After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 169

Chapter 169: All Rejected, Not Necessarily 

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Jiang Fuyue glanced at it, Ling Xuan’s face darkened, and Lin Shumo smiled.

The longer they were desk mates, the more they could discover Jiang Fuyue’s terrifying talent for learning and her thinking ability.

Some people are smart, but not necessarily good at studying.

Some people are good at studying, but not necessarily smart.

Lin Shumo used to think he was outside these two categories, but after meeting Jiang Fuyue, he began to doubt it because there was now a higher benchmark in front of him.

And he hadn’t reached it yet.

“…The wavelength of the laser source is 635nm, and the laser is also axially connected and fixed… Let’s assume the laser shines on a cylindrical wire with a diameter of r… This way, we get the light intensity distribution function of the incident angle, or we can start from the middle, first calculate the angle, and then, through induction, discover the distribution pattern, but the second method is much more complicated than the first one. Do you understand?”

“…” No response.

Jiang Fuyue called out again, “Lin Shumo.”

“Hmm.” He responded, nodding.

Compared to Lin Shumo, Ling Xuan had a clearer understanding of Jiang Fuyue’s strength, which he had long been accustomed to and no longer found surprising.

So when Jiang Fuyue finished the experimental problem that had troubled him all day in less than a quarter of an hour, Ling Xuan’s expression remained unchanged, showing no surprise.

“Can you explain?” he asked.

Jiang Fuyue didn’t reject communication about learning. She found that everyone’s brain was a unique entity with its own unique thought structure.

If she had 10 different solutions to a problem, then Ling Xuan often provided the 11th.

Therefore, she was more willing to communicate with him about problems.

Ling Xuan: “?” So you’re not interested in me, but in my problem-solving method!

As for Lin Shumo…

This person was a bit aloof, and his thinking overlapped with hers to a high degree. Jiang Fuyue rarely got anything new from him, so she never took the initiative to engage with him.

Lin Shumo: “?” So you’re not even interested in my problem-solving method.

Even though both of them had academic exchanges with Jiang Fuyue, they remained strangers and distant in their daily lives.

For example, at this moment…

Ling Xuan: “Want to go eat together?”

Jiang Fuyue didn’t even look up, continuing to pack her things. “No, thanks.”

As for the reason…

He didn’t dare to ask, he didn’t dare to say, and in the end, he could only watch Jiang Fuyue leave.

“Heh…” a sneer came.

Ling Xuan coldly raised his eyes, catching a fleeting hint of mockery at the corner of Lin Shumo’s mouth.

“Is it funny?” he said expressionlessly.

Lin Shumo nodded. “Funny.” Although he said so, there was no trace of a smile on his face.

“…Laugh then.” Ling Xuan suddenly curved his lips. “I hope you won’t end up like me, always carrying the airs of a young master from the capital.”

Let’s see if Jiang Fuyue will give him another glance.

After saying that, he left directly.

In the afternoon, for reasons unknown to himself, Lin Shumo inexplicably stopped Jiang Fuyue. “You—”

The girl turned around.

But he couldn’t continue.

“Do you need something?” Jiang Fuyue asked, her gaze clear and her tone cold.

Lin Shumo smiled. The youth was not naturally friendly, and this rare smile was like sunshine breaking through the clouds, instantly coloring the sky with hues of twilight.

“Desk mate, want to have dinner together?”

He emphasized “desk mate” on purpose, hoping Jiang Fuyue wouldn’t misunderstand.

And she indeed didn’t misunderstand because she simply didn’t feel anything, whether it was towards his smile or his invitation.

“No,” she replied, identical to how she rejected Ling Xuan in the morning.

After saying that, she slung her backpack over her shoulder and walked away.

Ling Xuan sneered, “You think you’re different, but in her eyes, you, me, and even anyone else in this class are all the same. You mocked me this morning and then brought this upon yourself. Why bother?”

Lin Shumo’s face darkened, and his gaze towards Ling Xuan became exceptionally cold.

The latter didn’t flinch, meeting his gaze provocatively and sarcastically.

From then on, the feud was sealed.

Usually, things were fine when Jiang Fuyue was around. They could ignore each other, maintain superficial peace, but when Jiang Fuyue went to B University for NOI training classes, within a five-meter radius, the atmosphere was filled with the low pressure emanating from the two.

This corner became a terrifying zone that everyone in the class avoided.

Even Professor Yan Zhenfeng noticed that something wasn’t quite right between the two, so he specifically called them to his office after class for a discussion.

“What’s going on? You’re all classmates, what conflicts can’t be resolved?”

“We have no conflict,” Ling Xuan said.

“No need to solve anything,” Lin Shumo added.

Professor Yan Zhenfeng: “?”

Did I just have a pointless talk?

After everyone left, Sun Qun spoke across the two desks, “Old Yan, just forget it.”

“But these two are both good students…” he was concerned that the hostility was too heavy, and he was straightforward and easily influenced.

“I see them both become obedient when Jiang Fuyue is around. Why bother worrying?”

“Jiang Fuyue?”

Sun Qun snorted lightly, “That girl is quite powerful!”

Much stronger than you.

He didn’t dare say that out loud, so he could only curse inwardly.

In the evening, Lin Shumo left the teaching building, preparing to return to the dormitory.

Halfway through, Lin Shumo received a WeChat message from Zhong Ziang:

Zhong Ziang: [Little Momo, what are you doing?]

This was just a greeting, and Lin Shumo didn’t need to respond, as Zhong Ziang could continue chatting without waiting for his reply.

Sure enough—

Zhong Ziang: [How’s my wife doing lately? Is she eating well? Has she lost weight? Is anyone bullying her in class?]

Zhong Ziang: [Ask her if she still wants soup, I’ll send it to her tomorrow.]

Zhong Ziang: [By the way, you better watch out for her, she’s going to be your sister-in-law in the future.]

This guy could chatter on endlessly, sending a dozen or so messages in a row, all about Jiang Fuyue.

Zhong Ziang: [Hey? The person? Where did you go?]

Unable to bear it anymore, Lin Shumo sent a voice message directly: “Zhong Ziang, are you done yet? Are you done yet? Why don’t you just ask your wife yourself? Am I your messenger? Are you paying me?”

After a few seconds of pause on the other end, it showed “speaking,” and soon a voice message came through—

“Xiao Momo, did you eat dynamite? Why are you so angry? If I could contact Jiang Fuyue, would I need you?”

Lin Shumo frowned. “Don’t you have her WeChat? Why can’t you contact her?”

“Well…” Zhong Ziang sounded a bit embarrassed, and Lin Shumo guessed he was holding down the talk button with one hand while probably scratching his nose with the other. “I can’t reach her either…”

He was being evasive and stuttering, but Lin Shumo understood.

“Jiang Fuyue isn’t replying to your messages?”

There was a face emoji on the other end: [It’s complicated]

Followed by another emoji: [Smile]

Suddenly, Lin Shumo didn’t feel so annoyed anymore. So she not only rejected him, but also Zhong Ziang.

Hmm, wasn’t Ling Xuan rejected too?

What’s there to be unsatisfied about?

Lin Shumo replied with an “Oh” and asked, “Is there anything else?”

“Oh little bro, what’s wrong with you? I just asked you those questions, and now you’re busy and want to hang up the phone?”

How’s my wife doing lately?

Is she eating well?

Has she lost weight?

Is anyone bullying her in class?

Lin Shumo quickly typed: [She’s doing well. Eating regularly. Not losing weight. No one dares to bully her.]

Zhong Ziang was satisfied: [Then take good care of her for me, got it?]

Lin Shumo raised an eyebrow: [Take care of what?]

Zhong Ziang: [Take care of my wife!]

Lin Shumo: [Did Jiang Fuyue agree to be your girlfriend?]

There was no reply for a while.

Lin Shumo put away his phone. When he returned to the dormitory and washed his face, he heard the notification sound of WeChat again.

He took out his phone and opened it—

Zhong Ziang: [Sooner or later she will.]

Lin Shumo smirked, thinking of Jiang Fuyue’s indifferent and distant peach blossom eyes, thinking: Not necessarily.

How Lin Shumo and Ling Xuan were at odds, and how they secretly competed against each other, Jiang Fuyue knew nothing about it.

Even if she did, she didn’t think it was because of her.

At this moment, she was in Xu Kaiqing’s physics laboratory, looking at the high-end machinery and equipment on the operating table with undisguised interest.

“This is the latest generation of quantum microwave instrument from Country D, not only is the appearance more compact, but the measurement accuracy has also increased nearly twenty times compared to before,” Xu Kaiqing explained with a gentle tone and a smile, as if he were a diligent tour guide.

And Jiang Fuyue was the only tourist.

“Do you want to try it? The operating rules are similar to before, just a few more code commands. You’re familiar with the common code commands used by D country’s physical instrument manufacturers, so you should have no problem.”

He hadn’t forgotten Jiang Fuyue’s glorious deeds of guiding several doctoral students downstairs on the lawn last time. She effortlessly entered all twenty-six codes and got them all right.

“Sure.” Jiang Fuyue was excited.

At that moment, the phone in the office rang, and Xu Kaiqing said, “You adjust it yourself, I’ll go answer the phone.”


Jiang Fuyue sat down at the operating table. After a few minutes, a piercing scream suddenly rang out—

“Who are you?! How did you get in?!”

Lin Shumo: The young master’s charm is unparalleled.

Zhong Ziang sighed: Who isn’t?

Ling Xuan: Hehe.

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