After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 75

Chapter 75.1 I’m out

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Pei Jing looked silently at her tears and sighed softly in his heart.

The Azure Bird Clan originated from Peacocks.

The Peacock Enlightened King, the giant bird that once tried to devour the Buddha, couldn’t all be good. He asked, “Did the Elders of the Azure Bird Clan keep the secret of improving their cultivation by sharing the flesh of the Queen Mother all along?”

Qingying reached out her trembling hand but stopped in midair. After a while, she nodded slowly.

Pei Jing said, “Your divine soul is still weak. Have a good sleep. When you wake up, everything will be over.”

Qingying looked at him sadly. Her azure eyes were filled with worry.

Pei Jing smiled warmly at her and said, “Don’t worry, when the time comes, I will have Feng Jin take you home.”

Her pale lips pulled into a slight smile as she opened her mouth. Her breath was weak, and every word seemed to pierce through her flesh, sounding hoarse.

“Tha… Thank you,” she said.

The Azure Bird fell into a deep sleep. Pei Jing held the bead and pondered how the Queen Mother could have turned dark. However, what intrigued him even more was why the Thousand-Faced Woman possessed the power to suppress the Queen Mother of the West.

Also, did Chu Junyu know that Qingying’s soul was inside this bead? Or was it because of his talent that the Thousand-Faced Woman gave it to him?

He was given a living person…

Pei Jing smiled helplessly and whispered, “You’re too casual about it.”

The competition at Shangyang Peak wasn’t really necessary for Pei Jing to show off. He simply wanted to buy some time and let the other kids shine.

With each consecutive victory, Xu Jing’s smile grew wider. Every time he jumped off the stage, he rushed over with excitement, especially this time. He would even punched him in excitement. “Zhang Yiming! You made it to the top fifty!” Making it to the top fifty meant advancing to the next round, where he could compete with the champions from the other seventy-two peaks.

Pei Jing sighed inwardly, finally, it was over. Seeing Xu Jing’s undisguised excitement, he couldn’t help but ask, “Are those spiritual stones so precious to you, like your life savings?” Xu Jing winced at his words and glared at him. “They are not just life savings, they are like burial savings.”

Pei Jing smiled and walked away without even looking back after stepping down from the stage.

And behind him, the Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters of Shangyang Peak were filled with anger.

Some spectators from other peaks who came temporarily whispered in amazement, “Is Zhang Yiming really that arrogant?”

Someone said, “But it seems like he has some arrogant capital.”

The disciples from Shangyang Peak who knew the situation felt sour and said, “He has always been this arrogant, looking down on everyone. Well, I’m waiting for him to leave Shangyang Peak and get beaten until he doesn’t recognize his own parents.”

Compared to the Outer Peaks Grand Competition, which was not taken seriously, the Inner Peaks’ arena was extremely lively. The resources available to the Inner Peaks’ disciples were more abundant, and they had more exposure to various techniques—often having their own treasures. The competition arena was filled with dazzling swordplay, mysterious array symbols, and flower petals floating in the air. It was a spectacle that captivated the audience.

Meanwhile, the Elder Peak Masters sat on the high platform with a dignified manner, but it was evident that their minds were elsewhere. Their gazes kept shifting towards the entrance of the peak, and after waiting for a long time without seeing Pei Yuzhi’s figure, their anxiety grew.

Someone raised a question, “Didn’t the Sect Master say he was going to accept disciples? Shouldn’t he come and see for himself?”

The crowd furrowed their brows, feeling that something was amiss.

“You’re overthinking it,” the only female Peak Master of the Inner Peaks smiled coquettishly, her voice soft, “Maybe he just finds it troublesome. He has always been like this. Just send the first-place winner to Tianqian Peak when the time comes.”

The Elders of the Inner Peaks exchanged glances and saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes. After all, they had watched Pei Yuzhi grow up and had some understanding of his character. Shaking their heads, they sighed, “This might be the most casual disciple acceptance in Yunxiao’s history.”

Meanwhile, the Sect Master they were concerned about was currently at the Wenqing Peak. Pei Jing went to find Chen Xu. “I want you to arrange my first match against Chang Wu. Did you do it?” Ignoring the formation of Wenqing Peak, the young man in brown clothes walked directly to the seat of the Peak Master.

Chen Xu was organizing the list, and when Pei Jing approached him so closely, he was startled and almost hit him on the forehead with a handful of papers. Usually, for ordinary matches, there was no need to bother Wenqing Peak Master. This time was different because the Sect Master was accepting disciples.

Chen Xu felt annoyed because Pei Yuzhi had inexplicably caused him so much trouble. Nevertheless, he pulled out a sheet of paper from a stack and said, “I know, for the second round, the first match will be between you two.”

The paper had a portrait of Chang Wu, with straight eyebrows and a sharp nose. His appearance was ordinary, but his gaze was fierce. He didn’t look like the kind-hearted person described by the Zhongnan Peak Master.

Pei Jing reached out and took the paper. “Is it really him?”

Holding a pen, Chen Xu said, “How can you, an Outer Peak disciple, boldly enter Wenqing Peak? Get out of here quickly.”

“If there are portraits of others, what does mine look like? Show me.”

Chen Xu replied impatiently, “What else? Ugly.”

Pei Jing couldn’t believe it. He used his spiritual power to search among thousands of papers to find his own portrait, but the result was disappointing. The artist failed to capture even a fraction of his handsomeness. In the end, Pei Jing had to draw a new one himself. However, after drawing the face, he got stuck. Under Chen Xu’s cold gaze, he decided to write the word “handsome” in the empty space on his face.

“……” Chen Xu couldn’t bear it anymore and unsheathed his sword, ready to drive him away.

They were quarreling over here.

Feng Jin walked gracefully into the palace.

After the setback at Tianqian Peak last time, this new emperor of the Phoenix Clan not only didn’t feel discouraged but became even more interested in Chu Junyu. However, Pei Jing couldn’t let him harass his future Madam. He directly set up a formation in front of Tianqian Peak. If Feng Jin dared to come over, he would burn his bird feathers. Finding himself idle and without any fights to engage in, Feng Jin simply stayed in Wenqing Peak.

As he walked in, the papers in Chen Xu’s hand flew and landed in Feng Jin’s hands.

After looking at them closely, Feng Jin and the divine beast on his shoulder let out a cold sneer.

“Impressive, Pei Yuzhi. You’re thriving in the Outer Peaks of Yunxiao now.”

Pei Jing helped Chen Xu retrieve the Wenqing Sword and intended to say a few words in response to Feng Jin. However, suddenly his chest, where the bead rested, turned icy cold. The trembling and fear of familiar affection transmitted through the cord reached Pei Jing’s mind. Consequently, Pei Jing’s gaze toward Feng Jin became significantly complex. The Phoenix gave birth to nine Phoenix chicks which raised azure birds. Considering the generations, Qingying could be regarded as Feng Jin’s… granddaughter?

Feng Jin placed the papers on the table and met Pei Yuzhi’s gaze. Instantly, every hair on Feng Jin’s body stood on end, alert and cautious. “What are you up to?”

Pei Jing changed the subject and asked, “How long do you plan to stay in Yunxiao?”

Feng Jin raised an eyebrow and coldly laughed. “Don’t you know a saying? Inviting a deity is easy, but sending one away is difficult.”

What kind of deity do you think you are? At most, you’re a lunatic. However, out of consideration for Qingying, Pei Jing didn’t retort but meaningfully warned him, “You’re already a mother to so many children. Can’t you be more steady?”

Chen Xu: “……” In his unawareness, he wondered what exactly had happened between them.

Crimson Iris: “???”

Before Feng Jin could explode in anger, Pei Jing left first.

Wenqing Hall was left trembling amidst a blaze of Nirvana fire.

Chen Xu guarded his books and cursed both of these troublemakers in his heart.

After Pei Jing left, Crimson Iris turned his head slightly, a hint of curiosity flickering in his clear eyes.

Chen Xu was busy and didn’t care at all about the Outer Peaks competition. After hastily making arrangements, he left.

Feng Jin had only come to take a look at something.

Soon, Wenqing Hall became empty. The orange sunlight shone through the window, casting clear traces of smoke on the ground. In the empty hall, a figure slowly manifested in the void. She sat at the edge of the table, her dress pooling around her. With pristine fingers, she flipped through the pages of the rosters, her red lips curling up. “The Phoenix has also arrived? How interesting. Just another interesting turn. Damn them all.”

Her fingers glided over the words.

In the first round, Zhongnan Peak’s Chang Wu would face Shangyang Peak’s Zhang Yiming.

Blood seeped into the paper, and Zhang Yiming’s name slowly transformed into Ji Wuyou’s.

After handing the bead to Pei Jing, Chu Junyu stayed within Wuya Pavilion, paying no attention to anything happening outside Tianqian Peak.

The gentle breeze rustled the window curtains and also tousled his silver hair. On the back of his hand rested a black butterfly, its wings shimmering with starlight. From afar, it appeared splendid and magnificent, but up close, one could see the grotesque demonic face on its wings. This butterfly exuded a putrid and bloody aura, but it strangely blended with the youth’s demeanor.

Chu Junyu spoke with amusement, “The old folks in Tianyan City have finally started making their move?”

The black butterfly stirred as if it had a message to convey.

Chu Junyu smiled faintly. “I’ve been out for so long, and now they dare to scheme. They are just as cowardly and timid as their master.”

The black butterfly continued to flutter its wings. He lowered his gaze and whispered softly, “No need to worry. The Lord of Celestial Demons, whether awakened or not, is nothing but trash. In fact, I am looking forward to his awakening.”

With that said, the butterfly flew to his fingertip and transformed into a drop of blood, seeping beneath his skin.

Chu Junyu glanced towards the outside of Tianqian Peak, where verdant mountains were concealed within the sea of clouds and mist.

He was very familiar with this location, but he felt two different emotions, spanning across past and present.

He didn’t know what Pei Jing was up to, but whenever Ji Wuyou was mentioned, a restless and murderous intent surged within his heart.

The diary that had been tampered with by him last time was infuriating, so he burned it all. However, inside the Wuya Pavilion, every corner held traces of his youth.

Chu Junyu’s eyelashes drooped, concealing his blood-red eyes, while his fingers played with the small clay figurine hanging on the wall.

“Whatever surprise you have for me, I definitely won’t like it.”

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