After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Celestial Demon’s aura

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“What did you say?”

Pei Jing couldn’t hear properly at first. He rubbed his fingers on the paper and turned his head to ask, “Sorry, could you repeat that?”

Chu Junyu had just returned from outside and sat in front of him. The man’s sleeves exuded a chilling air, though it was unclear what he had been up to.

Chu Junyu answered, “If you break through to the Nascent Soul stage, achieving eternal glory will come naturally.”

Pei Jing laughed and turned a page. Pointing to the word “Cangsheng,” he said, “Let’s put aside eternal glory for now. I’ve spent a long time contemplating this concept. Remember when you asked why I concealed my identity and joined Outer Peaks? It’s because of this.”

“Hmm,” he murmured in response.

Pei Jing: “I’ve reached a roadblock in my Nascent Soul breakthrough. Master wants me to first reach the eighth level in swordsmanship. He says I lack worldly desires and emotional attachments. To overcome ‘Cangsheng,’ I need to return to basics. Returning to basics means reentering the mundane world. Inspired by the Celestial Pavilion, I decided to rejoin Yunxiao as a humble disciple, seeking an ordinary and uneventful life.”

Chu Junyu remained expressionless upon hearing this and replied, “So, you failed.”

Pei Jing thought for a moment and realized how much of a failure it truly was. He had hoped for a simple and unremarkable life, but it turned out quite the opposite. Within Yinghui Peak, he became a well-known figure. It seemed that good looks and natural talent always attracted attention, making it impossible to keep a low profile.

Considering this, Pei Jing sighed deeply and said, “But I couldn’t have prevented it.” He blamed his irresistible charm for his inability to find a place where it could truly belong.

With a mere downward glance and a few words from Pei Jing, Chu Junyu understood what was on his mind. He let out a mocking laugh but chose not to respond.

Moving closer, Chu Junyu draped his wide sleeves and took the Yunxiao Swordmanship from Pei Jing’s hands. Flipping through the pages, his eyes landed on a few lines of text. The writing was bold and flowing, representing the misconceptions he had noted during his leisure days at Celestial Pavilion, where he revisited the swordmanship from a different perspective. However, after a few seconds, he swiftly turned the page, concealing those words.

“Why did you snatch it away?” Pei Jing expressed his slight annoyance.

Chu Junyu returned the book to its hidden compartment and explained, “Perhaps what your master meant by ‘returning to basics’ wasn’t about immersing yourself in the mundane world.”

Pei Jing was already well-versed in the Yunxiao Swordmanship, and his earlier action was merely to confirm his knowledge after a long time. But upon hearing Chu Junyu’s words, his attention immediately shifted. “Then what is it?”

Chu Junyu responded with a counter-question.

“What do you consider ‘Cangsheng’ to be?”

Because the focus that his master had emphasized was on the inner demons, Pei Jing naturally associated “Cangsheng” with the seven emotions and six desires. Chu Junyu’s sudden question caught him off guard, but he still attempted to answer, “It’s probably… the common people, the myriad of beings.”

Chu Junyu: “And you are also one of those beings.”

“I… I am also part of ‘Cangsheng.'”

Chu Junyu: “Do you know why you have never had inner demons?”

Pei Jing didn’t speak.

The silver-haired youth smiled faintly, “Because in the beginning, you never truly considered yourself as part of ‘Cangsheng.'”

The following words spoken by Chu Junyu left Pei Jing perplexed.

Chu Junyu’s words were slow and his tone was cold, devoid of any intention to teach or enlighten. It was as if he was recounting something to him in solitude.

“Reaching the stage of ‘Cangsheng’ is quite simple. The final two stages of the Yunxiao Swordmanship aren’t described in detail, not because they are too profound, but because they are too mundane. As for ‘Cangsheng,’ it takes a thousand years for one to truly live in this world. Only then will ‘Cangsheng’ become a part of you, naturally, after breaking through to the Demigod Stage. As for returning to basics, it seems your master wants you to start by finding the reasons within yourself.”

The young man pronounced the words “returning to basics” with a hint of mockery.

When Pei Jing felt nervous, his little finger would involuntarily curl up. He deliberately adjusted his tone to appear lighthearted, displaying a nonchalant attitude as he smiled, “That seems reasonable. So, how do I go about living truly and authentically?”

How to live truly and authentically.

Forget that this is the world of a book.

Forget about the Heavenly Dao and the protagonist.

Forget about Ji Wuyou.

Forget about the plot and order of this world.

Even forget about myself. Forget about any variables that shouldn’t exist.

Chu Junyu lowered his gaze, gradually releasing his grip, understanding some things, and unexpectedly smiling with delight.

Now he finally understood that after his rebirth, he had given the last traces of his tenderness and patience to Pei Yuzhi.

Laughter danced at the corners of his eyes, but the blood-red eyes of the silver-haired youth held a deep and terrifying aura.

He spoke softly.

“If you kill Ji Wuyou, you can break through ‘Cangsheng’.”

These words exploded like a thunderclap in Pei Jing’s mind. His eyes widened, staring at the young man who was so close, too close. Chu Junyu’s hand rested beside him, his presence staining the blade with a chilling sensation. The oppressive feeling and the icy coldness left Pei Jing at a loss for what to do.

“No, no, let’s forget about that idea.”

Inside the Tianqian Hall of Tianqian Peak, as the Yunxiao Sect Master, Pei Jing constantly reminded himself not to lose composure. He stood tall with a graceful demeanor, gazing into Chu Junyu’s eyes, and with a serene smile, he politely declined.

Killing someone to break through the swordmanship stages?

Regardless of whether Ji Wuyou was the protagonist or not, it was not feasible.

Chu Junyu anticipated his reaction but didn’t step back. His arm wrapped around Pei Jing’s body, his silver-white hair falling onto Pei Jing. In an instant, a wave of heat washed over Pei Jing, starting from the cerebral cortex and spreading to his ears. Without needing to think, he knew his earlobes must be turning red right now.

Pei Jing scratched his ear and cheek, thinking of advising him. Disrespect towards the Sect Master in Yunxiao was unacceptable. If he violated the rules of Yunxiao, could they do it somewhere else?

Damn it! What was this! What was he thinking!

Before he could indulge in his wild thoughts, Chu Junyu’s cold and clear voice echoed near his ear.

“Close your eyes and turn around.”

The breath was warm, brushing against his ear. The low and cold temperature of Tianqian Peak, covered in snow and frost year-round, now made him feel unusually warm.

How could Pei Jing possibly close his eyes? “What are you trying to do?”

“I’ll help you break through the Nascent Soul stage.”


He had encountered a bottleneck in breaking through the Nascent Soul stage, and Chu Junyu found the solution so easily?

Could there really be such a good opportunity?

Being half-encircled in someone’s embrace was an experience he had never had before. He considered himself the dream lover of millions of girls, but now he felt like an inexperienced teenager, completely at a loss.

Closing his eyes was not a viable option either, that would be even more embarrassing.

So, Pei Jing continued to sit upright, lowering his head. Under the crown, his handsome face remained composed. He reached for the nearby pen, feeling frustrated and distracted, and began transcribing the sect rules. His reddened earlobes were exposed.

Despite transcribing sect rules for most of his life, this was the first time he did it with such sincerity.

Chu Junyu only saw him holding a pen and paper, casting a casual glance without understanding. He didn’t bother delving deeper into it.

“Breaking through the Nascent Soul stage is more practical than breaking through the concept of ‘Cangsheng’.”

Pei Jing wrote down his thoughts: “First rule: Never disrespect or harm one’s master and ancestors.”

The young man in white exuded a pure aura, reminiscent of fresh snow and green grass. His shoulders appeared slender, his robes flowing like the wind. His skin was as pure and translucent as jade, and a touch of crimson adorned his pointed ears, captivating the heart.

Chu Junyu lowered his gaze, his eyes falling on Pei Jing’s ears.

Pei Jing continued to write: “Second rule: Do not bully the weak or harm the innocent.”

However, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy as he spoke, “You seem to have a deep understanding of my Yunxiao Swordmanship. Have you studied it before or broken through the concept of ‘Cangsheng’?”


Chu Junyu followed the threads of Pei Jing’s thoughts, this posture helping him quickly and thoroughly identify the reasons. Upon hearing Pei Jing’s question, he replied calmly, “After my master passed away, I broke through.”

Pei Jing was taken aback.

Why did those seemingly casual words spoken by Chu Junyu suddenly evoke such profound sadness within him? He caught a glimpse of Chu Junyu’s pale hair cascading over his shoulders, and that chilling sensation was like the wintry landscape within his own heart.

Chu Junyu instructed, “Close your eyes.”

This time, he used only three words, and his tone carried a commanding presence.

Pei Jing sensed that Chu Junyu must have discovered something within his body. With determination, he clenched his teeth and truly closed his eyes. Gripping the pen tightly, he began to write silently.

“Third rule: Do not harbor jealousy or engage in internal conflicts within the sect.”

Suddenly, Chu Junyu’s palm rested on his chest, just above his heart. It was the convergence point of blood and pulse, and another universe above his inner core.

In an instant, his body stiffened. His mind went blank, unable to continue writing.

Chu Junyu: “You have the aura of a Celestial Demon within you.”

Pei Jing, however, simply lowered his head in a daze, looking at the poorly formed characters he had written.

What had he just…?

His grip on the pen was trembling.


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