After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 64

Chapter 64.1 Chang Wu

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Yinghui Peak felt empty without any new disciples. Only a handful of cultivators could be spotted as they went about their tasks, delivering letters or gathering herbs. As the peak situated closest to the sect’s gate, the morning unfolded in serene beauty, with gentle sunlight casting its radiant glow upon the mountaintop.

Two female cultivators were chatting in front of the main hall when they suddenly felt a powerful presence. Surprised, they looked up and saw two people descending from the sky.

One person wore a blue robe and had a warm face. The other person was dressed in white, looking cold and pure. When the light hit them, the latter’s sword aura and radiance outshone everything around. It was rare for disciples of Outer Peaks to enter the Inner Peaks, let alone Tianqian Peak. But the two female cultivators could guess their identities from their appearance and aura. They were startled and nervous.

Pei Jing put away his sword and asked, “Is the Peak Master here?”

One of the female cultivators regained her composure, gripping her clothes tightly and suppressing her joy. She smiled and said, “Yes, Senior Brother, the Peak Master is here.”

Pei Jing nodded and walked ahead with Chen Xu.

The white-robed immortal passed by, his sleeves fluttering, completely untainted within his small world.

The two remaining female cultivators stood before the hall, locking eyes and then squealed in surprise. Their faces revealed joy and shock they couldn’t hide.

“Is that really Senior Brother Pei?” It felt like a dream.

“With Senior Brother Chen Xu by his side, it must be real.”

“Oh my goodness! I actually saw him in person? It seems like taking on this task today was a good decision. No wonder those Inner Peak Senior Sisters are crazy about him. Senior Brother is really good-looking and impressive. When he arrived just now, my heart skipped a beat.” The girl on the left stuck out her tongue and touched her blushing face.

“Sure, he’s good-looking, but don’t get any silly ideas. Senior Brother isn’t interested in women.” The girl on the right calmed down and rolled her eyes.

“How do you know?” The girl on the left seemed a bit annoyed.

“Everyone in the Inner Peaks is talking about it. Haven’t you heard the rumors?”

“What rumors?” 

The girl on the right glanced back, making sure Pei Jing and Chen Xu were far away. She leaned in close to the other girl’s ear, covered her mouth with her hand, and whispered, “Senior Brother Pei prefers men.”

“Huh?!” She looked up in disbelief, her clear eyes filled with shock. “No way.”

“Why would I lie? There’s proof and people have said it. They claim that Senior Brother Pei and the Phoenix Emperor are rivals in public but secretly in love.”

The girl felt like her world was turned upside down. She lowered her voice and said, “Is it true? Even the Phoenix Clan says the same.”

“You think I’m lying? I wouldn’t deceive you. Hurry up and refine your inner energy. When you qualify to go to Shu Peak, visit the Celestial Pavilion, and you’ll find out.”

“I don’t even know when I’ll reach Foundation Establishment. Can you please keep quiet?” This time, it was the girl on the left who rolled her eyes.

Little did they know, with Pei Jing and Chen Xu’s cultivation level, no matter how far they were or how soft their voices, they could hear every word clearly.

Chen Xu couldn’t help but laugh, but after provoking Pei Jing once before, he didn’t want to make any more mocking remarks and could only hold it in.

Pei Jing had heard similar things before and remained composed. “Is it amusing?”

“If Feng Jin came to Yunxiao and heard the rumors we made up about you two, would he think it was your deliberate insult?”

“Knowing his way of thinking, it’s highly possible.”

Chen Xu burst into laughter.

Pei Jing: “I just hope he has some self-awareness.”

When they encountered Huang Fu Daoren, he was practicing calligraphy in his room.

As an Elder in the Golden Core stage and a Peak Master, Huang Fu Daoren’s only hobby during his cultivation was calligraphy.

Pei Jing had impressions of his handwriting. After all, the first gift he received when he transformed into Chang Yiming and came to Yinghui Peak was the “Yunxiao Swordmanship” written by Huang Fu Daoren on the back of a paper. The twisted and stinky doodle made him think it was a prank with ghostly symbols, which led to him being misunderstood for a long time.

It must be said that some things depend on talent. Just like Huang Fu Daoren, he truly lacked talent in calligraphy.

Pei Jing’s arrival also surprised Huang Fu Daoren. Putting down his brush, pressing the paper with the inkstone, he stood up and respectfully called out, “Senior Brother Pei.”

Pei Jing, as the disciple of the Sect Master, held a high position in terms of seniority. Apart from a few exceptions among the 108 Peak Masters, everyone else had to address him as Senior Brother. Logically, those two female cultivators from earlier should have addressed him as Master, but that would make him sound too old. So, he had long ago announced that they didn’t need to stick strictly to seniority and could just call him Senior Brother.

When he was still Chang Yiming, Huang Fu Daoren had shown him great care.

Now, in his new identity, Pei Jing was no stranger to Huang Fu Daoren.

Pei Jing smiled calmly. “No need for formalities, Peak Master. I’ve come to ask about something.”

Huang Fu Daoren couldn’t hide his anxiety and cautiously asked, “Is it about Chang Yiming?”

Chen Xu couldn’t help but burst into laughter on the side.

Pei Jing gave him a cold glance and then turned to Huang Fu Daoren. “It’s about Xiao Chen.”

Upon hearing that name, Huang Fu Daoren furrowed his brow slightly, showing a complex expression.

The spiritual garden in the back mountain of Yinghui Peak was meticulously maintained, brimming with vitality. Looking around, one could see lush green herbs stretching as far as the eye could see.

Walking through it, Huang Fu Daoren spoke slowly, “Xiao Chen was left to take care of the spiritual garden in Yinghui Peak due to his improper temperament. It’s right here. About half a month ago, his strength started to advance rapidly, even approaching Foundation Establishment. So, I recommended him to Shangyang Peak.”

Pei Jing was familiar with this kind of situation and asked, “Where did he obtain this opportunity?”

Huang Fu Daoren furrowed his brow and said, “He didn’t mention the details, but Yinghui Peak disciples rarely have the chance to leave the Sect. I remember that half a month ago, he went out only once, and he went to Crescent Moon Forest.”

Pei Jing halted and turned his head, asking earnestly, “The Crescent Moon Forest behind Zhongnan Peak?”


“What was he doing there?”

Huang Fu Daoren pondered for a moment and then replied, “We were lacking a certain medicinal herb in the garden, and he said he wanted to have an opportunity to collect it himself. Seeing his well-behaved performance in recent months, I allowed him and informed him that there were plenty of Mist Shadow Grass in Crescent Moon Forest. It seems that after he returned from there, Xiao Chen started to change.”

Pei Jing: “How did he change?”

Huang Fu Daoren: “His temperament, demeanor, and there was always a surge of heat surrounding him.”

Pei Jing smiled thoughtfully, his lips curling up. “So, it’s really an opportunity.”

Huang Fu Daoren was greatly surprised. “Senior Brother, have you noticed something unusual?”

Pei Jing chuckled lightly. “Indeed, something is off, but you don’t need to worry about it.”

Huang Fu Daoren looked at the young man before him, a complex expression fleeting across his face, followed by a shaking of his head with a smile.

This must be the bearing of a true prodigy, confident and powerful.

The last time Pei Yuzhi was seen, Tianqian Peak was covered in glistening snow, and the young man walked through the moonlit frost, his brows and eyes sharp as a sword, his smile radiant and worldly.

An unrivaled presence.

The last time he left a message for the Peak Master of Zhongnan Peak, asking her to thoroughly investigate the main hall of Zhongnan Peak for any peculiarities, he intended to wait for her report. But upon hearing this news today, Pei Jing decided to pay another visit there.

Pei Jing said, “Once again, Zhongnan Peak. It seems that the feng shui of that place isn’t favorable. I should inform my master and arrange a protective formation for the mountain.”

Chen Xu was puzzled about the name mentioned earlier. “Who is Xiao Chen? Why haven’t I heard of him?”

“Oh, he’s just a brat from Outer Peaks who has always been at odds with me.”

Hearing this, Chen Xu was shocked and even felt a hint of sympathy. “At odds with you? Poor kid. I bet you’ve been giving him a hard time. I suppose it was your doing that he was left in Yinghui Peak to work in the garden.”

Pei Jing laughed. “What do you mean by ‘giving him a hard time’? I’m just testing his character. This kid should consider himself lucky. Over the years, countless people have declared war against me, and I only responded to him.”

Chen Xu’s eyes widened. “You want to compete with a kid who hasn’t even reached Foundation Establishment?”

“Yes, what’s wrong with that?”

Chen Xu replied with a frozen expression, “Pei Yuzhi, you’re really bullying people.”

Pei Jing just smiled and thought to himself that if Chen Xu knew it was a matter of father-son relationship, he would definitely complain about it. But considering the current situation, this competition wasn’t a mistake.

Zhongnan Peak was on the edge of Yunxiao, with Crescent Moon Forest behind it. The forest was dense with tall trees, often obscuring the sky and moon, earning it the name “Crescent Moon Forest.”

Crescent Moon Forest, adjacent to Yunxiao, didn’t have many spirits or demons, but it was particularly eerie at night. Few people ventured inside, so it was primarily used for daytime herb gathering.

The main hall of Zhongnan Peak was located on a cliff, with a protruding flat area in front of it. Below, a waterfall cascaded down, creating roaring white waves that sounded like thunder. Pei Jing hadn’t noticed this scene during his previous nighttime visit. Intrigued, he dismounted from his sword and chose to ascend the mountain path alongside the waterfall.

Chen Xu sighed and raised his hand to his forehead. “Why do you always come up with these ideas?” Pei Jing replied, “Don’t you think the water looks beautiful?”

Chen Xu tilted his head and looked at the rushing waterfall but couldn’t see anything unusual. “Is it me or is it you who’s blind?”

“It’s you.”

Pei Jing glanced at the pool formed by the waterfall cascading down the mountain wall.

Blossoms floated and waves surged, creating white foam that concealed the depths.

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