After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Clash of Timelines, Return to Linhuai 

For all upcoming chapters, Author has now changed them to two chapters in one; so twice the length!

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After much deliberation, Xu Jing decided to call Meng Zhijian.

“Old Meng, I think there’s something I should tell you.”

Meng Zhijian had just reeled in a crucian carp on his fishing line. He reeled it in while clutching the phone with his shoulder. “Alright, go ahead.”

“You need to prepare yourself mentally.”

“What’s going on? You’re making it sound quite serious…”

“The NOI results are out.”


Xu Jing continued, “Jiang Fuyue came in first place with a perfect score.”

Meng Zhijian was stunned. “Who came in first with a perfect score?”

“Jiang Fuyue!”

“Just wait a second—” He immediately hung up.

Xu Jing was left puzzled. Had this guy gone mad?

Two minutes later, Xu Jing realized he had been added to a three-person WeChat group. Meng Zhijian initiated a video call request, which Xu Jing accepted.

Yu Wenzhou was also included, and he still looked quite confused. Meng Zhijian spoke first.

“Old Xu, could you repeat what you just said?”

Xu Jing: “….Jiang Fuyue ranked first with a perfect score in the NOI.”

Yu Wenzhou, “!”

Meng Zhijian remained expressionless.

After a moment of silence, he asked, “What should we do about her Physics summer camp then? How did she get another perfect score?”

Xu Jing wasn’t in a hurry. His Olympiad camp wasn’t until October. For now, there was a showdown between the Physics competition and the Informatics competition.

Meng Zhijian inquired, “What do we do?”

Yu Wenzhou added, “First, we need to figure out if the two summer camps’ schedules clash.”

As it turned out, what was meant to clash could not be avoided. The two summer camps began just two days apart and lasted for half a month, with highly overlapping schedules. Jiang Fuyue had to choose one.

“…I understand,” Jiang Fuyue replied calmly after hearing Meng Zhijian’s words.

Meng Zhijian, on the other end, remained unusually silent. 

After training for competitions for many years, he had never encountered such a situation. 

In two competitions, both she achieved a perfect score in first place. If every time Jiang Fuyue’s NOI (National Olympiad in Informatics) results fall a bit short, he can persuade her to give up and focus on preparing for the Physics competition. 

However, the fact is, how excellent is she? 

She stretches out both hands, and each one can touch the ceiling. 

How can you persuade her then? 

Meng Zhijian sighed and said, “Look at yourself, even though I really want you to choose the Physics competition, as teachers, we can’t directly make decisions for students.” 

Jiang Fuyue’s tone slows down, “No rush, there are still ten days.” 

The Information competition begins in ten days, and the Physics competition starts two days later. 


Jiang Fuyue ended the call, put away her phone, and the airport announcement started broadcasting boarding information. She got up and headed towards the boarding gate. 

Two hours later, the flight landed at Lianhuai Airport. 

Jiang Da and Han Yunru have already learned in advance about Jiang Fuyue’s excellent results in NOI and have come to the airport with their younger son after having lunch to pick up their daughter. 

Jiang Fuyue, dragging her suitcase, hasn’t fully reacted yet when her younger brother bounced up like a little steel cannonball and hugged her leg. 

“Sis, you’re back!” 

Jiang Fuyue patted his head, “Yes.” 

Then, her younger brother blushed within a second.

Back at home, Jiang Fuyue opened her suitcase and took out the gifts. She had prepared a belt for her father, made of top-grain leather, an obvious sign of quality.

“How… how expensive is this? Your dad already has a belt; he doesn’t need to spend money on something like this.”

Jiang Fuyue: “I’ve already bought it, so you should try it on.”

Jiang Da hesitated for a moment 

Han Yunru pushed him and said, “What are you standing there for? Your daughter was so filial, don’t be ungrateful.” 

“Alright,” Jiang Da no longer hesitated, grinning happily, and said, “Then I’ll go change into a pair of pants with a belt…” 

After saying that, he happily bounced into the bedroom. 

What Han Yunru had received was a skincare set, gift-wrapped, containing facial cleanser, moisturizing water, lotion, eye cream, and essence. 

Even though Han Yunru didn’t understand skincare, she knew the brand, and it was quite expensive. 

“Mom, do you like it?” 

“Thank you, my sweet daughter, I really like it.” 

She didn’t act shy like Jiang Da; instead, she openly accepted it, with a gentle and pleasant smile, her beautiful peach blossom eyes sparkling softly. Jiang Fuyue also smiled.

“Sis, do I have one?” Little Brother Jiang came over, spinning around her like a little dog, his eyes full of longing. 


“Complete Textbook Analysis,” “Speed Learning Method,” “Complete Middle School Textbooks,” “Top Scholar’s Notes,” “Comprehensive Mastery,” “The Road to Middle and Elementary Olympiads”… 

Little Brother Jiang was dumbfounded, “Just… these?” 

Jiang Fuyue, “What else?” 

“…Oh.” He really wanted to cry out loud. 

But Little Brother Jiang held it back and took the thick stack of study materials back to his room. 

Even his back seemed a bit pitiful. 


That night, after Jiang Fuyue took a shower, her younger brother had finished his livestream and laid in bed without moving, as if he was asleep.

She went to her suitcase, took out a paper bag, and the process naturally produced some rustling sounds.

Jiang Fuyue walked to the bedside, opened the bag, and a strong sweet fragrance filled the room, instantly permeating the entire space.

“I remember someone wanted to eat the little cakes from Fu Hui Tang. Do you still want them now?”

The small figure lying on the upper bunk moved slightly but didn’t get up.

Jiang Fuyue quickly closed the open end of the paper bag, teasing, “I guess you’re not interested anymore. It seems you ate your fill during the livestream, so I’ll have to enjoy them myself…”

“Sis!” The younger brother suddenly sat up, his eyes gleaming.

“Do you want to eat them?”


As for the pile of study materials left in the corner, well… they didn’t seem so important anymore.

It was a compromise from the true-hearted foodie.

Under the same night sky, in the capital city, at the Dangui Bar. Colored lights, music, and dancing were in full swing, as it was the liveliest time of day.

Niu Chunhua entered through the back door and headed straight to the second floor.

“Mom? Why are you back?” Niu Rui was quite surprised to see her.

She let go of her luggage, which landed with a thud by her feet, and rushed over to Niu Rui, her high heels clacking against the floor as she approached, “Where is she?”

“Who… who are you talking about?”

“The new Master!”

“She’s not here,” She didn’t even check the time, it’s late at night… 

“So where is she? I need to see her right away!” 

Niu Rui touched his nose, “This might be… a bit difficult.” 

Niu Chunhua furrowed her brows, “Kid, speak clearly, what do you mean by ‘a bit difficult’?” 

“It’s about the new owner, she… left.” 

“Left?” The woman’s tone suddenly rose, “Left for where?” 



After a strange silence, the woman suddenly erupted, pulling off her high heels and giving the dog a beating, “Didn’t I tell you to keep a close eye on her? Didn’t I want her to stay in the capital?!” 

Niu Rui took a solid blow to his arm, then ran away, “I wanted her to stay, but I also need to be able to keep her here!” 

“Excuses! Nothing but excuses! I’ll beat you to death!” 

“…I’m your own child!” 

“Shut up! You’re not even worth as much as a roast pork!” 

Chaos ensued. 

Fortunately, there was noise cancellation on the first floor covering their commotion, so the mother and son wouldn’t disturb anyone else. 

The next day, when Jiang Fuyue woke up and sat up, she suddenly discovered something under her pillow while making her bed. She pulled it out and froze the next moment…

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