After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 16

Chapter 016 The younger brother is bullied, elder sister comes to the scene

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“Sister…” Little Brother Jiang became anxious, “I won’t lie!”

“En, speak.” She smiled slightly, but there was no fluctuation in her eyes.

“It’s a classmate, they asked me to help with their homework.”

“How many classmates?” 

Jiang Chenxing: “Three.”

Jiang Fuyue’s expression was calm, “Why not refuse?” 

His mouth closed and his eyes looked away.


The little boy gritted his teeth: “If I don’t write it for them, they will sprinkle water on my bench, put cockroaches in my drawer, and I often can’t find my books and pens…” 

Jiang Fuyue was still calm, but her eyes became gloomy: “Did you tell the teacher?” 


“How did the teacher handle it?” The tone became more and more gentle. 

Little Brother Jiang choked, but didn’t cry: “The teacher called them to the office and criticized them, but it’s useless, they will do it again next time.” 

“Did you tell our parents?” 

Little Brother Jiang shook his head. 

Jiang Da and Han Yunru went out early and came back late, they had no time to care about the lives of their two children. They only made money, spinning like a spinning top, working hard, but did not earn much. 

This was the sadness of ordinary people. It was not for their ideals, nor for their pursuits, but for survival. 

Jiang Fuyue sighed, “Don’t be afraid.” 

Little Little Brother Jiang looked at her indifferent eyes, but there was a gentle light flowing. So warm, it burned his heart. 

“En, I’m not afraid!” He said. 

The next day, the siblings got up on time, had breakfast, and went to school separately.

Before leaving, Jiang Fuyue suddenly said, “I’ll pick you up from school in the afternoon.”

Little Brother Jiang’s eyes lit up like a star was shining.

During lunch time, Jiang Fuyue found Jiang Han and the three in the cafeteria.

Now, Jiang Han has been abused so much she had developed a stress disorder. Seeing Jiang Fuyue walking over from afar, the fear of being dominated by work immediately switched on.

Her fat was trembling all over, and the chicken legs in her hands were no longer fragrant. “Sister Yu, Yue… It’s only morning, and the homework hasn’t been set yet…” Aren’t you here too early?

“I’m not doing homework this time, let’s change the way we play.”


“After the second class in the afternoon, we will gather at the fence behind the playground.”


Jiang Fuyue did not give her an explanation and after instructing her, left.

Jiang Han pondered for a while. Her food was cold, and then she reluctantly recalled the taste –

“She, does this mean that we can skip the third class in the afternoon and climb the wall?” The

The fence behind the playground, everyone who understands knows, this place was the shortest and easiest to climb over.

Ge Meng nodded and stuffed a piece of spareribs into her mouth: “I think so.” 

Liu Sisi thought further: “What is she going to do?”

Jiang Han waved her fat hand carelessly: “Whatever she does, as long as it’s not homework and running, anything is fine.” 

In the afternoon, Jiang Fuyue finished two physics classes and started collecting things.

Wan Xiutong looked puzzled, then finally saw that she was leaving with her school bag on her back, so she couldn’t help but say, “Jiang Jiang, what are you doing?”

Looking back, she smiled and said, “Skipping class.”

Just as a gust of wind blew past her ear, her hair was scattered, and her secluded pupils revealed a translucent brown under the bright sky.

Cool and radiant, frosted with snow.

Wan Xiutong stared blankly, obsessed.

She’s been charmed again…

Skipping classes was a common occurrence for the original owner, and Jiang Fuyue had those memories, so she can do it with ease.

In addition, she was blessed with the status of a scumbag, which made it even easier for her. Anyway, the classmates in her class had long been surprised by her behavior, reading books and talking.

Calm as usual.

As for Jiang Han, there was no need to worry, her record of skipping classes was richer than the original owner.

“Sister Yue, you’re here…” Jiang Han rubbed her hands together and greeted her with a smile.

“Let’s go.”

“Ah? Where are we going?”

Jiang Fuyue had already put her hands on the wall, and landed steadily in the blink of an eye.

That was a clean landing.

Ge Meng and Liu Sisi followed closely, the former was relatively flexible, while the latter seemed more embarrassed because of her tiny hands.

Jiang Han…

She couldn’t get over the wall.

Ge Meng moved to the corner of the wall with ease, and pushed hard, the seemingly solid red brick fell to the ground, and a big dog hole appeared in the wall.

Why use “big” to describe it?

Because small Jiang Han was able to get through!

Jiang Fuyue clicked her tongue.

When Jiang Han came out, the three of them quickly put the bricks back and returned it to it’s original appearance.

“Sister Yue, where are we going?” Jiang Fuyue’s legs were fast, and Jiang Han was panting with her.

“Hongguang Elementary School.”

“Elementary school?” Jiang Han was a little stunned, “To do what?”

Ge Meng and Liu Sisi pricked up their ears at the same time.

Jiang Fuyue smiled, but that smile made her scalp tingle.

She said, “To deal with someone.”



“Stand up!”

“Goodbye classmates, and remember to finish your homework on time.”

“Goodbye, teacher–“

A group of elementary school students swarmed out.

Outside the school gate, in an alley.

Jiang Chenxing was dragged by his schoolbag, which was not the same as usual. He struggled a lot today, but he stretched his neck and looked out, his eyes searching anxiously.

As if he was looking for someone.

Fat Dun Er walked over and gave him a kick: “Big rice bucket, you are very arrogant today!”

Jiang Chenxing was kicked into the corner, his hands were scraped and his trousers were dirty, but he never cried, he just kept silent, staring at the fat boy in front of him.

Like a little puppy that was baring its teeth.

“Fat Brother, Jiang Chenxing is glaring at you!”

Fat Dun Er walked up and looked at him condescendingly: “Who gave you the courage not to help us with our homework? Are you looking for a fight?!”

Jiang Chenxing wanted to stand up, his sister said that a man should look like a man, no matter if he was twelve or forty-two.

But before he could get up, Fat Dun Er kicked him down again.

This time he tried harder than last time, and his face turned pale in pain.

“Fat brother, Jiang Chenxing didn’t cry!”

“Why doesn’t he cry? I hate it.”

Just when Fat Dun Er was about to put down his foot for the third time, he heard a thud—

He was thrown to the ground, like a b*stard with four feet in the sky.

Jiang Han’s sturdy figure loomed over him, her fat trembled, and she was fierce: “Bullying my boss’s little brother, are you tired of living?”

After speaking, she lifted her leg and gave another kick.

Fat Dun Er was kicked on the butt. Threatened by such a “giant creature”, he froze on the ground, unable to move.

The legs of the other two dogs who were with him were also pressed on the ground by Ge Meng and Liu Sisi.

“Are you missing an arm or a missing leg?” Jiang Han narrowed her eyes and kicked again, this time landing on the other side of his butt.

The Fat Dun Er trembled, looking up from the bottom. He saw the woman’s double chin folded into multiple chins, and his eyes slipped over the broad and majestic shoulders and arms showing her strength.

This kind of power can crush him in minutes.

With this knowledge, when Jiang Han lifted her foot for the third time and was about to let it fall, Fat Dun Er let out a wail that didn’t match his arrogant figure…

It was earthshaking.

“Yes, I’m sorry… I was wrong…”

Jiang Han raised her eyebrows and stepped on him, but didn’t let him get up: “What did you do wrong? Say it!”

“I shouldn’t hit Jiang Chenxing, woo woohoo…”

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