After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 75 Part 3

Chapter 75.3 I’m out

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Xu Jing muttered beside him, “My goodness, Ji Wuyou is going to suffer a disastrous defeat in the first round. That’s just too pitiful.”

On the arena.

Chang Wu announced, “Chang Wu from Zhongnan Peak.”

Ji Wuyou pursed his lips and replied, “Ji Wuyou from Shangyang Peak.”

Ji Wuyou still didn’t have a sword of his own. He was using the wooden sword given to him by the sect. When the wooden sword was brought out, the entire hall erupted in commotion. The disciples from other peaks laughed uproariously. “Is there nothing in Shangyang Peak? What kind of thing did they choose?” Even the Shangyang Peak disciples couldn’t bear to face it. They didn’t want to witness Ji Wuyou’s embarrassment. Countless mocking gazes fell upon Ji Wuyou, incredibly familiar and painfully piercing. He forced a bitter smile. It had been like this since birth, only back then, he didn’t understand honor and shame, but now he knew.

Ji Wuyou took a deep breath, waiting for Chang Wu to make his move.

Chang Wu’s disdainful gaze intensified when Ji Wuyou pulled out the short wooden sword.

In his hand, the Surging Cloud Sword gathered the spiritual power of the wind in the air.

He executed his technique.

The Elders sitting on the high platform were momentarily stunned.

This was wind spiritual power… but it surpassed wind spiritual power. Faint blue streams of air closely adhered to the arena, swirling around the tip of the sword and encircling Ji Wuyou. In the wind, there was a very subtle aura, originating from ancient times, born from chaos, causing the vegetation to tremble and the air to tear apart. Although it was only a trace, the Elders at the Golden Core Stage and above could still perceive it. They straightened their bodies, their gazes toward Chang Wu filled with shock and complexity.

The disciples didn’t notice as much, they just felt it was impressive. However, Pei Jing’s lips curved into a cold smile. Wind, according to rumors, was the manifestation of Yin energy in the mortal realm, the wind of creation.

Ji Wuyou clenched his teeth. He also felt the terrifying power, but after experiencing the incident in Zhonglian Village, his capacity to endure had grown significantly.

Behind him, the Queen Mother of the West gritted her silver teeth and stared at Chang Wu with eyes filled with a bloodthirsty fierceness. She couldn’t believe that she would be trapped in the hands of such a lowly human ant. However, an ant was still just an ant. If it provoked her, it would have to pay the price.


The wind whirled, the sword was unsheathed, and Chang Wu took a step forward to thrust. Ji Wuyou, still unfocused, hastily retreated to avoid it, but his arm was grazed by the sword energy, causing blood to flow. Chang Wu sneered and spoke with a voice only they could hear, “If you crawl down now, I’ll spare your life.” He treated Ji Wuyou like a cat playing with a mouse, not considering him a worthy opponent.

Ignoring him, Ji Wuyou countered with his wooden sword, blocking Chang Wu’s aggressive attack. The more Chang Wu looked at the frail youth before him, the more he felt disgusted. He flipped his wrist, and the swirling sword generated a gust of wind, imprisoning Ji Wuyou within a space formed by the wind.

The bluish-green wind tore through the space, its immense power capable of shattering everything.

He sneered maliciously. “Since you’re so clueless, don’t blame me for disregarding the camaraderie between fellow sect members.”

The disciples below couldn’t bear to witness it. Losing was one thing, but losing so miserably without any resistance was unbearable.

Just when everyone thought the outcome was determined, they suddenly heard laughter. Their eyes widened as they saw the disheveled Ji Wuyou standing up in the center of the hurricane. In an instant, his demeanor underwent a complete transformation, becoming mysterious and profound.

Ji Wuyou raised his head, wiping away the blood from the corner of his lips with his sleeve, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

Despite having the face of a youth, the voice that came out of his mouth was that of a woman—sinister and deranged.

“Today, you won’t leave this place alive.”

“???” Everyone was taken aback. What was happening?

Chang Wu, suspended in mid-air, stared wide-eyed, his face drained of color, revealing primal fear.

The Queen Mother of the West attached herself to Ji Wuyou, her garments billowing as if moved by an unseen wind. She was the embodiment of the mastery of wind.

The wind formation constructed by Chang Wu using her own dormant soul was nothing but a joke to her.

Raising the wooden sword in her hand, the fierce wind intensified in an instant, causing debris to fly and dust to swirl.

Chang Wu’s body contorted in extreme agony, his eyes bloodshot. He couldn’t deceive himself any longer! That woman! That woman was still alive! No! Had she already been killed and consumed within his dantian? What remained was only a trace of her consciousness.

The Queen Mother of the West had instilled deep-seated fear in him, driving him to madness. He could only reassure himself repeatedly that a mere trace of consciousness couldn’t kill him. A trace of consciousness couldn’t kill him!

His mindset underwent a complete upheaval.

Gritting his teeth, Chang Wu’s bloodshot eyes widened. “You’re already dead! You can’t kill me!”

He thrust his sword forward, but the surging wind formed an impenetrable barrier. Before he even made a move, his sword was shattered by the gusts.

Queen Mother of the West let out a cold laugh.

Chang Wu spewed out a mouthful of blood and tumbled down from the air. Thud. From the opening of his sleeve, a mask rolled out.

Facing upwards, a beautiful face with delicate eyebrows and vermilion lips revealed itself.

Queen Mother of the West’s hatred intensified as she laid eyes on that object, taking a step forward.

Chang Wu was consumed by despair, his limbs growing cold. Memories of this woman’s past tactics plunged him into a hellish abyss. But the moment the mask rolled out, he abruptly snapped out of this subconscious fear.

Clarity returned to his eyes, followed by a surge of blood. He crawled and scrambled forward, fingers spasming as he clutched the mask, cackling madly, “Hahaha! How could I forget! How could I forget! I’m not afraid of you anymore! Hahaha, I’m not afraid of you anymore! I could kill you once, and I can still kill you a second time!”

His fingers trembled as he put on the mask, experiencing a chilling coldness that felt like maggots gnawing at his bones. As the mask adhered to his face, it seemed to tear off a layer of skin and regenerate it anew. After excruciating pain, an almost explosive power spread through his body. He heard a cracking sound as the mask expanded, something within it reawakening.

Queen Mother of the West sneered, “Do you think I would lose in the same place again?”

Chang Wu didn’t speak. With the mask on, he gripped his sword, veins in his body turning dark red.

Instantly, two forces confronted each other in the air, expanding and swirling. Wind walls clashed with blood-stained blades, equally sinister and chilling, instilling dread in the hearts of onlookers.

Among the Elders on the platform, a young Elder from the Inner Peaks had already risen to his feet.

“This will end in disaster if it continues!”

But the other Senior Elders reached out. “Sit down!”

“Have you forgotten the rules? No regard for life or death.”

For them, the competition among Outer Peak disciples was a matter of life and death, the only way to reveal their courage and potential. The Elder gritted his teeth but ultimately sat back down.

Never in their lives had they witnessed such a reversal, their jaws dropping in shock.

Xu Jing grew nervous and asked, “What… What’s happening with them?”

Pei Jing replied, “We’ll find out by watching.”

The confrontation between the Thousand-Faced Woman and the Queen Mother of the West was a spectacle to behold. With their powers at their peak, they could shatter the entire Yunxiao. Fortunately, Queen Mother of the West was now reduced to a mere trace of consciousness, and the Thousand-Faced Woman was left with only one face.

Behind Chang Wu, a thick and impenetrable black mist gathered, wisps of it resembling strands of hair. Around the mist, a chilling and sinister beauty mask seemed to come to life.

Queen Mother of the West sneered coldly, “If I hadn’t let my guard down, how could you have approached me?”

She was inherently prideful, deeply ingrained in her bones. As the Queen Mother, a divine being for nine generations, she could never allow herself to be schemed against by a mere mortal.

The clash of two forces! Wind walls and blood mist! The sky darkened!

The disciples below the platform were affected by the turmoil. They covered their faces with their sleeves to shield themselves from the wind but couldn’t contain their excitement, tiptoeing to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

The blue wall and the crimson mist collided, emitting a blinding light that stung the eyes! Chang Wu, wearing the mask, showed no expression, but his trembling fingers revealed his inner struggle, hinting at his disadvantage.

Queen Mother of the West’s face turned pale, but a victorious and sinister smile played on her lips. She stood up, her fingers curling into claws, intent on tearing Chang Wu’s body apart.

Suddenly, she let out a loud scream and fell to the ground, struck by a deep azure, chilling light.

The source of the azurr light was the ring on Chang Wu’s hand.

Pure and dripping, it emanated from the ancestral power of the ancient Azure Bird Clan.

Unbelievable madness filled Queen Mother of the West’s eyes, her gaze tearing apart with fury. “The ring! The Azure Bird Clan’s ring is actually in your possession!”

Chang Wu never expected this turn of events, but witnessing the downfall of this lofty woman filled his heart with an extreme pleasure and ferocity. He laughed maniacally, “I said, if I could kill you once, I can surely kill you a second time! I consumed the flesh of your mount, simmered her into soup, drank it all, and in the end, all that remained was this ring. Hahaha! The heavens favor me! Hahaha, the heavens will bring about your demise!”

With the emergence of the Azure Bird’s soul, the situation instantly flipped upside down.

Chang Wu had always been commanded, manipulated, and enslaved by her, and now he yearned to peel off her skin.

Wearing the mask, he held the reformed blood-drenched longsword. Descending from the sky, the mist behind him dispersed violently.

The man’s voice was filled with teeth-gritting hatred as he declared, “Die, wretch!”

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