurked within Chu Junyu, but that aura of bloodthirstiness seemed deeply rooted in his soul. Pei Jing felt responsible for personally overseeing and guiding him, ensuring that such an individual remained under close supervision within the sect. Moreover, Pei Jing held a profound interest in Chu Junyu. If this young man could let go of the violence in his blood, he would undoubtedly become a remarkable figure in Yunxiao.

Pei Jing altered his appearance, assuming a youthful form and changing into different clothes. He wore a neat brown short robe and black shoes. He also shortened his hair, tying it into a small bundle with grass. Smiling at his reflection in the mirror, he appeared as a charming and spirited young man.

Chen Xu reluctantly accompanied him to the outermost peak, sitting on a cloud crane, repeatedly advising and instructing him with reluctance, “Don’t lose your temper. If you wipe out the Outer Peaks with a single sword, I’ll also be in trouble with you.”

The young Pei Jing swung his feet in the air, reminiscent of the time he learned to fly on a sword. It had been a while since he last rode a cloud crane. Gripping the soft feathers of the cloud crane, he found them surprisingly comfortable. Instantly filled with joy, he plucked a bird feather. “I’m not someone who gets easily enraged, after all.”

Chen Xu suspected he had ulterior motives. “Don’t be stubborn. I’m thanking you in advance.”

Pei Jing plucked a handful of bird feathers. “Sure thing.”

He accompanied him to the outermost peak, Chen Xu looking down with a sense of superiority and says, “The Outer Peaks aren’t comparable to the Institute of Celestial Ascension. You can’t just do as you please. Remember, don’t cause any trouble.” Chen Xu was truly speechless. “I’m genuinely concerned about you as if you were my own son.”

“Come on, you were calling me ‘ancestor’ just yesterday.” Pei Jing grabbed another handful of bird feathers, jumped off the cloud crane, and urged him to leave. “You better go back to your Wenqing Peak soon. If people see us together, they might think I have influential connections. How can I blend in then?”

Chen Xu: “…” He felt the same way as the cloud crane beneath his feet, not wanting to spend another minute here.

He simply hoped that Pei Jing could adapt to the Outer Peaks for a good hundred or two hundred years, never returning to cause trouble for them again in this lifetime.

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