After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 1

Chapter 001 Mingyue’s rebirth, twenty years later

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As the sun sets in the west, the drifting hot clouds of volcano ash rendered the sky an orange-red colour.

After school, the campus was completely silent. Other than the faint sound of some boys playing soccer coming from the field, the school building was completely empty.

There was only a faint voice coming from the ladies’ toilet on a certain floor——

“Jiang Fuyue, are you even worthy? Why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror, how could Ling Xuan be attracted to scum like you?”

Lou Mingyue woke up because of the loud noises. She looked at the women that were screaming in front of her, bewildered for a moment. 

Wasn’t she dead?

Where was this?

Unfortunately, no one could give her the answer.

Luckily this confusion did not last long, her constant vigilance which stemmed from being in a high position gave her a strong ability to adapt and allowed her to calm down in the shortest time possible, she then sized up the situation around her.

Firstly, this was a ladies’ toilet. The half-peeled wall plaster and the pitted tiles of the floor silently indicated this toilet was very old and crude.

Any property under her name, even the most old-fashioned house with the worst living conditions, had a better toilet than this. 

Secondly, there were four people at the scene currently.

Other than Lou Mingyue herself, one of them was the woman in front of her chattering and talking non-stop, while the remaining two, even though they did not say a word, were eyeing her unkindly as if watching their prey.

The three of them worked together to surround her in the middle.

Lastly, and most importantly, they all wore school uniforms, including Lou Mingyue.

There was a big red school badge marked on the front right chest of their uniform, and directly under the badge there were four words written in italics: Linnan No. 1 High School

After roughly understanding the situation and confirming that she was not in danger, Lou Mingyue loosened her tense nerves.

“Why don’t you say anything? Aren’t you usually very arrogant? You are clearly ugly and stupid, yet you still insist on putting a lofty expression. Did you think that you’re the heroine after reading too many novels?” The woman, oh no, she should only be considered a girl, spoke meanly.

But Lou Mingyue had no time to pay attention to her because memories that did not belong to her started rushing into her mind.

She had been reborn!

Her current identity was Jiang Fuyue, a sophomore at Linnan No. 1 High School, and because of a love letter she wrote to the school’s most handsome guy, she was targeted by this fat-headed, big-eared girl in front of her, named Jiang Han, who also had a crush on the same guy. 

She was dragged into the ladies’ toilet to be given a warning as usual, when Lou Mingyue came.

“Sister Han, why is she not reacting?” Supporter No. 1.

“Unacceptable, she dares to ignore us!” Supporter No. 2.

Jiang Han frowned, scrunching up her face, fingers poking at Jiang Fuyue’s shoulder: “This is just a small warning today, if you are sensible then stop bothering Ling Xuan. In the future, even if you see him, please take a detour, otherwise, I will have the small pancake stall opened by your family close down in minutes——”


Lou Mingyue raised her eyes suddenly, and all the noises stopped.

The dark pupils, indifferent eyes, in that instant, seemed like they contained the entire galaxy, as tranquil as the sea and as vast as the wild.

Then her gaze fell lightly on Jiang Han’s face, it didn’t seem like it carried any weight but it was like an unsheathed sword, clashing everywhere.

This is the deterrence that belonged to the legend of the imperial capital, the Lou family’s Lou Mingyue!

At this moment, all of the pressure was placed on one high-school student’s shoulders, boom——

Jiang Han’s mind clouded, her hands and feet turned cold, cold air rose up the back of her neck, and she began to tremble uncontrollably.

“You…” Out of instinctive fear, she backed away unconsciously.

The two supporters wanted to step forward to help, but they found that they seemed to be nailed to the ground, unable to move at all.

Their knees softened, and they almost knelt to the ground.

When did Jiang, Jiang Fuyue become so scary? Even more terrifying than the school dean …

“Get lost! ” the bone-chilling voice chimed out.

The three of them couldn’t wait to escape.

Lou Mingyue’s mouth twitched, she walked to the corner to pick up her bag, glanced at it in disgust, and finally hung it on her shoulders resignedly.

After calmly washing her hands, she then walked out of the ladies’ toilet.


In the evening of midsummer, the wind blowing on one’s face was warm, both dry and humid.

There was no one in school, and it was eerily silent. 

Even the boys playing soccer in the field had all gone home and looking around, it was spacious and empty like the wild.

Lou Mingyue…No…she should now be called Jiang Fuyue, walked out of the school gate with her head half-lowered, even until now she still couldn’t wrap her mind around it. 

Clearly, one second ago she was still lying in a pool of blood, watching as the closest person to her stabbed her in the chest with a knife. The strong sense of resentment and unwillingness still lingered in her soul, unable to be released. How did she become another person the next second? She even had memories that did not belong to her. 

Suddenly, a familiar voice fell in her ears. Jiang Fuyue stiffened and raised her head abruptly.

Only to see an interview from the finance channel playing on the huge LED display in front of the square.

“…Looks like everyone is very well-informed. That’s right, next month on the first, Miss Lou will complete the acquisition of Thor Technology. This will be the first time Miss Lou’s corporation has acquired the New Third Board enterprise, and it also reflects Miss Lou’s determination to enter the tech industry…”

The woman on the screen was dressed in a formal suit, with a calm aura. She was facing and talking to the reporter at this moment, looking very dignified.

Everything on screen returned back to the host: “President Lou has admitted to the media that she will acquire Thor Technology in the near future, what impact will this have on Miss Lou’s corporation, whose main focus has always been in the real estate industry? What does this mean for the future of the tech industry? Let’s consult Mr. Shao Qihua, a financial expert, for his analysis and response ….”

President Lou?!

Jiang Fuyue’s pupil constricted, three words could be heard from her clenched teeth: “Lou——Ming——Xin——”

Her half-sister with the same father, a good student that she taught step-by-step, and also her executioner who stabbed her in the chest with a knife!

The hatred and unwillingness that were forcibly suppressed, surged up at this moment.


Jiang Fuyue frowned.

She just died. With Lou Mingxin’s position, it is impossible to control the group and become president in such a short time. 

Suddenly, the girl’s gaze froze. Staring at the lower right corner of the giant screen, her eyes changed from being dazed to surprise, finally turning into shock and disbelief.

Year 2050….

Twenty years have passed!

That’s right, even though Lou Mingxin wore delicate makeup in the news, she looked too mature, especially with the curly hair, she looked even more dignified but particularly old.

What if it’s not “look old”, but really is “old”?!

That’s not surprising then.

Twenty years, not twenty days, also not twenty hours, it’s enough time to change anything.


Those people were unable to help her protect it in the end?

Jiang Fuyue was momentarily disappointed.

But this depressed feeling did not last long. When she looked up again, the helplessness on her face gradually faded away.

At least she was still alive, right? She had lots of time to deal with those people that caused her death! Her only hope was that twenty years later, they are still alive and kicking!

As the sun set, Jiang Fuyue turned and left without further delay.

Behind her the financial news was still being broadcasted, “…Miss Lou has a strong background, well-capitalized, but in these twenty years, they still did not manage to develop out of the real estate industry, hence this transformation has great significance…”


Jiang Fuyue lived near the school, about a twenty-minute walk away.

She walked slowly, trying to familiarise herself with the surroundings. 

What she saw was that there were not many changes from twenty years ago, besides the buildings being higher and the roads having more traffic. 

With the memories of the original owner, she passed through the old market. Several low-rise unit buildings appeared in front of her and because the buildings were too old, the exterior looked mottled. 

Jiang Fuyue lived at 4-1, Unit 2. She climbed the stairs with her school bag, took out the keys, and inserted them into the keyhole. Before she could even turn it, the door opened from the inside.

A “short radish head” appeared in front of her eyes, looking at her timidly. He then pursed his lips and called softly: “Sister….”

There were four members in the Jiang family —— Jiang Da and his wife, Han Yunru, as well as the siblings Jiang Fuyue and her younger brother, Jiang Chenxing.

Little Brother Jiang was six years younger than Jiang Fuyue. He was twelve this year and in September, will become a first year in middle school.

He matured slower than boys of the same age, probably shorter than 1.5 meters, skinny and small. Although his skin was white, he had a handsome face, though on the more delicate side.

He looked like a girl.

Unfortunately, he had a quiet personality and didn’t talk much usually. At first glance…..easily bullied.

The relationship between these siblings was not good, so Jiang Fuyue imitated the original owner’s tone, and said “En” coldly.

Little Brother Jiang stepped aside, and silently closed the door after she entered the house. 

He glanced at his sister’s back, lowered his eyes, and hid the gloom on his face, then holding the corner of his apron, turned and went back to the kitchen to continue cooking.

Soon, there were sounds of vegetables frying in the pan.

After half an hour, the aroma of food filled the entire living room.

Little Brother Jiang walked to the sofa, with his head lowered, then softly said: “Sister, it’s time to eat.”

“……Oh.” Jiang Fuyue put down her phone and walked to the dining room.

She had just gone online to get a general understanding of the world now. What happened twenty years ago did not change, which meant that the timeline was still the same. The rules and common sense that this society followed were also consistent with what she knew in her previous life. 

The only special thing about her might be that she jumped directly from the time of “Lou Mingyue’s death” twenty years ago, to the time of “Jiang Fuyue that was bullied in the ladies’ toilet” twenty years later. Instead of following the normal time flow, it happened in the blink of an eye. 


Just as she was about to scoop up the rice, her movement stopped and she quietly retracted her hand.

It’s not that Jiang Fuyue was lazy, but the original owner never did this, all were done for her by Little Brother Jiang. 

Now that the core was different, even if she wanted to change, it had to be done slowly.

Sure enough, Little Brother Jiang habitually served her the rice, and….he himself started eating from the rice bowl.

Jiang Fuyue : “?”

“Sister,” the little boy’s neck shrank, “You, why are you staring at me?”

“Uh…”, Jiang Fuyue was about to look away, then suddenly remembered the poor relationship between the siblings. She raised her eyes again and stared back at him, “Eat your food, why are you saying so much nonsense?”

“Oh.” Little Brother Jiang looked at her with timid eyes, then continued to bury his head into his bowl.

She silently rummaged through the original owner’s memories.

It turns out that Little Brother Jiang was a big eater. He could already eat two big bowls of noodles plus four servings of dumplings, at three years old.

As he grew older, his appetite became more and more terrifying. Now he alone ate more than the other three family members combined, and this was also under the premise that he had restricted his belly. 

Father Jiang and Mother Jiang brought him to see the doctor but the results showed that everything was normal. 

In the end, they could only accept it.

However, for such a family that was not considered wealthy, “eating more” was equivalent to “spending more”.

Jiang Father and Jiang Mother owned a pancake stall. They earned about 7,000 yuan a month after working early and ending late every day. Nearly half of their income was spent on Jiang Chenxing’s food and the other half had to be used on the sibling’s school fees, as well as daily necessities. Naturally, what’s left did not give Jiang Fuyue a lot. 

The original owner’s disgust for her younger brother was because of this.

“I’m full.” She put down her bowl and chopsticks. 

Little Brother Jiang glanced over, his eyes….full of anticipation.

Jiang Fuyue silently looked at the few leftovers in her bowl, got up and left.

After she left, Little Brother Jiang happily dragged the bowl over, and cleanly ate the few mouthfuls of leftovers. 

Instantly satisfied!

However, doubts flashed in his eyes. In the past, his sister would rather throw away the leftovers in her bowl than give them to him, why today….

He tucked his head in his collar, silently happy.


Jiang Fuyue stood in the washroom, looking at the reflection of herself in the mirror, she was speechless.

What the h*ll is this non-mainstream hairstyle?

Long bangs hung across the forehead, covering the eyebrows. The eyes were beautiful, it was a pity that they looked bare without the eyebrows. The palm-sized face was framed by two strands of hair from the temple, plus the hair from the forehead; her face looked like a square without the bottom horizontal line. 

Even ghosts would hide from her, she looks so ugly that it makes her want to cry.

“Jiang Chenxing, bring me a pair of scissors!”

After a quarter of an hour.

When Jiang Fuyue looked into the mirror again, she was stunned.

She saw a girl with a delicate heart-shaped face, dark eyebrows shaped like autumn waves, and gleaming light shining within bright and charming peach blossom eyes.

Her complexion was a cool-toned ivory white, which highlighted the crimson-red lips and cheeks like peach blossom. 

After seeing Little Brother Jiang, she already guessed that the original owner would not be ugly, but unexpectedly, she was a great beauty!

In her past life, Lou Mingyue was also pretty but because of congenital weakness, she looked a little more ill and delicate; how could she have such a rosy, healthy, and bright aura?

Little Brother Jiang, who was clinging to the door frame, was also stunned.

Since graduating from middle school, his elder sister had cut her bangs and covered her forehead thoroughly, even her eyes were almost fully covered. His parents thought that it was not good-looking and he also thought that it was ugly but his sister liked it.

“How is it?” Jiang Fuyue turned around suddenly.

“Ah?” Little Brother Jiang asked dazedly.

“Does it look good?”

“Good, good-looking.”

“Louder.” A guy should be manlier.

“Good looking——”

After shouting, even Little Brother Jiang himself was stunned.

Jiang Fuyue walked past him, saying lightly: “Barely passable.”


At night, everything was silent.

Little Brother Jiang had a regular sleeping schedule and at this moment, had already fallen asleep.

Jiang Fuyue was lying on the lower half of the bunk bed, both hands behind her head, staring fixedly at the bottom of the top bunk.

Occasionally, there were creaking noises from when Little Brother Jiang turned over in bed, but she didn’t even blink.

After an unknown amount of time, there were faint noises coming from the living room.

“…..Take it easy, don’t disturb the kids!” Han Yunru said with her voice lowered.

Jiang Da lightly closed the door: “Okay okay, I’ll be more gentle. You go take a look at the two children, I’ll tidy up here…”

The door was pushed open, and Jiang Fuyue quickly closed her eyes.

After a while, the thin blanket that was lying halfway down her body was pulled up gently till it covered her chest.

“Goodnight, Yueyue.”

It was a gentle and pleasant voice.


The next day.

“Sister, get up….”

Jiang Fuyue sat up, wore her slippers, and quickly went to wash up.

Little Brother Jiang stood beside the bed, unable to react.

Why didn’t my sister lose her temper today? Heehee…secretly happy.

Jiang Da and his wife left early in the morning to set up their stall, they left breakfast for the siblings on the stove, which was still hot.
At 8 o’clock, Jiang Fuyue walked into the second year, class 3 as the morning reading bell rang.

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