After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 92 Part 2

Chapter 92.2 Execute the Heaven and Punish the Dao

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When Pei Jing woke up, it was just dawn. He found himself lying among a pond of lotus flowers, his clothes already dried.

A chubby green worm rolled around on his face. His lips were parched, limbs aching, and the dew from the lotus leaves dripped onto his face. Annoyed, Pei Jing wiped his face with his sleeve, and incidentally plucked the chubby worm, stuffing it directly into his sleeve.

“The Primordial Swordmanship, what kind of technique is it? Invisible and formless, solely reliant on one’s true intentions?”

“And… why must the Heavenly Dao be exterminated?”

Currently, his understanding of the Heavenly Dao remained a vague concept of resentment.

The most recent mention he heard was from the mouth of the Queen Mother of the West, who claimed to have inherited a portion of the power of the Heavenly Dao.

In fact, now he completely ceased to perceive this as a world confined within the pages of a book. Apart from Ji Wuyou, the protagonist who must not die, the course of events had undergone a complete upheaval. Pei Jing even lowered his head to look at Lingchen, the sword in his hand, which slumbered with a faint purple radiance.

The Execution Sword was undoubtedly the most supreme entity in this world of the book, originally belonging to the protagonist. Now it resided in his hand. The plot… had completely transformed.

Pei Jing murmured, “At this point, Ji Wuyou doesn’t actually need to follow the plot anymore, does he? My master said that the Demon Clan has begun to awaken. Now that I hold the Execution Sword, I will exterminate the Demon Clan and eradicate evil at its source. Ji Wuyou can live carefree without awakening his demonic bloodline. Haven’t we resolved everything?”

He furrowed his brow, speaking softly, “In other words, with the Execution Sword in my hands, I am completing the tasks that Ji Wuyou was originally meant to do. Does that mean this world is also considered whole?”

The cool morning light fell upon Pei Jing as he endured the pain and rose from his spot. He then controlled his sword and flew back.

After resting in his room, he slept until the afternoon. When he slightly tidied himself up and went out, he saw Qiao Mucai, who had been squatting outside his door all along.

Pei Jing: “……”

Qiao Mucai’s eyes brightened upon seeing him come out. He stood up but had numb legs from squatting for too long. He had to hold onto the door frame to straighten himself.

Pei Jing asked, “Do you have something to discuss with me?”

Qiao Mucai, feeling guilty, said, “N-No, nothing. I was just worried since you hadn’t gone out for a long time.”

Pei Jing didn’t believe his intentions. He glanced downstairs and could make a guess. Qiao Mucai must have been bullied downstairs. However, now everyone was an ordinary person, and there were no visible signs of bruises on Qiao Mucai’s face. It was probably just a verbal exchange.

Pei Jing had sword practice at the bottom of the lake in the evening. He planned to conserve his energy and avoid unnecessary trouble, so he couldn’t be bothered with taking care of Qiao Mucai’s fragile feelings.

He said directly, “From now on, stop drinking that thing.”

Qiao Mucai: “Ah? Won’t I starve to death then?”

Pei Jing took a lotus flower from his hand, which he snatched from the fat worm, and said, “Eat this.”

Qiao Mucai was stunned. After a brief moment of astonishment, he became so excited that he almost jumped up, tears welling up in his eyes. “Brother Zhang, you’re really good to me! Those ignorant people keep talking nonsense. Wuwuwuwu!”

After giving him the item, Pei Jing sent him back to his room and closed the door to cultivate.

The following evening, Pei Jing felt much better. He was always a resilient person, unafraid of pain and solitude. In the depths of the desolate lake, where there was no one around, and his meridians were being gnawed, a faint radiance emitted from the lotus flowers.

He began to grow accustomed to the pain.

This surprised the Goddess of Yingzhuo and she showed a hint of admiration.

“It has been a long time since I’ve seen someone with your level of comprehension and temperament.”

After going through a round of the lotus flowers penetrating his body and purifying his marrow, Pei Jing felt his blood turning cold, with cold sweat pouring out. Vaguely, he could now perceive the specific directions of those lotus flowers. The Goddess of Yingzhuo waved her sleeve and withdrew those things. Draped in a moon-white dress, she sat upon a fully bloomed silver lotus flower and softly said, “Take a rest for now. Let’s have a chat.”

From her sleeve, she took out a silver bell, her eyes revealing a hint of nostalgia. “You mentioned that you were entrusted to seek the Transient Jade Lotus. Could it be a descendant of Yingzhou?”

Pei Jing sat cross-legged in the darkness and nodded, “Yes, she is the next Island Master of Yingzhou.”

The Goddess chuckled, “I used to carry a bell too, and this child followed suit. What kind of person is she?”

In front of Yu Qinglian’d Elder, Pei Jing naturally had to speak favorably. After hesitating for a moment, he managed to squeeze out a few positive words, “She’s quite beautiful, and also kind and intelligent.” That should suffice. If Yu Qinglian were to hear this, he would be mocked for the rest of his life.

The Goddess said, “Tell me about what’s happening outside.”

Pei Jing nodded, “Alright.”

He didn’t know when he started speaking, but he began with the Wentian Rankings, recounting some interesting anecdotes from the previous Trial of Challenging the Heavens.

The Goddess laughed. “That’s great. The Five Champions of the world. If your ancestors knew about your current glory, they would be pleased.”

Pei Jing smiled, and from his own perspective, he sporadically shared some interesting stories. As he spoke, he reached the point of his failed Nascent Soul cultivation during seclusion. It was then that Chu Junyu appeared. Involuntarily, Pei Jing curled his little finger, his mood becoming uncertain.

Resting her cheek on her hand, the Goddess gently observed every expression on Pei Jing’s face with her unusual eyes, her tenderness resembling that of a mentor watching over their junior.

Pei Jing said, “Actually, I… came to Tianyan City to find him.”

The Goddess asked, “Chu Junyu?”

Pei Jing nodded, “Yes.”

The Yinzhou Goddess laughed again, “Your wife.”

Pei Jing: “……”

He was so startled that he almost fell off his seat.

His face displayed shock and even a hint of regret as he looked at the Goddess before him.

The Goddess laughed and said, “You don’t need to cultivate the Heartless Path. Having a beloved person shouldn’t be something to fear.”

Her smile gradually faded, and she continued, “You’re a good child. If you like him, he must be a good person too.”

Pei Jing fell into complete silence this time. What a load of nonsense!

The expression on the Goddess’ face seemed somewhat distant, perhaps recalling something from a long time ago. However, she shook her head and let a faint smile play at the corners of her lips, dissipating into the light.

She spoke softly, “The Primordial Swordmanship requires your own enlightenment. If you can annihilate all the souls of the jade lotus in an instant at the bottom of the lake, you have already made progress. Now, I’m starting the next round.”

Pei Jing held his breath and nodded solemnly, “Yes.”


Inside Zhuihun Palace.

The intricate pattern of coiling dragon motifs on the tightly sealed stone door emitted a hint of red, resembling blood seeping through every crevice. With a resounding boom, the stone door swung open, and intense white light flooded the area, revealing the interior of the door.

Inside the door was a formation! Complex patterns, grim and bloodthirsty, were adorned with countless streams of demonic energy, capable of crushing everything in their path.

The Palace Master of Zhuihun Palace, witnessing this scene, was terrified beyond measure. He followed closely behind Chu Junyu and fell to his knees, trembling as he spoke, “City Lord, I know nothing, absolutely nothing. I merely followed the orders of the three Elders. They instructed me to capture people for their experiments, to open the Tower of Spiritual Refinement. I know nothing.”

Chu Junyu raised his hand, and his jet-black sleeve slid down, revealing a pale hand resembling that of a lifeless corpse.

A crimson light flickered at his fingertip.

Instantly, all the demonic energy within the formation in the room trembled and quivered, bowing down in submission at the center of the formation.

Chu Junyu’s face was half bathed in light and half shrouded in shadow, devoid of any emotion.

In just two days, he managed to unlock this stone chamber.

Chu Junyu saif, “It appears that the three Elders of the Demon Clan are not entirely useless. They have actually opened the Gate of the Demon Realm.”

A faint smirk curved his lips, a smile that seemed more mocking than genuine. “How amusing. Do you think hiding in the Demon Realm would keep you safe?”

He reached out his hand.

The black-winged butterflies soared and fluttered in the air, defying the white light like a magnificent rebirth. They charged forward, covering the center of the formation, engaging in a desperate struggle against the demonic energy.

The figure in black uttered his final words, casually concealing a murderous intent beneath his nonchalant tone.

“But sealing the city was always intended for a citywide slaughter.”

Tianqian Peak. It started drizzling in the middle of the night, the pitter-patter of raindrops tapping against the flowers and grass. This place was perpetually cold throughout the year, devoid of many people. The wind slipped through his sleeves, swirling around his fingertips. Ji Wuyou suddenly felt an icy chill that penetrated his bones. He walked to the window, gazing outside at the mist-shrouded Yunxiao’s 108 silent peaks. As the weather grew colder, a chill permeated the air, and his heart felt empty. The childhood hunger that had always been by his side now weighed even heavier on him.

He was hungry, but he dared not mention it, for fear of being ridiculed by that woman. The girl who emerged from behind the mask, fixating on him from the very first glance, impossible to shake off no matter how hard he tried. Her words were arrogant and biting, and her smiles always held a mocking quality that made her detestable. But beyond his disdain, there lay an even deeper fear.

Speak of the devil, and she shall appear.

The woman reappeared, this time taking the form of an old crone, perched on his shoulder.

She gazed towards a distant direction and said, “I sense trouble in Tianyan City.”

Tianyan City. Ji Wuyou tasted a bitter sensation in his mouth, feeling somewhat lost.

The old crone swung her fleshless legs, eerie and horrifying, as she slowly spoke, “Your master has gone to meet his old lover, the one who hates you to the core. After they understand each other’s hearts, do you think your master will join forces with the one he loves to come and kill you?”

Ji Wuyou gritted his teeth, flames flickering in his eyes, and his irises reddened with anger. “Enough! When will you ever shut up?”

The old crone grinned. “Are you getting angry from embarrassment? It turns out even a useless person like you can feel anger.”

Ji Wuyou’s hand clenched with a cracking sound. “Once I’m no longer useless, you’ll be the first one I kill.”

The old crone’s eyes, however, remained clear like a pool of water, her voice childishly crisp as she laughed. “Oh, Ji Wuyou, you’re truly pitiful, both pitiful and pathetic. Did you fail in breaking through to the Golden Core stage again?”

She pronounced the words “Golden Core” with a strong tone of mockery.

Ji Wuyou ground his teeth together.

The old crone said, “Go out and travel. It’s about time for you to leave. I’ve been entrusted with a message, wishing you to become stronger.”

Ji Wuyou stared at her intensely, blood seeping from his eyes.

The Thousand-Faced Woman smiled, her appearance constantly changing, her voice shifting into a thousand different tones. Men, women, old, young—countless voices spoke as one.

She said, “You promised her that you would become stronger. Have you forgotten?”

…Pure white light and the gentle figure softly calling.

“Wuyou, you must become stronger.”

The hideous old crone said, “I will help you become stronger.”

In an instant, a charming young girl smiled, her eyes gleaming with crimson.

I will also help you become a demon.

No, you were already a demon, only sooner or later.

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