After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Liking

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Pei Jing was startled. He tried to carefully read Chu Junyu’s face, hoping to detect even the slightest hint of joking.

But Chu Junyu appeared very indifferent, with a barely noticeable smile on his lips. He looked over like that, his gaze deep and unfathomable. His thoughts were impossible to guess.

Pei Jing felt a strange sensation in his heart—as if he could never figure out Chu Junyu, but Chu Junyu seemed to understand him very well.

He thought it was unfair.

Stepping over scattered blood-red tear-shaped beads on the ground.

Pei Jing stood in front of him, feeling an odd calmness in his heart, and asked, “Did you really want me to call you Big Brother?”

Chu Junyu lowered his gaze and looked at him, remaining silent.

Pei Jing lifted his head, his eyes as dark as chess pieces, smiled briefly, and then said, “Big Brother.”

The young voice was clear and pure.

Saying such affectionate words felt like a breeze flowing through the cedars on Tianqian Peak, effortlessly bringing color to every corner of the dim and gloomy realm.

Big Brother.

It also surprised Chu Junyu.

Three thousand bead curtains solidified like teardrops. He stared at him, his blood-colored eyes darkening, and his sharp and gloomy features briefly showed a rare daze and pain.

Pei Jing didn’t know what Chu Junyu was thinking, but at that moment, calling him Big Brother didn’t feel wrong. Chu Junyu was supposed to be older, and calling him senior would feel unfamiliar. Calling him Big Brother was better. Pei Jing even tilted his head, smiling, and asked, “I already call you Big Brother, should you reciprocate? I think my name sounds quite nice. How about you address me as Yuzhi?”

Chu Junyu remained silent for a long time, then smiled. The corners of his lips slowly curved, stiff and cold.

Pei Jing was slightly taken aback and met Chu Junyu’s eyes, which were redder than usual.

The purity and sincerity in his eyes were like a burning fire, consuming Chu Junyu’s heart and soul.

Having spent a long time in darkness, his frozen soul was tormented. He gave a faint smile, as if there was a slightly bittersweet taste in his throat.

Chu Junyu changed his tone and said each word slowly, “How about no?”

Pei Jing was taken aback, and then he furrowed his brows. “No, you’re lying.”

They had encountered each other on the snowy bridge for the first time, and Chu Junyu had said the same thing back then, but his tone was filled with indifference and mockery. However, this time, the suppressed emotions weighed so heavily that Pei Jing could feel them.

Pei Jing reached out and grabbed the wide sleeve of Chu Junyu’s garment, persistently saying, “When you previously said you didn’t like me, I was angry, so I forgot about other possibilities. Now I can almost confirm that you, indeed, aren’t indifferent to me. It’s not just liking, is it? It’s something more than that, right?”

Chu Junyu froze and responded coldly, “Interesting conclusion.”

Pretending not to understand the sarcasm in his tone, Pei Jing continued, “I don’t know anything about you, not even if Chu Junyu is your real name.” He paused, feeling a bit sad, but still calmly continued, “I don’t know what burden you carry or what you’re about to do. I’m completely ignorant of your background and identity. But I still fell for you like this. It’s like liking a fictional stranger. One day, when you decide to leave, I won’t be able to stop you.

“I can follow you to Tianyan City now, but what about the next time? If you disappear without a word, where should I look for you? What should I do if you don’t want to see me? Back on Shu Peak, when you said you wouldn’t meet me, I was in a panic. I felt so hurt. I’ve been confident my whole life, but I crumbled because of you. Pei Yuzhi has never been so uncertain before, and I never thought that one day, I would cry because of someone.”

Pei Jing became increasingly agitated and roared out, pouring out his anger.

“You made me cry—Chu Junyu, you jerk! Do you know how many times I’ve cried in my life?!”

Damn it.

“Would you die if you admit that you like me?”

Chu Junyu closed his eyes and then opened them again. Under his dark lashes, his eyes were bloodshot. His mind felt like a taut string that had snapped, and the taste of rust and blood churned in his throat.

He let out a low laughed.

His slender and pale hand wiped away the redness from the corner of his lips, his eyes filled with madness.

“Pei Yuzhi, you pushed me to this.”

He turned around and forcefully grabbed Pei Jing’s hand, exerting an irresistible strength.

A surge of powerful and frenzied spiritual energy overwhelmed Pei Jing, leaving him startled. But despite his indignation and anger, he managed to speak, “Explain yourself clearly! Say you don’t like me and then keep… mmm?!”

Pei Jing widened his eyes, shocked and clear-minded.

His waist was embraced by a strong arm as Chu Junyu held him, using an intensity that seemed to seep into his bones. Pei Jing watched helplessly as the man who had always been aloof and distant now had a crazed expression. He leaned down, silver hair cascading, and gave him a kiss tinged with a bloody hue. It felt like a punishment, forcefully entering his mouth, ravaging it without restraint.

His head was held down by an unyielding hand, rendering Pei Jing unable to breathe from fear.

Chu Junyu’s heart was filled with nameless anger. His teeth sank into Pei Jing’s lips.

Blood spilled, and a sudden pang of pain brought Pei Jing back to his senses. Compared to this, his previous kisses were mere child’s play.

As Pei Jing looked into Chu Junyu’s eyes, he saw an extreme distortion of red, a combination of madness and ferocity, as if he could devour him for real.

Pei Jing’s body went stiff, then he became bewildered. Fear crept into his heart—no, this wasn’t the development he had envisioned. He, in his youthful appearance, appeared flustered and extended his slender hand in an attempt to stop it.

However, Chu Junyu’s hand that was restraining his waist moved upward along his back, firmly gripping his wrist.

The suffocating kiss deepened, intense and passionate, a matter of life and death.

Chu Junyu’s grip was too strong, leaving a bruise on Pei Jing’s wrist. He disliked this loss of control, feeling dizzy and numb in his mind. His instinct pushed him to respond, only to be hurt again.

His vision gradually blurred.


The atmosphere descended further into a forbidden abyss, filled with ambiguous desire and violent brutality.

Pei Jing blinked.

A tear formed at the corner of the young man’s eye, crystallized by the heavy mist. The teardrop landed on Chu Junyu’s face. Sensing his tears, the icy coldness in Chu Junyu’s heart instantly extinguished. All the confusion and infatuation came to an end. Holding the young man’s hand, he concluded the kiss.

Chu Junyu’s voice was cold and dangerous, “I made you cry again.”

Pei Jing: “……”

Chu Junyu seemed to smile slightly and said, “The last time you cried, I was flustered. But this time, I don’t want to stop.”

Pei Jing: “……”

Involuntarily, he tried to move back, but Chu Junyu held him by the waist and pulled him closer again.

Chu Junyu gently kissed the trail of tears on Pei Jing’s face, as if he were a lover.

However, his eyes were as cold as thin ice, eerie and sinister.

“Pei Yuzhi, why do you insist on making me admit that I like you? Can you truly bear the weight of my affection?”

Pei Jing had actually known all along that Chu Junyu had this side to him.

The aloofness and indifference were merely a facade hiding his inclination towards violence. But when it truly manifested before Pei Jing, he was momentarily taken aback.

Can you truly bear the weight of my affection?

Pei Jing felt a bit scared, but he stubbornly spoke hoarsely, “You finally admit that you like me.”

Chu Junyu couldn’t help but be amused by him.

“So what?”

Pei Jing had just been kissed so intimately by him, and now that he finally managed to calm his emotions, seeing Chu Junyu’s cold demeanor made his uneasiness deepen.

Almost on impulse, he softly called out, “Big Brother.”

Instantly, the hand that was gripping his waist loosened.

Chu Junyu’s eyes narrowed, and although his imposing aura diminished, he still looked down at Pei Jing, waiting for him to speak.

Pei Jing could finally take a breath and suppress his wildly beating heart.

“So, we can consider ourselves mutually attracted, right?” His eyes, refreshed by the tears, sparkled even brighter. “After we settle matters in Tianyan City, come back with me to Yunxiao. From then on, I’ll share your burdens and pain.”

Chu Junyu commented indifferently, “A very naive idea.”

Pei Jing realized that calling him “Big Brother” was still effective, at least it wasn’t as unfamiliar to Chu Junyu. He let go of his pride and said, “It’s not naive. I’ve said it before: I want to become your Dao companion and accompany you for a lifetime. How can that be considered naive?”

Chu Junyu reached out and brushed his hair aside, his fingers pale and icy, slipping through the strands.

Pei Jing couldn’t help but feel a tingling sensation on his scalp.

Chu Junyu said, “A mere declaration of affection cannot make me let go of everything.”

Pei Jing stared at his face and said, “I never intended for you to let go. What you’re doing now, I can help you with! I’m strong, I’m currently the Master of the Execution Sword. For you, I can defy gods and Buddhas. Truly, trust me.”

The Master of the Execution Sword. Were all the promises made in one’s youth so fervent, requiring the witness of the heavens and earth?

From the immortal stars to the divine realms.

Chu Junyu smiled briefly, but his expression remained calm and distant.

Pei Jing was afraid of his current demeanor and called out again, “Big Brother.”

Chu Junyu thought that perhaps he had handed over his own weaknesses directly to the young man.

The mockery that once flowed through his heart dissipated. Chu Junyu lowered his head and said coldly, “It’s too late, and it’s unnecessary.”

Pei Jing gritted his teeth and asked, “Who do you want to kill then?”

Chu Junyu replied, “I want to kill the Heavenly Dao.”

Pei Jing was taken aback. The Heavenly Dao, once again, the Heavenly Dao. The undisguised loathing from the Goddess of Yingzhou reemerged in his mind. The Heavenly Dao, so this world’s rules were truly chaotic, unable to form a proper Dao?

Chu Junyu said, “You shouldn’t be here right now.” He thought that all his tenderness and patience had indeed been given to Pei Yuzhi.

“Before she wakes up, I will cleanse this place with blood and then perish together with her.”

Pei Jing’s heart suddenly clenched, and he raised his voice, “Why must you perish together?”

Chu Junyu didn’t answer him directly, calmly speaking other words, “You should be at Tianqian Peak right now. Whether it’s cultivating in seclusion to break through to the Divine Realm or traveling across the Four Seas with friends, discussing principles over drinks. You will always be the revered and respected Sect Master of Yunxiao, carrying your pride and honor. Once again, you will excel in the Trial of Challenging the Heavens and become a legend in the cultivation world. As One Sword Soaring through the Frost of Wuwang Peak, you’d live amidst the envy of all living beings.”

Chu Junyu’s expression remained calm as he said, “Fearless, sincere, and arrogant. Live on like that. The blood of Tianyan City should not stain your feet, and you should not be aware of the grudges between me and the Heavenly Dao. Even if I had known that I would come to like you as I do now, I shouldn’t have met you.”

Pei Jing looked at him for a long time, his eyes reddening.

Chu Junyu brushed his sleeve, and his silver hair flowed with a cold gleam. His complexion seemed even paler. However, a mysterious smile tugged at his crimson lips. His gaze pierced through the ancient winds and snow, looking at Pei Jing. It was the one and only time, as well as the final time, that he revealed his deepest thoughts to him.

The voice was faint, originating from another realm.

“Pei Yuzhi, you wouldn’t want to know who I truly am.”

I represent sin, I represent the abyss. I am another side of you. Light and darkness should never intertwine.

Pei Jing couldn’t hold back, and tears streamed down his face.

For some unknown reason, sadness and bitterness continued to linger in his heart.

He remained silent for a long time, wiping away his tears with his sleeve, and said, “Chu Junyu, this is the third time.”

He whispered, “You’ve made me cry three times. But I think this will also be the last.”

His fingers trembled as he held the Execution Sword.

“I don’t need to know who you are. I only know that now, you are the person I love with all my heart. This sword named ‘Executio ‘ was born with the purpose of subverting this world, so why fear the Heavenly Dao? I don’t regret letting you enter Yunxiao, and I won’t let you regret meeting me.”

However, Chu Junyu remained unmoved, his voice calm. “The punishment of executing the heavens and challenging the Dao, do you know what you have to go through to obtain such power? Even as the Master of the Executioner Sword?”

The brightness in Pei Jing’s eyes was astonishing. “I’m not afraid.”

Chu Junyu smiled. “But I don’t want it.”

Pei Jing froze.

Chu Junyu’s expression changed, a cold and merciless gaze appeared in his eyes. “If I don’t want you to leave this place, do you think you can? I’m not going to indulge you anymore. Stay here until everything is over.”

Pei Jing was infuriated that his teeth ached!

Chu Junyu turned around, his black robe sweeping silently across the ground, his silver hair like snow, radiating an air of determination.

The green chubby worm remained in a deep slumber, attempting to sense the Jade Lotus behind the closed door.

Chu Junyu walked directly past it, a trace of black energy emanating from his fingertips. His expression cold and indifferent, he intended to open the door.

Pei Jing panicked, especially afraid that Chu Junyu would leave him here like this. The words “I’m not going to indulge you anymore” were terrifying to hear. But if what Chu Junyu said was true, that he didn’t want Pei Jing to leave, then perhaps Pei Jing could only leave after everything was over.

Chu Junyu had always been someone of unwavering character.

Just the thought of Pei Jing leaving after everything was settled made his heart feel constricted.

Pei Jing felt utterly stifled.

Damn it, why did things end up like this after forcing Chu Junyu to admit his feelings?

He hurriedly moved forward. “Don’t be so dismissive. You’re underestimating me! Can’t you be confident in me like I am in myself?”

Chu Junyu paid no attention.

Pei Jing was blocked by a spell, a power beyond the Nascent Soul stage.

Faced with an absolute disparity, he felt utterly powerless.

Pei Jing was furious and said, “Chu Junyu! Let me go with you!”

He watched as the door leading to the Demon Realm gradually opened.

The pure white light made Pei Jing’s eyes ache.

Seeing that Chu Junyu was truly determined, he became anxious and confused. “This isn’t protecting me! You’re infuriating me! The longer I stay here, the angrier I become. I might as well jump into the lava and be done with it. Don’t you care if I die? Don’t you like me? Ahhh, even if you look down on me, please have some regard for the power of the Execution Sword!”

The door opened completely, but Chu Junyu still hadn’t turned around.

Pei Jing cursed and ignored everything, starting to slash and cut the formation blocking his way with his sword. The formation was intangible but incredibly powerful. Normally, the formation wouldn’t harm him, but the power of the Execution Sword stimulated the core of the formation, causing a tremendous force that surged back. The force was too overwhelming, and Pei Jing lost his grip on the sword, which fell downward. Startled, he instinctively reached out to catch the sword but only grabbed the blade, resulting in a deep gash on his wrist. The intense pain pierced his soul, and blood flowed onto the ground.

Chu Junyu still didn’t turn around, and even the chubby green worm forgot about him, moving its body forward to search for the Transient Jade Lotus.

This time, Pei Jing was truly heartbroken.

Clenching his blood-soaked hand, he softly called out, “Big Brother.”

Just before the door closed, Chu Junyu turned around, facing the light, and cast a blood-red gaze at him.

Pei Jing’s voice was faint as he let the sword, which had never left his side, fall to the ground. His hands were covered in blood.

“Big Brother, don’t leave me alone. I’m really scared.”

He was genuinely terrified.

Afraid that the day I leave, I will never see you again.

……. Big Brother, I’m really scared.

The chubby green worm sluggishly turned its head back, realizing belatedly that the person who had brought it here was indeed the same one.

In a dazzling light, Chu Junyu remained silent for a long time. He lowered his gaze and smiled, his voice devoid of joy or anger. “Pei Yuzhi, I must have taught you too well, even in how to deal with me.”

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