After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Jiang Da’s Outburst, Prelude to Faceslap

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Jiang Qin sneered, “Isn’t it?”

Jiang Da stood by, not daring to interject or say anything.

Of course, he probably didn’t know what to say, but he had his wife—Han Yunru.

Han Yunru added, “Fuyue has bonus points for sports.”

“Oh,” Jiang Qin suddenly realized, “So she has a specialty huh!”

Her words contained a hint of disdain. 

After all, Fuyue hadn’t entered the school based on her academic merits, so what was so remarkable about that?

Jiang Qin regained her sense of superiority, “Big Sister-in-law, not to be too outspoken, but what’s the point of being good at sports? The most crucial thing is excelling academically. Running faster or jumping higher doesn’t guarantee admission to top universities like B University or Q University. While Fuyue is still in her second year of high school, there’s still time to focus on academics, which is the most sensible thing to do!”

Han Yunru simply commented, “Every child should have their own thoughts and decisions. As parents, we shouldn’t interfere too much with the path they choose.”

Liu Wei, who was quietly eating, suddenly glanced at her beautiful aunt. Then her gaze shifted to Jiang Fuyue, and as Jiang Qin began speaking again, she lowered her head.

“Aunty, you’re mistaken. How can such young children understand these things? Their thoughts are still immature, and their decisions may not be rational. Don’t use respecting a child’s opinion as an excuse for your own laziness. These are all signs of being inadequate parents!”

Han Yunru replied with a simple “Oh” without any hint of irritation. She just stated, “Perhaps every family has different methods of upbringing.”

Jiang Qin sneered, “For now, it seems that among the grandchildren of our Jiang family, Weiwei is the most accomplished. His class teacher even called me yesterday and mentioned that if he wins the math competition, Weiwei will be directly admitted to Q University.”

Q University, one of the most prestigious universities in the country. If he truly achieved this, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say it’s a matter of great pride and honor!

The grandmother’s eyes lit up, “Weiwei has always performed very well. He’s sure to win that math competition! I’ll prepare a big red envelope for you when the time comes!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Qin pushed her son, urging him, “Weiwei, why don’t you thank your grandma?”

Liu Wei: “….Thank you, Grandma.”

“Hey!” The grandmother beamed like a wild chrysanthemum, “He truly is the child I’ve personally raised. He’s really made something of himself!”

Yang Jinqiu couldn’t help but frown.

Liu Shutian hearing this, ‘How can she tolerate this?’

“Mom, are you mistaken? Weiwei may be successful, but he’s still surnamed Liu, not Jiang. If we’re talking about legitimate descendants of the Jiang family, there’s only Kaikai.”

It was as if they’d officially ruled out Jiang Chenxing.

Jiang Teng, upon hearing this, emphatically nodded and said, “Exactly, that’s the point.”

Since his son was the only one who could inherit the compensation money from the land acquisition in his mother’s hands, there was no room for others to consider it!

“Enough!” The grandmother’s expression turned cold, as she looked disapprovingly at her second daughter-in-law. But she didn’t say a heavy word; instead, she redirected her words towards Han Yunru.

“Eldest daughter-in-law, since you’re here, you should listen and observe more. Ah Qin is right; what’s the point of not focusing on academics and emphasizing sports? Do you expect her to bring home an Olympic gold medal? As a mother, you don’t seem to plan for your child at all. You should spend some time learning from Ah Qin. She’s better at teaching!”

It was clearly a way to vent her anger.

Liu Shuting leisurely ate her food, she wasn’t surprised by the grandmother’s behavior. 

She had her family background and the confidence to withstand her mother-in-law’s dissatisfaction. She also held the most cherished youngest son and her highly-regarded elder grandson in her hands!

As for the eldest sister-in-law…

She glanced at Han Yunru, subtly examining her fair face, but there wasn’t a single visible wrinkle. Han Yunru’s captivating eyes were like those of a born enchantress!

Her choice of clothing was also quite meticulous. She was revealing her collarbones; whom was that meant for?

She deserved to be scolded!

When Jiang Fuyue heard this, she was about to slam her chopsticks down. However, Jiang Da was quicker.


The chopsticks landed on the table with a loud noise. 

Due to his strength, it was particularly resounding. 

Even the people at the nearby tables couldn’t help but look over.

“Mom, I know you’ve never liked Ah Ru, but could you at least put on a superficial show? Why are you taking it out on my wife, when it’s clearly our younger siblings who upset you? Why vent your anger on my wife?”

“Ah Ru has a good temper, but that doesn’t mean everyone can bully her!!”

Jiang Da became increasingly emotional as he spoke. He suddenly stood up, and as a large and imposing man, his eyes reddened.

He wasn’t defending himself; he was defending his wife!

It had been so many years, and his mother still couldn’t accept Ah Ru.

“In that case, why did you call us back?!”

With this shout, all eyes were on them, and the gossip antennae extended to their maximum length.

The grandmother couldn’t afford to lose face in front of this many people and appeared somewhat flustered.

The other two branches quickly stepped in to mediate. After all, most of the attendees were their friends, classmates, business partners, superiors, and leaders.

If they caused a big scene, they’d gain nothing!

This situation truly fulfilled the saying: “People without shoes don’t fear those who do.”

Such bad luck!

“Big brother, Mom didn’t mean it that way. Stay calm!”

“Right, right, if she called you all back, it’s undoubtedly to bring the family together, not to make it a big issue.”

“Mom cares about Yueyue. Her words may not sound pleasant, but her heart is good. Why don’t you take a seat first and avoid being a spectacle for others?”

“Since eldest sister-in-law doesn’t like to hear it, then Mom definitely won’t mention it again. Mom, show your stance to big brother.”

Jiang Teng quickly signaled to their mother.

Madam Jiang frowned but reluctantly nodded. “Count me as a meddlesome old woman. Your wife is a treasure. There’s nothing to criticize!”

Jiang Da remained standing, his eyes dark and turbulent, his chest heaving as if he was in a contest with someone.

His hands clenched on the edge of the table, and the veins on his arms bulged, as if he might flip the table at any moment.

Jiang Hua’s expression darkened. “Eldest sister-in-law, please persuade him!”

Han Yunru gently held her husband’s hand, not saying a word. She simply gave him a faint smile.

Jiang Da, like a tamed lion, instantly calmed down.

Such a vivid contrast made Madam Jiang seethe with anger. It was this vixen who stole her obedient eldest son!

She regretted her act of kindness all those years ago, rescuing Han Yunru, the jinx…

Although Jiang Da sat back down, and the prying eyes of onlookers retreated as well, the atmosphere at the table didn’t ease.

It grew heavier instead.

Jiang Da’s family ate in silence, while Jiang Hua and Jiang Teng remained on edge, fearing another outburst. Madam Jiang lost her appetite completely.

Finally, the meal ended…

Jiang Da didn’t want to linger for another moment, but he couldn’t leave immediately since the guests started coming over to bid farewell. He had to wait.

On the other hand, Jiang Hua and Jiang Teng navigated the situation skillfully, at ease like fish in water.

“…Director Zhang, you really didn’t need to trouble yourself to come here. It should be me and Jinqiu who should have gone to meet you. Look at this… I’m really sorry, please forgive us!”

“Don’t say that, I don’t deserve such respect.”

Yang Jinqiu smiled, “Don’t be modest, you practically have the final say in this year’s Outstanding Teacher Awards, don’t you?”

“Please, please, I don’t have that kind of power!” The man repeatedly waved his hands, refusing to take responsibility for anything.

Yang Jinqiu and her husband exchanged a look – a sly fox!

Suddenly, Director Zhang made an exclamation as if he had discovered something incredible. His eyes were locked onto Jiang Fuyue…

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