After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 18

Chapter 018 A family of four, bumped into who

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Han Yunru was beautiful.

Making Jiang Fuyue unexpectedly beautiful.

In addition to her appearance, there was also the charm of her body.

Even standing in front of a greasy pancake stall with the smoke from the hot oil obscuring her beautiful face, she was still refined and elegant.

Yes, elegant.

At first glance, she didn’t look like an ordinary person struggling with firewood, rice, oil, salt, and the soft red of the world, but she was, and she did it with ease and contentment.

In the original owner’s memory, it seems that the couple never quarreled, and even bickering was seldom.

Usually when Han Yunru said anything, Jiang Da did as he was told.

No question, no suspicion, no rejection.

In short, what the wife said was always right, even if it is wrong, it must be right.

From the perspective of parental relationship, the Jiang family was undoubtedly a fairly harmonious family.

Except for being too poor…

And the original owner was precocious and too strong willed, so she bound herself little by little, and finally developed a sinister and eccentric character.

Maybe Jiang Da and Han Yunru also discovered that something was wrong with their daughter, so they became more and more cautious, even to the point of “not daring to supervise her”.

But they had no way to get to the bottom of it, and they didn’t have time to communicate with the original owner. They can only be at the pancake stand day after day, from morning to night, without stopping, because first of all, they must ensure that the two children are fed and clothed, can study, and be satisfied. After that, then could they consider the rest.

As for the rest…

It was really helpless.

Just let it go.

Jiang Fuyue wiped her sweat and sat down on the stool. At this time, a guest came.

Han Yunru couldn’t talk to her daughter at this moment. After asking the other party’s request, she put on disposable gloves and started to work.

She placed the batter on the pan, turned it clockwise and pushed it around, brushed the sauce, beat the eggs, added the ingredients, and finally wrapped it up skillfully and delivered it in a bag.

“I didn’t expect the boss to move so quickly!” This was a regular customer.

Han Yunru smiled: “Not compared to my husband, you will have to put up with this.”

The man waved his hand and walked away with a smile.

Jiang Da sat in the back and ate lunch hastily, then came to the stall to swap for Han Yunru: “…don’t be busy with work, I’ll wipe, you can eat quickly, it’ll be cold in a while.”

Jiang Fuyue glanced at the lunch box, the green peppers were gone, most of the rest was the shredded pork.

After a while, Han Yunru’s resentful voice came, saying that she couldn’t eat that much meat, so she left a few mouthfuls for him.

“Yueyue, the weather is hot, drink some water.” Jiang Da handed the water cup to his daughter. Holding the pink-blue cup in his big dark hand, it contrasted sharply the roughness and sophistication and looked out of place.

Knowing that she liked to be clean, she explained: “I just washed it, your mother hasn’t used it yet.”

Jiang Fuyue took it and smiled, “Thank you Dad.” 

The strong man of about 1.80 meters was at a loss when he heard his daughter’s thank you.

And the sound of “Dad” made his eyes hot.

How long has it been since Yueyue called him that? Jiang Da could not remember.

“Is there a shortage of money for school? Do you want Dad to get some for you?”

These words were not stated behind Little Brother Jiang’s back, but Little Brother Jiang didn’t mind at all, he was even very happy.

Because he spent a lot of money from his family, his sister had not bought new clothes for a long time. She usually wore the school uniform, but the school uniforms are also short…

“Dad, give my sister a little more.”

“I know.” Jiang Da said, and then went to the cash box.

“No need, the living expenses are enough. Besides, I attend a training class at school, and I have a subsidy of 500 yuan per month.”

“Huh?” Jiang Da was shocked. 

Han Yunru, who was sitting in the back to eat, also came over: “Yueyue, what kind of training class? It’s fine if you don’t pay, but how can there be a subsidy?” 

They knew in their hearts what their daughter’s grades were, and what the Olympiad was. They had set up a stall near No. 1 High School for so long, and they had heard of it more or less. 

Now the last place daughter has entered the legendary training class that only elite students can enter? 

How can they describe this feeling…it was like a dream? 

“Ah Ru, am I dreaming?” Jiang Da looked at his wife naively. 

Han Yunru immediately pinched him on the waist: “How is it, does it hurt?” 

“It hurts—” The next second, the two of them looked at Jiang Fuyue, while the latter stared at the pancake machine. 

Jiang Chenxing wrung out the veil, shook it, hung it on the crossbar to dry, turned back to his parents and said loudly, “My sister is doing math! All the questions she taught me were correct, and the teacher said it was the simplest solution and asked me how I came up with it.” 

For five minutes, the two of them didn’t really believe it until Jiang Fuyue nodded again to admit it. 

Jiang Da thought her daughter was enlightened!

However, Han Yunru felt that Yueyue’s grades were not good in the past because she just didn’t want to be serious. Once she got serious, isn’t it frightening? 

“Then you have to study hard.” 

Jiang Fuyue nodded. 

Han Yunru suddenly hugged her, smiling softly and contentedly: “Our Yueyue has grown up…” 

This kind of intimacy did not cause her any rejection, Jiang Fuyue was stunned.

Is it because of the same blood?

No, it’s not.

In the past, she was also related to those in the Lou family, but she would never be able to do this.

Therefore, Lou Mingyue lived alone.

But now, in such a family full of smoke, she found her home with a brand new identity. Jiang Fuyue tilted her head and leaned on Han Yunru’s shoulder.

Looking at the eaves of the shop across the street, she slightly hooked her lips.

This life… is good.

“Excuse me, one pancake with meat floss and bacon.”

Jiang Da stood up, put on his gloves, and started to work.

Han Yunru hurriedly finished her meal, and before she could swallow the food in her mouth, she went over to help.

Soon, a small queue formed in front of the stall.

“Dad, I’ll do it.” Jiang Fuyue put on disposable gloves, pulled the plastic bag over the pancake, and handed it to the guest.

It’s not a tiring job, but it can help Jiang Da save the two processes of “installation” and “delivery”.

He remembered that after his daughter went to high school, she stopped coming to the pancake stand.

Jiang Da was not stupid, he was faintly aware that Yueyue may be afraid of being seen by her classmates and lose face.

As a father, he was both sad and deeply remorseful. In the final analysis, it was his fault for making his daughter sensitive and inferior.

“Dad?” Jiang Fuyue called him, her eyes clear, no longer the indifferent and paranoia he remembered. She pointed to the crust and reminded him in a low voice, “The eggs are not broken.”

“…Ouch! Look at me….” Without thinking about it, he immediately regained his energy and concentrated on his work.

Little Brother Jiang was responsible for collecting money and giving change.

A family of four, busy together.

“Yo! Old Jiang, are you finally willing to hire someone to help? Isn’t the little girl too young? Why does she look like a high school student?”

“This is my daughter!”

“Both your son and daughter are so sensible, you, good days are to come! Come on, Little Shenxing, get the money, get me two yuan and fifty.”

This was the owner of the opposite wine shop, a loyal fan of Jiangji Pancakes, who came to visit every day at this time.

Suddenly, a surprised voice came from not far away –

“Jiang Fuyue?!”

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